Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Holger Rune - Round 4 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2022

Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Holger Rune - Round 4 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2022. Watch the best moments from the the match that opposed Stefanos Tsitsipas and Holger Rune at #RolandGarros 2022. Holger Rune won 7/5 3/6 6/3 6/4.
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Roland-Garros 2022: from 16 May to 5 June.

100+ comentarios:

L L:
First Alcaraz and now Rune. Tsitsipas's chance of winning a GS is getting smaller.
Mike Schiedel
Mike Schiedel:
3 minutes! Thank you so much RG for graciously giving us 1 more minute of highlights than usual
parekhit bhattacharjee
parekhit bhattacharjee:
Oh wow! I for sure wasn’t expecting this result. Not that Rune hasn’t been playing well, I mean that guy is just amazing. But given Tsitsipas’s impeccable track record on clay I wasn’t expecting this result. But super happy with how it turned out to be. Rune played those big points so well. Amazing nerves and maturity. Also, props to Roland Garros for the shittiest highlight reels as always. You guys don’t deserve viewers for these. Just that one doesn’t have any other choice to watch the highlights for now.
What upsets me the most about RG is that in rounds 1-2-3 on the center courts (Chatrier, Lenglen), 80% of the seats are not taken. These seats are "sold" to business partners who do not show up. I was at RG with my father a few years back. We wanted to buy tickets for the center court (Federer) but they said "Il n'y a plus de tickets --> There are no more tickets". We ended up on court 3, and the big screen available to all visitors showed an empty center court. This is extremely frustrating. RG does not give a shit about the spectators. They care about their business deals. They could at least resell all empty seats on the main courts, starting 1 hour before the games begin. The players would also appreciate more spectators, but the cocky RG organisation does not care. Somehow the French always want to be different. You will never see this at any other Grand Slam
Level, Set, Go!
Level, Set, Go!:
i remember watching Rune vs Ruud last year, where Rune had to get the crowd on their feet after he won just one game. His level has risen so much, not to mention all the nonsense he's had to deal with from the frozen rankings. He's had to work twice as hard as he should have had to to get here, and it's great to see.
Alcaraz, sinner and rune will completely destroy the generation of tsisipas, zverev and rublev. I just love how rune was playing with guts, dictating the game, and only at 19! This guy is too good.
Kim Henson
Kim Henson:
Rune looked great today! Bright future for sure.
I feel for Tsitsipas. This was without a doubt one the smoothest paths to a grand slam final round he could’ve gotten
Jamie Vidd
Jamie Vidd:
Rune continues to impress. Huge win on the big stage!
Shadow Agent
Shadow Agent:
Holger Rune is absolutely incredible,he makes me miss Hewitt so much.
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington:
Congrats to Rune! I remember that he took a set off Djokovic in the first round of the US Open last year. And now he beat the French Open finalist (Tsitsipas) from last year.
Rob yam Dam
Rob yam Dam:
The future of tennis looks so bright at the minute. You love to see it.
Facundo Mena
Facundo Mena:
No tenía dudas de que Rune era favorito en este encuentro, viene haciendo un año consagratorio. Tsisipas, siempre da oportunidades. Mi única duda era si iba a jugar bien los puntos importantes y lo hizo espectacular 🙌
Tsitsipas literally had the easiest path to the final imaginable...still blew it lol
dudala kalyan chakravarthi
dudala kalyan chakravarthi:
Tsitsipas backhand just shows us how Roger has become so great with that same one handed backhand, legend for a reason
regguyftl65 Don
regguyftl65 Don:
A great win for Rune!!👏👏👏. He’s been “semi” quietly improving his game and it’s paying off. He’s not afraid of anyone and seems to work hard on the court. Good for him.
I feel Tsitsipas was off this time during the whole tournament. Its ok to go at 5 sets with Musetti but 5 sets second round or losing to no40 is kinda awkward. Rune played really good but i feel that he didnt won the game, it was just Tsitsi losing it. Tsitsi has a complete game maybe the best forehand on tour, great net play, very good serve, very offensive, big variety, extremely good movement. His only flaws are his drop shots and his backhand which last year seems inconsistent. But his greater flaw is his mindset, he seems like he thinks sth else all the time. Grats to Rune!
Rejean DuMouchel
Rejean DuMouchel:
Stefanos is a champion in many ways…his love for tennis is there, but his passion for life and travel may come first. He needs to do things his way, and will excel!!!
Chris D
Chris D:
Stef still has the potential BUT his development has clearly stagnated. He has to make rapid changes on his staff/trainers and stabilise his FH( many unforced errors without risking) while improving step by step his BH( on RG his BH was defensive and rarely he was aggressive)
Frank G.
Frank G.:
Rune played great. I wasn't sure he could hold the nerves to hold the serve in the last game but he did it. Congrats!!
This guy Rune dropped just one set and has beat two top players in the top 15. That says alot. This tournament right now is filled with talent in these quarterfinal brackets. The winner is gonna be a worth one as everyone is getting tough brackets. Nadal had aussillime whos fast and grinds then Djokovic, then alcarez then medvedev. Same for Djokovic if he wins. Crazy matches. Great for the game
This match reminds me a lot of what Alcaraz did to Tsitsipas in New York last year. That match really announced the arrival of Carlos and I think this match announced the arrival of Rune. Poor Stefanos. Always having to be the one that loses.
Rajesh Parab
Rajesh Parab:
There goes the last single hander in the draw :( But to be honest, Tsisipas doesn't seem to have that Bazooka backhand shot in his repertoire like Thiem or Wawrinka. His backhand shot will be a loopy topspin shot for 90% of the time (also his slice is unnaturally weak for single-hander) and his opponents are taking him for granted on that wing.
Hab Dog
Hab Dog:
RG highlights NEVER include the hand shake. I always enjoy seeing the player interaction after the match - the warm and the cold.
Milan Suleic
Milan Suleic:
Novak really destroyed Tsitsipas mentality in last year RG finals. Stef hasn't be looking like himself ever since, he need to change something if he want to achieve another level.
stavrianos marinis
stavrianos marinis:
If Tsitsipas doesn't improve his backhand, then we will keep saying that one day he will take a grandslam.
Master Plumbob
Master Plumbob:
The way Rune redirects ☄️ Power is so impressive & underrated. 😮 Congrats Rune! 🎉
The Joker
The Joker:
Wow! So proud as a Dane 🇩🇰 Never had a talent like this and it's very exciting
ALCARAZ, Yesterday FAA and today RUNE.
Superb rising talent 👏 ... & all grounded.

No stupid arrogance which we see in the likes of Zverev & TsiTsipas
paari raaju
paari raaju:
Woow!!Holger was too fast, excellent drop shots. Consistent. Congrats 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌
Beats Shapovalov first round and now Tsitsipas in the fourth round! Incredible performance from Rune! I am stunned!
Carolyn B
Carolyn B:
Sad to see Stefanos out of the draw but happy for Rune. This is like when Tsitsipas beat Federer at the AO in 2019 - it was the start of his very successful rise into the top 10. Maybe Rune will follow suit.
J. M.
J. M.:
Not surprising. Stefanos has been in a slump since his last year's final loss (playing poorly the whole year despite the occasional success), Holger has been on the rise. Stefanos was despondent the whole week, wasn't even angry today. He looks resigned against the younger, athletic guys increasingly often, clumsy and heavy. Can't keep the ball in court in longer rallies, his defence is poor, backhand doesn't exist. But well done Holger, a very likeable player.
Zlatan Kuch
Zlatan Kuch:
Rune and Alcaraz are the true next gen players
J. A H. G
J. A H. G:
Wooooouu!!....un chico en crecimiento, si continúa a ese ritmo....pronto estará top 20 o quizá 10 💪💪💪....grata sorpresa en RG...nos deparará más de esas??
Rune has certainly improved a lot this year. But maybe it’s been a matter of Rune under-performing in the last couple of years. After all, he is a former Roland Garros junior champion! So his success in Paris is not a surprise as such. But will he have the stamina for a tough five setter? I doubt it.
Nice one Rune! First grand slam quarter final if I'm not mistaken. I love to see new players come through :)
The last point from Tsitsipas looked so in to me...anyway, congratulations Rune
Magnus Brodd
Magnus Brodd:
Lovely fight and great seeing Rune winning👍🎾🥇
Joy Wimer
Joy Wimer:
This was such a great game 🎯🎾🎾🎾🎾🏆🏆🏆🏆Rune is fantastic!! So happy for him
Marco Bertolazzi
Marco Bertolazzi:
I forecast a great future for this guy. Super!!!
BP Dynasty
BP Dynasty:
Given Tsitsipas' level of play this year and Rune's confidence ever since beating Zverev a few weeks ago, I thought as much Rune was going to be Stefanos! Just something about these teenage guys that have Stefanos' number!
Jay R
Jay R:
Such a likeable guy. I’ve been impressed by his progress here and hope he’ll continue to progress and surprise us more
Justice is an Illusion
Justice is an Illusion:
Okay, Holger Rune is actually the real deal. Alcaraz has been stealing all the shine, but Holger Rune showed today that he is right there.
Heartbroken for Tsitsipas, but I believe one day he'll get there.
As for Rune, amazing match!

Ruud vs Rune will be incredible for sure, finally the Nordic players make a breakthrough! 🇳🇴 🇩🇰
Great to see the young ones shake up the men's game! Tsitsipas, Zverev et al have their work cut out for them by these strong and hungry up-and-comers.
Dali Dragutinovic
Dali Dragutinovic:
Incredible talented and smart kid with balls. Let’s go Holger The Great danish Viking.✍️☝️🤯💪💪✅✅✅
Z Y:
Tsisipas is the first of the ex next Gen to feel the pain constantly of the youngsters, first Alcaraz now Rune. On the other hand Rune is still miles behind Alcaraz, Tsisipas gave him many free points on unforced errors and was close to breaking him twice with Rune serving for the match, he showed some (natural) hesitation to close the match that I haven't seen from Alcaraz or Sinner yet
Athena Pol
Athena Pol:
Both of them desrve to be were they are . Stefanos is surely talented but ,I think Holger is a rising star
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
So we might get Alcaraz Rune final?? 😂 what a performance from young lad!!
As a Tsitsi fan, I just face palmed and had to leave the room several times. Ouch! Next up: The grass (Wimbledon).
Started following Rune on insta, seemed a really well rounded young player - but my, he's making the world look at him now! Congrats, on to the next round
Henry Sanji
Henry Sanji:
Rune is amazing, I knew he was something special from that first match against Novak where he just didn’t want to retire but was forced to. What a fighter
To me it seemed that this FO had an extremely lopsided draw from the beginning - just an uneasy feeling. Now it turns out that the four top rated guys are gathering in one half of the draw for the quarterfinals. Anything can happen.
Rajendra Angara
Rajendra Angara:
Couple of weeks back, everyone thought it would be a cakewalk for Tsitsipas considering Djokovic, Nadal and Alcaraz are on other side of half. Here he is today …..
احمد الامين جحا
احمد الامين جحا:
This guy is learning and growing so fast that he would flourish soon
pawan saggu
pawan saggu:
People here doesn't seem to know that tsitsipas is only 23. Saying that he has been defeated by a next gen guy is pure rubbish. He has many years of great tennis ahead of him.
Caroline Scott
Caroline Scott:
Great fun to watch. I find Stefs gsme more dull but he does have an elegant BH. Hope Rune can rise up the rankings to become the next Gen
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Grand Slams for men are very special because they play 5 sets. It really changes everything. 🥳This is super exciting but I am still sad for 💚Stefanos. Maybe he must get an extra coach to assist...someone like Patrick Mouratoglo ✅
Christopher Harijanto
Christopher Harijanto:
What an upset 🤯
Clearly, 19-year-old Holger Rune pull off an stunning upset to defeat World no.4 Tsitsipas 👏 A new generation is coming for a bright future 🌟
Wishing him best of luck in QF
This half of the draw is really free game for anyone to reach the finals
Theyre all good players of course, but the other half is brutal compared to this
The lack of advancing to the net after a strong approach shot is mind-boggling when watching current top 10 players. It is not that the likes of Tsitsipas or Zverev lack great shot-making. They just don't follow through by going to the net. And their net game - true for most top 10 players - is atrocious. You can clearly see that they weren't taught a strong net game and now it is backfiring because they can't close out rallies against strong baseliners.
MahaLakshmi D
MahaLakshmi D:
Very good talented young players ( around 19 yeras old Rune, Alcaraz, Sinner etc) have finally come after a long gap of 8-9 years. Chances of winning a grand slam is already gone for dimitrov, raonic, berdyc etc, Chances of winning extra bonus slams by novak, nadal ( already bonus slams won afterc30 years due to failures of previous geneeation) is slipping away and grand slam winning chance for Tsitsipas, Thiem, Medvedev, Zverev shapolov, Krygios completely vanishing
Irmine Müller
Irmine Müller:
Браво момче!❤️🇷🇸
Well done Holger Rune 👏👏
Tsitsipas just made a mess of a very favorable draw, but Rune took it to him!
Sergio Jarvio
Sergio Jarvio:
Soy team Rafa Nadal, pero deseo que la final sea Alcaraz vs Rune, será espectacular!!!
José Carlos
José Carlos:
Admirable lo de Rune. Tsitsipas no está en un buen momento, ojalá la próxima le vaya mucho mejor.
Carlos Hospina
Carlos Hospina:
As much as I wanted to see a one hand backhander to dominate clay, I don’t think Tsitsipas will ever win one RG. You need to have more variety of strokes. His game is only topspin and never throws flat when he has to especially with the backhand
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
The unpredictable Rune keeps on surprising everyone.
Always thought Tsitsipas was showing signs of getting big-headed after beating a few top ranked players here and there. He's got talent, but man needs to remain grounded. Results will follow on their own
This is a remarkable thing happening in the men's game. Holger, FAA, Carlos amidst others are spicing up and forever changing the game for the better. Stefanos was playing so well, but in my opinion lacks weapons to hurt this bumper crop of young guns.
The way he celebrates winning the set with his arms in the air makes me think he thought he had won the match
doire aintu
doire aintu:
RG highlights NEVER include the hand shake. I always enjoy seeing the player interaction after the match - the warm and the cold.
Joy Wimer
Joy Wimer:
So glad Rune won 👍👍💗💪💪🔥🥇🏆🏆 and, he's only 19!!
Paul Schwarber
Paul Schwarber:
Didn't expected it would end that way!
Chuckers Thenut
Chuckers Thenut:
Damn tsitsipas played so well the last month. Then got a dream draw to the final. Looks like Casper will meet whoever survives the top half.
dor ryoku
dor ryoku:
Wow. All of a sudden, the top 4 favorites left in the draw are all in one half
C EVr:
Tsitsipas reminds me of Jelena Jankovic. Talented, can make a grand slam final, can win masters events, but just doesn’t have the belief to win a slam.
Just don’t see it happening at this point.
Rune had a stunning performance today! Tsitsipas played only solid, but Rune was much better. With this confidence, and form, I could see him beating Ruud...
Soumen Chatterjee
Soumen Chatterjee:
Rune played amazing !!!
James Caldwell
James Caldwell:
This kid is the real deal. Would not be surprised to see him in the top 10 for the next ten years.
Go Back Home
Go Back Home:
Rune is quickly establishing himself alongside Alcaraz as teen phenoms.
Caroline Gardner
Caroline Gardner:
Don’t forget Stefanos had elbow surgery a couple of months ago. I don’t think he’s back to his normal self
Charlotte van Langevelde
Charlotte van Langevelde:
We knew this was is going to happen and now it’s become reality. This really is the most ridiculous GS draw ever.. Djokovic, Nadal, Alcaraz en Zverev on one side, Ruud, Rune, Rublev en Cilic on the other. The final be like a fun little encore to the semifinals..
Randyl Tabajonda
Randyl Tabajonda:
Time is running out for Tsitsipas. He should either change his coach (unfortunately his dad) or hire a consulting coach to learn more jaw-dropping techniques.
hk srm
hk srm:
Alcaraz and Rune has similiar forehand and backhand techniques. Something like lighter versions of Del Potro. They mostly hit straight arm forehands. During the preparation phase, racquet is very distanced from the body and racquet head is always pointing upwards. Result, faster shots with higher percentages. Expecting more young players to play like this.
Glad Holger won. Holger is a wall. His shots are so clean.
Shah Kz
Shah Kz:
The Next Gens wanted to replace the BIGs and dominate the tour. Now, while the BIGs keep dominating in the Big Slams, the Nexts are being replaced themselves by the teens lol
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh:
Well done young man.
Jan dara
Jan dara:
Another young star in the making.
tre artis
tre artis:
Great match from Holger!
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
So sad for tsitsipas He's will back to
Stonger . But Rune that was stunning. !
Andy Roo
Andy Roo:
I am shocked by this! I don't know if I should have seen this coming or not, but I am shocked by it.
He surprised you guys, because he hold so much back in his training sessions. Be prepared for more surprises of this sort
DJ Admin Rick Jansen
DJ Admin Rick Jansen:
Did an amazing job!
GF 陳
GF 陳:
I'm in Taiwan, and when I watched this match, the commentator said: "Obviously, Rune plays so well at this age, but there's only few people notice him. Why? That is because there's another player who is as young as Rune but plays better--- Carlos Alcaraz. But I believe that there will be more and more people are looking for Alcaraz and Rune's match in the future. These young players like Alcaraz, Rune, Sinner, FAA, may stun the whole ATP in the nearby future."
Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph:
Rune and Alcaraz are the next stars of tennis. They will be at the top of the game very soon.
Wawrinka vs Tsitsipas. Classic. Match point called out. It was in. Rune vs Tsitsipas. Match point was called out. It was in.
James Hunter
James Hunter:
Hoping Carlos and Holger have an epic rivalry
Imagine a final between rune and carlos!