Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Novak Djokovic | Extended Highlights From First-Ever Match

Extended highlights of an instant classic between Djokovic and Tsitsipas at Toronto 2018 before they face off for the Roland Garros title! SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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91 comentarios:

Tennis TV
Tennis TV:
It's Djokovic vs Tsitsipas in the Roland Garros final 🎉 Who wins?!
Tom Do
Tom Do:
That was the warmest smile from Nole after losing a match.
gonna be fun match today
Beating Djokovic after he won Wimbledon was impressive!
Jay Mangukia
Jay Mangukia:
Novak Djokovic wins his 19th Grand Slam.... Congratulations 🏆🔥
Even though that SF between Djokovic and Nadal probably can never be topped, I am so excited to see what this final is going to bring. I'm hoping for 5 sets!
Thank you, Nole :) Great man and great athlete. Congrats!
He need to hit deep and accurate every shot in my opinion
Ali Yahya
Ali Yahya:
I like how nextgen's achievements are being measured based on whether they are able to trouble the big 3 or not, it's not even about titles and records anymore. It's like

"why is Stef a good player?"
"well, duuuhhh he beat Rafa at one point in his career"
Vishresh Chawla
Vishresh Chawla:
This is gonna be one hell of a final
A M:
It all goes down today in French Open Final
alvin penuliar
alvin penuliar:
If Tsitsipas backhand will work... He may bring home the trophy....
Ready for RG finals, wil it this be the same results?
U must hit the ball down the line more, then U can get more chance.
John Devadas
John Devadas:
Novak was functioning at 15% during that match. Today he'll be at 115%. Watch out Stephanos!😀
Selvam G
Selvam G:
Tsitsipas BH is key, if it dint work. Then it will be straight sets 3-0 nole @ French open final
koteswararao kota
koteswararao kota:
How good and sportive djokovic all the time towards opponents
As long as Tsitsipas does not choke- he may just win his first grand slam. Djokovic will not let him win it easy though.
Nadine Perron
Nadine Perron:
Passionnant !!!! Grandiose.. Merci infiniment pour vos prestations..13/06/21
Kostas S
Kostas S:
Παμε Στεφανε!!! 🇬🇷
Tyson Shim
Tyson Shim:
1:29 that ball was landing a foot out yet he chose to play at it... Ludicrous
tm fiber
tm fiber:
what a beautiful shots from Tsitsipas🐏
J D:
The title should state a) the year and b) the round of the tournament.
King Yin Yan
King Yin Yan:
The myth of Tsitsipas 😝
Smruthy Sebastian
Smruthy Sebastian:
Djokovic accepts defeat with such grace 💯
mila sun
mila sun:
Congrats Tsitsipas!
Dimitris Bostandas
Dimitris Bostandas:
#tsitsipas, down-the-lines unforced errors was the key for losing at #RG21 final. 😢
Sean N
Sean N:
The Djoker reigns SUPREME! Talent, smartness (including speaking at least 4 languages), NERVES OF STEEL. Yes, the very, very, very... GOAT in tennis ever (so far)! Bravissimo, champ! LOVE LOVE LOVE....!!!!
Jean Arnaud
Jean Arnaud:
Djoko à obtenu les 2 oreilles et la queue du taureau de manacor...
Il lui reste à atteindre le tendon d'Achille de tsitsi... 😃
1:28 Tsitsipas shouldn't smash that ball (it is out...)
Swabian Patriot
Swabian Patriot:
Novak GOAT.
Stavros T
Stavros T:
Its 17.40- 13/06/2021. Till now Tsitsipas wins
giorgos karatzas
giorgos karatzas:
Τσιτσιπας.... Είσαι το παιδί των μπουκ....
aki chisel
aki chisel:
Tsi Zeus for 1st time champion 🏆
The Tech Guy
The Tech Guy:
Djoker wins
Denis Daly
Denis Daly:
Tsitsipas is a hard match up for Novak
Since this time, he's improved so much especially his backhand rally and also backhand return. Without him, I would stop watching tennis after three GOATS retire.
Rehaan Gore
Rehaan Gore:
imagine if the scoreline is the exact same but all sets towards Tsitsipas or Novak. even if 3/4 or 3/5 sets have this scoreline it'll be mad
Kadash 77
Kadash 77:
Anyone remembers what was Tsitsipas ATP rank when this match was played? Just curious
kik locus
kik locus:
why didn't he play like this on Sunday? probably the pressure got him I see the utter domination here
bido bido
bido bido:
What is so clear in this video is that Novak was very shy in this match rarely attacks while Tsitsipas was playing aggressively putting Novak in defensive position all time
Novak needs to play aggressively today and puts pressure on Stefanos' backhand to have a chance to win
Михајло Идворски Пупин
Михајло Идворски Пупин:
Novak Djokovic Champion !!!
Ram Naresh Yadav MG
Ram Naresh Yadav MG:
Tsitsipas going to be first NxtGen player to win French Open.
Bo Gu
Bo Gu:
Djokovic is GOAT
Glory to God
Glory to God:
Jesus loves you.. Jesus coming soon...No one can escape from Judgement day of God.. Jesus loves you.. Jesus loves you abundantly ❤️❤️❤️
John BUI
John BUI:
Epic match tonight! Djokovic should use the confidences from his victory over Nadal to boosted his performance.
Rehaan Gore
Rehaan Gore:
tsitispas for the win!
tsitsipas has Federer's and Nadal's game only a little unpolished
Shamim Reza
Shamim Reza:
Much deserving win by Tsitsipas
Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic:
I got this guy !
Niraj Kumar
Niraj Kumar:
It's going to be one more biggest rivalry in Tennis History between Novac And Tsitsipas....Very much love this game....❤️👍
3:1 Djokovic 🇷🇸
Srinivasa Bellapu
Srinivasa Bellapu:
Legend Djakovic 🙏🙏
Твой прогноз: Mrzebra7
Твой прогноз: Mrzebra7:
ATP - Ролан Гаррос, ФИНАЛ:

Ставка №1: Джокович - Циципас, 1 (-5.5): К1.99 (Проход: 65-70%)
1-й сет/матч: П2П1: К4.70 - ставим 3-ю часть ПРЕ-МАТЧЕВОГО БАНКА
- в лайве: в случае брейка - удваиваемся и берем чистую Джоковича!
Lim Heng Neng
Lim Heng Neng:
‘First ever match’ lol, ATP really trying their best to show Tsitsipas winning 🤣
robin kalousek
robin kalousek:
Today Stefanos wins, like Wawrinka did 6 years ago
kevin joseph
kevin joseph:
Djoker will smash stefanos just because of experience
Daniel Ordonez
Daniel Ordonez:
Tistispas is the winner in the game!!!!!!!!!
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
To beat djokovic in this RG 2021 final tsitsipas has to play the tennis of his life for 5 sets ! Can he do it ? Against the world number 1 who just beat the King of clay ? I doubt! Hope i am wrong and we get an amazing match up
Petar Petros
Petar Petros:
2 and 19✅✅
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
Everytime Rafa was knocked out of french open, it only happened 3 times in 106 matches, my point is guys who defeated Rafa never won the final . That's why I think Tsitsipas will win, also taking into consideration Novak spend over 7 hours on court in his quarter and semi final matches. I am a Nole fan ,I hope I am wrong.
Vikash Khandekar
Vikash Khandekar:
don’t know but I feeL trophy is Enchanted Cause Whoever beat Rafa on french open Ends up as a loser in finals.
2009 Soderling (1/16) , In final loses to Federer.
2015 Novak (1/8), in final loses to Wawrinka.
2021 Novak (1/4) , its just a stats .
Btw, last match Novak played an Incredible An match.i hope he wins .
M. S.
M. S.:
Where is highlights video from final?
Novak 19
3:0 djokovic
Aradhya Saxena
Aradhya Saxena:
Tsitsipas is gonna be a Legend..!
Bullduzheri Ks
Bullduzheri Ks:
Tsitsipas in 4
Матвей Доставкин
Матвей Доставкин:
How much final lose Djokovich?
Some One
Some One:
It was last time when Tsi celebrated victory :))
shabaz shaikh
shabaz shaikh:
Tsitsipas will win today final
Moat Bridge
Moat Bridge:
Tf is tsitsipas wearing 🤣🤣😭
reny siby
reny siby:
When does this match start
J J:
Novak je legenda Hrvata i Crnogoraca!
Pax R
Pax R:
Come on Tsitsipas, you got this bro
Sirnius Kullu
Sirnius Kullu:
Sitsipas may win
yvonne shanson
yvonne shanson:
Stef had a bad day yesterday, his grandmother passed away just before the start of the game, plus he had back pain.. otherwise he would off been the winner...
Nicolas Sganzini
Nicolas Sganzini:
It's all about playing smart, not convenient for both of them to play 5 setter, Stefanos needs to play aggressive and keep a solid serve since we all know Nole has a dangerous return, he has no chance to win if he plays passive like he did with Sascha. Nole on the otherside could choke or win in straights because if he wins he will be much closer to Fed and Nadal and continue his journey as nr.1 nice and safe + first male tennis player to win all slams 2 times. We also know that he can win Wimbledon and USO.. so 4 slams in a year? It can be..
HPQ Wang
HPQ Wang:
Sorry but Nadal will not win another slam as long as Djo is there
Nadine Perron
Nadine Perron:
Bravo à Novak Djokovic....
Steve Just Saying
Steve Just Saying:
Djokovic in 4 set. He is out to prove he is the GOAT. He needs 3 more GS, starting with this one. But, secretly I hope Tsitsipas will win.
Laurent Hertz
Laurent Hertz:
Gogo Mass
Gogo Mass:
Match Prediction: 6/4 6/2 6/1 Djokovic
Let's be real, Novak is most likely going to win in 3 sets.
Djokovic is king
Stefanos is gonna win for sure