Stephen A. and Max react to Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul | First Take

Stephen A. and Max react to Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Logan Paul lasting eight rounds against Floyd Mayweather.

0:00 Stephen A. says he is disappointed.
2:50 Max doesn’t think this fight was bad for boxing.

4:20 Max says he was entertained watching the fight.

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100+ comentarios:

I watched the fight illegally and I still want a refund
Ellen Marie
Ellen Marie:
The real winners are the ones that didn't pay for the fight! 🤷🏼‍♀️
TheBest AME
TheBest AME:
"Do we want Floyd to kill him"
I think a lot of people said yes
These grown adults who are hyping and actually bought and maybe even orgasming about this fight should never clown pro wrestling ever again.
Dr.Thomas Elliot
Dr.Thomas Elliot:
"do we wanna see Logan Paul rushed to a hospital?" Well kinda, yea.
Rock girl
Rock girl:
"do we wanna see Logan Paul rushed to a hospital?" Well kinda, yea.
Jon Urbano
Jon Urbano:
"Do we want Floyd to kill him?"
I just thought it was hilarious to watch Floyd walk down a heavyweight. Its like Rey Mysterio powerbombing Undertaker.
Kenny Harmon
Kenny Harmon:
I feel like every 2 or so years Floyd will “fight” some celebrity unto he’s mike Tyson age
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods:
Maybe We need a Stephen a smith vs Kwame Brown boxing match lol
Valeoneup 1
Valeoneup 1:
0:11 “I don’t think it was good for boxing”

Logan and May :

Laughing to the bank 🏦
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment:
I love how people won’t give credit where credit is due lmao
Soda Drinkin' Corridor Janitor
Soda Drinkin' Corridor Janitor:
I’d love to see Jake Paul rushed to the hospital.

Whether he fought in a boxing match is irrelevant.
Kevin Pereira
Kevin Pereira:
Steven needs to drop the A and call himself Steven "timeout timeout" Smith
Minoru Mineta
Minoru Mineta:
We need Russell Westbrook vs the kid who dumped popcorn on him
U? Know
U? Know :
I heard they having a boy 👶🏽... so much hugs for the both of them.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
“i’m just talking about the size, the appearance”💀💀
Derrell Anderson
Derrell Anderson:
Thank you Max, idk why everybody mad for watching the fight, it was literally for entertainment
these n those stories Guy
these n those stories Guy:
Lol that fight was way too hyped , so glad I found a sketchy website and saved the $50 I didnt have
He hit Floyd with a mean left hug and a upperhug not to mention the jabhug 😅
Totino Boy
Totino Boy:
DId we forget about Floyd accidently knocked Logan Paul out and held him so he won't fallout? LMAO
Adriane Headley
Adriane Headley:
Damion Morris
Damion Morris:
Max, I am disappointed in you! You should have smashed this!
Karama ch
Karama ch:
When you have money 💰 in your hand, it's good coz you can help people. But if money go in your mind it's bad... well said Khabib Nurmagomedov
Gabriel Hogan
Gabriel Hogan:
Stephen A started his speech as if he was at a funeral 🤣🤣
the end got me 😂

“to be continued back to the nba”
Richard Ly
Richard Ly:
I would pay to see Stephen A and Max go at it in the ring 😂
D William
D William:
Best part was watching Floyd literally carrying Paul and preventing him from being knocked out.
Timothy Tucker
Timothy Tucker:
"do we wanna see Logan Paul rushed to a hospital?" Well kinda, yea.
First time I actually agree with Smith
Fast forward To future
Fast forward To future:
The damage shown on their faces from fighting so when I say state of their face that’s what I mean.
malcolm jones
malcolm jones:
Give life to novices bruh i would be more inspired to see him dropped and put RESPECT back on boxings name
Frank de Jong
Frank de Jong:
First 3 rounds were fun because Paul was trying to go for an upset and was active. Last 5 rounds he was gassed out and just making it a hugging contest. It was an exhibition, just that. Nothing wrong with it, but also nothing to remember a year from now.
Joji Rose
Joji Rose:
*Ding Ding* “You watching?” No Max I’m not watching.
Nick Merola
Nick Merola:
I streamed this fight and still feel ripped off
Put Jake Paul in there with Tyson! We know how that will go…
What I would like to watch Floyds defense work in the octagon ring.
Kozel B
Kozel B:
The best thing molly ever said in her career: “ back to the nba”
A B:
"good *little* guy"
Jay U
Jay U:
Stephen starts every answer in a tone as if he is reading a eulogy
Omar Ali Khan
Omar Ali Khan:
Yes yes I wanted Mayweather to knock him out!
Keithlavine MACK
Keithlavine MACK:
Joe Jeffy
Joe Jeffy:
They said Logan Paul won cause he lost but didn’t leave paralyzed 🤣🤣
Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice:
the first time I rooted for Money Mayweather. I wanted Paul KO'D
518 Nigga
518 Nigga:
I finally agree with Steven
Arn Try
Arn Try:
Ah yes, the "lets compromise a whole entire series/sport in favor of small burst of entertainment(money)"
Michael Mars
Michael Mars:
I was laughing about how dumb it would be to not only watch this scripted fight, but to purchase it. My friends looked at me and said they all paid😂. I told them they could no longer talk sports with me
"Do we want to see Logan rushed to the Hospital? Noooo!"

Begins sweating nervously.
Jason Fedder
Jason Fedder:
I'm with Stephen on this one. And I happened to watch a video of Floyd promising the fight won't go the distance!
"Assuming you'd get pasted Tyron Woodley"
Edward Santos
Edward Santos:
Love to see when the tables turn the other way around between STEPHEN & MAX, in way they look at opposite polars that collide with the way they look at the sport.
Kamen Rider Black
Kamen Rider Black:
I only watched "highlights" and I still want a refund.
Riley Poulin-Bickford
Riley Poulin-Bickford:
“Do we want to see logan paul rushed to the hospital?”
yes, even in an exhibition that is exactly what everyone wanted to see
Eddie Springman
Eddie Springman:
First time I think I agree with SA IN MY LIFE!
Darryl Flinch
Darryl Flinch:
Remember, SHOWTIME signed these guys. So just remember that Floyd loves showtime. He will give them a favor by keeping LOGAN alive and lasting
• BIG OnlyGrind
• BIG OnlyGrind:
I feel like Steven A. but Max made a amazing point 💯
Max is ball hugging lol
Gu Ru
Gu Ru:
Floyd and Paul better take a pregnancy test after that hugging sessions 🤣😂😭
The mighty atom
The mighty atom:
For once. I'm with Stephen A here
Abang Kacak
Abang Kacak:
you all get the entertainment by hugging 8 round
You were entertained? Imo even from an entertainment value that one failed, and I didn’t even paid for it lol
Chris Dunnigan
Chris Dunnigan:
The other brother is setup to fight someone else already it's becoming insane
Honestly Floyd looked like he was barely trying and was taking a walk in the park...Paul looked like he was about to pass out from exhaustion
Dayor Meka Samuel
Dayor Meka Samuel:
Stephen A. Smith you’ve to agree with Max Kellerman Brov. 💯💯👏🏽
Casuals is what we are doing music for.💪🏽
Awesomesause 111
Awesomesause 111:
That looked more like a family reunion with all that hugging than it did a boxing match 🤣🤣
The Finn
The Finn:
I don't know what the problem is? There were several impressive hugs throughout the petting session.
Tmac 01
Tmac 01:
They both won the fight. Floyd got his money and Logan got more subscribers. Its just Genius
Lul Gebreab
Lul Gebreab:
I'm gonna be the Greatest Athlete of all time. Who's backing me up?
Also I won't have any Promoter's.
Max the best to ever to do it. Can't beat him. Legendary
Storm Comilang
Storm Comilang:
I box anybody for $1… its my choice.
TMP Kevo
TMP Kevo:
Max love bringing up Crawford lol
That boy can't sell out the local corner store and want Errol to go 50/50
Enoch Abraham
Enoch Abraham:
"We want Floyd to kill him? Is that what we want?!"

YYYEEEEEESSSSS!! That's exactly what we want you buffoon!
Christopher Grimm
Christopher Grimm:
As Floyd held Logan up he whispered in his ear……. Wake up you son- of- b, this payday loves ya
Nicholas Pachirera
Nicholas Pachirera:
Kwame Brown vs Stephen A would be a good fight😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Steven be overanalyzing!!
Too Much Sauce
Too Much Sauce:
We didn’t learn a damm thing about mayweather in this fight
-Stephen Smith
Robbie Moon
Robbie Moon:
Stephan A gonna have a fieldday with this
New day New dollar
New day New dollar:
The look on Stephen A Smith blank face was priceless collapse Mayweather vs Logan crisis economy 🤣🤣🤣
Kamari Z
Kamari Z:
Mayweather and Logan is laughing to the bank.🤡
Quavardis Morrell
Quavardis Morrell:
I didn't even know they even had a fight
I wanted Floyd to knock Logan out in one punch! That’s good entertainment to me!
Chase Lemmons
Chase Lemmons:
4:14 thats exactly what we want to see. 100%
I love keeping up with the mwny different boxers but PPV? HA!!!
It was pure entertainment...but as a fan I will not purchase anymore non sanctioned fights.
E Za
E Za:
Floyd you must fight with the greatest boxers like pacman, spence, crawford and not a youtuber. You keep away from them. Even you’re undefeated, you are not GOAT
Isaac Walker
Isaac Walker:
Floyd promised a a KO, but he didn't even look like he was trying to KO him. He failed us
Pen 215
Pen 215:
Max on point💢💢
The counter in front of Max must be soaked with spit when he gets done yelling.
Isiah Watson
Isiah Watson:
I have a question what is wrong with being a YouTuber? They make more money than rappers and probably even athletes pay youtubers their respect 💯
Moataz Harb
Moataz Harb:
Floyd knows it wasn't a real fight. He was in just for the money :). It is his middle name.
yes max, i wanted Logan to be leaving the arena in an ambulance
GiQue C
GiQue C:
That was juicy!
Jason Moran
Jason Moran:
I enjoyed it I looked forward to fight in the lead up I never thought I would have and when the fight came around I was genuinely excited don't ask me why because I never thought I would have. I enjoyed it
Mr TS:
"We can't ignore a dude with 19 million Instagram followers" - and this is why I pay no attention to Steven A Smith's commentary.
He will call nba brothers "bums", but he can't ignore a dude that gets 19 million people to watch him be a living idiot sniffing glue and desecrate suicide victims?
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson:
WWE would be proud !
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally:
Put Kwame Brown in there..
That was the end of boxing officailly - the rest of pro sports is on its way out also , money is the reason
Miquel Sabrià Bernabeu
Miquel Sabrià Bernabeu:
This hurted Floyd.

I was really expecting him to konck Logan out.

Max you’re wrong.