Stephen A. explains why: Boston Celtics fall to Miami Heat 112-109, Tyler Herro's career-high 37 Pts

Stephen A. explains why: Boston Celtics fall to Miami Heat 112-109, Tyler Herro's career-high 37 Pts
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Rashied Sabir
Rashied Sabir:
They never believed in us! This is our Culture, it’s the perfect time to show what we were made of. LEBRON, WERE COMING 😤🔥🔥🔥
Qua37 l
Qua37 l:
How bout the ref's helped the celtics last night the non offensive foul call that wasnt made on Jason Tatum it would've been over I'm not buying that. Let's go 🔥🔥
Gordon Hayward wouldn’t help the Celtics beat the Heat. Heat are a real team...... TEAM!!!!!!!
cedie p0tp0t
cedie p0tp0t:
Max talking non sense.... That dude haven't watched the heat for sure.. Every last two min. The reason why boston can came back was because the refs calls were absurd
P H:
I would love Denver vs Miami in the NBA finals
T GrahaMonger
T GrahaMonger:
Bam I was the 1 who put the bug in pats ear to draft him.. Im just saying 😂😂😂😂
Jimmy Butler + Pat Riley + A bunch of no-nonsense hardworking dogs = A championship caliber team. I thought the Heat were dangerous going into the Playoffs. But no way anyone could've predicted they would be this dominant.
angelica sobmer
angelica sobmer:
Heat in the playoffs 🔥 beating celtics and sixes was send home early.
Give heat some damn respect ⛹🏾‍♂️⛹🏾‍♂️🤾‍♂️🤾‍♂️
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior:
Gordon Hayward wasn't going to help, Heat are Missing Myers Leanord and Kelly O didn't play
Phillip Hudson
Phillip Hudson:
The Talking Heads don't know what they're talking about sometimes. Boston's only win in the series was a lucky win at that. The series should be over 4-0 right now
Brian St.bernard
Brian St.bernard:
The Celtics are too soft
Prince Above
Prince Above:
Molly talks too much & loud to me
miami is the better team and play together.
bono hiuson
bono hiuson:
Celts won't go away because of the refs, Max.. Of all your smarts, you did not see that??
Big Homie From The D
Big Homie From The D:
Damn she talks too much lol
P H:
Jimmy Butler freethrows iced the game
Alain Mancilla
Alain Mancilla:
I was thinking molly was looking mighty fine today till she started interrupting and talking. Thanks molly.
Dorian Gray Berger
Dorian Gray Berger:
The Heat is on Fire!
so disrespectful mentioning murray before jokic
alexander Velasquez
alexander Velasquez:
Max: God has a sense of humor!
jackson v1ll
jackson v1ll:
igodala is the lucky charm... but hero will be the "hero "👍
Last couple of games refs have been trying to give Celtics winning game and they still came short
Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters:
What if I told you a team at the beginning of the year brings in a “cancer” player then starts 2 undrafted players and 1 is a rookie which resulted in benching one of your best players(Dragic) and started Meyers Leonard a former top 10 bust, then trade for Iggy and ended up getting Iggy but also Memphis wanted to get rid of Crowder to help there younger players get experience and then eventually Crowder starts and is better than Iggy and that team ends up making the finals...... unbelievable.
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh:
If Max says it is over, I have hope as a Celtics Fan
It’s always shining in Miami ☀️👑
I can’t take max seriously tf he talking bout
Felipe Ospina
Felipe Ospina:
Man this joker isn’t giving Miami Heat credit
There’s a lot of 1 possession game talk. But seem to forget how much the refs are fighting for Boston. 👎🏼 keep doubting the Heat. We’ll prove to y’all we for real
Taal Boss
Taal Boss:
Every body needs a "Herro" every now and then
Marcos Pou
Marcos Pou:
We've never had so many injuries until the era of load management. Not implying a direct correlation, but just something to think about.
(Grammar edit)
We needed a Hero on game 4 and boy did we have one
Ricardo Octavio
Ricardo Octavio:
younger players  are change now the NBA, no need experience just energy and IQ
David Kattan
David Kattan:
Love how they say, the series could've been 2 2 .
Pff. The only and i do mean only reason the games were close is because of the god awful officiating going on in favor of the Celtics.

I mean why? Does the NBA really want a Lakers vs Celtics final that bad?

Laker would annihilate the Celtics.

Heat fan here since Tim bug and The Alonzo Mourning , PJ Brown and Tunder , Tunder, Tunder Dan days!

This heat team is hella impressive, but, and here's the big but,
The lakers have the height, they have the two best players in the league ,with respect to the greek freak.
He's great and if he had a Robin in his team, he wouldn't be getting Joked on.

But still man, back to the Lakers, they got a proven point guard, a in form Dwight Howard, a hungry AD and LBJ.

The heats d fence is great and if this final wouldve taken place 10 years ago I'd say the heat have a shot of suprising the Lakers, by some miracle.

But the NBA doesn't allow teams to play defense, fouls after fouls after fouls called, hell, you get foul for just looking atvthe fool youre guarding , free throws for nothing.

Bams gonna be in foul trouble all through the finals, Lbj is gonna taken it to the hole and get his bull shit calls, all on Bam as he doesn't back down, AD will also bring it.
The baby goat needs to play the Hero role like he did last game just to keep the lakers lead from passing into the double digits.

Butler is a great defensive player, but can he stop LBJ , maybe but LBJ is more of a play maker then a scorer, so he'll just pass it off to AD or Rondo who'll reset the play and probably make the right play and find the open jump shooter.

Even if the Dragon has it going on, and so does Herro and Butler take on the scoring role , i just don't see us out scoring the Lakers.
The only way i see a possiblity of the Heat making it a series is if the Lakers get a cold case of tired legs.
The heat can out hustle other teams all they want, but LBJ and AD ain't no Tantum and Marcus. Plus there's playoff Rondo to worry about and Dwight Howard, who will probably be used to tire out Bam.
Jimmy's playing so hard on both ends of the floor that people aren't impressed with his numbers and SAS says he want's more from Butler when he already is Redlining it.
Murry is playing god like basketball abd he has the Joker who is equally impactful in this wcf series.
But they're still get stumped.

I know Bam neutralized the greek, but AD isnt no where near as one dimensional as the freak.

That dude can ball.

First like ;)
Miami play such a beautiful basketball, that is the reason I want then to win.
Mark Kristian M. Pagdato
Mark Kristian M. Pagdato:
Stephen A. Smith. my man.. my man.. seem's happy...
Steven Rondina
Steven Rondina:
Not to take anything away from Herro because that was wild to watch (I’m a Celtics fan)

But with what Murray and Herro and all these young guys doing this in the playoffs, I’m surprised no one is talking about the lack of pressure of fans AT the games. All around the court yelling and screaming. I wonder if they’d be doing that otherwise
Brixtro Martin
Brixtro Martin:
Max, after 3-1 for Miami thats all you can say? If you are only going to look at the stats and box score your analysis is flawed. Try discussing how Miami won the game instead of how Boston lost it!
Herro has Mamba. He came up big milwaukee series and butler defers to him so we know he ain't no cupcakes like wiggins or towns
Alain Mancilla
Alain Mancilla:
Herro putting up luka numbers
Neil Edd Jose
Neil Edd Jose:
The heat team is very good in closing out games thats the difference
Zander Dulay
Zander Dulay:
Brian Suazo
Brian Suazo:
Hey @Stephen A. Miami will never love Jimmy Buckets? Miami will never be better than Philadelphia?

What? No comment. Thought so.
E H:
Lebron does not want to see the Heat in the finals. He doesn't play well against them since he left the team.
John Mesinger
John Mesinger:
Had to turn off Molly so annoying
Jack Cough
Jack Cough:
Game 3 was a must win for the Celtics it’s not because Gordon came back. Game 4 heat knew they had to close out.
Raymond Ford
Raymond Ford:
Yes Molly really, do the Miami Heat need too surprised you again? This team is too good, sure the Lakers are the favorites, but there is no guarantee that they have 100 percent that they will beat Miami.
Eric Gaynor
Eric Gaynor:
Celtic done
Power !!!
Power !!!:
Chris D'Avanzo
Chris D'Avanzo:
Liberty City Goons
K Y:
Remember when people were saying Kemba is as good as Steph? 😂😂😂.....
Earl Hickey
Earl Hickey:
I'm still putting all my hope my Celtics will win even though they stink and Toronto would of gave them a better series
Logs GK
Logs GK:
Stephen A boutta go cry cause he can’t get turnt in Miami and then fly to LA for a hangover after party
Charles Eskridge
Charles Eskridge:
Some body called it and said shoot from the parking lot
Richard Wolfe
Richard Wolfe:
Go diversity
Power !!!
Power !!!:
Cristian Lezama
Cristian Lezama:
Forgetting about Kendrick Nunn. Miami's future is very bright.
pedro franco chau
pedro franco chau:
Stephen A explaining Bball or boxing is pathetic! You guys seen the video hitting the bag!
Tony Odom
Tony Odom:
Heat beat celts,refs, and media teamwork is better than ballhogs
How does that Andre Iguodala pick up look now. Just far as his defensive on Lebron. Jesus, the Miami heat are looking like they match up well against the Lakers.

You got Bam on Davis. Which I believe Bam is not as skilled as Davis but Bam's Nigga-ness is waaay stronger than Davis Nigga-ness. In other words I believe bam can in a sense punk Davis.

As far as Andre. He's been the best defender on Lebron the past. Lebron still gone get his. Now that leaves the perimeter players. I'd take Miami's perimeter players over the Lakers. Me personally I the Dwight Howard is gonna be key for the Lakers if they want to win the finals. Hopefully it's a 7 game series.
P H:
Chicago bulls having nightmares about jimbo Butler Minnesota having nightmares about jimbo Butler look at philly 76ers lol bulls fred hoiberg that's why gar pax fire gone dumpster fire bulls
Scottie Drippin
Scottie Drippin:
Jason Tatum scoring 0 points in the first half is why they lost
Leo Roth
Leo Roth:
Celtics in 7. Bam is hurt
Still not better than 20 year old Devin booker dropping 70 on the Celtics
deepinder gill
deepinder gill:
If Zion was playing. He could have averages above 35+ in this playoffs. Tyler hierro is super player , even better then Hyped Ja,
Rata Paga
Rata Paga:
You can't let a little boy score like that! I'm surprised that no one one put him on his ass
Salvador, Jr. Arisola
Salvador, Jr. Arisola:
Miami vs Lakers is something else. As much as I want LeBron to win, but man my heart will always go to Miami. Been a heatfan since 2006 with Shaq-Wade and them boys. And it'll be hard to see one of them lose but if it guarantees one of them to win this 2020 then I guess it'll be alright.
Tyler Herro is not a "brutha", Stephen A
No the series is not over. Miami can still lose
daniel colombo
daniel colombo:
Gotta end it with the politics.... As per usual nowadays. Sheesh
Justin Gabriel
Justin Gabriel:
I’m tired of people thinking the
Lakers are gonna steamroll the heat, they won’t lol 😂, I wouldn’t be surprised AT ALL if the heat win, because they have been insane this post season, for those of you who are like “oh how are they gonna stop lebron or AD?” Well they maybe can’t stop both but they can certainly stop AD, cause they stopped giannis, and Ad shoots a little better then giannis but I’m just saying stop saying things like “well after lebron win his 4th title” *cough cough* nick wright *cough cough* osn * cough cough* thank you very much
Lucas Pickering
Lucas Pickering:
Molly looking fine af
Lagat KaU
Lagat KaU:
It's white privileged ..get over it SAS.
Tyler Herro is Tom Brady of basketball.
Legacy Politics
Legacy Politics:
Miami for Trump! 🇺🇸