Stephen A. on Celtics vs. Heat Game 4: Jimmy Butler, we need more! | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins make predictions ahead of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.
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99 comentarios:

Luh DaiDai
Luh DaiDai:
Stephen A Just predicted the future because Tyler hero most definitely was the MVP scoring ah crazy 37 points 🔥
Gunnar Appleton
Gunnar Appleton:
Steven A called Herro being the mvp of the next game with 100% accuracy
NJBeast 3
NJBeast 3:
Jimmy has actually been good we just need him to be more aggressive especially in the 1st half he can't settle
Yuceppy Karrion
Yuceppy Karrion:
Is any body watching here after Heat 3-1..???
Jai McCants
Jai McCants:
Analysts can’t even see that the problem is not “Jimmy stepping up” offense is so overrated the reason the heat are up is because they don’t need jimmy to be an amazing scorer that’s the secret weapon
ExPlosion Terms
ExPlosion Terms:
Jimmy butler I feel like is going to explode this game he’s not gonna let his team down like that.
Bruce Leroy
Bruce Leroy:
Max just goes back and forth on his predictions based on whoever goes up in the series lol
Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters:
Heat need Olynyk, Jones Jr, and Iggy to show up too off the bench. Last game they were all horrible. Kendrick Nunn what happened to you man? Wake up the Heat need you.
Dakota Middleton
Dakota Middleton:
Spoke Tyler Herro being MVP of tonight’s game😂😂
I Play To Win
I Play To Win:
Kendrick Perkins won this debate. The Celtics have to play almost perfect to beat the Heat, but the Heat can beat the Celtics playing bad. That's the fact.
Derrick kennedy
Derrick kennedy:
Jimmy knows his team needs more from him and I expect him to respond . He will have a big game tonight .
Andrew Ponce
Andrew Ponce:
Stephan A. predicted Tyler Herro to be MVP of tonights game if Heat won. The universe responded.
Craig Williamson
Craig Williamson:
Perk really hate the Celtics bro 😂😂
Jaie Mo
Jaie Mo:
Say what u want this man Stephan A Smith called it, bro was the mvp of this game, 4th youngest player to score 30 in a playoff game, Tyler Herro 37 pts Bro is a stud, and Stephan A. Knows he basketball💯 oh and jimmy did his thing
Derek pellot
Derek pellot:
nuggets vs heat would be an interesting match up tell me no
Rip Stan Lee
Rip Stan Lee:
Perks opinion will never be valid. Remember when this clown was sayin Siakam was better than Tatum🤣🤣🤣
Jordan Anderson
Jordan Anderson:
Stephen A called it at 3:59 Herro really balled out
Perkins made the best argument. He always has some good takes.
Michael Beal
Michael Beal:
I love how Stephen said Tyler Herro would be the mvp of tonight and he was 37 sheesh young boy can get buckets
finally they talk about this series on espn its always LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS . ong im rooting for them to go to the finals so heat could shock the world
y’all should listen to kendrick... he know all about this heat culture
Rob Smith
Rob Smith:
Tyler Herro is gunna be a MVP in future for sure 💯
lyndon chastain
lyndon chastain:
Lol I hope the Celtics never let this clown back in the building
I pray anyone that sees this is suceessful in lifeeee
Patrick Saona
Patrick Saona:
Stephen A was right my boy Tyler Herro dropped 37 pts Mvp of the game
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker:
Perk trying too hard to go against the celtics. They have lead big in every game of the series so far. Just need to learn to close better. Thats the issue with having young leads
Last Ones Standing
Last Ones Standing:
Jimmy just has to be assertive early on and make his presence known from the jump
Matt Wrld
Matt Wrld:
Im a Heat fan, i couldnt agree more with all three of them.
Stepehn A. had it right "Tyler Herro, I think he might be the MVP tonight if the Heat win"
I got my ☘️ in 7
Eli Alchek w
Eli Alchek w:
Whoever wins this game will win the series imo.
Yousef Bazzi
Yousef Bazzi:
Kadeem Marajeen
Kadeem Marajeen:
Syed Abdussalam
Syed Abdussalam:
NBA on TNT over this “Fake take” ...sorry for the negativity...😅
Ken Glo
Ken Glo:
Perk finally gave a good take! I’m with him on this one can’t believe it lol
Jackson Thomas Bean
Jackson Thomas Bean:
Anyone else have a problem with Kendrick Perkins voice, or is it just me?
As much as I love them both, KP needs to run the show now honestlyyyy 😐
Jon Turner
Jon Turner:
Jimmy doesn't need to score MORE he needs to be more efficient. He can score 17 a game and win when he's not 4/11
J Blaze
J Blaze:
This aged well 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
fc mackno
fc mackno:
What with Perk? Is he still sore with the Celtics?
Alex Zapata
Alex Zapata:
Miami was 12-44 from 3pt line game 3 I feel like the rest is going to benefit Miami's shooters
beshoy youssief
beshoy youssief:
jimmy is exactly like lebron. they both play great and r the best players on the floor not cause of scoring. but sometimes they just need to play aggressive and scor
Raymund G
Raymund G:
They always pull for the other team against the Celtics, these New Yorkers hate the Cs
Simple Tech
Simple Tech:
Heat in 5 baby. Btw im here after heat go up 3-1
Stephen “things of that nature” A Smith
This Guy Is Crazy
This Guy Is Crazy:
Great, we're never gonna hear the end of this "I predicted Tyler Herro would be MVP if Miami won this game"....."I saw it coming" BLAH BLAH BLAH lol
IDont Care
IDont Care:
If Perk had a better command of the English language he would be a great(as opposed to good) analyst
G milliom
G milliom:
Came here after watching the game, Kendrick Perkins, you are amazing! 💯 analysis 👌 😎
Mike Willoughby
Mike Willoughby:
Ronnie Lenhardt
Ronnie Lenhardt:
Celtics should be up 3-0 they blew a big lead twice in game 1 & 2 Celtics just gotta play 4 quarters instead of giving the game away I feel like they been doing this for yearsssss
marv the goat
marv the goat:
If we can start off more aggressive and don’t get down double digits at halftime we can win this game
4:00 SAS predicted it😳
Shriram Chenji
Shriram Chenji:
4.15 Stephen A called it
Mohamed Yousif
Mohamed Yousif:
Miami played absolutely trash last game... and still almost came back from 20 down in the 4th.

If Miami plays like they did against Milwaukee tonight, Miami is taking the game.
Really Now
Really Now:
0-0: CeLtIcS wInS
1-0 MIA: _CeLtIcS wInS_
2-0 MIA: _mIaMi WiNs_
2-1 BOS: _CeLtIcS wInS_ 😑
DeMarvelous DeChosen
DeMarvelous DeChosen:
raptors in 8 if u disagree ur a hater plain and simple
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva:
Stephen A called it! Tyler Herro WAS the MVP of Game 4!
Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77
Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77:
If the Celtics can give more playing time to 7'5 Center Tacko Fall, then it's a wrap!!!!!
Trailmix TV
Trailmix TV:
Stephen A got it right about Herro 3:54
Good call Stephen. Herro was the mvp
Best take from Kendrick Perkins
Mark Mariano
Mark Mariano:
The thing is, we haven't seen a good game by the Heat this series where everything is clicking.
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov:
I can’t predict how this series will go whoever goes to the finals will deserve it!
Brye Luna
Brye Luna:
I'm enjoying the clip until Molly calls out Perkins.
Flaky Derelict
Flaky Derelict:
4:20 is when Kendrick Perkins start talking.. you're welcome
Ig Boston really beat us in game 4😂😂😂 they always talk like they know everything 🤦🏿‍♂️
Charlie Tan
Charlie Tan:
I understand its your job.. but just shut up max.. the HEAT is on!
Let's Gooooo HEAT 🔥 LITTY 🔥
Gragala Kaisel
Gragala Kaisel:
“4 superstars”
still lose
FreshGaming_ 24
FreshGaming_ 24:
crazy how stephen a smith said herro will be mvp if the heat wins 🤯
Swift Slay
Swift Slay:
Stephen predicted Tyler Herror MVP of the match
Brandon Benjamin
Brandon Benjamin:
Stephen A: I need more
Jimmy butler: It became personal for me
0:35 oh no no no 0 pts in first quarter 😁 no one tell him
Daniel Olvera
Daniel Olvera:
Heat Nation!! I fast forward all of max parts
Jack Nguyen
Jack Nguyen:
lol Perkins still salty Boston traded him? 😥
WithGod E.
WithGod E.:
This is the first time perk actually made a great point lol. The Celtics have to be PERFECT to beat miami.. and with their perfection, it’s close
5:47 is that an appropriate use of the expression "common denominator?"
Heat 3-1
NF War
NF War:
Well max was wrong go heat!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ricky Labrada
Ricky Labrada:
Where the heat haters at 🔥🔥
Phenomenal One
Phenomenal One:
Stephen A Smith got one right. He said Jimmy have to step it up which he did and Tyler Herro will be MVP of the game if they win and he was clearly the MVP.
Matthew Grace
Matthew Grace:
Oouuuu gordon Hayward so scaryyyy im shakin in me boots
BingBing Four4KasTv
BingBing Four4KasTv:
Triple 30🤣🤣🤣
Robert Valdes
Robert Valdes:
Perkins looking like a Genius!
Jay Shan
Jay Shan:
Come on Heat!
Melvin Montallana
Melvin Montallana:
Tony Brothers bring it home for heat 🔥🔥
justin c
justin c:
what language is Perkins speaking?
Silvio Dionisotti
Silvio Dionisotti:
Show me a game the heat didn’t play well and beat the Celtics, I’ll wait
Jr Reyes
Jr Reyes:
Im taking Butler every time
True Talk
True Talk:
Stephen a smith predicted herro would be the MVP if they won he was right lol
Jordan Stearns
Jordan Stearns:
Stephen A called that herro mvp of the game!!
Jenny Settles
Jenny Settles:
I think i just felt in love
First Take is trippin with these predictions. Y'all funny😂😂😂
killua Ψ
killua Ψ:
Who here after herro just bullied the celtics
Mark Swain
Mark Swain:
Perk was on point 🔥💪🏾
Tejas Gurappa
Tejas Gurappa:
miami doesnt need jimmy to score 30 pts a night for them to win thanks to their role players