Stephen A. on Celtics vs. Heat Game 4: Jimmy Butler, we need more! | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins make predictions ahead of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics.
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100+ comentarios:

Luh DaiDai
Luh DaiDai:
Stephen A Just predicted the future because Tyler hero most definitely was the MVP scoring ah crazy 37 points 🔥
NJBeast 3
NJBeast 3:
Jimmy has actually been good we just need him to be more aggressive especially in the 1st half he can't settle
Jai McCants
Jai McCants:
Analysts can’t even see that the problem is not “Jimmy stepping up” offense is so overrated the reason the heat are up is because they don’t need jimmy to be an amazing scorer that’s the secret weapon
Gunnar Appleton
Gunnar Appleton:
Steven A called Herro being the mvp of the next game with 100% accuracy
Jimmy knows his team needs more from him and I expect him to respond . He will have a big game tonight .
I Play To Win
I Play To Win:
Kendrick Perkins won this debate. The Celtics have to play almost perfect to beat the Heat, but the Heat can beat the Celtics playing bad. That's the fact.
Jimmy butler I feel like is going to explode this game he’s not gonna let his team down like that.
Andrew Ponce
Andrew Ponce:
Stephan A. predicted Tyler Herro to be MVP of tonights game if Heat won. The universe responded.
Spoke Tyler Herro being MVP of tonight’s game😂😂
Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters:
Heat need Olynyk, Jones Jr, and Iggy to show up too off the bench. Last game they were all horrible. Kendrick Nunn what happened to you man? Wake up the Heat need you.
Bruce Leroy
Bruce Leroy:
Max just goes back and forth on his predictions based on whoever goes up in the series lol
Rob Smith
Rob Smith:
Tyler Herro is gunna be a MVP in future for sure 💯
Perkins made the best argument. He always has some good takes.
beshoy youssief
beshoy youssief:
jimmy is exactly like lebron. they both play great and r the best players on the floor not cause of scoring. but sometimes they just need to play aggressive and scor
Jaie Mo
Jaie Mo:
Say what u want this man Stephan A Smith called it, bro was the mvp of this game, 4th youngest player to score 30 in a playoff game, Tyler Herro 37 pts Bro is a stud, and Stephan A. Knows he basketball💯 oh and jimmy did his thing
finally they talk about this series on espn its always LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS . ong im rooting for them to go to the finals so heat could shock the world
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov:
I can’t predict how this series will go whoever goes to the finals will deserve it!
As much as I love them both, KP needs to run the show now honestlyyyy 😐
Ken Glo
Ken Glo:
Perk finally gave a good take! I’m with him on this one can’t believe it lol
Jordan Anderson
Jordan Anderson:
Stephen A called it at 3:59 Herro really balled out
Michael Beal
Michael Beal:
I love how Stephen said Tyler Herro would be the mvp of tonight and he was 37 sheesh young boy can get buckets
Jimmy just has to be assertive early on and make his presence known from the jump
Alex Zapata
Alex Zapata:
Miami was 12-44 from 3pt line game 3 I feel like the rest is going to benefit Miami's shooters
John Ban
John Ban:
The problem with us, is we dont do well with expectations. We were expected to be up in this series, and when we were not, the lockeroom became toxic. That was the issue with Kyrie. He brought expectations every night, so there was fighting every night.

With that said, we win tonight because there is no expectation for us to win but prolly lose game 5.
Billy Witne
Billy Witne:
As a brother, hearing Stephen A, calling T. Herro a “brother “, I feel it it! Miami is special. They rise to the occasion. They will do what it takes to close the series. THIS IS THE WAY!
Matt The Rug
Matt The Rug:
Im a Heat fan, i couldnt agree more with all three of them.
Phenomenal One
Phenomenal One:
Stephen A Smith got one right. He said Jimmy have to step it up which he did and Tyler Herro will be MVP of the game if they win and he was clearly the MVP.
Stephen A is the perfect example of someone who forms his arguments around stats. WATCH THE GAMES STEPHEN, THEN TALK!
G milliom
G milliom:
Came here after watching the game, Kendrick Perkins, you are amazing! 💯 analysis 👌 😎
Clifton Miller
Clifton Miller:
Butler is one of the few all stars that can lead his team without scoring 25+ a night. The Heat have guys that can ball and they ain’t scared so as long as he maintains the closer type of role; they will win games.
Joan Oviedo
Joan Oviedo:
Perk, seriously? Celtics have to play perfect to win? how about the Celtics have to defend and stick to the game plan in the 4th qtr. The Celtics basically slow down their offense, play iso and allow the opposition to make comebacks.
J Blaze
J Blaze:
This aged well 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Patrick Saona
Patrick Saona:
Stephen A was right my boy Tyler Herro dropped 37 pts Mvp of the game
WithGod E.
WithGod E.:
This is the first time perk actually made a great point lol. The Celtics have to be PERFECT to beat miami.. and with their perfection, it’s close
Not a Boston fana but it's good to see that Kemba Walker got a playoff run after years of being stuck in Charlotte.

Actually, how far has Jimmy Butler gotten in the playoffs?
Ronnie Lenhardt
Ronnie Lenhardt:
Celtics should be up 3-0 they blew a big lead twice in game 1 & 2 Celtics just gotta play 4 quarters instead of giving the game away I feel like they been doing this for yearsssss
Dalwin Green
Dalwin Green:
Wao, Kendrick and Smith really got a spot-on prediction. Exactly what they said the Heat needed to win, the Heat did.
Ligma Knuts
Ligma Knuts:
its not jimmy's role to affect the game with just scoring, its been a team effort all season on both ends of the floor.
marv the goat
marv the goat:
If we can start off more aggressive and don’t get down double digits at halftime we can win this game
Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77
Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77:
If the Celtics can give more playing time to 7'5 Center Tacko Fall, then it's a wrap!!!!!
Craig Williamson
Craig Williamson:
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva:
Stephen A called it! Tyler Herro WAS the MVP of Game 4!
much respect to Perk for finally giving up on trying to pronounce Adebayo, what a hero
Eli Alchek w
Eli Alchek w:
Whoever wins this game will win the series imo.
AWOL Friday
AWOL Friday:
Let’s stay serious. One more game. Let’s go Heat
Brandon Benjamin
Brandon Benjamin:
Stephen A: I need more
Jimmy butler: It became personal for me
Cesar Javier
Cesar Javier:
Let’s go Jimmy Butler!!
Andrew Durand
Andrew Durand:
I always want more from butler too but then I see how gets everyone going and realize hes doin things
I could tell Stephen A hasn’t watched the Heat much at all this season. The Heat don’t need Butler to score more than 20 on any given night. They are at their best when they have multiple guys in double figures. Butler hasn’t been a big scorer all year and they’ve been just fine. Butler contributes in every other area outside of scoring and that’s what they ask and need of him
Tonight's a pivotal game for both teams. Heat get this game and go up 3-1 it's pretty much over. If the celtics win tonight, they might go on to win 4 in a row and win this series with the momentum and hayward back.
Steve Talon
Steve Talon:
I'm rooting for the Heat, but I agree with the comments that say Butler should be more aggressive tonight. True, you want to get your teammates involved if you're one of the best two-way players in the league, but there's nothing wrong with taking over in scoring or on defense whether it's down the stretch in the 4th or from the start of tip off.

That being said, I believe in Spo to make adjustments and gave the rest of the team a pep talk to counter the Celtics this game bc the Heat have GREAT chemistry...otherwise they wouldn't be 10-2 right now. After game 3 Butler and Adebayo even acknowledged that they can't just rely on comebacks all the time to win. That bein said, a part of me feels like this will go a full 7 bc both teams are technically evenly matched. Game 4's gonna be interesting...
Yuceppy Karrion
Yuceppy Karrion:
Is any body watching here after Heat 3-1..???
Stepehn A. had it right "Tyler Herro, I think he might be the MVP tonight if the Heat win"
Jake Worm
Jake Worm:
Best analysis Perk has ever given. Good stuff
Oliver Yasay
Oliver Yasay:
i feel Jimmy Butler will come out balling in game 3 like he was against the bucks.
Marti Super
Marti Super:
Stephen A that is TEAM basketball, watch and learn!
IDont Care
IDont Care:
If Perk had a better command of the English language he would be a great(as opposed to good) analyst
Tony Brothers bring it home for heat 🔥🔥
Godvin Johnson
Godvin Johnson:
Celtics got another thing coming if they think they can win this game 4 and the series
They’re gonna feel the Heat
The Celtics are down 2-1 to the Miami Heat, but have been booming offensively. They currently have 4 players averaging 20+ points per game through the series.

Jayson Tatum: 25.3 PPG
Jaylen Brown: 21.3 PPG
Kemba Walker: 21.0 PPG
Marcus Smart: 20.0 PPG
Dawsohunnid 305
Dawsohunnid 305:
I just came back front the game to say Max was so wrong about this Game😂😂😂
Jimmy Butler love this team because he don't have to score alot. Jimmy don't want to be a big time scorer because that comes with heavy criticism when he can't score a lot of points such as Paul George such as Kawhi Leonard in the last game of the playoffs even Lebron gets the negative feedback when he dont score alot. That's why you see Jimmy Butler always talking about he dont need to score he do other things to win. Jimmy is capable of going fir 35 on any night but he not going to ever try to do that constantly.
Mohamed Yousif
Mohamed Yousif:
Miami played absolutely trash last game... and still almost came back from 20 down in the 4th.

If Miami plays like they did against Milwaukee tonight, Miami is taking the game.
Mac Milly D. Donalson
Mac Milly D. Donalson:
What a great take by perk 😂. Yeah ok let the heat play bad and see if they win. It’s a miracle they even have the two games they got. Celtics been leading for 88 percent of the minutes played this series
marcus g
marcus g:
Disappointed in you Kendrick. The Celtics had 20 turnovers the second game and a bunch in the first plus we let them get a ton of transition points. The Celtics have played just as bad as the Heat and have been leading for more minutes. We just gotta finish games better and have an answer if Jimmy tries to go for 40
Will Smith
Will Smith:
Goran and Jimmy need to start aggressive and Bam needs to dominate the paint! Let’s geaux Heat!
brian altman
brian altman:
Lmao I love how Perk talks as though the heat just had an off night, and not like the Celtics weren’t hounding them all day
Manuel Roberts
Manuel Roberts:
Boston got 4 players and made it this far imagine having a bench that could score more than 5 points in 10 games if we ain’t up 20-30 before bench comes in we losing 20 TO a game can’t expect to win with that but they young they got a few years figure it out
crazy how stephen a smith said herro will be mvp if the heat wins 🤯
Let's Gooooo HEAT 🔥 LITTY 🔥
Mark Swain
Mark Swain:
Perk was on point 🔥💪🏾
Tom Brady 7x
Tom Brady 7x:
If celtics really want to pull away with this series then Kemba needs to show up the rest of the series
Max finally knows how to pronounce Daniel Thies's name. Somebody gives this dude his script to read off to seem he knows what he's talking about. But really he hasn't watched a single Celtics game all season
Brian Dix
Brian Dix:
We don't need Jimmy we need a Hero.
Frank Gonzalez
Frank Gonzalez:
Butler needs to show up and play ball for 48 minutes not just the second half, keep Nunn off the floor cause he can’t hack it in the playoffs, and keep Herro and D Ro out there when they’re hot
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses:
Jimmy butler needs to take a lot more shots when there down
Michael Jones
Michael Jones:
Let's Go Celtics
Good call Stephen. Herro was the mvp
Ro Methazine
Ro Methazine:
great call on Herro being game MVP
Koki Surendran
Koki Surendran:
i swear to god stephen a either doesn't see how great defenses stop great players from being effective or he's just ignoring what team defences are actually contributing
Yusef Lockwood
Yusef Lockwood:
I love me some KP but he's on something to think Bam is a top 3 big in this league. What about Giannis, Embiid, KAT, Gobert, Porzingod, Whiteside, Zion, Valanciunas, Steven Adams, Ben Simmons even though he's basically a guard. Bam is top 10 at best right now in his career. The upside is there though.
The thing is, we haven't seen a good game by the Heat this series where everything is clicking.
Jordan Stearns
Jordan Stearns:
Stephen A called that herro mvp of the game!!
Robert James954
Robert James954:
Kendrick Perkins called it out the heat don't have to play good to beat the Celtics but the Celtics have to be good to beat the Heat.
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker:
Perk trying too hard to go against the celtics. They have lead big in every game of the series so far. Just need to learn to close better. Thats the issue with having young leads
Jimmy butler just need to be aggressive we know you have it it’s just that you gotta turn it on a little sooner and not just chill. Y’all have the talent offense and great defense to beat the Celtics. Herro and Robinson going to do their thing we know that. Dragic as well and crowder is a great defender just have to be more consistent with the defense. Heat literally just have to hit it off a bit sooner and stay aggressive.
Stephen A called the Herro MVP performance
Bernardo Sánchez
Bernardo Sánchez:
I don't think Stephen A gets it, this isn't a star-driven team, this team is very similar to the 2004 Detroit Pistons, Jimmy doesn't need to step up offensively, they can win the chip with the whole team playing great as a whole.
LOL everything Steven A knows to say about basketball every time is to single out best player and say you need to do more,you need to show up bla bla.
Imagine him as a coach hahahahaha
Will McCabe
Will McCabe:
I swear Jae Crowder couldn't hit a shot when he was on the celtics now he is a beast
WarEagle376 YT
WarEagle376 YT:
Well max was wrong go heat!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Robert Pierre-Louis
Robert Pierre-Louis:
I agree with Perkins!
Andy Kety
Andy Kety:
Stephen A prediction was dead on. Tyler hero ended up being the MVP of game 4.
Dr. Vegapunk
Dr. Vegapunk:
Jimmy Butler is the best player in the world !!!
RC Fresh
RC Fresh:
The Heat are a team. Butler doesn't need to score 40 or even 30 for them to win.
Walter G
Walter G:
Butler has been great. Heat has many scorers in dragic herro robinson jae crowder adebayo. What makes butler special is his 4th quarter play. His defense is top 5 in the league and he not missing in the clutch. Miami is going to be fine. Butler is better than tatum in my opinion
Jimmy fouling out would be pretty bad for the heat so I think his system is working.. it’s not broken so why fix it
Daniel Olvera
Daniel Olvera:
Heat Nation!! I fast forward all of max parts
Ranking Bam as the #3 big in the NBA is a strong take by Perk, but I don’t know if I disagree