Stephen A. on Dwyane Wade giving court-side advice to Donovan Mitchell | First Take

Stephen A. on Dwyane Wade giving court-side advice to Donovan Mitchell | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate who the most important player will be in Game 2 between the LA Clippers and the Utah Jazz.
#FirstTake #NBA

0:00 Stephen A. says Donovan Mitchell is the most important player in Clippers vs. Jazz.
2:00 The Clippers aren’t winning the series if they don’t stop Mitchell.

2:40 Max says it’s Paul George.

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99 comentarios:

Tree Cosmos
Tree Cosmos:
Can't lie, I don't like how Stephen A and Perk talk to Max. Max makes alot of good opposing points
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan:
SAS acting like he has never lost a debate to max let’s me know how delusional and egotistical he is.
Say Cheese
Say Cheese:
Stephen A thinks he’s so smart. To be honest, he says something deep once a month. Pretty much he just repeats himself.
Ezra Przytyk
Ezra Przytyk:
Stephen a is literally delusional if he thinks max has never won an argument against him lmao max wins 75% of the time..
SAS and Kenny Smith are the masters of saying absolutely nothing 😂
"Losing arguments is never fun" 😂😂😂 Max
Raghav B_23
Raghav B_23:
SAS been losing these arguments for a while now
Bruce Hicks
Bruce Hicks:
I think I get it now. Stephen A has never fully recovered from TO saying "Max is more black than you."
Ali Ikram
Ali Ikram:
When Stephen A knows he has lost and doesnt have a counter argument, he tries to discredit Max by bringing up old stuff. What a clown.
John Pestano
John Pestano:
On one of these shows Max is going to tell SAS off. no one this man can take all these insults and be cool about it.
LeBron James
LeBron James:
Paul George and porzingis fighting for that “Pandemic P” title 🤣🤣🤣
LeBron James
LeBron James:
Stephen A: Luka “Donchik”
Also Stephen A: Kawhi “Lennid”
Jay Theboss
Jay Theboss:
Mitchell is unstoppable and has energy and heart. He has a champion attitude. Young Superstar.
Joseph Peterson
Joseph Peterson:
I feel like the writers have max on the show to be Stephen A’s punching bag. Tbh I’d rather listen to max 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jimmy Playz
Jimmy Playz:
Has anyone realized that SAS always brings up Max's inaccurate takes but Max doesn't do the same?
HotLanta ATL
HotLanta ATL:
6:23 But Max BASHES Curry Everytime
EyeAm YOUniverse
EyeAm YOUniverse:
SAS saying he's never lost to Max (in his own words) is BLASPHEMOUS!!!!
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever.
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever.:
Ingles and Mitchell are Pg 13 dads.
Sports Now with Darius & Aiden
Sports Now with Darius & Aiden:
Jazz have a lot of depth on this team! They played great even without a star in Mike Conley! Great win by the Jazz!

We have a sports show called Sports Now with Darius & Aiden and we would really appreciate it if you would check us out!
Wan Wade
Wan Wade:
Max he's a all time great Kellerman
Titan 2020
Titan 2020:
All max has to say to Stephen A is “don’t make me Kwame Brown you !” Argument over😂
Drooby Doo
Drooby Doo:
Paul George is clearly the X factor in this series
“Losing arguments doesn’t feel good” - Max give this guy some more respect perk and stephen a are disrespectful
Greg Fernandez
Greg Fernandez:
Stephen a acts like he's never wrong when he says something, acts like he knows it all
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever.
Michael Jordan Best Player Ever.:
Shaq cant say Mitchell not A Star no more
Jay Theboss
Jay Theboss:
Mitchell is the Future of the NBA 😎. NBA has alot of good young talent. Future of the NBA is looking bright.
John Cruz
John Cruz:
Anyone else catch max say “MONTE Morris” ?
Ethan Fierro
Ethan Fierro:
Stephen A “I’m undefeated. Nevah lost.”
Steven is A. JOKE 🤦‍♂️ HE always thinks he's smarter than Max but he's not💯
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo:
"Losing arguments is no fun" lol he got SAS on that one, come on now
John Pestano
John Pestano:
SAS can't stand Max takes 😂
Drek 13
Drek 13:
How many times that sas gonna say in the show "this brother is special"🤣🤣
It's really getting on SAS nerves that he keeps getting schooled by Max lol, you can see it more and more lately
Seed Herbz
Seed Herbz:
Never forget mitchell as a ROOKIE took down westbrick, pandemic p and melo
Donovan has the most adorable smile I've ever seen
Colby Clarke
Colby Clarke:
D Mitch kinda reminds me more of Lillard than DWade
I mean max is right. Paul George needs to show up on offense and defense. That man is just another person on the floor lol
bgood 216dna88
bgood 216dna88:
Sas been on some BS lately; salute Max for helping this dude thru his struggles!!!!!!!!!
I always said Mitchell reminds me of Wade
Dear person that's reading this, we don't know each others but I wish you all the best in life ❤️ don't ever blame yourself, accept things and go forward. Your smile is precious and a key for happy life.

Love from a small YouTuber🖤
He's the most clutch SG in the league and it's not even a debate. He's 24 putting up the same scoring production D Wade did at 24 in the postseason postseason
Nuggets got Max’s head messed up 😂 “Monte Morris” + calling Utah the Nuggets
Max: "even superstars have bad games in a series". but has been bringing up curry game 7 for the last 5 years
we don’t care about stephens a’s opinion. kwame brown showed this guy is a fraud in every aspect
As long as Wade is giving basketball tips only, I'm cool😎
Stephen a smith wants Kawhi to score 50 points a game and never says anything about Paul George
Aden Wills
Aden Wills:
Wait, hold up, didn’t Max tell Perk yesterday, that the series is about Spider Mitch? But today he’s saying PG
Nosa Uzamere
Nosa Uzamere:
This what showing up when it matters most Max! Luka was great last series but he struggled in pretty much all the 2nd half the entire series. Spida is THAT Dude
KSmith Gaming
KSmith Gaming:
If I had a nickel for every time max said “he’s an all time great” smh ahahah
Tema Boxeo
Tema Boxeo:
Ricky Trent
Ricky Trent:
Stephan a smith said one year that hunter “henry has been having a great season “ he was out the entire year😂😂
That boy pandemic p having Vietnam flashbacks from that thunder jazz series 2018
Gregory Hayes
Gregory Hayes:
The best backcourt since Jordan and Pippen let another Player drop 40+ on them.
TOP 3!



You said the same when the Mavs played the Clipper's. Then Clips win
I find it funny when Max brings up Paul George’s lack of ability to perform then Stephen A then says no it’s Kawhi then the next game Kawhi drops 40+ they win and Paul George still does nothing. Max is right Paul George is a some-star not an all-star.
The Jazz missed 21 consecutive shots in the 1st half.....that is an anomaly and will torch the Clippers in 5.
Chris Sapp
Chris Sapp:
Paul George is a good player, that's it though. Mitchell is a superstar.
Sven Flier
Sven Flier:
I used to be a Wade fan but after this video, I'm a Dwayne airconditioner
I came right for the comments after Max had an aneurysm when talking about the Nuggets
Coffeemint Gaming YTV
Coffeemint Gaming YTV:
"when I lost to you I'll let you know, that's never happened" lol
Chamber Davins
Chamber Davins:
What I love about Donovan is he is only 24, but he acts like he’s been in the league for a decade. His leadership is remarkable, especially considering he has only been in the league for four years
Soft Bam and Jimmy needed that help more than Mitchell smh
Chris Cole
Chris Cole:
Stephen a lowkey falling off, undisputed feels more interesting for the same topics
jon Johnson
jon Johnson:
The most dominant win between these two was on basketball, specifically on melo being unhappy about not being ranked in top 15 in 2016....stephen a got destroyed
SAS is in comedy mode again. Thanks Max for saving this show!
Hussein alowaid
Hussein alowaid:
Yup these “debates” are trash cause SAS talks more trash to Max then anyone else or anything else
Atila Viana
Atila Viana:
Max personality is amazing, he is the perfect fit for Steven "Snake" Smith...
Walter Jones
Walter Jones:
@5:52 He said...."Mr load management!...." then switched it up quick and said "to his credit!" because he knew Kwame Brown was watching!
Kagiso Mabele
Kagiso Mabele:
Max" I flip my mind when facts change" excuse, avoiding any accountability...
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
Kawhi's PER all-time in the playoffs is 11th. He was 12th before the Dallas series but just shot 60/40/90 against them. When he shows up, his FG% is like over 66%-70%. Don't count this man out. He can be Jordanesque if he wants.
Chris Abeyta
Chris Abeyta:
SAS speaks the obvious and thinks he’s smart
Titan 2020
Titan 2020:
Stephen A acts like he’s the end all be all when it comes to basketball! Pretty nauseating!
Oel Dave
Oel Dave:
Hey max, 22-25pts is too much to ask for PG in the 2nd round of the playoffs
Mike Jeffers
Mike Jeffers:
They need defensive chemistry that's something I've never even thought about
Low Prod.
Low Prod.:
wait didnt max just say Mitchell was the most important a few videos ago? bru
Juy Ahmad
Juy Ahmad:
Max makes good points a lot of times, he just annoys me when he takes forever to get to his point and it makes it really hard to listen to him sometimes
Raw Uncut Sports Takes
Raw Uncut Sports Takes:
This one of the few times I agree with Max, I’ve been saying this since the OKC days
Troy Chris Carretas
Troy Chris Carretas:
Dwayne sees himself in Mitchell
and when Mitchell rest you have Clarkson who will do the Scoring
Utah Jazz will go for the Championship :)
Wade is top 3 SG of all time after MJ and Kobe
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol:
Let me tell you, this brother Stephen A. Smith is somethin' special.
Skyvinn Gaming
Skyvinn Gaming:
I dont see how everyone forgets tbat LeBron started load management
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
Kawhi is going from SoKAL to KAL-EL 🦸🏿‍♂️ tonight, baby. And Spida-Man got no Kryptonite for him. Kawhi already schooled Luka, the Slovenian LeBron. He's going to school a ring-less 6'1 Donovan Mitchell in this series.
Is it me or does Paul not look as if he’s putting his all when he plays?
Soundtallica in Chains
Soundtallica in Chains:
I always root against big market teams because they're ALWAYS overhyped by the sports media, so go Jazz!
Sean Nemetz
Sean Nemetz:
Can't wait to the the battle of the gradient jerseys in the WCF! Gonna be lit
I thought Steven A was about to answer the first question by saying Wade 😂
Ochoa Guillermo
Ochoa Guillermo:
Shannon Sharp and Max Kellerman should have a show on their own. I think Stephen A Smith and Bayless are not as they once were..
Eddie Marin
Eddie Marin:
Every episode sounds like the exact same thing
Max says his opinion
Stephen a: this is why you can't take basketball
One thing all these NBA pundits keep forgetting, every one of them, is that the Jazz missed around 20 shots in a row in the first have. That was rust from being the first into the second round and needing to wait so long for an opponent. Had the Jazz mad half of those shots, it would have been a blow out. The Jazz shot way below their normal percentage and it was their defense that slowed down the clippers.

While anything can happen in the playoffs, the Jazz are much better than anyone is giving them credit for. They earned the best record in the league, they will earn their way to the NBA Finals.
Wan Wade
Wan Wade:
Why tf does max call everyone a all time great like dude chill out
Brian Smith
Brian Smith:
I Love Stephen A, but he has to STOP with the "Top 5 Player" Label (especially with Anthony Davis) - at this point there are around 35 "Top 5 Players" currently in the NBA
D Jiggy
D Jiggy:
Losing arguments is never fun 😂 Love max.
Kevin Rahardja
Kevin Rahardja:
I wish SAS will just get to his point while arguing. he goes around and lost my interest before getting to his argument
SAS is make me laugh...I swear😂🤚🏾
Pcorf Creations
Pcorf Creations:
This is going to be a great series, hopefully all the way to 7 games.
Travis B
Travis B:
Stephen A always acts like he knows everything about the game of basketball, just because he was a reporter when AI played with the Sixers.
Sometimes (most of the time?) SAS is just nauseating to listen to. This is one of those times. Max was right.
mikhail lewis
mikhail lewis:
Stephen A extremely broad with his topics