Steven Gerrard opens up on joining Aston Villa & leaving Rangers | Carragher Meets Gerrard

in an exclusive interview, Steven Gerrard opens up to Jamie Carragher on joining Aston Villa, the decision to leave Rangers & his career in management.

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Lachie 75
Lachie 75:
As a Rangers fan for 40 years, I'll forever be grateful to Gerrard and his staff for giving us 55 and stopping the 10. We are healthy because of him and we have to remember where we were before he came here. He did 10 years work in 3 and a half years. Thanks Stevie.
John ross
John ross:
been a rangers fan for 41 years, what steven done for us will never be forgotten, wish him all the best in his new chapter.
A Hannah
A Hannah:
As a Rangers fan i was sad to see him go but he left us in a great position and as the purse strings were pretty tightly shut at Ibrox i dont think anyone can blame him for thinking of himself and his family,I bet his wages have possibly doubled or more and if anyone says they would not have jumped at the chance i would seriously doubt their sanity
Ralph Muskinyaar
Ralph Muskinyaar:
He is the only football legend I really want to see succeed in management. One of the greatest footballers of all time.
ThinkOfIt ThisWay
ThinkOfIt ThisWay:
Not a Liverpool fan, but that said, I have the utmost respect for Steven Gerrard. He was a world-class player and is on his way to being a world-class manager.
As a United fan I revered Gerrard and after watching his Amazon documentary and a few interviews on him now I can only respect his mindset and grind, personal feel he'll be the best manager out of all the English great players and think he'll end up becoming an amazing Liverpool manager or hopefully a really good england manager.
Chrissy B Imhotep™
Chrissy B Imhotep™:
Can't believe Stevie G is 41! He still looks like he did in his early 20s.

I remember first seeing him play against Arsenal at Anfield in 1998, I think they won 4-0 against our kids, as we had already won the league by then.

One of the best midfield players that I've ever seen, in my time of watching football, which is 36 years.
monty beaton
monty beaton:
as a rangers family, we were gutted at the time of his leaving. we all felt betrayed. As the pain has passed we now wish Steven all the best for the future, and are thankful for all he done for us. all the best Stevie
paul hanson
paul hanson:
As a Villa fan I was sad to see Smith leave despite having growing concerns about how things were going. I also had concerns about appointing a relative rookie like Gerrard, those concerns diminish every time I hear the man speak.
XIV ♤:
Legends and old mates. Stevie G was my hero growing up..his loyalty, passion and hard work is an example for all young footballers. He is the definition of a role model. A leader. I really don't want villa to beat Liverpool.but since stevie joined Villa, I want villa to do well against everyone except Liverpool. He will get them into Europe for sure
Seeing them both in such different paths yet speaking to eachother like brothers warms my heart 😍😍😍 Never change boys.
Numbing Tears
Numbing Tears:
He is still learning on a everyday basis. The same as we all are no matter which aspects of our lives. Most importantly he’s humble. He has hunger. It’s obvious he wants to manage Liverpool some day in the future. After seeing him changing Rangers style of play and etc, I’m convinced. Now at Villa, he’s already had an immediate impact. He’s definitely my first choice after Klopp departs. We will be in safe hands. YNWA
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson:
Steven I can't thank you enough. You took us to another level. Apart from stopping celtic, we had some amazing results in Europe. We now have gvb back. The English premier league is where you belong, you are probably the best up an coming manager in the last 30 years. You and Liverpool will always be in my heart ❤. Best of luck mate 👍 🇬🇧💙
This is the first interview where I feel Gerrard has properly addressed leaving Rangers thankful for what he did for the club and wish him all the best!
Jeffer Thomason
Jeffer Thomason:
Really think he's going straight to the top in the next 5-6 years. Outstanding manager who is going to constantly improve year on year. Villa fans should be very excited for the 3 or 4 years they get him.
He was such a fantastic player. I hope he does well as a manager. He has all the qualities to succeed. From a Man Utd fan.
Saroj Dahal Official
Saroj Dahal Official:
seriously Aston Villa club and fans are lucky to have this man on their team management....Gerrard is such a role model. His passion for the game is unmatched. YNWA Gerrard. Stay there and give them joy to watch your side. And comeback one day to us and never leave us 😂
alimos76 harrington
alimos76 harrington:
Still remember feeling gutted when Stevie left to go to MLS. Reading his autobiography, his thoughtful,obsessive nature is clear. Will be great for Villa. Wish he had the chance to play with Klopp, would have been immense.
David Ravenscroft
David Ravenscroft:
Great interview!!.
Stevie has the perfect attitude to be a manager,I hope he continues to do well,the man is a legend!!!.
Nice to see the two of them together again!.
Don aldo
Don aldo:
There was always going go be grpes from some rangers supporters or any supporters for that matter when a successful manager leaves & moves on, but as a Rangers supporter I can't thank Steven Gerrard enough, he's brought back the pride to our club & I wish him nothing but the best on his new journey .....You'll always be a legend at Liverpool & Rangers 👏👏👏
Vision 2030
Vision 2030:
The way he played, the way he speaks, his whole demanour. Future England manager
What a brilliant interview. Stevie can definitely use this and just send it to any owner of any club for future managerial position. The bloke is confident and knows exactly what he wants. Super clever and adaptive, loved how he spoke about Brendan and the impact he had. Even if he'll somehow fail miserably with Villa - he will become one of the best. He will be able to coach any team he'd want. He has it all, and it's just the beginning for him therefore, he'll get even better and better.
shikhar govil
shikhar govil:
He is doing a great job at villa. Stringing together wins against teams below them and giving really tough fight to man city. It needed a brilliant save by ederson otherwise vila almost upseted man city. Really impressed by the intensity gerrard has brought. Hope he gets some funds to strengthen the squad in transfer window.
Thomas Canning
Thomas Canning:
As a united fan stevy terrifies me because he will most likely take over Liverpool after klopp and unlike ole it seems he is a very good manager especially when it comes to man management so I'm truely scared of him because I believe he'll be the first legendary player manager to really be successful in the prem
Flipper Dripper
Flipper Dripper:
As a life long Villa fan, i’ve never been so excited as now to watch him (Gerrard) and our players grow together.

It’s also awesome reading such positive comments from a wide spectrum of varied supporters 💜
Tom Marino
Tom Marino:
I've never felt this confident about Villa, Stevie G has transformed us. Will be interesting in January to see who's out and who's in, but I have full confidence in him to deliver the results and make his vision for our club a reality. UTV!
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall:
Stevia took a massive risk joining rangers in the state they were in. He did us a turn and put us back where we belong competing for the league and winning in Europe. He will go far and I wish him every success
From early at Rangers, you could tell he’s got that aura of a top manager. Can’t forget the tough job that faced him when he took over. What he did up there was great and he surpassed Celtic. Really like him as a manager.
Aayush Rai
Aayush Rai:
As someone who started supporting Liverpool in 2000, seeing my two biggest heroes in a non-playing environment is bittersweet. Everyone knew and acknowledged Stevie's brilliance, but Carra was a top quality defender. Needs more respect.
Renewed RS
Renewed RS:
Brought a tear to my eye hearing how everyone loves Dean Smith at the club. Very kind words from SG.
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football:
grew up despising these two as a manc but now that all is said and done I look back on their careers with respect, two honest men who gave their all to their club
Arminiusz Mazowszanin
Arminiusz Mazowszanin:
Gerrard is a winner. His work ethic, mentality and strong will to win makes him perfect manager. I knew that he was gonna win title with Rangers at the beginning. Rangers were progressing with every month.
Jason Allan
Jason Allan:
Stevie G will always be remembered for both putting Rangers back to top club in Scotland and good runs in Europe. He’s served the club well and the club backed him. Best wishes at Villa, another top club and clearly he’s making a good impact.
Steve E
Steve E:
He speaks a lot of sense , what I like is the way he speaks , no BS , he says it how it is , I know as a villa fan his loyalty is to Liverpool and when he gets the chance he is gone , but at least he is honest in his ambition.
For once I see a manager not just saying things he wants the press to hear , he is actually speaking with some thought
I actually believe he will lift villa higher and I think he will leave us in a good place , he has a way about him that he won't take nonsense from players , I actually think he could be a modern day Fergie , have the power at a club rather than the players , I think it will be a different approach to Fergie but he does have a sense of discipline about him.
I'm looking forward to having him as villa manager in the near future , and its good to see a manager who isn't cynical
Love stevie from day 1 at rangers still do, with his family not staying with him always new it was going 2 be short and sweet. Wish him all the best will be still supporting him like he said once a ranger always a ranger. Except when he manage's England I draw the line at that
Shinoj M
Shinoj M:
Always happy listening to steve G... His honesty... Passion.... Wishing him and his team all the best for the future 👍🏻✌🏻
Effah Daniel
Effah Daniel:
He stated his objectives for Villa clearly....and he is achieving it.
Awesome guy
j k
j k:
All the best Stevie G, thanks for all you done for the bears 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Dan Gaskin
Dan Gaskin:
As a Leicester City fan, I probably shouldn’t say this but it’s good to see Villa getting back to where they should be. All the best to them.
Hong Kong Phooey
Hong Kong Phooey:
Good luck Stevie. You done a great job at Rangers, on your managerial debut.👏👏👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
One of the best interviews I have ever seen. I would walk into fire for that dude.
A true legend of the game. Man made everyone around him much better, motivated players and managers around him. Aston Villa are lucky. Can't wait to have him after Jurgen leaves, that's inevitable, but for now Villa are my 2nd team and most LFC fans because we simply love the man. Inspirational figure for so many years.
"You had a great record here, I remember that standing behind you" Carra bringin all the nostalgic feelings back 🥺
Supa Copper
Supa Copper:
Gerrard has done a great job in Rangers, and so far things look good with him in Aston Villa but it is still a long way to go. Hope he can continue to do well in his managerial career.
As a Utd Gerrad is the one of the best midfielders I've seen
Gazza Blue
Gazza Blue:
Thank you Stevie G for job you my eyes forever a Rangers legend..never forget 55 u gave us..amazing of luck to you in your future career 💜💜⚽️🇬🇧
im a west brom fan but i think gerrard is a huge signing for villa. hes doing a good job so far
Anton Cooper
Anton Cooper:
Thank you for everything stevie 👌 I will remember everything you done for my club 🔴⚪🔵
seeyan thomas
seeyan thomas:
What a legend and gentleman!!! Even his haters admire his thorough professionalism and love for the game...
Abhinav Saurabh
Abhinav Saurabh:
Most important thing for a manager is to have that winning mentality and discipline. Gerrard always had that mentality and discipline, one can find out by his performances in Liverpool as player. He is both a mentality giant and disciplined with immense knowledge and intelligence of the game. All the best Gerrard. Hope to you see managing Liverpool someday and winning that Premier League.
Gutted he left my beloved Glasgow Rangers, but he stopped them getting ten which I thank him for. hope he does well with villa and I'm glad Rangers had him as manager for a while
Gerrard commands the respect and admiration of those around him. He is a natural born leader and fighter. I think he will keep Villa in the top flight so long as he is there before returning to lift the Premier League trophy he rightfully deserves !
Creative Dave
Creative Dave:
Great questions by Carra! Covered everything, and as a Villa fan of 45 years, I'm very happy Gerrard is Manager, his character, determination, grit, and sheer will to win with that steel will improve Villa regardless of anything else! Teams reflect personality of Managers......Deano was too nice! Villa just taken 9 points out 12 thanks to Gerrard full stop! 😲🙏👏👌
Will never forget the night these two give us in 2005 they earned a lifetimes worth of respect that night
Ralph Rex
Ralph Rex:
Very impressive human, understanding trust and motivation on an individual and collective basis is high level psychology, really looking forward to seeing how the rest of his journey goes, Villa fans must be ecstatic.
A lot of Rangers fans forgetting the condition their club was in when he took over. They could only dream of Winning a title and having great European runs. Gerrard has set them up very nicely for the future, and left them in a pole position for a Champions League spot (which the SPFL winners have due his success).
He has a lot to learn yet looking from a rangers fan perspective,he tends to have favourites that never get dropped despite slumps in consistency and that was the issue at ibrox his last four five games were dreadful with nothing changing before he slinked away to villa
But last season was fantastic so thanks for that Stevie
Arif Akmal
Arif Akmal:
Carra need his own version of the overlap. The offside trap
Even as a United fan I have to say it’s very impressive hearing Gerrard speak, very humble and very realistic of what he can achieve 👏🏻
As a Rangers fan, i will always love you, Stevie.
it feels like steie hasnt even aged still looks like he can play 90 mins it just shows how much dedication he had as a footballer
Haydn Turner
Haydn Turner:
I love what Gerrard is doing and wish he manages my club one day he would do a much better job than our current manager.
Joshua Procter
Joshua Procter:
All the best to him. Was a top top player! Hope he has a successful career in management
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson:
The love I have for this man is insane
ACS Sneakers
ACS Sneakers:
Honestly wish Stevie the best of luck where ever he goes, he’s always been my idol and the reason I love football as much as I do, it always comes back to Stevie! I hope 1 day I can see you take the rains off the Boss at home🤞🏻
Billy Guitarguy
Billy Guitarguy:
Still love Stevie G, did a great job at Rangers, will always be a Legend at the club, was a fantastic ambassador for our club globally , i hope he is a success at The Villa, a cracking club, biggest in the midlands , both Rangers and Villa share the same architect that designed their grounds.
Robbie Hutchinson
Robbie Hutchinson:
As a manchester united fan thank you two for such good memories in our classic grudge matches football growing up wouldn't of been the same
Gerrard just had that aura of someone you’d listen to follow into battle.
3 Spires Energy
3 Spires Energy:
Stevie G is a legend in my eyes. I have no doubt he will be a success at Villa
Martin Flood
Martin Flood:
Gerrard comes across very well here. Looking forward to seeing how he gets on with Villa.
TinJ تنجي
TinJ تنجي:
Listen sky, this is a fantastic interview, we need more of these!
santy alzate
santy alzate:
What a legend, wish him the best at villa hope he stays in the prem for awhile 🤝
Josh Aston
Josh Aston:
Hero! Always welcome back at Ibrox 💙 delighted we have GVB back home 🇳🇱
Gary Rae
Gary Rae:
Interesting point at 16.19 when he says he finally started to be interested in the tactical side of the game.I always thought his big weakness was lack of awareness and selfishness,playing to his strengths rather than the teams.
Phil Blagden
Phil Blagden:
Gerrard has always been intensely competitive, hard working and has that winning mentality. I think he is eager to be constantly improving tactically and he has a good team around him with Gary McAllister and Michael Beale. I expect him to do very well at Villa and he could make them into a top six side with an outside chance of breaking into the top four in three or four years.
One of my favourite players ever, so passionate it was an honor to watch him whilst I grew up.

This man is so intelligent, and really knows what's what....if he keeps his head screwed on he could be England's greatest ever manager and one of the best all round managers.
Red Lady
Red Lady:
Wow... Imagine being a kid at the academy and having had him as your coach!
Johnny D
Johnny D:
Aw the best Stevie G. Forever a Rangers Legend. Thanks for making us good again ❤️☃️💙
R Steven
R Steven:
Once a ger always a ger ❤️ best of luck to him. Hes started off well that's for sure.
scottyman999 999
scottyman999 999:
was fuming when he left Rangers , but now the dust has settled , i honestly think its best all round , he stopped 10 in a row , done very well in europe , better than expected , but still only won 1 trophy in 9 or 10 i think , so i’ll gladly take the £3m compensation , and Gio as our manager . I understand Gerrards loyalty dont lie with Rangers , and i’m ok with that , and Villa fans , don’t think for one SECOND he will have any loyalty to your club either , his loyalties lie at Anfield . Thats just fact … enjoy him while you have him , an absolute legend of the game .
Ashley Nai
Ashley Nai:
14:15, "It doesn't really matter what the personalities are, I think it's on me where I've got to know them." Love that mentality Stevie don't ever change. So easy to be in his position, done what he's done both as a player and a young manager and have a big head about it, instead he stays humble and puts the onus on himself to connect with the players instead of expecting them to connect with him.
Mia Mitten
Mia Mitten:
11:31 - 11:51 great outlook. Like a kid at family events you knew when he was little and you see them again after years and they’re all grown up. That’s what seeing Steven now feels like.
The Truth
The Truth:
So happy for him. He will always be a legend. Wish him well.
For such a legend of the game he is still very very humble.
I think he is going to be a TOP manager.
blue color
blue color:
I have never admired and loved any other player more than Stevie G! What an outstanding player he was! And also as a manager he's been very successful! I wish him only the best!👍👍
Stan Gosling
Stan Gosling:
As a Villa fan, to have Steven as a manager is a great result already for us.
V O:
As an Evertonian I’m happy with Rafa, but you’ve got to admire the mindset os S G. This guy is going to go all the way in footie!
Paulie 44
Paulie 44:
Favorite PL player outside my club, what a machine.
Meditational State • Healing Music
Meditational State • Healing Music:
I LOVE how humble he is and the way he admits he's still a student of the game on a journey. An ancient Greek philosopher 'Socrates' was like this. I believe Gerrard could be one of the best!
Krystian Szmytkowski
Krystian Szmytkowski:
So much respect for the two🔥💯
Billy Mcwhirter
Billy Mcwhirter:
Good luck to Steven and his team. Thanks for everything he done at Rangers. WATP.
Scott Obrien
Scott Obrien:
Ahh stevie, we're still slowly coming to terms with seeing you in another teams colours. I would just like to say to the villa fans, can you see now what we've been trying to tell yous about him. The passion, the way he talks about the game and how humble he is. Thanks for the memories stevie and we'll never forget you sliding along the floor in the changing rooms.
Phil Newcombe
Phil Newcombe:
Stevie is an impressive guy, obviously he will go far in management, i would have him as England manager right now over Southgate!
As a Liverpool supporter he's joined a huge club in Aston Villa. I think he'll do well there (just a hunch). Good luck Stevie G, just not against Liverpool!!
Michael Sum
Michael Sum:
Love this guy. Since he's stopped playing everytime I hear him speak I just feel he's building to return home for unfinished business to win that league title he never won for us. Go on stevie lad! 👏💪❤❤❤
David Clarke
David Clarke:
He's like Roy Keane (his expectations of the players giving there all ), he's got a great football brain I hope he brings Vila forward in the game ,, Love from an old Liverpool fan in Dublin ..
Bloody legend glad to see he's back in around English football especially at a good club like Villa
Cam Mc
Cam Mc:
As a Rangers fan SG. Thanks for what you did for us. Good luck in your onward journey...
Ralf Hootin
Ralf Hootin:
I want gerrard to do well, because I would love to see him one day take the England Team, Gerrard and Vieira are showing great managerial promise I hope the both do well
Lewis Blackstock
Lewis Blackstock:
Good luck Stevie and the team. Thanks for bringing 55 home once a Ger always a Ger 🔴⚪️🔵