Steven Seagal's Best Fight Scenes!-"Must Watch"

"I hope you like Steven Seagal. I do. Anyways, I took clips from his older movies and compiled them into this video. I hope you enjoy.

Take Care and God Bless!

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Adam Ford
Adam Ford:
Steven Seagal in films is how I imagine myself fighting. In reality, he probably fights like I do.
Moral Compass
Moral Compass:
I love how the bad guys have a gun but feel the need to get within arms reach when dealing with Seagal
Lamb Dee
Lamb Dee:
Steven really had us all fooled back then
It’s always helpful when the bad guys attack you one by one instead of all at the same time. How nice of them.
Imagine if Steven never got Delusional and just be Humble in his career.
Ethan Porto
Ethan Porto:
Now we all know this is stuff from movies. Steven just thinks of his movies as memories 😂😂😂 not movies
Mind Body Whole
Mind Body Whole:
This was truly hilarious watching.
4:54 Put it in .25 speed and just watch how many times the SAME SHOTS ARE USED! Lol!
Headbangerr 1983
Headbangerr 1983:
When you see montage cut between every single hit, you know, that he's a true master.
Pedro Silveira Fontana
Pedro Silveira Fontana:
3:33 "A GRANDE ARTE GAVETA". Azaghal.
Yeller212 wmj
Yeller212 wmj:
Seagal is legit aikido but my biggest issue with these scenes is that he clearly a head taller than anyone he fights. Not only is he taller, but bigger as well (not a fat joke). I don't see him in any type of disadvantage in his fights other than numbers.
Who's This
Who's This:
The secret to fight scenes: poor camera work.
pingu penguin
pingu penguin:
He’s just a complete bell end had so much respect for him when I was younger
Vyacheslav Titov
Vyacheslav Titov:
When I grew up I realized that now all the fights look like this - "Guys, we are all jumping to the knife together."
Eric Kort
Eric Kort:
steven had such smooth fighting skills that kicked ass
I forgot how funny some of his fight scenes were! This dude was the TRUTH!
Harry Murray
Harry Murray:
The guy on the pool table had the ''high'' ground and was defeated by Seagal easily. Perhaps this is a power Anakin could learn, since Seagal is not a jedi.
joey stories
joey stories:
My new nickname for Mr. Seagal, OFFICIAL#, Steven"The Knuckle Knocker" Seagal. Memories in the making. Thanks Steven.
I would love to hear the commentary for these movies with separate editions involving the director, actors and Steven Seagal himself.
Lance Smith
Lance Smith:
He made some great scenes and lines.
It is amazing how Steven Seagal wins every single time against Hollywood stunt men who voluntarily throw themselves down to the floor.
Blue Blue
Blue Blue:
Funny how they fight with the same weapon, but at the end, Steven doesn't need his to win...
Joe Ran
Joe Ran:
more like Steven Seagal's Best Cut Scenes, the camera moves way more than he does.
Hunga Bastah de Luxe
Hunga Bastah de Luxe:
Never felt impressed by Segal.It always looks like show, and he is so self-confident. Van Damme easily kicks his ass, as does Rambo, Arnie, etc.
Carla Walker
Carla Walker:
One of my favorite fight scenes ever
Stephen Andrew
Stephen Andrew:
Good memories, his early stuff was awesome, best fight scenes ever.
Dala U Crew
Dala U Crew:
We all thought this Man was a Legend when we were Younger, Just to Find out his just like the Rest of us...
My love for mma started as a very young boy when I saw Sensei in TV respect
The best one is the unreleased when he beat John Leguizamo and stuntmans.
Thank you so much, you just made my Lockdown bearable.
Vincenzo Pagliarulo
Vincenzo Pagliarulo:
0:24 that hand movement has always been hilarious to me, maybe because I’m Italian
Stephen Perry
Stephen Perry:
Steven Seagal will always be the shit to me. I grew up watching his movies
Greg Rock
Greg Rock:
I still remember when "Above The Law" came out. Segal really brought something very new, and fresh, to the whole MA/action movie genre.

He'd have been wise to stop after his first three...maybe four movies. I think "Under Siege" was the last he did that was worth a shit, especially since it had a real budget, a real director, and some really good actors (i.e. Busey, Tommy Lee Jones).

The shit he's been cranking out the past 15 years from his own production company is some of the most sad and pathetic shit I've ever seen. Oh, far you have fallen...and how wide you've gotten.

No, really...most of his movies, he gets lead credit for despite barely being in them...and when he **is** in them, he's mostly sitting down.
A C:
Finally, Youtube has granted me the savior all mankind.
Александр Степанов
Александр Степанов:
Как будто все фильмы со Стивеном посмотрел классная подборка спасибо
kiabah joe
kiabah joe:
I used to think this was the coolest thing ever when I was 11
The great thing about Seagal is you can tell he really really enjoys inflicting the pain. Where he breaks that guys arm at the elbow, absolute classic.
Heikki Aho
Heikki Aho:
Not gonna lie, some of these are actually pretty awesome.
canuck fan17
canuck fan17:
lmao at 1:46 Robert Lasardo still cracks me up, the way he calls segal a punk and ordering his boys to kick segals ass, all while he does nothing and standing on the sidelines, behind his boys lol
Harry Chalcraft
Harry Chalcraft:
Marked for Death, Hard to Kill, Out for Justice, Above the Law - gotta' love the 90's
ray brodeur
ray brodeur:
I loved his older movies.I don’t know what happened to him.Thanks for the greatest ones.TY
Seagal was always fantastic!!!! he gets my vote
I love the part about how Seagal would beat Van Damn. He's a much bigger man and when he was younger and in shape I'm sure he could handle himself but don't sleep on Van Damn. I believe he was a real champion in Europe so I'm not counting him out. Van Damn is the one who called Seagal out for a fight but it was refused.
John D
John D:
"I'm just a Cook" 💪💯💥🤣
You can say whatever about him as a person and an actor, but I always loved his action/fight scenes.
David Bonta
David Bonta:
"Has anybody ever told you you're a pain in the ass?"
"All the time."
Pretty accurate depiction of fighting someone when you have a 90 pound weight advantage LMAO
Jay Bird’s Daddy
Jay Bird’s Daddy:
Holy shit the constant camera cuts. Can’t believe I used to love these movies as a kid.
Lucian Prescott
Lucian Prescott:
The thing that separates Seagal from other “bad asses” is he kills a lot of the bad guys or maims them for life. Other action heroes would knock them out and walk away, knowing full well this clown is going to recover and come back at you.
Metal Wah
Metal Wah:
I like his running scenes better😂😂😂
All of his fight scenes are just 80% camera movements and cuts.
Alex Ojeda
Alex Ojeda:
No regard for property damage, just like a Kaiju fight!
now i see that his almost not moving in any fight scene
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts:
You gotta love how they wait their turn
You basically make it worse for yourself when you come at him with a weapon.
That knife slice and stabs at 0:50 are pretty accurate spots. Under the arm pits (axillary artery) and groin (femoral artery) are the thinnest areas to cut. That guy bled out quick.
Vincenzo Pagliarulo
Vincenzo Pagliarulo:
4:44 it’s like he had the urge to fight the air on every hit
Roy Fileger
Roy Fileger:
In all of his movies no one has ever laid a blow on him, I prefer the way his fights are choreographed rather than some of the other martial artist's fights.
Mehmet Akif Pars
Mehmet Akif Pars:
Bruce Lee sonrası tartışmasız en iyi dövüşçü adam tam anlamıyla kemik kıran!😊
Travis Moore
Travis Moore:
Steven goes into deep meditation each day until his large pizza arrives.
My favorite park of the first one is the we are closed for remodel....about 3 months line on the maitred's phone!
You can always count on movie villains to completely dive their whole body into every attack, walk right up to you when they have a gun on you, wait their turn to fight you, and of course, stop to shit talk when they have an advantage instead of pressing it.
Frank Ramirez
Frank Ramirez:
Gotta admit, Segall makes some extremely violent movie scenes, lol
Андрей Никулин
Андрей Никулин:
Класс. Стивен Сигал. The very best 👍
Holden Deeznuts
Holden Deeznuts:
My friend watched this last week, and got all hyped upped thinking he could do the same as Seagal. He went, and started a fight with  a group, and ended up getting his Ass kicked.  I told him to not mess with  the Girl Scouts.
Mekrab J
Mekrab J:
2:50- "sticks" is Dan Inosanto. He taught Bruce Lee how to work the nunchaku "chucks" way before Bruce was a world known super star.
Mattis Yrtos
Mattis Yrtos:
I have always admired steven Seagal, he will remain unmatched ... Who will be the greats who will follow his journey ...?
Aikido is so cool to watch!
Roddy G
Roddy G:
I learned Korean Hapkido, Taek Won Do, Kendo and Tai Chi using nunchuks, tsai, sword, bo staff, and shinae from a 75 year old 10th dan great grandmaster. My body got destroyed due to the rigorous training. Every bruise, fracture and break I had to re-learn to use. By the time you have been injured enough, your body loses feeling and becomes callous and impervious to pain, but very strong.
Jonas Quirino
Jonas Quirino:
Esse e o filme showwww
Are these really the best fight scenes?
4:26 That’s some meta commentary right there.
5:39 really looks like Seagal nailed him with that elbow.
Sponge bob
Sponge bob:
Legend has it that the only thing Steven Seagal wont fight are carbohydrates.
Cory Ellis
Cory Ellis:
Ya Steve style needs u to charge when faced with a real fighter that has balance it would be a different story
Паша Кул
Паша Кул:
Стивен своим упорством и трудолюбием завоевал Голливуд 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Drunk mode rite now, segal was a top MMA kinda guy, saying that he probs still is 😜👍
no showers thanks
no showers thanks:
The only time steven used his real voice
Uncle E's Living Life
Uncle E's Living Life:
Whoever directed Taken saw Segal's jump cuts in his later movies and thought "I'll do that with Liam. It'll be sensational."
Pink Alien
Pink Alien:
The beauty of Aikido is the economy of movement.
Slavik Cherneshov
Slavik Cherneshov:
Стивен супер огонь👌😊💥
Reality Matters
Reality Matters:
From when he was still able to move faster then cold molasses !
the 80's and early 90's where everyone was a martial artist
Son Tran Kim
Son Tran Kim:
Best show of Steven Seagal, my idol. Thanks!
That knife disarm at 4:16 has got to go down in history as the safest method in the world!
Grab it with your teeth and your opponent will be so scared he won't be able to hold on to it any more and will probably faint as well! 🤣 🤣 🤣
If only real fights were like this, less people would get hurt.
I mean to get finished this fast is really a blessing
Chauncey Gilbert
Chauncey Gilbert:
Ah, the legendary Steven Seagal movies where it's illegal to shot someone out of arm's reach... lol
My favorites are the weapon fights where seagal and his opponent wave their weapons around real fast and some foley artist in a sound booth whacks two sticks/knives together
WellDone WheelDone
WellDone WheelDone:
Napkins, with the 🎱 ball... that was most iconic simple weapon... im gonna try it...
Kirby St. Romain
Kirby St. Romain:
I was a fan following the early movies...then I saw Steven do one who is supposedly dedicated to Eastern martial arts philosophy could have an egotistical explosion like he has. He is in love with his own image, yet is so overweight he has to wear big coats to hide it. We saw him in his early films and see how out of shape he is...again, inconsistent with the Martial Arts philosophy. He is in love with himself and has gone to living the good life success...always a Hollywood trap. Very sad.
I needed a good laugh, this did the trick
Claudio Rivera
Claudio Rivera:
Mi Heroe favorito y de mi madre también , no nos perdemos ni una de sus péliculas aún que esten repetidas . XD
Dumb LUCK07
Dumb LUCK07:
The camera cuts more than him ever thinking about exercise.
Wow.......that's impressive..I wanna be an aikido master too!
faber bosc
faber bosc:
Such a poet.....
Chris F
Chris F:
He's just a cook.
Lisa Snyder
Lisa Snyder:
Love it! Love it! Love it! Ive always liked the part in Under Seige 2 where he knocks the knife out of the guys hand with his 2 hands in one clap of his hands! So, so cool!
it's great that murdering psychopaths have good manners. Always wait your turn, make sure you make a speech and always make sure you never throw a knife.
kaxa mgebrishvili
kaxa mgebrishvili:
Now humanity is in the finals and we must fight for the existence of life.
Blanca Daza
Blanca Daza:
Mucho lo hermoso ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️