Stonewall Featurette - Marsha P. Johnson (2015) - Otoja Abit, Jonny Beauchamp Movie HD

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Stonewall Featurette - Marsha P. Johnson (2015) - Otoja Abit, Jonny Beauchamp Movie HD

A young man's political awakening and coming of age during the days and weeks leading up to the Stonewall Riots.

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9 comentarios:

Mx. Enigma
Mx. Enigma:
It's sad to see straight people play LGBT characters.
C. M.
C. M.:
I know she was a unique and compelling presence but that actor is NOTHING LIKE Marsha. Wrong voice; wrong mannerisms, wrong body language and total camp. Marsh was not pretentious. And WTF with those men on the stoop? The footage they got that from is on Youtube. You think they could've made an effort. Soulless & Cornball. The documentaries are far better.
emi kiss
emi kiss:
as transgender girl this movie hit me so strong .
I feel it's our life right now that's our fight what we need to do what the guys do 42 years ago
we need to start to speak how we suffering now.
it doesn't matter if I live in California or North Carolina we just live our life
let us live our life the way we want it, the way we feel
and stop to live different life four other people in the society
I'm normal person
I just want to open the mind for other people they think we are weird or something even worse
Liz G
Liz G:
A cis dude playing Marsha, ugh! This is so disrespectful!
Pedro Machado
Pedro Machado:
Jamie Alexander
Jamie Alexander:
What is this movie called???
Li '
Li ':
This movies completely erases the trans folks and people of color who were the heroes of stonwall. What a shame
Dawn Frakes
Dawn Frakes:
great movie. highly recommend. don't listen to the nay sayers. go with your gut