Stop Criticizing Timo Werner!!!

📣Stop Criticizing Timo Werner!!!

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Ray Mullababii
Ray Mullababii:
He doesn't score as often as be should but I think his work rate and pace makes him a nightmare for defenders
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
He has more goals than Firmino this season and Werner gets twice the criticism 😐
Just yo boy Liam
Just yo boy Liam:
He doesn't need practice with shooting just needs to be confident.
Everyone focusses on his biggest missers but if you watch the games you can see he is a well rounded player
“Stop criticizing Timo, he’s actually very talented.”
Literally everyone else: *no, I don’t think I will.*
RK's Lounge
RK's Lounge:
Apart from scoring, he does everything. Goes inside, outside, comes deep, runs the channel, makes space for others, makes runs etc. He needs his confidence back and he'll be a monster.
Deri Putra
Deri Putra:
🥺🥺🥺 True blues fans True blues fans who have been supporting Chelsea for years and years. Would never ever hates this man. 💙 Timo
We can not lose him trust me he is very important to our club and future last time we gave up on a elite talent we payed for big yes we lost the best midfielder in the world because we rushed him and that was kevin de bruyne
Ben Mbithi
Ben Mbithi:
Finally somebody has some good insight analysis on Timo!💙💪👍🤜👏
Itoufu Fufu
Itoufu Fufu:
His season is good, people just look at g/a.

He made much attacks for chelsea and much Space for teammates, he works hard until last minute while people keep hating On him.
Erick evangelist kenya
Erick evangelist kenya:
1:10 made me love the guy more
Martin Nyarko
Martin Nyarko:
I remember during the CL final when he was subbed off, the team didn't look dangerous enough when attacking. Looking back I think he's had a good first season.
nikhil Raju
nikhil Raju:
If chelsea release timo werner then it will be a big loss like M. Salah.. Salah has not shown the best in Chelsea.. But now he is the legend of Liverpool...
Yes, he's missed some good chances. But that's about the only thing people seem to talk about. No one talks about his work rate, his continuous harassing runs in behind the defenders, his key passes, the pens he wins for us and also the amount of assists he has got this season. We're so lucky to have him! 💙
He hasn’t adjusted to Chelsea in terms of goal scoring but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad player, he still does a lot for the overall team
Minati Bera
Minati Bera:
He plays very good . He gives his 110% for his team
jerota rosete
jerota rosete:
I love wener because he supports all chelsy goal
Yes yes No no
Yes yes No no:
He is a great player, he just needs to practice more on his accuracy and controlling the ball, same like every other players 😉
Aris fc
Aris fc:
Werner is a very good player.Don criticise him because of him we are in the final.He scored in the group stage game against rainnes and Krasnodar.He gave an assist to ziyech in semi final vs Man City an he scored vs madrid
Rip for every high line defendsive systems.....
junior bayano
junior bayano:
This guy has done alot for us since he joined
dlajauni williams
dlajauni williams:
Kenji Apollon
Kenji Apollon:
This Guy Will score the champions league final winning goal then haters Will shut their mouth for ever ...Come on blues Come on Werner london is blues and blue is the colour
Luvkush Tripathi
Luvkush Tripathi:
Timo just cracks opposition defence with his intelligent runs....
M Natsir Arie Hatta
M Natsir Arie Hatta:
Make the same video on Jorginho!! 🔥
Rayan Shahzad
Rayan Shahzad:
This guy right here shoudnt be critised bcz this season has been really unlucky for him he has 12 disallowed goals. Timo is actually a big star for Chelsea. He needs a little more support and confidence bcz sometimes a player loses confidence and he gets nervous while shooting he can't handle the nerves and hits it wide bcz for me i think in his mind it would be all that criticism going on which makes footballers insecure that if they are affecting the club or if they are a good enough for the club. This man will actually have a good second season like griezmann who was also critised in hia first season
Troy Ngwane
Troy Ngwane:
I'll always believe in him, he'll come right👍
Ranveer Singh Chopra
Ranveer Singh Chopra:
even though he has only 6 goals and 8 assists in 30+ matches in the pl
he is a young 20+ year old player
and don't expect him to score as often as in the Bundesliga,
it is not as competitive as Premier League
and he only tries to score when possible
dont criticize him,
give him atleast 2-3 years,
also dont throw him out of the team , as we know what happened to de bruyne and salah at chelsea and how good players they are now.
Uchechukwu Iheanacho
Uchechukwu Iheanacho:
One my favorite player in Chelsea.. without him in our attack is dull
Hussein Khan
Hussein Khan:
I really love Timo Werner, he is an amazing unstoppable player....he is fire
farrel gavrila Primantara
farrel gavrila Primantara:
Timo, like I was right in front of the goal, I was able to play it when it was empty, not passed, when it was guarded, and I was roasting but I just laughed even though in my heart I was sad
Fransisco Sirait
Fransisco Sirait:
Werner need to smile for he's every touch.
Shikar Sham
Shikar Sham:
this aged well 🤣🤣🤣
I think he should stop striking and be a winger.
David Gosman
David Gosman:
Что не говорите а Вернер полезный игрок для Челси.
С реализацией конечно надо проработать , а так красава
Harikrishnan U
Harikrishnan U:
He just needs to work on finishing. He was excellent in CL final
daum m Totong
daum m Totong:
Werner also good on winger with his speed ... he runs so fast.
Tornike Bushelashvili
Tornike Bushelashvili:
Thank you for this video. Guys he needs respect and support but you are critizing him instead
as a Chelsea fan, I feel like he's much better playing as a winger. until his finishing gets back to normal, he's been doing damage on the wing.
venus lobo
venus lobo:
And i just can't get enough, hey! duh duh duh duh dere duh duh duh duh dere TIMO WERNER !
Adam Hariz
Adam Hariz:
One of my favourite Chelsea players this season, even though he doesnt score that much. And that's saying something about Timo 💙
Mikel PEREZ:
Good luck in the final Timo
Nwodo Francis
Nwodo Francis:
I love you werner work on your confidence you lost it
Mr Yanse
Mr Yanse:
What a speed my Timo winner!
dunia maya
dunia maya:
Austin Smith
Austin Smith:
I like how the first one is the easiest tap in of his career but I'm not hating, as a Chelsea fan it does get annoying but he's still a huge asset. There's a reason he's always in the starting 11. (The misses aren't the most annoying part, it's the offside every game)
Kayne Barker
Kayne Barker:
first was ex goal tho
Thiago 1:48 QAQ
Prince Segbe
Prince Segbe:
He just needs his confidence back and also do a lot of shooting infront of goals.
Nick Frisby
Nick Frisby:
If he starts scoring then I will stop
Boney __
Boney __:
Imagine the scene if he scored the winning goal in UCL final
Excellent dribbling
Excellent pace
Just finishing is not that good
Young Chocolate
Young Chocolate:
Bro could have had a brace already in the final if he knew how to use his feet
Josh Sittrop
Josh Sittrop:
Ill stop criticising him when he stays on the left, he does not have the right attributes to play central. Keep him on the left and he kills it. Leave him there
He will be a beast next season
Shay Yoges
Shay Yoges:
He's a striker my friend says just cos he's quick play him as a winger so would man city play aguero as a winger
His work goes far beyond than simply score. Just look at his game and the Champions league final goal,. He's one of those players that really understand the game.
Admiral Darmawan
Admiral Darmawan:
How is this guy don't have 4 star skill moves?
William Ghimire
William Ghimire:
He unable to score but he had a great performance . Hoping for more goals next season. Great player support him.
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Stef Guac
Stef Guac:
Cyberpunk is the best game of the year. You just need to give the devs time to change everything about it. See what I did there?
Much like the false 9 by guardiola
Graham Oliver
Graham Oliver:
Who cares what the knockers say. I love Timo Werner 💙. His speed, skills and selfless attitude makes him a priceless member of our team. EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS ✡✡
He is still trying to adjust the league its his first year
Zafirul Rahi
Zafirul Rahi:
I think T.Warner is More tallented then Halland.
Arhan Rahman
Arhan Rahman:
Kepa was in the same situation too. He dropped his form, could've made an easy come back. But he lost all his confidence due to everybodys' criticism. In my point of view, prime Kepa was amazing.
nik gian
nik gian:
timo werner is very good player but he needs a little time to find his good old self
Mikey J.
Mikey J.:
Whether scoring goals or not Timo Werner is an effective player.
Let’s admit if we were Timo right now we would be 2 times worse
Sujit Majmdar
Sujit Majmdar:
Timo werner will score this season
Sujit Majmdar
Sujit Majmdar:
Timo score more goal than Billy Gilmour
He is priceless Jewell
Strikers can create space too
Kyle Kennedy
Kyle Kennedy:
He will be unstoppable next season! It’s big difference the bundesliga to the PL , He’s just adapting
Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl:
these people think they know more than Thomas Tuchel ... and he defeated with Werner Man City 3x in a row ... not many players can play the game with Tuchel, that he needs
Hopefully he proves his haters WRONG😃
Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin
Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin:
If he starts scoring, easily Mo Salah-ish to me. Who else agrees
Josip Topalusic
Josip Topalusic:
Cuz he has insane dribbling and offensive awareness
Razord FS
Razord FS:
His dribble looks like hazard honestly, but without the finishing.
Just like how a great thing done by werner shouldn't be erased by his weakness.. People should never erase his weakness just because of his great thing he do too.. I still waiting for Werner to start scoring again like he used to..
Mario Mario
Mario Mario:
I miss the Timo Werner Old
Death Surgeon
Death Surgeon:
He is more of a false forward , as he makes more chances
Lil Eddyyy
Lil Eddyyy:
its a love hate type of relationship
If this man scored most of the 100% goal chances Chelsea would’ve been crowned PL champions, just sayin’.
Top Global Sabun Indonesia
Top Global Sabun Indonesia:
I like werner play style,, werner need partner like harry kane or Lewandowski
Eiichiro Oda
Eiichiro Oda:
not gonna lie i think werner should play CAM he got the qualities of the position
Lord Nevermore
Lord Nevermore:
He's like mini firmono..creates space for others with his runs but just not creative as much as him..he lacks imagination ig along with finishing
Damn he went from Mister Werner to Miss Werner
Kevin Elsner
Kevin Elsner:
The First Goal is hard to made....rly Good man haha not...
I'll stop criticizing him when he starts scoring regularly. You can make a longer video with all his missing chances.
Ü Guessed Wrong
Ü Guessed Wrong:
He looks more like a winger playing as a striker. Looks better in that position too. Good player tho
I think it would be better if he plays at the amf position
Nicholas Lopez
Nicholas Lopez:
Exactly, it wasnt that bad, some bad seasons are 2 o 5 goals and 1 assist, he did 12 goals and 15 assists guess he was having bad luck, everybody needs to stop focusing in his misses, he scored a decisive goals against real madrid though, my team... but earned it he played better so yeah, hes a pro, watch his bundesliga stats in transfermarkt its nice
Dude Nurman
Dude Nurman:
Don't just criticize people but see their struggles!!
Falhaind Rubin
Falhaind Rubin:
His pace his dribble reminds us abt Hazard..
This is you tube clibs in reality games uses to miss some golden chances
Eko Cahyanto
Eko Cahyanto:
Timo is second striker true, not striker for goals
Abdou rahman Bah
Abdou rahman Bah:
Timo is not a greedy player evin if he can score a goal he will pass the to his team mates
Nurul Huda 16_1905
Nurul Huda 16_1905:
Werner just unlucky when he's want to finish