Stranger Things 4 Trailer: Hopper's Return and Eleven's New Powers EXPLAINED

#StrangerThings4 just dropped its first teaser #trailer which revealed that (no surprise) #Hopper is alive somewhere in Russia. but how is this possible? What is the mysterious railroad he's being forced to build?

We break down what this means for Season 4, how Eleven can save Hopper, and the 80s movie that will influence this season the most.

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Written, Hosted, and Edited by Ryan Arey (

100+ comentarios:

losver person
losver person:
S1: where is will
S4: so his hair.. WHERE IS IT
Kawaii Cookie
Kawaii Cookie:
Lol that isn’t Hopper. That’s grown up Eleven.
ST Fan
ST Fan:
ST: were not in hawkins anymore
demogorgons: *LETS GO BOYS*

Panic! At the Tøp1363
Panic! At the Tøp1363:
“We’re not in Hawkins anymore”

Demogorgons: pack your nougat guys we’re moving!
The Smash Bro
The Smash Bro:
What if Eleven goes to the Nether so that it takes less chunks for her to get to Russia
Netflix: Hopper’s alive!!
All of us: n o w a y I had no idea a t a l l
Seth Winters
Seth Winters:
Listen to this theory.
Stranger things season 1: Winter (Christmas)
Season 2: Fall (Halloween)
Season 3: Summer (4th of July)
Season 4: Spring (Memorial Day)
Each season has occurred on big family holidays. Now that the kids are getting older, they're going to unite for one last holiday and bring Hopper back in time to celebrate with a family and friends BBQ party.
The Chernobyl incident occurred on April 26th 1986 a month before Memorial Day. My theory is that Eleven will start having visions of Hopper as her powers start to slowly develop back a month before Memorial Day. After having the visions of Hopper, they go back to Hawkins to find some clues. Remember that Eleven closed the gate in Season 2. After her powers are 100%, she uses her powers to open the gate at the Russian facility in Hawkins and they go through it to the upside down and end up in Russia to save Hopper. At least they'll try. As much as I'd hate to say this, but they might not be able to save Hopper as the Russians kill him moments before Eleven has a chance to save him, but I hope I'm wrong about that
Maka Paka
Maka Paka:
Me: Hopper's still alive
My brother: He's dead
Me: *showing trailer*
Him: This is Eleven
The Hellfire Club!
The Hellfire Club!:
Hopper is alive!! The worst kept secret lol.
Dani P
Dani P:
Isn’t the Russian guard that says “not the American” the same one that Hopper talks to in the last episode of season 3, when they’re heading for the control room? He was talking nicely to a Russian soldier for awhile, and said it was because he was nice? I just rewatched the season, and could swear it’s the same guy. If so, perhaps he has an ally in the prison. Just a thought.
Ack Art
Ack Art:
Netflix: hopper is alive.
Me: *not surprised face*

Edit: bruh thanks for the likes, and how they gonna play that shit making hopper die and NOT show us? When the key exploded, there was no hopper! Lmao. Everybody knew he was alive!

Edit 2: and bitch u know if they kill of hopper your shit show is going down the shitter
Chloey Van brakel
Chloey Van brakel:
Hawkins: **exists**
Demogorgans: *hippity hoppity this is how my property*
Farah Starr
Farah Starr:
J E:
I always find it hilarious when people over analyze trailers or scenes and make up these ridiculous claims, basically hyping themselves up to communist space zombies taking over the world
fandom: is hopper alive?

Duffer brothers: *yesn’t*
Galactus Fantasticus
Galactus Fantasticus:
How do the Russians not know about the monsters in the Upside Down when they have a pet Demogorgon they feed prisoners to?
Jah Wright
Jah Wright:
Season 4 is coming so fast
Isabelle Booth
Isabelle Booth:
I can’t even explain how excited I was when I saw the clip on Instagram😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
It would of been more of a Suprise if they didn't do "no not the American" scene
Manuel Rubio
Manuel Rubio:
Me after season 3: Hopper is alive.
Hopper: YEs
qtxmochi xx
qtxmochi xx:
Season one: where is will

Season two: what is wrong with will

Season three: what is wrong with Joyce’s magnets

Noor Sidhu
Noor Sidhu:
*Season 3 ends
Everybody: Hopper is alive still.
*Netflix releases season 4
Everybody: OMG Hopper is still alive!
Me: Ok?
Here is my theory:
If Hopper is in Russia means that he got caught by the soldiers or went inside the gate and exited from the gate in Russia. If this is so this means that the gang can also teleport in sense to there. To do that they would have to reopen the gate in Hawkins.
Can this happen?
Jake Yeet
Jake Yeet:
but how can hopper say to keep the gate open if he didnt know he would die when he wrote the letter
Earthworm Sally
Earthworm Sally:
season 3 *hopper dies* us: yea he’s alive
Netflix: hey guys hey guys hey hey guess what *uploads trailer* sEe sEe I tricked yOu hE iS aLive
Us: woooow that so cool I could have never thought he lived
PotterHeadXxX X
PotterHeadXxX X:
I really hope st season 4 doesn’t turn out as riverdale season 4....
I deliberately avoided the new tease to avoid potential spoilers.
I sure do love being subscribed to this channel...
Not Your Mother
Not Your Mother:
I hope Billy is still alive. He’s a badass character. I know we see him die but there was a clone of him.
Manuel Rubio
Manuel Rubio:
Hopper: is in Russia
James Garrett
James Garrett:
Yes that’s makes perfect sense that the kids along with some of the adult characters would go to Russia to rescue Sheriff Hooper and also to defeat the Russians because since their also the villain and our characters fought them on there own home soil so the only way to defeat the Russians once and for all is to take the fight to there home and crush them
Yuliana Mendez
Yuliana Mendez:
Stranger Things: We aren’t in Hawkins anymore...

Demogorgan: guys back ur rats we’re moving
You know eleven lost her powers right
Sanaa Smith
Sanaa Smith:
my theory: hopper escaped by using either a ladder or some sort of door just before the machine blew up. most people might not have noticed but as the machine was getting ready to explode, hop started frantically looking for something (most likely a way out). and if you pause the show at the right time, youll see the camera stop in the corner of the room for a split second then move back to hopper and the machine. as the machine blew up, hopper probably sprinted to the door/ladder he had seen and was caught by the russians when he got to the other side. and in the beginning of the show when the gate was opening, we caught a glimpse of what was behind the machine there was a ladder.
Rigid Studios
Rigid Studios:
"Keep the door open three inches" was actually refering to her making out with Mike and has no connection to the portal, he writes it before he really knows what'll happen.
Panda Plays
Panda Plays:
I think is that they are doing experiments on him because they don’t know how he survived the upsided down, that’s why he’s bald
Bloxburg Girl
Bloxburg Girl:
I've noticed a pattern here regarding seasons. I don't know what the pattern is exactly, but I'm assuming that since the 3 seasons so far have taken place in fall, autumn, and winter, we can most likely expect S4 to take place in the spring of '86, and in Russia. You know what happened in the spring of '86 in Russia? Chernobyl. So, my theory is that we could possibly see chernobyl happen
Dance Moms Divas
Dance Moms Divas:
I think “we’re not in Hawkins anymore” just refers to the Byers moving out..... but with theories ig it’s go big or go home 😂
Shaney Shane
Shaney Shane:
I really wonder why they chose to spoil it so fast like that (first teaser) ? I really thought they would wait & torture their audience till the actual release of the season.. makes you wonder what they are planning.
Jasmin Baskerville
Jasmin Baskerville:
stranger things: “we’re not in hawkins anymore”
demogorons: *”WERE MOVING BOIS C’MON”*
Jaykant Rao
Jaykant Rao:
Everyone : Please don't kill Hopper...
Duffer Brothers:

Wolf Clan Nation
Wolf Clan Nation:
You got this much from one minute of video?
Listen, all I know is that they didn’t bring Elevens “sister” into season 2 for no reason. I feel like more of the kids that were used as experiments are gonna have a huge roll (hopefully) and possibly even unite in a way
Cale Nichols
Cale Nichols:
Netflix: omg hoppers alive

Us: we totally didn't see that coming
2019-2020: the Russians have a huge Star Wars looking lab

3019-3020: the Russians are now stormtroopers and eleven is leia. New theory lol
Season 1: The vanishing of Will

Season 4: the vanishing of hoppers hair
Marla’s Animations
Marla’s Animations:
But the whole eleven loses her powers right as hopper “dies” is such a smart way of avoiding this issue: can’t eleven just see where hopper is with a picture of him? And if she can find him, confirm he is not dead. But since she has lost her powers that’s not an option
Just a few points:

—The Russians are clearly aware that whatever is in the Upsidedown is malevolent, hence their entrapment of a fully grown demogorgan.
—It’s heavily implied that the Starcourt Operation was built up over the six months between seasons 2 and 3, the Russians were paying off Kline to keep everything a secret and to build the mall atop their base. I’m sure Kline would arrange something where the supplies and infrastructure used to build the base came with the infrastructure for the mall, perhaps Lynx Corp (the company that built the mall and was under Russian management) did this—it’s also heavily implied throughout the entire series that the Russians are not only very present in Hawkins but America as a whole, vice versa. Which means they’d probably have interconnected cells everywhere helping them transport things into Hawkins for this operation.

What I’m basically trying to say is that I genuinely do not believe there’s been a shortened distance through the gates or anything like that. I think the Russians have another key built and they were successful in opening another gate and exploiting the Upsidedown.
*when u see a child’s play/Chucky*

Ima leave now.. ;-;

*ill have a heart attack if I see it much clearer.*
Madison Flowers
Madison Flowers:
Watch, he prolly predicted the whole plot.
Olivia Ferraro
Olivia Ferraro:
I kinda feel like the American is Eleven’s sister 8
Mary Ham
Mary Ham:
I just know that one of the Russians is my mom.
Clowny _Freaks
Clowny _Freaks:
So get this the Russia’s are still trying to work with the demogrogans so that they can keep them hostage and take over Eleven and other people. As like their guard. So what some conspiracy theories are that Eleven is going to be the villain with the demogrogan(sorry if spelling wrong) and that Eleven is going try to get back hopper thru the portal before the next holiday comes
Pink malk
Pink malk:
Me watching season 3: IS HOPPER IS ALIVE???

Hopper: *ʸᵉˢ*
Stranger things Stranger things
Stranger things Stranger things:
Netflix : Ha Ha bet you didn't think Hopper was still alive

Stranger things fans : WOW WE KNEW THE ENTIRE TIME !!!!!!😡😡😡😠😠
Why would Stranger Things post this? It’s a big spoiler.
Juelz and Jolanie
Juelz and Jolanie:
Me: sees hopper alive
Me: Don’t do that don’t give me hope
Delax GD
Delax GD:
Season 4: *is in Russia*
Demogorgons: *Hippity hoppity, This is now my property!*
Roger That!
Roger That!:
The "not the American" guy is the same Russian that Murray was talking to when they were driving that cart in the base. I think Hopper got out but got caught from the same base while the remaining Russians escaped.
novic hader
novic hader:
It's become a lot more *"Things"* and less *"Stranger"* as we've moved away from Season 1.
Hopper dosnt die the rusians take him befor evreything exsplods the took the body and he became a rushian
Limeade L
Limeade L:
Y’all are forgetting Eleven has NEVER subconsciously used their powers. We need to take real Russian history into account when figuring out what the train tracks are for, the whole show itself it based off of a real life attempt to create powers like telekinesis. Hopper is important but the Russians could not be aware HOW much he’s worth
E C:
What if it open a portal to the Spider-Verse! That would totally save this show I haven’t watched😂🤪👍
Charlotte Granger
Charlotte Granger:
I reckon Murray’s “the American” and Hopper was found in the upside down and the Russians decided to put him to good use.
Random Super saiyan
Random Super saiyan:
Or actually eleven could feel that dead people are actually alive when she gets her powers back because she might also get new powers and she could find them and feel their presence in the earth alive but that’s just a theory!!!!!!
Demogorgons after seeing this: *aight let's head out bois*
Billy Bob
Billy Bob:
Bruh, the "trailer" is a teaser 😂😂😂😂
carlos muñoz ordenes
carlos muñoz ordenes:
Your theory reminds me a video of Metallica, where the soviets invade USA with zombies
"Where not in Hawkins anymore"

Demogorgan: Aw man I was just about to go on my new recliner chair
Duffer brothers: "there can only be so may strange things in one town."
Netflix: Hold my epic limited edition white demogorgon pop head
Faith Victoria
Faith Victoria:
So...theoretically, if El's powers are still around in her subconsciousness and she manages to harness them again through fear/anger, then she could combine Portal Manipulation with Teleportation and create portals that use the Upside Down as a sort of pathway to anywhere around the globe. And since, theoretically, the Russians can already do this, if they've managed to transport all their materials to Hawkins via those train tracks and two portals, then it could be possible (again theoretically) to create holes in time as well as reality and between dimensions. So what if someone El or someone else, trying to travel to Russia in 1986 to rescue Hopper (assuming they know where he is) gets lost in time and comes out of the portal in Hawkins Lab, 1983-1984? Or the Russian's gate in 1984?
Liam B
Liam B:
Maybe instead of them putting him into work, he just wanted to get a job to survive?
Patrick Skywalker
Patrick Skywalker:
Netflix: hopers alive

Us: heh heh yeah we already kinda new but cool
Evelina Eriksson
Evelina Eriksson:
S1: Demogorgan
S2: Demo dogs
S3: Mindflayer
S4: Bald hopper
Đįxįę Pěâčh
Đįxįę Pěâčh:
Guys since eleven left what if mike found another girl?😞and then she’s involve in all of this too
Flipsie ST
Flipsie ST:
It’s just that ummm el lost her powers didn’t she (I thought she did).
Eleven and his batteries died
like in the hawkins lab they trained eleven first to literally mature and make his powers more powerful
but then in two season his batteries are aggresively used... and his batteries just died
they need to do it again to completely recharge his batteries to the fullest
like a charger we need electricity to charge a cellphone right?
Mia Balances
Mia Balances:
*the kids leaving Hawkins *

The demogorgon: it's time to pack
Lincoln Pangfilio
Lincoln Pangfilio:
I hope Dr. Brenner gets involved again in this season
“Why?” Is this circle in the thumbnail?! Clickbait!
*knowing Hopper, he most likely will attempt a sabotage/escape*
Nicole Puckett
Nicole Puckett:
Theory:The Russians brain wash hopper and turn him into one of their spy’s in America which would cause emotional problems with our hero’s then eventually hopper can take eleven Sense she is in a emotional state of wanting a friend back then the Russians have her and can open portals anywhere anytime and can take over the world
i knew he didnt die in season 3, mostly because it never showed him die
Shyana Ghani
Shyana Ghani:
what if the demogorgon is the portal itself? in the first season when eleven killed the demogorgon, and then she got stuck in the upside down? well with the demogorgon at the end of season 3, hopper can go back into the upside down, but eleven would have to keep the door open 3 inches as stated in hoppers letter to eleven, but eleven would have to get her powers back. so maybe elevens powers are linked to the upside down directly. but in season 2 when they closed the gate, elevens powers were still intact, well maybe the part of the upside down that was in will, never made it to the upside down. maybe that was the reason she still had her powers. so in theory the gate should be active for eleven to harness her powers. because maybe they are dormant
Pepto Bismol
Pepto Bismol:
Theoretically I would just wait for season 4 on Christmas
Macey Russell
Macey Russell:
Season 1: WHERE IS MY BOY!?
Maleni Garcia
Maleni Garcia:
Person: (standing in background)
ScreenCrush: *H O W*
Banana Boy
Banana Boy:
Theory: Eleven is going to attack the Russian place and rescue hopper.
Ashlyn Hawkins
Ashlyn Hawkins:
*me: Yeh no crap sherley*
i ate all ur pizza rolls
i ate all ur pizza rolls:
so... you're telling me that i sobbed and had an emotional breakdown for *nothing*
the wobbly walrus
the wobbly walrus:
first also like if stranger things is awsome
Netflix: Hopper is alive?!

Me: *does the I told you so face to my friends*
Living Life as Laura
Living Life as Laura:
"the russians are now able to use the upside down for teleportation than it means the united states is now at risk''

wOrLd WaR 3 iS cOmInG!!!

Or should I say World War (season) 4..
Kenneth Black
Kenneth Black:
"The Russians don't know about the Mind Flayer?" That's a stretch. They are already using the demigorgon, and given that, it's reasonable to believe that they are aware of a larger, "in-charge" type entity. My guess is that, like we have done with nuclear technology, they are trying to control the dimensional rift AND the creatures inside the upside down.
girly boy
girly boy:
I’m gonna do this one day

Me: wanna see a magic trick?
Friends: yeah sure
Me: 1:54
Midnight Spade
Midnight Spade:
Me: *pretends to be shocked* wow oh my gosh I never knew
Yuri Hernandez
Yuri Hernandez:
*Stranger Things: Hopper is alive!*
*All of us:* **pretends to be shocked**
Scripty Man
Scripty Man:
S1: Wills trapped in upside d
S2: Mind flayer not in upside d
S3:Mind flayer Trapped in Hawkins
S4:Hopper hair trapped in barbershop
Luamint The Maker
Luamint The Maker:
0:36 "This is not some Amtrak line they're building"
As if this isn't Soviet Russia
Jason Lopez
Jason Lopez:
Me:See’s people with guns and snipers etc