Student Doctor's Answer to Elisa Lam's Unexplained Death

Hey guys this is Shaman and today we’re going to talk about the elisa lam disappearance and death and with a more medical approach. Drug half life, metabolism, autopsy report, toxicology results, psychiatric medication, bipolar disorder and its medications, we’re diving into all of it! Buckle in cause this is gonna get pretty scientific. If you want more mysteries uncovered by medicine, let me know in the comments below!

I'm a Yale medical student that covers all sorts of things. From preschool to med school, I got your back.
and of course first aid, firecracker, and webmd

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Hey everyone thanks for watching! Let me know if you prefer all of the medical details for future videos; I'm always trying to find the right balance between simplicity and too much detail! Also if you want more mysteries, etc explained by medicine let me know!
Clown Baby
Clown Baby:
How is this the only clip of her. There has to be more cameras in the hotel.
Joe Sacco
Joe Sacco:
Who else is here because of the Netflix Documentary?
Fae Winter
Fae Winter:
Murder or not, it’s still equally as freaky because the mystery behind the works of the mind can be scary. It’s also intriguing as all heck.
Gotstuff Stoppa
Gotstuff Stoppa:
That's not the only camera in the hotel, there is something the hotel owners don't want the people to see.
Illumi Fn
Illumi Fn:
It’s creepy knowing that somebody knows exactly what happened
Shayna Kasdan
Shayna Kasdan:
1) the elevator door never closes even after minutes of her not being in front of the door
2) how could she close herself in the water tower?
Dr Luiz Pirès - Harmonização Facial Avançada
Dr Luiz Pirès - Harmonização Facial Avançada:
"Bipolar people take their clothes off and put back on"

Everyone does that, you just don't jump into water tanks and shut it after that!
I'm disappointed with the police, they check every cupboards in the hotel, go all the way up the roof but not checking the water tank.
Many murdered bodies were put in water tank everywhere in the world. Police shld hv known this.
stinky spider
stinky spider:
this case makes no sense
The people who drank the ‘dirty water’ and found out a dead human body got mixed with it: 🤢
Stephen Key
Stephen Key:
Six yrs later and that silent video is disturbing as hell
Jennifer Tindle
Jennifer Tindle:
The manager knows more than what she is saying
Red Panda
Red Panda:
Yeah, no way was it an accident, you can't accidently fall in a locked, super tall water tank with a heavy lid. It's a murder and the hotel (that has a history of murders) are covering it up. Proof of that is the fact that the elevator video has been tampered with- it cuts near the end of the video
Homer Tan
Homer Tan:
1:04 Isn't it odd that the door actually closing but something prevented it. That's why Elisa got panicked.
Every few months I remember this story and I spend hours trying to find an answer. It freaks me tf out
Alicia Peeples
Alicia Peeples:
Another theory: The part where shes hiding in the corner, she definitely saw something or someone. Plus the elevator wasnt working. So she went to go ask for help from someone that works there, and the person she asked probably knew that Elisa discovered something and didnt want Elisa to expose the hotel. So the worker told her that she can take the stairs, (as in "oh..the elevator isnt working? You can take the stairs)and led her to the rooftop. (Because theres no cameras there). Then knocked Elisa out and put her into the tank.
Just a theory.
Lea Karr
Lea Karr:
Her phone has never been conclusion: m u r d e r
Kozume Kenma
Kozume Kenma:
mari benzo
mari benzo:
I honestly deep down inside of me feel like somebody murdered her . Somebody who worked at the hotel knows and I bet it was an employee that did it
Aidyn Byrne
Aidyn Byrne:
she seems very distressed in the elevator she definitely felt like someone was coming to get her or something. Her hand movements and her body language shows it
Gotta love that slight jump-cut of the footage after she exits left.
Razel Valdez
Razel Valdez:
Why did i clicked and watched this at night?! Ugh now i can't sleep..
Kenma Kozume
Kenma Kozume:
but why didn’t the elevator door close? it stayed open for a good couple minutes
It's like there something there when she feeling aroung😕
Whenever a person has a mental disorder, it's always an accident. If she was "normal", then it would be murder, right?
She got onto the roof , removed a heavy lid, and ended up in the water?
I have a couple of bridges to sell you.
Pxtato._ ꪜ
Pxtato._ ꪜ:
there were cameras. everywhere. and, there was so much security to get to the water tanks. theyre hiding something.
Meredith Beasley
Meredith Beasley:
she was running from someone
Ke La
Ke La:
dude this story used to freak me out so hard when it first came out
even with scientific reasoning to explain it, theres something so eerie about it all.
Wait when she was standing outside the elevator who was she talking to? It looks like she's talking to someone.
Muntaha Humayun
Muntaha Humayun:
Ok so is no one going to talk about how she didn’t have clothes on when she was found in the tank?! Like you don’t just go in a tank and take off your clothes. It was definitely a murder
Honda Mom
Honda Mom:
My cc was showing “you” “you” “you” “you” during the surveillance 👀
Give me Liberty Or Give me Death!
Give me Liberty Or Give me Death!:
There has to be more cameras than just this one.
G0ddess Kelly
G0ddess Kelly:
I'm bipolar. She looks like she might be reacting to the malfunctioning elevator like I would've. The going into the corner, I might've done that, thinking the sensor was screwy & over-sensing me. Trying to get waaay outta the way of it. The looking out of the elevator like shes looking for someone... probably trying to see if there was anyone out there that might be also triggering the sensor. Or, we cant hear anything so maybe she just heard an odd noise & was checking it out. Then the way she looks like she's talking to herself/someone, if this was going on with me I'd be like, "ooooook, why wont this thing close, come on..."
Idk, just my thoughts. I definitely think the water tank thing is messed up & I really hope there's a definitive answer soon. I feel bad for the poor girl.
Kim Centofanti
Kim Centofanti:
Everyone knows that hotel is haunted. Check out the dark shadow on the elevator door
What I don’t understand is that after the detectives saw this video they knew she never left the hotel...They supposedly conducted a search of the entire hotel.. The police dog followed the scent to the fire escape.. They suspected she might have went to the roof ..So they never checked the water tower ??..That’s some pretty sloppy police work
Miss Kennedi
Miss Kennedi:
This with forever haunt me
Jesse James
Jesse James:
The lid was open, but the police didn't find her body when they originally looked on the roof... Yeah, right.
Miranda Nicole
Miranda Nicole:
It’s possible she was having an episode and her murderer took advantage of her being in a suggestible state of mind and used it to their advantage. People just use the bipolar disorder to overlook all the odd circumstances of this case
DaNNy DeJeSuS:
This is sad,she was beautiful n only 21 yrs old n she looks scared,confused n paranoid about something or someone there that we cant see
Hahzand Azhin
Hahzand Azhin:
But this also makes my danger sensors tingle i don’t know why
Dennis Espiritu
Dennis Espiritu:
By the time you read this comment, you've probably watched the Netflix documentary already 😅
KrissyRose Animallover2021
KrissyRose Animallover2021:
Today 7 years ago she went missing may she Rest In Peace
AJ Parker
AJ Parker:
I was at the hotel during this time and I remember the cameras were not functioning properly that day because I had to have them review tape because I had lost my luggage
During cases like these I really wish I could ask them what happened to get the truth
U can not take away paranormal activity cause he doesn't even notice this whole time the elevator door DID NOT CLOSE
Mercado John Arnie D.
Mercado John Arnie D.:
That silent clip will always be creepy. It's like it came out straight from the dark web.
It looked like she was talking to someone when she walked out the elevator
I’ve always found it surprising that her family allowed her to travel alone unless they secretly hoped she’d have an accident as she was found to be a burden or an embarrassment. Traditional Chinese families tend to be heavily overprotective and mental health issues are also not really understood and thus carry a stigma to them.
Other questions I have are if she’s having a manic episode then why is she not exhibiting the manic behaviour on her daily visits to the book shop, the clerk who served her regularly described her as friendly and behaving as normal? What was on the missing 54 seconds of security footage deleted by hotel staff? Why did the K9 not pick up her scent on the roof leading to the water towers and thus backtrack how she got there? Apparently they only picked up her scent on the window ledge on one of the floors. Why was she sharing a room with strangers if she’s unwell? Could the obviously prejudiced roommates have tampered with her medication in a malicious prank? Was one of them a racist predator? Apparently nothing was asked of these roommates as they were foreign tourists and were allowed to leave the country without any interrogation.
Blatantly the police did a shoddy job, they saw her medications and medical history and just wiped it off as an accident without bothering to investigate fully. Perhaps there was a guest with powerful connections in the hotel and they were paid off not to investigate further in order to protect their privacy. After all she’s just a little Chinese kid with mental problems, who cares what happened to her?
Nikki Lee
Nikki Lee:
1:10 when the elevator door started to close (as it should) u then can see a black shadow enter the elevator and stand right next to her!! OMG! 😱💀🤷‍♀️
Amy Harnick
Amy Harnick:
You can tell the footage was edited by the way it’s covered
Evan Ray
Evan Ray:
I do not believe that Elisa’s death has a normal explanation...
Carrie O
Carrie O:
I bet it's the security guard at the front desk. They always are watching you. Watch in the dark "Down" on hulu. Pretty gnarly. Sadly we will never truly know what exactly happened to her. And that's just sad. No one should stayed at the hotel. Your making money for the company to stay open.
Claire Harrison
Claire Harrison:
You can clearly see when she jumps out of the elevator she is expecting something or someone to be there, the way she suddenly stops and looks slightly disappointed...
Ciarra Avis
Ciarra Avis:
When she starts flailing her hands that's when I started feeling uncomfortable.
royal nass
royal nass:
screw doctor's they think can rationally explain everything
Popeye Sailorman
Popeye Sailorman:
Hey MedBros, you're talking about Medication(s)/Drug(s) in a system over 12-30 hours. She was Missing for 20 days. The accuracy & toxicology reports are inconclusive since it's been over 20 days.
Diego Miguel
Diego Miguel:
Whose foot is that? Someone really fucked up....
no way this was an accident..1:24 looks like she was trying to hide from someone, a girl her size couldn’t possibly shut herself into a water tank by herself..
This dude didn’t even talk about facts we knew he took facts and altered it
Danni K
Danni K:
I heard she didn’t drown bc she had no water in her lungs so she must have died another way before that
Yunalesca Dalusung
Yunalesca Dalusung:
during the surveilance footage, i felt this heavy, dark, energy. It was weird, like there was pressure on my chest and evreything. This case creeps me out a lot more than other cases.
i think she panicked when the elevator doors didn't close
Milo camesi
Milo camesi:
When she looks out the door u can see like a breeze in her hair it's scary 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Considering the history of this Hotel, I am not surprised as to what happened to this student 🤔
Nathalie Elesia
Nathalie Elesia:
That's clearly not the only camera in all of the hotel, there's going to be other cameras in the hotel.
Louis E.
Louis E.:
There is footage missing, the ending was cut off. The elevator door eventually closes and goes to a different floor. Original full video here
Joshua Jacobs
Joshua Jacobs:
Shes playing the elevator game thats her own fault
It’s the venafalixine it made me lose my mind and ended up in the hospital
Bernie Gores
Bernie Gores:
*The fact that guests theo hotel
Is drank water from the faucet came from the water tanks on top of the hotel where her body was eventually discovered is way more horrifying then the actual case itself*
Roger Wakemup
Roger Wakemup:
I used to have panic attacks like this. I would do really strange things, flick light switches, wander, stop and stare blankly, i really wouldnt know what i was doing. Its a horrible experience and it feels like it wont end. I could see how suicide would come into play
Andera Una
Andera Una:
"00:24" 😂 Well I used ** 📌 and frankly it's real
What I wonder with these cases, if anyone contemplates whether someone could be both mentally ill and murdered. Someone could have took advantage of her in that state. It's a possibility which I hope was thoroughly explored.
stephani motta
stephani motta:
3:00..what hand moves and bends like that??? Is the video being edited there and that's a glitch? Whatever the reason THAT is NOT natural movement🤔🤔🤔
Touch Entertainment 716
Touch Entertainment 716:
The elevator door never closed it should after a moment thats all I'm saying
It’s creepy how she is making swimming motions outside the elevator......then ends up in a large tank full of water...
I like your analysis but there's something inconsistent with your statement. At around 7:38 you state that if it was a murderer they'd have to know how to get on the roof without triggering an alarm. Then towards the end of your analysis you brush this off with the statement that she just got on the roof by herself somehow, without any concern about alarms etc. The alarm was an important part of you debunking the murder theory but all of a sudden it's not an important component when talking about how she herself got on the roof. Other than this inconsistency, you're vid is good.
Maria A
Maria A:
I would love to see another video like this one! The JonBenet Ramsey and Caylee Anthony cases are very interesting as well.
marrion moon
marrion moon:
I love that he said "he fell in"
Cory Chapman
Cory Chapman:
I feel like she's probably hearing/seeing shit judging by that arm movement
Randy Baumery
Randy Baumery:
I can assure you from direct experiences in my own life and the lives of people that I have known , that demons never got the memo that they do not exist. :) In my own opinion about Elisa Lam, she was drugged, followed and murdered while helpless in the same manner a Komodo Dragon will kill a victim.
At this point this case literally just makes my fucking head hurt. Seriously, and that’s on some word to Kenneka Jenkins shit. WHAT EVEN ARE WE LOOKING AT? Everything about all of this is just STRANGE. LORD! Also Netflix said what up y’all.
Kazuha hattori
Kazuha hattori:
It always freaked me out that the elevator door didn’t close like normal. I think she was on Scooby snacks.
Joshua Xiong
Joshua Xiong:
No one mentioned what time she got on the elevator. I want to know what time she got on the elevator and what time she got off of the elevator.
Juanita La
Juanita La:
Explain to me what appear in the upper right side of the elevator, image appears to look like tip of a shoe witch would make it look like coming from left
I think it’s pretty clear that no matter how much evidence is provided to the contrary, people will assume it was Murder/supernatural/foul play. And I think that’s a result of the media involvement. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Michael Grimes
Michael Grimes:
Drug addicts/former active addicts dont see much mystery here...
It's crazy how what people are naive towards they just cant understand.
Heaven J
Heaven J:
4:08 Thank God. For a second I thought you believed in that
Alexis Joaquin
Alexis Joaquin:
Somebody had to be after her and when the elevator door shut they probably got her
I always thought it was the elevator game, but this seems more reasonable
Anastasia Evan
Anastasia Evan:
bruh- imagine being missing, found 3 weeks later and nobody knows how you went missing.. what happend to you or what youve been through before that happend..
Bernhard Platzdasch
Bernhard Platzdasch:
Her movements like that little jump out of the elevator and then that side-step, and then esp. the gesticulating towards the hall are not at all natural. Even if she talked to someone.
Kanye West
Kanye West:
Looked at the video a couple of times and I can tell that someone is actually with her but they are edited out
angel ramirezz
angel ramirezz:
idk i think she seen something that she wasn’t supposed to and she ran into the elevator to hide it to go on another floor. this story just doesn’t sit right with me whatsoever
Charlotte Powell
Charlotte Powell:
You know I never could find anything on theautopsy report was very water in her lungs they say accidental drowning but they don't say if they're actually was water in her lungs that's what makes it so suspicious
So, if she’s bipolar and put herself in the water, how did she close the door...?
Rachel B
Rachel B:
"People with bipolar disorder take their clothes off and put them back on"
Oh no! I must have bipolar disorder 😶😆
Lule Lopez
Lule Lopez:
You showing up caught me off guard bc I wasn’t paying attention and thought this was one of the scary channels I’m subscribed to 😂
V i c K
V i c K:
The whole video is edited look al the frames and see how skips when she was inside
Not now
Not now:
We're her roommates interviewed ever??