Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - Official Announcement Trailer | DC FanDome

It's time to take down the Justice League. Brainiac has taken control of Earth's mightiest heroes, and its up to Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark to take down the most alpha of targets in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, coming in 2022 to PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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Superman is pissed because he never got his own game this generation
Ashutosh Lal
Ashutosh Lal:
Deadshot: I never ever miss my mark
Me playing him: I am about to end this Man's whole career.
"I never missed"
"Yeah yeah we bloody know you won't shut up about it"

*Finally, justice has been served*
The Sock
The Sock:
“Look it’s Superman! The mighty Superman has just rescued that pilot!” “Why do I hear boss music?”
Terminator Bob
Terminator Bob:
"The mighty Superman just rescued that pilot". Could king Shark sound anymore of a fan boy lol
That awkward moment where the characters have more chemistry in a single trailer than their entire movie
Joaquin Fracchia
Joaquin Fracchia:
“Creators of Batman: Arkham Series” - That sums all. Sold.
Xavion morlese
Xavion morlese:
They doing superman dirty he's always evil in games
Harley: Where is Superman?
Deadshot: What is Superman?
King Shark: How is Superman?
And then Captain Boomerang challenges Superman to a dance off and saves the world.
Phillip C
Phillip C:
King Shark looks like he could eat you at any time, but also looks like a guy you'd hangout with afterwork. I guess you really can't judge a person by how they look lol
Damian Chong
Damian Chong:
Deadshot: master hitman who never misses.

Also Deadshot when I'm controlling him: misses
Israel Medina
Israel Medina:
One things forsure, DC is stomping Marvel into the ground when it comes to video games. (Marvel not Sony)
Marcus Walters
Marcus Walters:
"You shouldn'ta done that, Shark!"

Superman is evil again and he's going to die again? Jesus, no one hates Superman more than WB it seems.
Sebastian Trejo
Sebastian Trejo:
Trailer: Plays "Outkast"
Me: Okay, You have my attention now
Peter Pham
Peter Pham:
Deadshot: “I never miss”
Player playing as Deadshot: sprays bullets all over the place and misses target......
Dodgy Malaka
Dodgy Malaka:
Bless the animation team for Harley’s reaction to Soups killing the pilot.
Samy Charradi
Samy Charradi:
Me: mods the game to make dead shot always miss.

Dead shot: claims he was aiming at the sky and floor.
3:20 King Shark, “Why do I hear boss music?”
Murilo S
Murilo S:
3:04 I've just noticed that you can see superman flying by in the background
John Is dead
John Is dead:
Well... they’re called the “SUICIDE” Squad for a reason lol.
KJ Jones
KJ Jones:
I love how they captured the transition of the whole mood in Harley’s face when Superman was about to kill that pilot.
I love this
random panda on the internet
random panda on the internet:
03:56 looks like Superman was modelled after John Cena.
Everyone asks: Where is Superman?

But nobody asks: How is Superman?
Could not recognize his voice until the end of the trailer, King Shark is voiced by Samoa Joe.
Quinque Zero
Quinque Zero:
"Know who we're supposed to be killing yet?"
*sees superman*
"aaah faaaa-"
lmaaaaao mans know they gonna get bodied
PC13 The Geek Boy
PC13 The Geek Boy:
When the video game trailer is better than the movie:
Maddy V
Maddy V:
Deadshot: I never miss
Player: You're gonna regret saying that
Leon Baron
Leon Baron:
In the span of 4 minutes this trailer has given more better action a chemistry than the bloody 2 hour movie
up sx
up sx:
Dude, Superman is so pissed.

You know why?

Obviously, cause he lost his red undies

Lets pray for his red undies,🙏🤣🤣
Terminator Bob
Terminator Bob:
Looking back at the trailer again Captain boomerang does look like the homeless guy from Polar Express
Hezky Cahyadi
Hezky Cahyadi:
This Superman guy looks like a particular wrestler I know...
Psycho J
Psycho J:
Sunset Overdrive meets DC Comics to make Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.
Hank Orbin
Hank Orbin:
The whole plot of the original Suicide Squad movie:
“What if Superman was evil?”
The game:
“Oh shoot he actually is.”
PetzzHd Kraszz
PetzzHd Kraszz:
Everything about this trailer for some odd reason is perfect, in that the tone and general theme of it seems spot on with the context. I am so looking forward to this
Thiago Dantas
Thiago Dantas:
The trailer looks really cool let's hope the gameplay and story matches it.
rafeeq hamza
rafeeq hamza:
Next: justice league. Kill the suicide squad
Mahatva Gurung
Mahatva Gurung:
What a trailer! NGL I love the comedic version of villains more than always gloomy super heroes.
Tyler Yarbrough
Tyler Yarbrough:
I can't help but feel like "Oh F***" is the only appropriate response to finding out you are ordered to kill Superman.
I was hoping for a Superman game by Rocksteady . I would have loved to see Rocksteady take on Superman for a change .

I guess this will be awesome anyway :)
Andrew Howden
Andrew Howden:
Finally, a John Cena heel turn
Is this in the same universe as the arkham series
Dilan Lotay
Dilan Lotay:
This games already better than the avengers game and it’s just a trailer
"From the Creators of the Batman: Arkham Series"

*S* *O* *L* *D*
The explorer
The explorer:
PS5:“So figure out who were killing yet”
Points to Xbox series X
Mahesh Prince
Mahesh Prince:
Lol..this is when Suicide Squad takes on DC's INJUSTICE
Raimunda Moreira
Raimunda Moreira:
This game looks so real i though was a movie 😮
Andreas Alomar
Andreas Alomar:
DC is coming out of 2020 swinging! they're that friend that took quarantine serious and got jacked
Šᴀᴍᴘʟᴇ ᴛᴇxᴛ † †
Šᴀᴍᴘʟᴇ ᴛᴇxᴛ † †:
Omg So Much New DC Stuff Dropping 🤑🤑
The Jimbobway
The Jimbobway:
Dc has been making a comeback recently with joker then this games announcement
Omega 1
Omega 1:

When another pandemic starts
Lucky Simamora
Lucky Simamora:
You know who the voice actor of king shark they said it was Samoa joe
Jeimar Neiza
Jeimar Neiza:
It's so pure how king shark looks in joy when he sees superman, and then immediately goes in agony after seeing superman kill someone. Now this is the King shark I love.
Can We stop makin Superman the bad guy? For realz now
Kinda hope to play as croc when I first heard about this game
But King Shark is also dope, so I'm in 😂
This looks really fun
As hilarious as that last part is why is DC so obsessed with making Superman evil these days? Is it just cool to make everyone's favorite boy scout and cold hearted killer?
SannicFann 333
SannicFann 333:
who else agrees the character designs are perfection
Snuffle bunns
Snuffle bunns:
The funniest thing I’ve ever seen was king shark saying: “The mighty Superman has just rescued that pilot”
Aegean Castaneda
Aegean Castaneda:
This song is perfect hahah DC is finally back!!!
Carlo Frias
Carlo Frias:
3:08 poor Capt Boomerang lol 😂
F Con
F Con:
3:03 Haha, I didn't notice the first time watching that Superman is in the background obliterating those helicopters. Also, with the Brainiac ship, Harley's character model, and the evil Superman, anyone feel like this is somehow a continuation of the Nether Realm's Injustice games???
Glenn Jose Christman
Glenn Jose Christman:
"Oh, look, it's Superman... The mighty Superman has just rescued that pilot."
Me, or maybe Superman, or maybe someone else (memeing John Cena): "Are you sure about that?"

"What a show-off
. Beat it, spandex! We're on a top secret assassination mission here!"
Me, or maybe Superman, or maybe someone else (memeing John Cena): "Are you sure about that?"

"You shouldn'ta done that, Shark!"
Me, or maybe Superman, or maybe someone else (memeing John Cena): "Are you sure about that?"
John Peddle
John Peddle:
Deadshot: I never miss
Player: We will see about that
Hit accuracy 32%
Steven Thawe
Steven Thawe:
Marvel Avengers game, please get some pointers from Rocksteady
That ending actually had me laughing out loud
Abdul Salam
Abdul Salam:
They had me at rocksteady studios.
green crewmate
green crewmate:
When you have console with games while pc have every game without buying and console but the game
When you're more excited for Suicide Squad game than Avengers game
Lochie Anderson
Lochie Anderson:
ok let me free roam as evil supes and you can take all of my money.
Fable Town
Fable Town:
I love their chemistry, i cant wait to play it.
JackY __47
JackY __47:
this sounds and looks actually amazing
Bill Tree
Bill Tree:
When your trailer for a video game is better than most of the movies you've put out in the last decade... haha
Kel Anderson
Kel Anderson:
They'll need plot armor just to survive the next 5 seconds.
Sumita Das
Sumita Das:
" FROM THE CREATORS OF THE BATMAN : ARKHAM SERIES " Enough for me to play this game 🔥
Joe Ruck
Joe Ruck:
yup the Rocksteady game I was looking for lol Yessss!!! cant wait!!
The ending has me DEAD LMAOO😂😂
Alex Sosa
Alex Sosa:
I’m getting Gotham City Imposter vibes and I love it!

can’t wait.
Tearee Utley
Tearee Utley:
When did Capt. Boomerang get superspeed
Drunk Toast
Drunk Toast:
IGN: 10/10 “it makes you FEEL like the suicide squad”
I think all of DC/WB has forgotten that Superman is a Hero not a villain.
nawari nidunima
nawari nidunima:
3:50 when your doing grinding and then meet the boss
Joseph Munoz
Joseph Munoz:
Clearly a boomerang hits Superman.
Captain Boomerang: "Oh, you shouldn't have done that Shark!"
Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards:
its not just him boomerang its the entire JLA
Sunit Duara
Sunit Duara:
Why does superman looks like john cena ?
Andak Sindan
Andak Sindan:
The superman looks like the villian from ready player one!!!!
Really digging the comical aspect
Eliud Medellín
Eliud Medellín:
Fans: why do you tease us with a trailer of a game that it’s gonna be released in two years?

CD Projekt fans: first time, huh?
David Atuma
David Atuma:
That Superman has to be John cena😂
This is a damn movie
BJarod 6945
BJarod 6945:
2:03 look how they masacrares my boy
Having an Aussie in any game is actually the best.
Shout out to all my Aussies! 🇦🇺
The most surprising part about this trailer was that it was during the day

After all the Arkham games taking place during one night I forgot daytime was even an option for Rocksteady
Rocksteady Studios. ENOUGH SAID!

Take My Goddamn Money!!!
Frogsnidget _73
Frogsnidget _73:
I love the art style for this game
its something we have never seen before,,,,, yeah, i never knew captain boomerang had the powers of savitar.....
Omega 1
Omega 1:

When it’s the end of the world
Steffan Mathias
Steffan Mathias:
Captain Boomerang looks like the homeless guy from The Polar Express😂
"Kill the Justice League"

Lol what!?
Boomer Rang's reaction at the end killed it