Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - Official Announcement Trailer | DC FanDome

It's time to take down the Justice League. Brainiac has taken control of Earth's mightiest heroes, and its up to Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark to take down the most alpha of targets in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, coming in 2022 to PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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That awkward moment where the characters have more chemistry in a single trailer than their entire movie
The Sock
The Sock:
“Look it’s Superman! The mighty Superman has just rescued that pilot!” “Why do I hear boss music?”
"I never missed"
"Yeah yeah we bloody know you won't shut up about it"

*Finally, justice has been served*
Ashutosh Lal
Ashutosh Lal:
Deadshot: I never ever miss my mark
Me playing him: I am about to end this Man's whole career.
Terminator Bob
Terminator Bob:
"The mighty Superman just rescued that pilot". Could king Shark sound anymore of a fan boy lol
Tyler L
Tyler L:
Not gonna lie this wasn’t what I expected, but I loved their Batman games so I’ll give it a shot.
I love this
Phillip C
Phillip C:
King Shark looks like he could eat you at any time, but also looks like a guy you'd hangout with afterwork. I guess you really can't judge a person by how they look lol
Joaquin Fracchia
Joaquin Fracchia:
“Creators of Batman: Arkham Series” - That sums all. Sold.
KJ Jones
KJ Jones:
I love how they captured the transition of the whole mood in Harley’s face when Superman was about to kill that pilot.
Everyone asks: Where is Superman?

But nobody asks: How is Superman?
SannicFann 333
SannicFann 333:
who else agrees the character designs are perfection
Superman is evil again and he's going to die again? Jesus, no one hates Superman more than WB it seems.
Israel Medina
Israel Medina:
One things forsure, DC is stomping Marvel into the ground when it comes to video games. (Marvel not Sony)
Murilo S
Murilo S:
3:04 I've just noticed that you can see superman flying by in the background
Petrit Krasniqi
Petrit Krasniqi:
Everything about this trailer for some odd reason is perfect, in that the tone and general theme of it seems spot on with the context. I am so looking forward to this
Thiago Dantas
Thiago Dantas:
The trailer looks really cool let's hope the gameplay and story matches it.
PC14 The Geek Boy
PC14 The Geek Boy:
When the video game trailer is better than the movie:
They doing superman dirty he's always evil in games
Jeimar Neiza
Jeimar Neiza:
It's so pure how king shark looks in joy when he sees superman, and then immediately goes in agony after seeing superman kill someone. Now this is the King shark I love.
Quinque Zero
Quinque Zero:
"Know who we're supposed to be killing yet?"
*sees superman*
"aaah faaaa-"
lmaaaaao mans know they gonna get bodied
Mahatva Gurung
Mahatva Gurung:
What a trailer! NGL I love the comedic version of villains more than always gloomy super heroes.
Fable Town
Fable Town:
I love their chemistry, i cant wait to play it.
That ending actually had me laughing out loud
When you're more excited for Suicide Squad game than Avengers game
Could not recognize his voice until the end of the trailer, King Shark is voiced by Samoa Joe.
Sumita Das
Sumita Das:
" FROM THE CREATORS OF THE BATMAN : ARKHAM SERIES " Enough for me to play this game 🔥
Maddy V
Maddy V:
Deadshot: I never miss
Player: You're gonna regret saying that
Darth Ludicrous
Darth Ludicrous:
Boomerangs voice actor is SPOT ON!!! I’ll buy the game simply to hear more of him!!!
3:20 King Shark, “Why do I hear boss music?”
scruff mcgruff
scruff mcgruff:
When I first heard about this game, I wasn’t sure what they could he doing that would make it worth playing, but this looks like a lot of fun honestly. I’m impressed with what we’ve seen so far.
Marcus Walters
Marcus Walters:
"You shouldn'ta done that, Shark!"

Abdulgafar Babalola
Abdulgafar Babalola:
3:35 you could see the genuine terror in Harley's eyes
In the span of 4 minutes this trailer has given more better action a chemistry than the bloody 2 hour movie
JackY __47
JackY __47:
this sounds and looks actually amazing
Hezky Cahyadi
Hezky Cahyadi:
This Superman guy looks like a particular wrestler I know...
Carlo Frias
Carlo Frias:
3:08 poor Capt Boomerang lol 😂
Gatiro Gaucho
Gatiro Gaucho:
This game looks so real i though was a movie 😮
JJ Peddle
JJ Peddle:
Deadshot: I never miss
Player: We will see about that
Hit accuracy 32%
random panda on the internet
random panda on the internet:
03:56 looks like Superman was modelled after John Cena.
Jo Joseph
Jo Joseph:
Im glad captain boomerang is getting some actual love as a character
John Is dead
John Is dead:
Well... they’re called the “SUICIDE” Squad for a reason lol.
Alex Sosa
Alex Sosa:
I’m getting Gotham City Imposter vibes and I love it!

can’t wait.
"From the Creators of the Batman: Arkham Series"

*S* *O* *L* *D*
HulkJon ,
HulkJon ,:
Love the horror in Harley and Shark's faces when Superman killed the pilot. Excited for this game and was right on bored when it said from the same creators of the Arkham series
Boomer Rang's reaction at the end killed it
Maybe people keep underestimating Superman because he keeps being put in these ridiculous scenarios.
Deadshot: I never miss
Me playing the game: Well get used to it buddy
"Look, its superman! The mighty superman has just rescued that pilot!" The fanboy in king sharks voice just sits so well with me, high hopes for this game.
I wonder what the gameplay will look like because for a second I thought this was a game based off of the bad ending for Injustice 2. If you look at Superman's suit, you'll notice that it's completely different then what he had on at the end of the game.

This looks pretty sick and I hope the cutscenes are just as entertaining as this trailer.
Revisiting this to see the superiority of King Shark, and to remind myself why I'm going to pre-order this game.
The opening to this is brilliant.
Kinda hope to play as croc when I first heard about this game
But King Shark is also dope, so I'm in 😂
This looks really fun
Damian Chong
Damian Chong:
Deadshot: master hitman who never misses.

Also Deadshot when I'm controlling him: misses
I really hope this goes well. Suicide squad could use a atleast somewhat decent piece of media outside of comics.
Akshay Menon
Akshay Menon:
This is everything I want to see in the new suicide squad movie
Mano a DC ta com tudo!
Really digging the comical aspect
Peter Pham
Peter Pham:
Deadshot: “I never miss”
Player playing as Deadshot: sprays bullets all over the place and misses target......
Andrew Howden
Andrew Howden:
Finally, a John Cena heel turn
This got me hyped up to play it this year only to crush my hopes with an absurd waiting period
Tamojit Basu
Tamojit Basu:
Another masterpiece coming from Rocksteady 🔥🔥. Arkham series are GOAT games 🔥
Espero que esse jogo, seja dublado para o PT-BR.
Hank Orbin
Hank Orbin:
The whole plot of the original Suicide Squad movie:
“What if Superman was evil?”
The game:
“Oh shoot he actually is.”
Antonio F
Antonio F:
Capt. Boomerang: *throws boomerang at Superman*

Also Capt. Boomerang: Should'nt have done that Shaaaaaaaak.
I was hoping for a Superman game by Rocksteady . I would have loved to see Rocksteady take on Superman for a change .

I guess this will be awesome anyway :)
Ariq Syafwan
Ariq Syafwan:
Cap America : i can do this all day
Cap Boomerang : Yeah yeah we know, you never bloody shut up about it
Sigo dudando
Sigo dudando:
I've forgotten how many time I've seen but I still love it
Tyler Yarbrough
Tyler Yarbrough:
I can't help but feel like "Oh F***" is the only appropriate response to finding out you are ordered to kill Superman.
Frogsnidget _73
Frogsnidget _73:
I love the art style for this game
Joe Ruck
Joe Ruck:
yup the Rocksteady game I was looking for lol Yessss!!! cant wait!!
As far as Justice League go I would love to see Hawkgirl, Martin Manhunter, Black Canary, Vixen in the game.
David Ari.
David Ari.:
This is giving me sunset overdrive vibes and I'm here for it
"Figured out who we're killing yet?"

1 second later... they're all dead. Superman is a bit OP.
that boomerang in the end 😂
Terminator Bob
Terminator Bob:
Looking back at the trailer again Captain boomerang does look like the homeless guy from Polar Express
Frank Barajas
Frank Barajas:
King Shark is definitely one of my favorite dc universe character
The way harley made it sound like they were fighting 😂
The most surprising part about this trailer was that it was during the day

After all the Arkham games taking place during one night I forgot daytime was even an option for Rocksteady
Drunk Toast
Drunk Toast:
IGN: 10/10 “it makes you FEEL like the suicide squad”
Steven Thawe | PowerAddict
Steven Thawe | PowerAddict :
Marvel Avengers game, please get some pointers from Rocksteady
Sulekha Sonkar
Sulekha Sonkar:
The Ending Still Chuckles Me LOL😂
Anand Gupta
Anand Gupta:
Does any one realise the fact that DC is going all out with trailers , gotham knight, batman movie, Wonder Woman 1984, black Adam and now this . DC is going to kill it.
Eliud Medellín
Eliud Medellín:
Fans: why do you tease us with a trailer of a game that it’s gonna be released in two years?

CD Projekt fans: first time, huh?
Zed Eye Oh En
Zed Eye Oh En:
After watching the Animated Harley Quinn, I hope they do King Shark well. From what we've seen, they seem to be on track
Star Eater
Star Eater:
King Shark just going, "LOOK. IT'S SUPERMAN. THE MIGHT SUPERMAN HAS JUST RESCUED THAT PILOT." completely had me rolling. It sounds like sarcasm, but he's being so genuine, almost sounds like an old broadcasting voice if you could commentate the events. I love it.
Ben jamin
Ben jamin:
Looks like a mix between Arkham an volition games. Not bad just different.
John Dunzelman
John Dunzelman:
As a marvel person hopefully dc can deliver now that the mcu is more or less "finished"
Kel Anderson
Kel Anderson:
They'll need plot armor just to survive the next 5 seconds.
Kevir Bulanov
Kevir Bulanov:
If the Suicide Squad movie was like this everybody would have loved it
Aegean Castaneda
Aegean Castaneda:
This song is perfect hahah DC is finally back!!!
I love everything about it
Its safe to say, I'm very excited
Snuffle bunns
Snuffle bunns:
The funniest thing I’ve ever seen was king shark saying: “The mighty Superman has just rescued that pilot”
Psycho J
Psycho J:
Sunset Overdrive meets DC Comics to make Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.
Pushkar Singh Chauhan
Pushkar Singh Chauhan:
DC is on fire this year 🔥
Shadowed Hand Parish
Shadowed Hand Parish:
if they can keep the grimy, "street-level" thematic vibe going throughout the game, I think we could be happy for quite a while with this one.
Gravy James
Gravy James:
We all thought they were working on a superman game but this is it instead? Can’t wait!
Honestly, it would be hard to pick four characters in DC less capable of harming Superman.
The ending has me DEAD LMAOO😂😂