Training from a sunny (and snowy) Etihad Campus.


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Here you will find all the latest videos from Manchester City, including, all Premier League goals, highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, training and much more.

Get closer to the likes of Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez, Benjamin Mendy and the rest of Pep Guardiola's team.

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100+ comentarios:

Kabelo More
Kabelo More:
Can we please have more of these , at least twice a week? 💙
Bhra Bherry
Bhra Bherry:
I love the vibe on the training ground especially the noise
Ida bagus Japamantra
Ida bagus Japamantra:
You guys are having a good time there.
Let’s bring home all the trophies for this season.
fifa 316
fifa 316:
This is coming from a man city fan I think the way pep has made foden one of the best players in the prem as a left winger is amazing
Mwesigwa Eria
Mwesigwa Eria:
We are the best so far... Keep going City
Sarthak Khare
Sarthak Khare:
Finally admin has uploaded a training video
Please upload before every match!
Birmingham banta fanzz
Birmingham banta fanzz:
Big up kyle walker. Back already.
Love seeing that man smiling 3:08
Jonathan Grant
Jonathan Grant:
In my opinion I think that we should upload more training videos.....but let's go cityyy!!!
Cityzen Doctor
Cityzen Doctor:
Why is Mendy training? It's a PL game, do we even need him?

Will we ever see a John Stones like revival for Mendy?
Takondwa Miti
Takondwa Miti:
Let's go city 💙
cabdinaasir 7900
cabdinaasir 7900:
I love my club city Keep Going forward Wining 😘😘😘💪💪💪
balldawg entertainment
balldawg entertainment:
Need Dat win tomorrow city
Mo PeSGaming
Mo PeSGaming:
I love my team man city 🌃 ❤️❤️
Ibrahim Jalloh
Ibrahim Jalloh:
Tough games coming up without kdb 😭
Kike Arriba
Kike Arriba:
So happy to see city in amazing form again. You have to realize that when you have an influx of new player, it takes time to for the team to build that elite chemistry aswell as understanding what the coach wants from them.
Yxxngkid Tr7
Yxxngkid Tr7:
Love to see it lads❗🙏 now let's go get this 3points today with another clean sheet‼️💙
i wish aguero play in mcfc. He is legend of city. no one can doing like him.
Mwesigwa Eria
Mwesigwa Eria:
We have money, we need Haaland ASAP
Eyob Tekle
Eyob Tekle:
Even though Debrune is not available we will win
Dani Da Fonseca
Dani Da Fonseca:
I love you City one day I will play for you guys.
Sandesh Mishra
Sandesh Mishra:
Ready for West Brom 💙💙
Good luck from a PSG Fan👊🏽
Martha Solomon
Martha Solomon:
look at ederson mini pony tail awwwwwwww... also loving this positive vibes...carry it onto the field and lets wipe out WBA comeon then city city city city...
Yxxngkid Tr7
Yxxngkid Tr7:
Can you guys start filming more Training sessions we'd like to see more of it📹❗💙🙏
Bungee Speaks
Bungee Speaks:
You know what buzz cut sterling means😎
I love this team💪💪🏾
Rafa Quesada
Rafa Quesada:
I Wanna Go To Manchester City😭
sepanjang channel
sepanjang channel:
i hope city always in the best performance
Tom Offenborn
Tom Offenborn:
More Trainings please
Damien Kim
Damien Kim:
We miss this kind of video 😭😭💙💙
Shajahan Ahmed
Shajahan Ahmed:
Come on City 😍💪
Amahle Gumede
Amahle Gumede:
I love these types of videos. I think you guys should make more as part of a series
scaacha flexx
scaacha flexx:
Com on city need this win ova big Sam com on city 🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Martin A
Martin A:
C'mon City!!!!!
Bhuvan Duwadi
Bhuvan Duwadi:
zinchenko looks like kdb :D by his hair and i have a feeling that bernardo will score tonight
Vhno Dmais
Vhno Dmais:
Aris Munandar
Aris Munandar:
More warm up vidd pleaseee😁😁
Nehemiah Shanti
Nehemiah Shanti:
Ederson is soo good with the ball
Ali Njie
Ali Njie:
Love that lads
Christian Andersen
Christian Andersen:
Vamos city💙💙💙
Aizawa DAL
Aizawa DAL:
Ibrahim Jalloh
Ibrahim Jalloh:
Cmon you blues 💙
Sandip Sharma
Sandip Sharma:
After a long time , a training video keep posting
Octavian Nechifor
Octavian Nechifor:
0:03 bbbbbbbbbiiiiirrrrrrrdddddd
mycube mucube
mycube mucube:
يحيا محرز ⁦❤️⁩
The Manhimself
The Manhimself:
It's time for mendy to start loosing those foot#Nice game in the fa cup💪🦈
Akhil C Anil
Akhil C Anil:
THSKO 933:
Malak Ayoub
Malak Ayoub:
💙 Mahrez 💙
Zakaria Essalhi
Zakaria Essalhi:
Man's around a ball what a meaningfull life!
mapuia Lz Rclalzahawma
mapuia Lz Rclalzahawma:
سلام عليكم 😁😂
Dwianto Heineman
Dwianto Heineman:
Foden will be most expensive player in the World
Hải Trần
Hải Trần:
صوت الشعب الجزائري
صوت الشعب الجزائري:
Ryad Mahrez 26 <3
Mimi Parris-Ford
Mimi Parris-Ford:
حمـو دي
حمـو دي:
اكو عرب باليوت 😅😂
Nazeem Noor
Nazeem Noor:
I love my team💙 #CTID
Dhiyaeddine Adnane
Dhiyaeddine Adnane:
Foden and Debroyn the bust player
Mamadou léo faye
Mamadou léo faye:
💙💙💙 foden
Jordan Wynne
Jordan Wynne:
King Me
King Me:
Ruben Dias has been a blessing 😄
00-1 Bisaljif
00-1 Bisaljif:
islam aouam
islam aouam:
now it's time for mahrez to change his style and help the team or try another club bc it's not normal for a best player in 2016 become worse game by game
Cityfan Indonesia
Cityfan Indonesia:
Laith Zaer
Laith Zaer:
Foden should take de bruyne role now that he is injured
Yasmine Yayaa
Yasmine Yayaa:
Best mahrez
Abdirahim Warsame
Abdirahim Warsame:
Protect Foden he is our KDB now.🙏
Erick Jonas
Erick Jonas:
No kdb no probrems let's change together with situation c'mon city
Don’t free space for semi ajay in free kick or corner
Ugo Boss
Ugo Boss:
Ederson, please go back to wearing Nike gloves and boots again!
Yusuf zens
Yusuf zens:
Like like likeeee💙💙
عبد الله عبد الرحمان
عبد الله عبد الرحمان:
محرز 💪💪💪💪
The best team ever i want to tell you man city fans wait for the end of the season and see the transfer market😉
Maxamed Dhure
Maxamed Dhure:
Yes Guul Man city
Power Palm Studio
Power Palm Studio:
We need those ‘’whose most likely to ‘’ videos
Kader -99
Kader -99:
#Mahrez_Leave_mancity 🇩🇿🙏🏼
Sell mendy and mahrez
Jagoan Neon
Jagoan Neon:
Post more training vids
Federal Gaming
Federal Gaming:
C'mon cityyyyyyuy
Hussen Mohammed
Hussen Mohammed:
I love you pep and Manchester city i wish all for pep
amine 16
amine 16:
Mahrez 🙏🔥
We will break them tonight!
Greetings to all the fans from StickerMan youtube channel!
ujjwal garg
ujjwal garg:
Sancho would have thrived as a striker in these depleted striker conditions
Cristcha Esarehg
Cristcha Esarehg:
I’m glad mendy can still have a smile on his face. At least he can do that
If we are safely winning i really think Tommy Doyle should come on
Takondwa Miti
Takondwa Miti:
Tommy Doyle is underated 😑
Rumahku Syurgaku
Rumahku Syurgaku:
no striker, no problem, no kdb, no problem, 10 players can score, go ct go
Tahir Awan
Tahir Awan:
Come on City. Top of the league is at stake.
Viki Viki
Viki Viki:
Recruit frank lampard as asistant guardiola
Drifty ,
Drifty ,:
Tell them to get aguero in
Tariq Omer
Tariq Omer:
Ederson wanted to kill steffen
Wahid Chikhaoui
Wahid Chikhaoui:
Mann City ❤💯 MAHREZ ist the best 🤛👊🤜💪😘
Lamar Wright
Lamar Wright:
My team my city 💙💙
sugeng cilik
sugeng cilik:
I'd sell mahrez ASAP
Sherlene Smith
Sherlene Smith:
Bad boy foden
MaNcHeStEr CiTy
MaNcHeStEr CiTy:
I'm waiting for pep to release Sergio Aguero as a beast