Superman Lopez Flattens Brutal Climb | Tour de France Stage 17 2020 | Lanterne Rouge | ITV Sport

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The queen stage of the Tour de France 2020 meant some GC action was in the works, given the brutal final last 5km of the mountain top finish. Miguel Angel Lopez won stage 17 of the Tour de France at the summit of the Col de la Loze above Meribel as Primoz Roglic distanced Tadej Pogacar in the brutal finale to strengthen his grip on yellow.

As the gradients at the top of the 21-kilometre climb hit 24 per cent, the Colombian Lopez was able to ride away from the other contenders for a stage win that moves him up to third overall. Roglic cemented his position as leader of the tour de france, gaining 17 seconds on Pogacar with only one mountain stage remaining before the stage 20 ITT.

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65 comentarios:

I figured out what I like about these videos: they don’t treat me like an idiot. The commentary isn’t dummed-down. There are strategic insights, subtle in-jokes and lots of technical facts too. It doesn’t treat me like I have an IQ of 80. Great stuff 👍
Pogačar's hair always sticking out of his helmet the same way has become iconic
Insane performance by Lopez, really deserves a podium spot this tour, also really nice consistency when you look at his grand tour placements, hope he can win one some day
Mark Radcliffe
Mark Radcliffe:
Dude, you're my favorite new commentator on Le Tour! And I've been watching since '84. Ditching The Move for your feed. LOVED your unapologetic take on Alaphilippe! Finally someone dismisses his alleged "Panache" as just mindless peacocking. #AboutTime Chapeau, mate. 👌
Jack Young
Jack Young:
Brilliant as always! Always look forward to these! Great work
When they cut back to Roglic, after they had shown Lopez taking the stage, Roglic had some how time travelled 10-15 seconds ahead of Pogacar
Dan Mc
Dan Mc:
So happy to see Carapaz at least try to salvage something for Ineos, and he is back at it, on the attack 3 days in a row.
Max Chambers
Max Chambers:
Hay Lantern, so glad I stumbled across this video, I do hope you will be doing theses for every stage 👍
2:02 "when your team sacrifices themselves hoping you will keep it up at the end"
Hamish F
Hamish F:
These breakdowns are 👌
Phantom _Nuke
Phantom _Nuke:
it seems Ineos are recovering their tour now with riders having more freedom to join attacks since GC isn't a concern anymore.
Dan Loubser
Dan Loubser:
9:30 Lanterne's predictions aged like milk! Lovely video as always
Bernard Ibrahim
Bernard Ibrahim:
My leg hurts watching the last kilometres
Thanks, accurate, concise, intelligent summary.
Grizzle Mcnizzle
Grizzle Mcnizzle:
Please allow more of these in the USA!
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson:
Fair play to Bahrain McLaren, love that they took the stage on
Max Bg
Max Bg:
The last Days Alaphilippe did more than one strange attack. I my opnionen attacking in strange situations shouldn't be rewarded with the red number ... Hope the overall most combative rider goes to Hirschi ... or maybe to the whole Bora team :DD
Carapaz had 3 amazing days now. Could also be a choice.
Any chance MAL could take second over the next 2 stages? Pogacar didn't look bad, but he didn't look unstoppable either.
Colton Miller
Colton Miller:
All I could think of as Lopez took off... ¡ATAQUE SUPERMAN LOPEZ, ATAQUE SUPERMAN LOPEZ!
Tarık Tanyeri
Tarık Tanyeri:
Nothing could've been done. Best Team/Best GC Man/Best ITT.
Red Meat 2nd Amendment
Red Meat 2nd Amendment:
Outstanding commentary young man!! Keep it up! New Colombian subscriber from Miami, FL.
Ben Revel
Ben Revel:
Glad your making these videos lantern, you da man
that slomo at 3:42 xD

guy looked as happy as i am when LR drops a vid
Adam Fitzmaurice
Adam Fitzmaurice:
LR surprised to see Primoz use a tactic he suggested... We all know Rog is straight in the team bus after each stage firing up the rouge report
Drew D
Drew D:
Nobody had tried this before at this tour... except for Ineos's also failed attempt the other day.
Tim Williams
Tim Williams:
LR far ahead of the pack - I hope the ITV tailors have a yellow version of the tracksuit ready for you on Sunday.
What was it Froome said ... oh yeah, Roglic always fades. Well I guess it's still possible, but who here thinks anyone other than he will win the Tour?
J B:
Carapaz should get the nod as a TdF co-leader at the very least next year. He obviously surprised everyone at the Giro with Movistar, but if he’s treated like a possible team leader in the offseason perhaps he’ll be equipped to ride like it the first two weeks? He was the one who was supposed to ride the Giro, I believe.
Pete Chambers
Pete Chambers:
Loved this stage but do have a question that has been bugging me. If a rider (such as Pogacar) has the white and mountain jersey then he wears what is considered the more valuable one. However, do both jersey wins go on his palmares as he has technically won both? It would seem unfair that the rider (who was only the best young rider because of another riders achievements) had this on their palmares.
Ed Coupé
Ed Coupé:
Landa was a complete shambles. Had his entire team on the front doing all they could and he doesn't even go for it once. He's like Uran, Pinot, Porte et al. People think they could do a Pantani at any time but no. Stop.
Setting Landa free was a mistake
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Rodriguez:
sagan always second or third in every race i've seen this year
Laszlo Zoltan
Laszlo Zoltan:
must be fantastic to have such a climb nearby....if only, sigh....
Ana Ta
Ana Ta:
No, if no any accident. It was clear from beginning that he is favorite
Der Kaiser
Der Kaiser:
A great summary and analysis of this epic stage. We cycling fans with a higher IQ crave listening to Lantern Rouge. Please spoil us more in the future. You will go far.
Sailing Green Pearl
Sailing Green Pearl:
You commentary is legendary, lanterne FTW
Steep Tachanka
Steep Tachanka:
I think pogacar will light up the pdbf and put 2mins int rog 👀
Tony Lo
Tony Lo:
nice highlight commentary. thanks.
landa's eyes at 2:02 "Why am I here agian????
Diego Manjarrez
Diego Manjarrez:
miguel angel SUPERMAN lopez
Вело Ско
Вело Ско:
Молодца! Привет с родины А.Винокурова
Matt Blood
Matt Blood:
quick before geo block :D
Evan Allen
Evan Allen:
Did they forget to geo-block this one? Lmao
Laurence Kemball-Cook
Laurence Kemball-Cook:
How is it your commentary is about 10000x better than on TV? Its to the point and exactly the information that is needed! We need you live on ITV sport from now on please! Whats the deal with you uploading this via ITV sport? Have they hired you to be their digital commentator!?
Eli Friedman
Eli Friedman:
Urban Ciber
Urban Ciber:
I sometimes feel like Julian Allaphillipe is a bit too full of himself and does some stuff only to look cool for the french cameras
alejandro vizcaino
alejandro vizcaino:
Carapaz never held a strong pace on the climbs like Kiatwo did for Egan, and he is now pulling away from the peloton on three consecutive days? Reminds me of his Movistar days when he never “seemed” to have anything in the tank to help Nairo in the tour. He clearly leaves no doubt that he is not willing to ride for any Colombian. Carapaz 👎🏻
Sam Holder
Sam Holder:
Protect LR in all eventualities
Mark Radcliffe
Mark Radcliffe:
Patrick Broe for White Jersey in the Best New Commentators™ category. 🏆🏆🏆
Nii Nuetey
Nii Nuetey:
Only cyclists know how hard such climbs are. At times you begin to question your decision to be a cyclist... even if just for the fun of it. Every sight of such climbs make your heart beat pop
Julio Oswaldo Bello Torres
Julio Oswaldo Bello Torres:
Great summary
im Inc
im Inc:
Who’s got the best poker face in the peloton...... Landa or Kuss? Both look like their barely breathing but yet they’re about to blow
No point commenting “Free Carapaz” because I forget this isn’t LRs channel. But we do need a new hashtag.0
7:14 the moon
Alastair Wood
Alastair Wood:
Two things how tf did Carapaz not get Combativity Award, and if you are wearing a Jersey becuase someone occupies two who gets the prize money something always wonder bit random but hey when you have 5 hours of no breakaway on some stages you think about these things
Luka Planinc
Luka Planinc:
Chris Ko
Chris Ko:
Roglic will win if he doesn't crash or puncture or something.
Tungsten Kid
Tungsten Kid:
All the action in races takes place in the last few k's, everything before that is just long and boring..:)
Mike van Overbeek
Mike van Overbeek:
Wout Poels is not good enough this year.
Paulo Remota
Paulo Remota:
Why no CC?
noob here. Why doesn't Adam Yates ever have teammates with him, unlike the other teams?
paul doyle
paul doyle:
Yup the Irish
sorry, your voice is hard to follow
Boy Kelly
Boy Kelly:
$o far we having a Boring tour de france 2020
Boy Kelly
Boy Kelly:
The most boring tour de france in years.