Surveillance video of Elisa Lam shows bizarre behavior

Surveillance video of 21-year-old Elisa Lam, the Canadian woman found dead in the rooftop water tank of the Cecil Hotel, shows her acting bizarrely in the Los Angeles hotel's elevator.

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Isaac Drake
Isaac Drake:
For those who don’t know, this girl stayed in this really sketchy hotel (the one in this video) and then her parents thought it was strange that she didn’t contact them at all that night. So her parents called the cops to look for her, they found this footage, this was the last that anyone saw her alive. It wasn’t until a few weeks later people in that same hotel noticed a foul taste in their water, so they went to find out why, they found her dead body floating in the water tanks on the roof. No one knows to this day what happened, they don’t know why she kept looking in the halls, they don’t know what those hand gestures were etc... it’s pretty scary, hope this cleared some things up for the people who didn’t know :) have a good day all ✌🏼
Chic Chi
Chic Chi:
I still don't understand how we can clearly see pictures of Mars high resolution and CCTV cameras on Earth are trash
Gabriella King
Gabriella King:
This is so sad...because you know this is the last time we will see her....I hope you rest in peace Elisa
Lauren Icewatcher Aka Madelynn c:
Lauren Icewatcher Aka Madelynn c::
From the Netflix show her sister said that she hid under her bed a lot, she want even taking her medications for her bipolar disorder or her depressant pills. She’s hallucinating. And she made it to the roof where she saw the tank and thought it was the perfect place to hide. She got stuck and drowned. Sad story tbh
Chicken McNuggets
Chicken McNuggets:
Idk but it looks like the doors would not closed but it also looks like she’s trying hide from someone at the same time 🤷🏽‍♀️
MimOo Great
MimOo Great:
the most creepy part is that no one knows how she died but herself and she died alone
yeaa buddy
yeaa buddy:
I hope the real truth comes out and this can be solved there's no way she placed herself in that water tank im not buying it at all!!
Andrew Linn
Andrew Linn:
Very simple explanation:
Elevator doors have sensors which prevent them from closing on people.
Elisa, upon selecting a button, noticed that the doors wouldn’t shut, and so tried various techniques to get them to shut. She waived her hands in front of the sensors, stepped on and off the elevator, maybe even peered down the hall for assistance.
Giavanna Braun
Giavanna Braun:
When you watched the true crime show about it 1000 times-
Elena Flores
Elena Flores:
I think that she had a psychotic episode and was hallucinating/paranoid that she was being followed. I've been in that position of extreme fright, and the only thing I can think of doing is to challenge the presence, and yell at it, kinda the way she did in the video.
She probably was so far off the deep end at that point, her brain said, "We have to hide from this thing at all costs." And then lead her to climb to the roof, and then see the water tank, climb into it, open the lid, and close it as she slipped in, only to not be able to get it open again after it shuts, as the water gives her no leverage.
Her clothes weigh her down.
She takes them off.
After several hours of trying to stay afloat, the container runs out of oxygen, and she falls unconscious, then subsequently drowns.

I have had episodes of extreme paranoia and can see this happening.
I hate when they delayed the footage release, then released the edited vide. WHY, POLICE WHYYYYYYY?
ToastyGhosty Studios
ToastyGhosty Studios:
this case scares me. Not only was her death disturbance but her behavior on the surveillance footage is weird. I hope that Elisa has found peace and the case closes soon. Rest In Peace Elisa.
Dragz johnson
Dragz johnson:
And 8 years later people dont take bipolar and depression seriously. As a sufferer of depression I know how differently we see the world. It's like your watching a film and not really apart of the setting and wishing you could be.... I cant imagine how much harder it would be with hallucinations and other traits of bipolar ontop of that.

That damn documentary brought me back here 😒
Thomas Olson
Thomas Olson:
The real mystery is why people in the comment section can't form a coherent sentence.
Wyatt H
Wyatt H:
"During the search for Lam, guests at the hotel began complaining about low water pressure. Some later claimed their water was colored black and had an unusual taste."
...people were drinking her corpse...literally.
the fact that there are people are still coming back to this video everyday is crazy to me
elizabeth greene
elizabeth greene:
Living with a bipolar disorder there are times when you become extremely paranoid and often talk to yourself because its like your brain is going to fast for you to handle.
It's really sad how she died, and it proves that mental health really is an issue. I hope she rests in peace, she deserves it.
Zahaithy Parada
Zahaithy Parada:
I wanted her alive its just too sad rest in peace Elisa 😭😭🥺🥺🥺
Chloe Mannix
Chloe Mannix:
Rest in peace Elisa. I hope you tube can honour your memory and take this video down. I have a mental illness to and if my episodes were caught on camera and displayed for the world to see it would break my heart.
Kaede Simp
Kaede Simp:
I hope that when time machines are invented someone will go back and solve all these cases
Michael Duffell
Michael Duffell:
The elevator door tries to close. I don't think she's hiding, looks like she's trying to get an angle to see who is pressing the button.
debbie pepper rédigé
debbie pepper rédigé:
This is so sad what happend to her I would never stay there in my life
Julia Aguila
Julia Aguila:
Who came here because of netflix? 🙋‍♀️
Ella Rose
Ella Rose:
A 20 pound hatch is not THAT heavy, sure it seems heavy when thinking “oh gosh 20 pounds” but it’s not as heavy as it may seem. When Adding the ladder into the story it does seem like more of a challenge. Elisa is missed 💗 may she Rest In Peace
Laugh Attack
Laugh Attack:
I’ll just take stairs for the Rest of my life
Sleepy. Vix
Sleepy. Vix:
there is a documentary on Netflix, and she has pressed a button that says “hold door” and she pressed it, that’s why the door closed it when the video skipped the time line for about 53 seconds, I got all this information on a Netflix series, AND you can’t just wonder about it or “predict” BECAUSE there is also a button outside the elevator that keeps the door open, and people aren’t talking about it??? You should really start getting evidence at this point
Marmar Senpai
Marmar Senpai:
I’m watching the series abt this case rn and it’s just crazy
Couple things about the video after the documentary
So people said they saw the shoe but when she stepped out and look like she was talking to somebody she was looking the exact opposite way
Also the manager in the documentary made me feel uncomfortable
Faith Kubala
Faith Kubala:
If only there were cameras on every floor and even the roof, we would know what happened... you would think they would have cameras everywhere since the hotel is in such a dangerous location.
Hugo Pérez
Hugo Pérez:
A. Why was the unedited footage never requested?
B. It was definitely foul play, she could not have climbed into the tank herself.
C. Who owns this hotel, who are the staff?
D. Why was this case never solved?
This was such a mysterious video to me. I'd think about it for years. I'm so glad for the Netflix documentary which has solved the mystery.
I was calling the Investigating department for weeks after I saw this video, I kept telling them to check the Water Tower, because the Movie Dark Water came to my head when I saw the Helicopter footage of the Rooftops, and I'm surprised they didn't think about checking the Water Tower which is obviously the best place to hide a body.
Butterfly Estate
Butterfly Estate:
This was an actual crime scene and after seeing this on netflix I'm left in shock😳
Bruno Krūmiņš
Bruno Krūmiņš:
To me hand gestures shows some high levels of anxiety, panic attack in her mind. After she pressed too many elevator buttons, to get some kicks for herself, she waved later with hand gestures them off, like cooling, calming down herself in her mind. I`m comming from "crazy" family myself, its normal :)
Alok Upadhyay
Alok Upadhyay:
Anyone else is here after watching Netflix's documentry trailer??
Super Straight Vince
Super Straight Vince:
Bath salts was a popular tourist trap in LA in 2013. She probably bought some and was like “when in Rome”. It started to hit her on the elevator and then she started having a conversation with a hallucination. Then she ended up in the water tank thinking it was a pool and drown.
ஐ Gacha Li ஐ
ஐ Gacha Li ஐ:
This story is so sad 😭 #RIPALISALAM
Hal 502
Hal 502:
I came from The horror At The Cecil Hotel on Discovery Plus to watch this footage and its certainly not normal but She is now resting in peace. Mental issues are a bad thing, I also suffer from Bipolar disorder and it’s tough
Lori Loy
Lori Loy:
I watch the reflection on the window across and I seen none outside of it.. this is a person off her medication. I’ve seen it time and time again. 😭 so sad for her
Eric Baxter
Eric Baxter:
I watched this video years ago when it first came out and it was so intriguing, now all of the sudden it blows up, good to see the case finally getting some attention.
I read that she had not taken her prescribed meds. Very sad, may her soul be at peace.
Putri D
Putri D:
The way she immediately moved to the side, i really think she was avoiding the sensors because the elevator stayed open and she probably wondered why and trying to check if it’s gonna close soon. She wasn’t being chased by someone or anything. She was confused.
Nicole Vasquez
Nicole Vasquez:
After she pushes all the buttons that light up you see the door going to close but because she pushed the door open button right after it opens back up and stays open for 2 min, she had not been taking her bi polar medication which would cause her to see/hear things and feel like someone is after her... so sad
Amelia Easley
Amelia Easley:
Did anyone notice how the elevator door NEVER closed?!

Edit: Well damn this got popular (?) uhhhh
Shane Anderson
Shane Anderson:
No way a full search with helicopters and dogs and they miss her.. when supposedly the maintenance guy found her with the top of the tank off by himself.
Saini Bala
Saini Bala:
The "DOOR HOLD" button - keeps the elevator doors open for 2 mins. She wasn't wearing her glasses so may not have realised she hit this button (as she pressed ALL of the buttons down the middle row). And she may have done this because she remembered that floor 5 was located in the middle of the keypad. Just a thought...
Kylene Marie
Kylene Marie:
This reminds me of the Rey Rivera case on “Unsolved Mysteries.” Another strange hotel death, with both people behaving in an odd, almost manic behavior prior to their deaths, which looks fishy, but appears to be suicide.
Sharonda Martin
Sharonda Martin:
This is so strange... I think it might be a ghost in there and maybe it got to her.. something is just not right at all😳
Puerto Riconnect
Puerto Riconnect:
Poor girl. I wish things turned out differently. Must’ve been a horrifying last few moments of her life.
Lynsey Armstrong
Lynsey Armstrong:
Been watching the true story about Elisa Lam my heart just broke into millions of peaces and I agree depression sucks she needed help poor lass Shes never forgotten and always on our minds R.I.P Elisa Lam you May Rest In Paradise Beautiful ❤ My heart Gose Out Too Her Family 💔
Jon Via
Jon Via:
even creepier, no background music... who else threw on a tune during this to ease the creepiness?
carlos fernandez
carlos fernandez:
Rest in peace elisa...yeh i watched this coz of Netflix...although i remember seeing this years ago.
I feel sorry for the girl
Proletina Petkova
Proletina Petkova:
Normally she used to wear glasses and on these cctv we can see she isn’t wearing them and maybe that’s why she behaves a bit weird with her movements.She pressed the button to hold the door and afterwards she was confused why the elevator Isn’t going.No one really knows what happened that day and why she ended up in the water tank but the only thing I can say it’s rest in peace and hopefully you are in a better place now.
Emma Clowes
Emma Clowes:
This can NOT be the only footage? A lift camera, it's LA . Something in the case is not right.
Chelsea T
Chelsea T:
It seems like perhaps she thought someone out of the elevator was messing with her and keeping her from going up? And her waving her hands was an attempt to get the doors to activate? It’s so amazing how critical this footage is and no one can really decipher her behavior
Niya Marez
Niya Marez:
I feel like she was lured like someone making noises. An she debated on going to her hotel room or not
Doing My Dharma By Breindel
Doing My Dharma By Breindel:
Schizophrenia ... my mom does these kind of acts. They act almost as if in a another reality. Usually they feel someone is after them and they feel fearful or in protective mode During the manic phases. Very sad
Asif Ernesh
Asif Ernesh:
she was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder. and, she wasn’t taking her prescribed drugs, that may have flipped the switch. which made her cultivate a new disorder somewhat related to psychosis. she probably saw something and heard something say to hold the elevator. she goes into the corner as if the elevator is full and checks to see who she is holding the elevator for before she goes into the corner. Though, idk what she’s doing in the last couple of seconds.
Jordan Yarbrough
Jordan Yarbrough:
My thing is... they didn’t have any footage of her going up to the roof? Or her being taken to the roof? Or anything? At all?
Mr. Lightskin
Mr. Lightskin:
I pray to all the people who have to deal with a deadly bipolar disorder or going through depression.

Nobody should never feel depressed nor suffering from a bipolar disorder. After watching the documentary of the Cecil Hotal on Netflix, my heart goes out to Elisa Lam and her family.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Since the Cecil hotel contains a lot of paranormal stuff I assume that Elisa met one and had to listen/do whatever the ghost said or she would get killed she was doing these playful movements maybe having a convo with the ghost just so whoever is looking at her on cams would believe she is doing just fine when she left the elevator the ghost lured her into the water tank so she could join them and boom that’s what I think happened
Gemma W. Hunter.
Gemma W. Hunter.:
Thinking of you Elisa, and all who love you! A Truly tragic incident of never knowing the real truth, how very sad for Elisa's family, and friends. I do hope the truth will out, one day beautiful lady! Until then RIP Angel.
Ashy Bear
Ashy Bear:
Okay, I've followed this story for years and so has my husband.
In this video, WHERE ARE THE MIRRORS!? In the new Netflix Documentary, there's clearly mirrors in the videos that people have taken since the accident. Now, everyone has tried to say, "maybe they added mirrors after?". Thats not the case. They've always had mirrors in the elevators. I visited this hotel back in 2010. I was with my parents and I was very young, I distinctively remembered mirrors in all of the elevators. You know, had to use multiple ones due to it being so crowded and elevators were always full. But in full retrospect from what I've seen from the documentary... I think the manager and the maintenence guy Santiago Lopez knew that she was in the tank. Say Lopez found her on the roof passed out or she was already dead, and they tossed her into the vat. If she was unconscious, she could have stripped herself to give her leverage, like using her shirt to hopefully catch it on a rough piece of metal. Maybe they found her and tried to cover it up to try and make the Cecil not look so bad anymore. I dunno, thats just my input.
My theory on why she pressed all the buttons could be maybe she did that to throw off whoever was following. They wouldn’t know what floor she was going to if she stopped at every stop. Maybe it was to throw her killer off? Also, maybe she was doing the hand gestures and talking to make the person who was following her think there was someone else in the elevator with her? Just a theory
Y’all don’t see when it looks like she talking to some she does 1,2,3 with her hands at 2:09😳
Arcane Alibi
Arcane Alibi:
People are still confused so..

Rest in Peace Elisa Lam.

She was off her medication for her bipolar disorder for quite some time while travelling (her family trusted her to take them daily and call them everyday but one day stopped, she had tumblr posts about everything she wanted to say. About being free and such.) which caused her to act weird all throughout. She wa shaving delusions and believed that there was someone after her due to the voices in her head. She climbed on the fire exit stairs and climbed in the water tank in a desperate attempt to hide from her illusions. She couldn’t climb back out due to the water pressure pulling her down from the all the hotel guests. So she took off her clothes as it was either weighing her down or maybe got too cold and explains why she was naked when found. The police didn’t check the water tanks on their search which makes me think that they got too lazy to do so when she was nowhere to be found anywhere else in the hotel.

In the end she died from drowning in the tank and there were complaints from guests that the water was weird tasting and looked brown or dark, and the maintenance checked, found an open hatch in the water tank, and saw her decomposing body floating in the water. So they immediately close the police after closing the hatch, another explanation as to why the hatch was closed shut when the police came.

They couldn’t take her from above so they had to open up the side of the tank to retrieve her body. The hotel staff didn’t really pay mind to a guest who was clearly in need and was having delusions in her stay.

Please do not take mental disorders lightly. This was not the elevator game and she was not being chased by a murderer.
Angela Langdon
Angela Langdon:
I just started watching the Netflix documentary. At the end of episode 1 is when they show they 4 minute video footage. Her are my initial thoughts: Yes, it is super weird, however the first thing that came to my mind is that she being silly and playful...almost like she is playing hide and seek or some type of a game with someone. I will continue to watch and see how it plays out....
Los Sun
Los Sun:
I watch this 100 times tell i noticed somethings up!!
Anita Rai
Anita Rai:
Is it just me or other also noticed that the elevator door was about to close but opens again.... It was for a bit.... watch carefully 00:09
Fly high sweet girl. We will get you your justice.
If you look closely she hit the bottom middle button, and guess what that button was, it was the hold door button. When that button is hit, the elevator stays open for 2 minutes (it has been counted) that's why the elevator stays open
Kate Peralta
Kate Peralta:
it really feels so uncomfortable for me when she keeps on looking outside and doing hand gestures, like idk if she's talking with someone she's hiding from someone or what, up until now I don't get it lol.
Freya Smith
Freya Smith:
After watching the Netflix series I don’t believe anyone else was involved, maybe just a tragic case of severe mental illness, but who knows🤷🏽‍♀️if only she was here to tell the story
Ruth Richard
Ruth Richard:
If only the footage is an audio +Video cctv.. Maybe they can get a tiny clue on what actually have happened.
Diana Anastasia
Diana Anastasia:
For me she was on something that caused her to have this reaction to the point where she possibly ended up taking her own life accidentally
Alahna Whitner
Alahna Whitner:
This is a very chilling video.
S20☆ Urza
S20☆ Urza:
I just got tired of the ad for the documentary telling me I've been scarred by a video I've never seen. So I guess I've seen it now.
Mere bear
Mere bear:
A theory: She got bored and was playing the elevator game. I think she climbed up on the roof to look at the Los Angeles sky line, hangover style.
A " Resident" or someone who has been at the hotel for a long time was up there got control of her somehow and threw her in the water tank and kept the lid closed causing her to drown. She tried to remove her clothes to be more buoyant. However if the lid is 20 pounds. Trying to push up 20 pounds and swim is hard. Mothers have drowned trying to save their 20 pound toddlers. It's still Erie and Sad. I feel like she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 😕
Anti Realist
Anti Realist:
Maybe the murderer is in the comment section, who’d know?
Thomas Burton
Thomas Burton:
Not sure why the " detectives" didn't check the water tanks on the roof since one of the lids wasn't on.
Cheyenne B
Cheyenne B:
I’m thinking she met someone in that hotel that lived on that floor. And was introduced to a drug keep in mine that she was out going and wanted to try and experiment new things. We already know that she was interested in meeting new people. I’m guessing somebody knew that she was traveling alone. Young naïve and took advantage of the situation. It looks to me as if she was trying to leave but she was tripping out to bad and it also looks to me that you saw the elevator about to close but stopped in it’s track. I wanna say that someone put an object in front of the elevator door to keep it from closing and that’s when she stepped out to look and panicked and ran back on the elevator to press all of the buttons. She then goes back off the elevator panicked and could’ve been trying to reach the stairs that’s why she pressed all the floors to try and escape and get herself to safety.
Yung Tragedy
Yung Tragedy:
I really don't understand why she would climb out of a window, climb the abundant amount of staircases up towards the roof. Then somehow climb a very dangerous ladder at least 20 ft below the roof without any guard to keep you from falling and eventually end up inside of a big water tank completely naked. That seems like a very long thought process and stimulation to proceed on doing while being distressed. Also, given the fact that she supposedly did all of this with just a pair of slippers, basketball shorts, and a jacket. This definitely is a mind-blowing case that is either being overlooked or is a very commerce coverup.
XZx Taria
XZx Taria:
i think she was in a rush pressing buttons to hide from someone?? maybe the buttons werent working so she pressed all of them. she kept looking out the elevator as if someone was following her...... who knows..? its still a mystery
It’s just so heartbreaking, I hate to see anyone being forced to take meds the rest of their lives so that the big pharmaceutical companies just get richer as they keep us drugged, but also this is a clear case where her not taking her meds caused her serious psychological repercussions. Poor girl, what a catch 22!
한국인이 없노
Morse code in the elevator buttons. Maybe a log of what she typed? Or just a more detailed video? It might be something. She starts typing right around 1:30.
maddie russell
maddie russell:
this just doesnt sit right with me like it may be a suicide but some things just dont add up in my head
gua kesini krna tt
Why did she go to the corner as if someone was coming
Christopher John
Christopher John:
Ok I have a theory, during a psychotic episode (she was on 4 meds after all) she attempted to use the roof top tank as an ISO Tank for restricted environmental stimulation therapy REST. Her odd behavior in the elevator and seeming to hide from someone and having an arm waving conversation with an invisible person, (you see stuff like that on the subway all the time). So yeah, psychotic espsode. Finally, like many people that like to explore places they probably shouldn't be she made her way up to the roof thought Hmm this would make a great isolation tank and drowned by accident.
Mi thunax
Mi thunax:
it totally makes sense that it was an accident given her mental state but what bothers me is all those coincidences, like the library, the movie, that lam-elisa thing for tuberculosis and the fact that police didn’t check the tanks
Kid Bam
Kid Bam:
the way she came inside the elevator calmly is confusing then out of nowhere starts freaking out while the elevator door still wasn’t closing
Larry Hatcher
Larry Hatcher:
The sad truth is that this should never have happened......That this been my daughter, I would have said, If you have your own money then go...but I would not have financed the trip knowing her mental state
Francisco Calvillo
Francisco Calvillo:
The most disturbing thing about this whole situation is that she was found after people showered and drank water that was contaminated with her decomposing corpse.
Ainslee Laframboise
Ainslee Laframboise:
They said she wasnt wearing shoes that it looks like someone else was there. She was wearing shoes. I watched it once and then again to double check and yes she had shoes on.
Harper Greathouse
Harper Greathouse:
On Netflix, 'Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel', episode 2, is the episode taliking abt the case. creepyyyy
Almost everyone has some kind of internal monologue/dialogue going on. With someone mentally ill like Elisa Lam that internal monologue can become their reality very fast. At first she is in a (relatively) normal state when entering the elevator. Then she hits the elevator buttons and wonders why the doors won't close. Then she imagines what it would be look if she was being stalked by someone and the doors wouldn't close (this is when you see her "hiding" in the corner). Then she begins "reacting" to her imaginary thoughts as if they are becoming more and more real. This "idea" that popped into her head quickly becomes as real to her, as reality is to you or I. She can no longer separate reality from the ideas in her head. She begins reacting as if she is actually being chased or stalked by someone. She goes back to the elevator but the door hold button is holding it open. She is now in some kind of David Lynchian nightmare scenario. Truly terrifying. Her only escape - the roof. Her only hiding place - the water tank.
Jennifer Bailey
Jennifer Bailey:
💁🏼‍♀️It seems obvious, to me anyway, that she's confused af as to why the damn elevator door won't close.. so she looks around, stands in misc places, etc, bc she's trying to make the motion sensors go off (as well as find where they're at).. then says, "wtff?!" to herself bc shes bewildered as to why they still aren't working.. she's like, "dammit man, whatta girl gotta do around here to take a quick elevator ride.. all I wanna do is by pass all those damn stairs!? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Idk fs, nobody does, I'm js as a fellow, educated, bipolar, woman, considered some what intelligent (yet not an elevator operator nor expert) that's wtf I see y'all!! 💯
Rylie grace
Rylie grace:
Oh dear god I shouldn’t have watched that. I’m gonna go cry now. Why did her hands do that. God protect everyone who saw this.