Survivor of world's first nuclear attack recounts Hiroshima bombing 75 years later

The U.S. dropped the world's first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan 75 years ago. A few days later, a second nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, forcing the Japanese to surrender and bringing an end to WWII. Ramy Inocencio met a survivor of the attack, who has spent three-quarters of a century on a quest to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

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Brian Brown
Brian Brown:
Feels weird to say “75th anniversary of the first nuclear attack”
Jacque Jac
Jacque Jac:
She survived an atomic bomb, has reached beyond an age my grandparents did, & still looks 30 yrs younger than that.
I know this is not the point of the video, but dang she does NOT look 81. A beautiful woman doing beautiful things.
Malone Mantooth
Malone Mantooth:
I find it super weird they are probably our closest Ally.
Can't imagine the horror she witnessed as a child
Anthony G
Anthony G:
Her quote about making friends abroad and that allowing the world to move forward in peace is great.
Love the optimism from this woman
Raymundo Hernandez
Raymundo Hernandez:
Wow some educated reporter can't even pronounce Hiroshima correctly
James Martin
James Martin:
Amazing that anyone survived. She is one of the few who can truly speak to the horror of it. I'm not arguing the decision either way, but there is no denying that it was horrific. That last line says it all.
"please make friends from other countries." Well, put ! When our friend group is wider, the world is more peaceful.
Takuachand o
Takuachand o:
Japan has come a long way since then
Mango Gaming
Mango Gaming:
Carefully, she's the ancient one.. She's seen everything
moon angel
moon angel:
What amazing courage. Forgiveness is the greatest strength and love for humanity. She is truly an inspiration
Duane Bettger
Duane Bettger:
The thing about war are the leaders that cause it.
They don't fight in it.
Everybody else dies in it.
Soldiers and civilians
Every one looses.
Mark H
Mark H:
The things we have done, and continue to do to each other ...
Troy Lee
Troy Lee:
75 years ago and she's still pushing.... xD that line seems so inappropriate. The look on the other reporters face
Zoe Wynne
Zoe Wynne:
A beautiful woman making beautiful art; thank you for covering this 💗
God Bless this woman and I pray...never again..
Андрей 'Снайпер' Кузнецов
Андрей 'Снайпер' Кузнецов:
Long health to this woman.
osvaldo franco
osvaldo franco:
she looks fantastic, god bless her!!!🙏🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽
Allan Cove
Allan Cove:
She sounds like a real sweet lady. Bless her heart.
El buen Phillipe
El buen Phillipe:
Peace Japan. 🤝🙏
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander:
This explosion was 5.5x bigger than the explosion in Beirut...let that sink in for a bit
eric woriax
eric woriax:
Man is who he is, peace comes about never in this world. It's in our DNA, there will always be someone not willing to conform and the other seeking control or dominance. Only in God can we have it ,and in His heaven ,it exist. Here we are in 2020, and we are divided by money, power, principles and color. Our tech has only seen fit to do our bidding more efficiently . It's good to see someone working for something so illusive.
Impressive of japan to rebound and become highly advanced
It was a terrible thing for the United stayed to do, but it ended the war and saved a lot more lives in the long run
ching chong
ching chong:
Lmao is this supposed to make me feel bad?
G M:
🇺🇸 “Don’t start nothing won’t be nothing” 🇺🇸
Justin Case
Justin Case:
As tensions rise and nuclear arms continue to be manufactured in China and Iran, we need to remain aware of the magnitude of this event!
Joey Big Things Poppin
Joey Big Things Poppin:
We should all be so lucky ❤ God bless her heart !
Ryan Price
Ryan Price:
Palpatines face in episode 3

"Then we will have...peace"
She can try, but that won't happen
MarkRobert Murphy Sr
MarkRobert Murphy Sr:
I certainly hope nvr ever should the world xperience such.ah ...necessarily. response...
Nandakumar P
Nandakumar P:
Max Rodriguez
Max Rodriguez:
Holy cow, she’s a good artist
Nicholas Batshon
Nicholas Batshon:
Wow 👏 absolutely 👏 im speechless
I. Rex
I. Rex:
Rewatching Hiroshima Mon Amour today...
Timothy Hodges
Timothy Hodges:
How about an interview with a survivor from Nanjing
Simone Edwards
Simone Edwards:
I love her!
Maria Natal
Maria Natal:
That bridge reminded me of an anime...
Yep Yes
Yep Yes:
If this is in your recommended .... You all ready know whats up. #✔
D3ATH J3ST3R 13:
[email protected] bruh!!! She doesn't look a day over 50!!!😮✌🏾🇺🇸
no no
no no:
Imma go make some friends in other countries now. She’s right. Once borders stop being walls and instead become welcoming doors humanity as a whole can prosper.
I know this is not the point of the video, but dang she does NOT look 81. A beautiful woman doing beautiful things
Kenshin _
Kenshin _:
If she was an anime MC, revenge will come...
92 jay
92 jay:
Japan ruled south korea for 35 years and killed millions of south korean. Nuclear seems fair punishment.
Moderately Rebellious
Moderately Rebellious:
What timing* right after the Beirut explosion 🤔
Boyd Gilbreath
Boyd Gilbreath:
What a great lady!
Yo she hit me with that Hokage wisdom Sage mode
Emily Burris
Emily Burris:
Here after watching the wind rises
Worthless and penniless
Worthless and penniless:
My bday on the 6th smh
Anastasia Schenkel
Anastasia Schenkel:
81?!? She looks fantastic! I would love to visit the museum and monument someday.
Sonny Crockett
Sonny Crockett:
24gonzalezag 101
24gonzalezag 101:
North Korea: HAH no
That news anchor tho....
Andrew Simon
Andrew Simon:
I live in the U.S. and this President wants and arms race . So sick
Gregg Harpel
Gregg Harpel:
I want to use her quote, but I can't figure out one word. "Please make many friends from other countries. When you do so, you are ?????? the world will have peace." My speakers suck and I have listened to way too much loud heavy metal music and played drums without hearing protection and am too cheap to get hearing aids.
Essag Ghim
Essag Ghim:
It's like all of sudden we hearing news about the bombing in Japan. Maybe they are prepping us...
X D:
And we’ll do it again
Mark W.
Mark W.:
Better talk with China and North Korea before wasting time with cbs.
Worawat Srisawasdi
Worawat Srisawasdi:
Who’s here after the Beirut explosion?
Had the same haircut for 75 years
krieg kat
krieg kat:
Every world power: "yes. But no."
Lil eerie thinking about her being the survivor...🙏
Doborah Cornell
Doborah Cornell:
Cato the Younger
Cato the Younger:
Anyone who would have been ready to invade Japan, raise your hand. I wonder if she ever expressed horror over the many atrocities Japan committed during the war.
For the love of K-pop
For the love of K-pop:
No for real though no innocence should have to go through that at all
vanesaloves music
vanesaloves music:
As someone who really loves Japanese culture it really pains me Everytime I watch stuff related to this 🤧😞💔😔
mydiaz clan
mydiaz clan:
Unit 731
Nuclear power must make you age well🤔
Frank Hochman
Frank Hochman:
Captions please.
Here Rosh Ema? Its pronounced
Here a She Ma
Teh Gehguan
Teh Gehguan:
Please also remember all the victims of japanese army...
Elon Mask
Elon Mask:
Sad the banning nuclear weapon ain't gonna happen
Shawn Li
Shawn Li:
Japan never learns
lucky woman. 81 years young
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton:
Mu Ja
Mu Ja:
Unit 731
Andre Newcomb
Andre Newcomb:
Japan . . . I've seen a document involving process. The intake person kept a copy for himself. For something as important as this I think not' so much a crime so that there are multiple proofs. The severity brought great discomfort to the perpetrator and family. They gave him diabetes. They blinded a son. They made another son into a policeman . . . not exactly a popular profession. We, of the United States of America, strive to make all process beyond doubt. So that you can trust.
Erik K.
Erik K.:
Remarkable wisdom, insight, and humility.
Gabriel Cleveland
Gabriel Cleveland:
No one gonna mention how patronizing the interviewer sounds at 2:53 ?
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
Who else is here cuz of the explosion on Beirut? 😭
Amanda Billings
Amanda Billings:
I see nine deploring idiots woke up this morning.
Finally a good and truthful video from the left media...
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander:
I say give it another 3 days b4 we celebrate
Rmpj 13
Rmpj 13:
May God bless this woman.
Such a travesty. Honestly, as someone who supports nuclear power, the nuclear weapons program and their use were scientific and government hubris pushing aside rationality and forethought. Ms. Tanaka's thoughtfulness and open mindedness (especially towards Americans, and in her English message at the end) is humbling. We did a really terrible thing, but I'm glad to hear that people, especially those so close to the attack as represented by, are interested in moving forward towards a brighter future, rather than holding this thing like a stone in their hearts, and taking steps towards progress to help ensure this doesn't happen in humanity's future.
jon rodriguez
jon rodriguez:
So important for this history to be remembered and discussed without the filter of politics or nationalism. This film about Father George Zabelka, a priest who "blessed" those bombs, explains why he radically changed his perspective in the years following the bombing.
she sure looks alot younger
no no
no no:
Now THAT is healthcare
Dan C.
Dan C.:
I once sat and listened to a Japanese woman tell us of her experience in Hiroshima on the day the A-bomb was dropped ... she was in her grade school court yard , I think she said she was 8 years old ... it was a beautiful blue sky sunny day , she saw up high in the sky a single shinning silver airplane flying over , there were no air raid sirens this morning so she thought it was one if their planes ... then everything went blinding light and she was thrown through the air , next she remembered was waking up under some debris , confused , frightened , and didn't now where she was because everything she could see was all different , destroyed , nothing was familiar and she started walking ... eventually she came across other people walking , they were burnt , cloths torn from them walking in crowds together ... she came across a lady that knew her who took her to see her father who was working in an intersection trying to help people , he ask the lady to please look after her because he had to help all these people , she didn't recognize her father at first because he was all dirty , burnt , and cloths torn apart ... another part of her story was when she came to the river , people who were all burnt jumping into the river to try and cool off , hundreds and hundreds of dead people's body's floating in the river floating by ... this beautiful hearted lady was on a speaking tour visiting Annapolis , MD area to tell her story at a small community center called Friends of (Annapolis ??) ... I took my daughter with me to hear her , my daughter was about 8 years old also and I thought it would be valuable for her to hear this lady tell of what happened to her when she was a young girl ...
Jay Wodtley
Jay Wodtley:
They truly are the greatest generation.
Guero M
Guero M:
The nuclear radiation made her not age
Ironic that the path to peace has been nuclear weapons. I feel for her, but I also feel for the soldiers of all the world wars, and all the cities that were bombed, all the families that have suffered. Nuclear weapons have drastically reduced all that. We'd be on World War 6 by now if Russia, China, and the US weren't armed to the teeth with them.
Aru B
Aru B:
What a beautiful woman, and has such an amazing life story. That is just amazing. And amen, we definitely need to remember we all, on this planet, need to work together and make it a better place for all of us to live in synced harmony.
🇯🇵 are beautiful people.
We should work to get rid of these terrible weapons, there can be no reason we should want to such weapons on other nations again.
Tovon Roseboro
Tovon Roseboro:
i dont wanna die i hope ww3 dont happen im only 13 i just wish the world would come to peace
Nandakumar P
Nandakumar P: