Tactical Analysis: Pirlo’s First Game | Juventus 3-0 Sampdoria | Goals: Ronaldo, Kulusevski, Bonucci

How did Pirlo’s men play in his first serie A match?
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Football Made Simple
Football Made Simple:
What else did you notice?
jerome abekya
jerome abekya:
the fast paced passes into ronaldo ramsey and kulusevski's feet broke the midfield line and often left ronaldo 1v1 , something we did not see enough of last year because of the side way passing under sarri.
Pirlo is already a Master class
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar:
He know how to use rambo. Man of the match easily. He will create a lot for cr7 this season. Juve will know his worth this season
So Danilo was actually usefull somewhere xdddd
As a Juventino, I finally got to see a Juventus that plays well. It's been a while.
Naufal Husain
Naufal Husain:
Strong start, but it's just the beginning. Let's hope they play like this every match
Genius M
Genius M:
I think we saw Pirlo use both the Johann Cruyff Barca tactics and Conte's Juve tactics in this game
El Ess
El Ess:
Good to get a glimpse of his approach, but it is his first game so we'll see how coaches and Pirlo now adapt to each other. Nice vid as always!!
the most underrated channel in history
Najmus Sabir
Najmus Sabir:
It's very similar to Man City’s tactics for Kyle Walker,so Pirlo did all to have possession.
Danilo's role is the same to Walker's role.
May be Atalanta's 2019-20 tactics is also similar to Pirlo's first match tactics,but Pirlo did all of this for possession and Gasperini is a counter attacking coach.
Ayush Thakur
Ayush Thakur:
Hey wtf, I just recently figured out Sampordia's batch is a man smoking a pipe. Cool😂😂!
Ruth KL
Ruth KL:
Prilo knows the tempo of Juventus such a class
Mahfuz Ali
Mahfuz Ali:
5:57 Cuadrado "One vs Juan" 👀🤣
zaddy b
zaddy b:
If I had a dollar for everytime fms says "we see shades of this"🌚
Koeman 4-2-3-1 Analysis please, its pretty unique how Koeman played Coutinho,Messi, and Griezzman TOGETHER whule they all usually played at the centre and share the same space. What i know is Messi will have 30 assist this season but hes goalscoring will get lower🙂🙃
JP Pennypincher
JP Pennypincher:
I get the feeling that Pirlo will alter his tactics subtly for different opponents.
I believe the real treat for analyzes would be the 3rd Serie A round, when Juventus will play Napoli (who look really good with Osimeh in the squad), which will be a face off between the two former teammates and two former crucial midfielders of Carlo Ancelotti in Grande Milan! It'll really be something, to see the approach by two former Don Carlo's students, how different they will be as coahes, given just how different they were as players, although in the same team!
I hope they will both offer us a great entertainment, perfect football and a motive for you, to analyze their work!
Shrimp Squad
Shrimp Squad:
Yo FMS. What team do you support?
you're the best, man!
Coman Andrei
Coman Andrei:
Morata will play with juventus ,jou can do a video with analys of morata at juventus ,I love this chanel
Bivan Das
Bivan Das:
Juventus looked energized and determined and they would have scored many more goals, If Ronaldo had not missed his chances.
Best player to touch a ball, maestro in everything he does. True icon (My own opinion)
Daily Dose Of Football
Daily Dose Of Football:
Was really happy with this match, Its been a while since Juve looked hungry and determined on pitch. Its not just the new tactics under Pirlo its the shift in mentality with the departure of players like higuain and matuidi. Players who had only but simply lost their hunger and agressiveness
NSR The CR7 believer
NSR The CR7 believer:
What i'm proud of the most! Is Danilo getting important! 🔥🔥 under sarri he was the weak-link! But now it seems Pirlo enhanced him! I saw him going hard the entire game! He has the shoot as well! Hope Pirlo can enhance Sandro as well! Let's see if pirlo can impress us even more the next game!
loitanbu enyun
loitanbu enyun:
In fact, many of the tactics that inspired Pirlo couldn't be done because the competition started too quickly, not to mention that many players have just returned from the national team and the trial can only be done once against Novara.
Aswanth Prabu
Aswanth Prabu:
Amazing Analysis Bro 💥
Do Post more videos in Future about Juventus' Tactics !
Love Royals Club
Love Royals Club:
Pirlo's team played direct football. Good start
Omar Abdullahi
Omar Abdullahi:
I just clicked when I saw it was football made simple 😂😂
Chandramouli Ramesh
Chandramouli Ramesh:
Thanks for the video ❤️🔥
I was impressed that Juventus players were keep moving between opponent players to create space and options. This did not happen with Sarri for the whole year.. Also loved to see Bonucci was allowed to try long balls again.
Randy Edward
Randy Edward:
he lack of experience as couch but as a player he really understand what require recipe on the pitch to achive wins
shreyas kj
shreyas kj:
Was waiting for your analysis on this match, as usual loved it.
My observations from this match :-
1. Although Juventus announced lineup 5-4-1 on their twitter handle, it was anything but that. Team played fluid, attacking football with diff. formations for diff. phase of play.
2. Pirlo brought out the best from Bonucci, Rabiot and Ramsey, playing them in the role they are comfortable with.
3. Danilo really surprised me. His performance as inverted full-back was really good and very reliable defensively.
4. Not bringing Ronaldo deep or wide. Allegri and Sarri didn't implement it, and that is why Ronaldo didn't play to his best.
Good to see Pirlo understand that.

Lot of positives, but too soon to give verdict on master Pirlo 🙏
Nick Barakat
Nick Barakat:
I was a fan of the Juve performance especially how it could seem like Pirlo is molding McKennie. Already seeing a difference in McKennie's play means that Pirlo can get more out of the players. This could be a great year for Juve but that being said it was Sampdoria. Lets see how they fair against better more equal competition. Ill be watching and checking back here.
Vihaan beatbox
Vihaan beatbox:
Many more to come!!!!FORZA JUVE🖤🤍
Federico Picozzi
Federico Picozzi:
Great video, thanks! #finoallafine ⚪⚫
Abhinav Srivastava
Abhinav Srivastava:
Good informative video. Keep going...👏
macknus Feho
macknus Feho:
Professor Pirlo 💥💥💥
Milan Stojkovich
Milan Stojkovich:
I really appreciate all your content. You drop so much knowledge & useful information in your videos. Please keep them coming!
Yung Lsg
Yung Lsg:
Ngl I had my doubts but his first match looked very very promising...
I Just found your channel and your explanation made me to Subscribe it. Keep Providing such quality content 👍. Will be back soon
Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks:
hiii can i ask where you find the information about XG,heatmap those sort of things thanks🙏🏾?
Alban Musa
Alban Musa:
The job my data analyst in FM should do
Good work you analyzed it very well 👍
Adinandra Alexius
Adinandra Alexius:
Before he became the head coach he say that "juventus buy ronaldo but don't know how to give him the ball" and in this game we saw a lot of chanses created for ronaldo to score
Drifted Soul
Drifted Soul:
Can't wait to see how Juve plays against the big teams🤔
Watching their first game under Pirlo made me rock hard in anticipation of this season. Avanti cosi forza JUVE
Le Juventino
Le Juventino:
Excelent work
Cheers to you mate for putting such a complex thing so simple, keep going bud🤙🏼
Ardhendu Dey
Ardhendu Dey:
Make a video on ZIDANE's madrid 16-18
Ime promise
Ime promise:
Ronaldo is on fire he gave samdoria a big disturbances this season is another ronaldo season
miqueias de Jesus gomes
miqueias de Jesus gomes:
ai nobru apelaó kkkk
Can you show the Thomas muller video on YouTube. I am not able to join the Patreon.
can you please do ac milan? they had one of the best comebacks in the last season especially after lockdown. thank you!
swarnim Agrawal
swarnim Agrawal:
I am a UEFA Licensed coach and have worked in Italy. And this is probably the best & simplest explanation of the tactics. Good going buddy. You've got a subscriber
Luigi Di Paolo
Luigi Di Paolo:
Bonucci looks to break the line into Kulu mi ha fatto ridere
Khairil Anwar Masri
Khairil Anwar Masri:
From what i see, sampdoria no.6 kinda useless there... 🤭🤭🤭
Panda gamings centre
Panda gamings centre:
patrick B
patrick B:
Good Ebening, tactics, tactics, fans, love fans, tactics, good ebening!
Alessandro Zattini
Alessandro Zattini:
Nice analysis!
Dysentery Gary
Dysentery Gary:
Lol 5:55. Did you just say that 'Cuadrado would be one vs Juan'? Cause that is pretty funny!
Aniruddha Sharma
Aniruddha Sharma:
Joaquin Rodarte
Joaquin Rodarte:
@Football Made Simple will you do an analysis of Juventus vs Roma game?
Nak Samath
Nak Samath:
love the content as always!!! I have some questions though; why possession-based teams like City( vs Wolves) and Barca are now opted for a 4-2-3-1 rather than a 4-3-3. Also is the difference between the two systems is just only on paper or is it not? What drivers or motives that cause the manager to choose between the two systems? though the 4-2-3-1 it's never dead, it is kinda making a comeback right now. This could be an overstatement tho hahahah correct me if im wrong.
Simpson The Bard
Simpson The Bard:
Football made simple releases a video.
Me: yeesssss!!!!!!😂😂
Hassan Rezai
Hassan Rezai:
Now is time for you to enjoy this video: https://www.dailymotion.com/Espn_313
De Bruyne Memes
De Bruyne Memes:
You got your sub!
Isa Maulana
Isa Maulana:
What edit app do you use to make the animation ?
Isa Maulana
Isa Maulana:
What edit app do you use to make the animation ?
Din Wahabi
Din Wahabi:
pirlo vision=90
ayush agarwal
ayush agarwal:
I was waiting for this video
MSN Football
MSN Football:
How do you make those animation with player number to show how players played🤔🤔🔥🔥? Can anyone answer. Like in 3:50
Rhoup Abdul
Rhoup Abdul:
lemari hias ukir mewah jepara
Richard Ferdian
Richard Ferdian:
No wonder, pirlo is fifa and fm maniac
Ibrahim Albibi
Ibrahim Albibi:
Yeah, I notice that when Samp press high, CR open on the left wing to receive long balls, most likely that’s to reach Samp’s half side as fast with On or two touch with possibility of good counter attack
Samuel Evolve
Samuel Evolve:
No wonder I got confused about the formation. It constantly changes
A S:
Hanya dari satu video ini sudah ada begitu banyak hal baru yang kupelajari. Penyediaan animasi pergerakan para pemainnya 999% sungguh membantu. Dan setelah ini semua aku tidak mengerti bahasannya.
fantastic work football made simple
Jere Pöntynen
Jere Pöntynen:
0.31 what is that numbers that you show always with goals?
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar:
Less people talk about rambo 😭
Hegin Kilong
Hegin Kilong:
Well done.
Ricodonni Simangunsong
Ricodonni Simangunsong:
Good 👍
Can you do analysis on Mourinho’s tactics at Real Madrid?
Make a video about Ranieri's leicester city 15/16.
Bivan Das
Bivan Das:
Best player to touch a ball for me, a maestro and class in every place he goes to, every step ye takes
This season if Arthur, Mckennie and Rabiot settle then Juve will be unstoppable
Ashnab Gillani
Ashnab Gillani:
Do a vedio on morata he joined juventus
2:20 What says here ? , 5:03 No Kulusevski
mkm 101
mkm 101:
What software do you use in your videos for tactics??
Aakash Pokhrel
Aakash Pokhrel:
THird man tactics..diagonal play that i noticed
Damo 2 drippy
Damo 2 drippy:
It feels like Juventus has an extra player🙆🏾‍♂️
Bivan Das
Bivan Das:
I love watching your videos
Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange:
This Juventus played like city:
Ramsey- De bryune
Ronaldo- sterling
Mckiennie- fernandinho
Rabiot- rodri
Awesome team. They are able to compete at higher level.
Too much excited.
Top 5 Transfer to EPL from other Leagues 2020-21
Richard Wawrzyk
Richard Wawrzyk:
WAIT, WAIT. COUPLE GAMES......AND.....PIRLO.............bye bye.ha ha ha .🤣🤣
Momore Adekoya
Momore Adekoya:
do a Manchester city vs wolves tactical analysis
ZombaHenry garrotKomp
ZombaHenry garrotKomp:
aa a
aa a:
Don't forget the referees
Bush Pangsatabam
Bush Pangsatabam:
With the squad he has.....He have to 5-0 or more than that