Tactical Preview: Leeds United vs Manchester City | Marcelo Bielsa’s Tactics vs Pep Guardiola’s |

What will be the key areas when Bielsa takes on Pep Guardiola.
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Football Made Simple
Football Made Simple:
What else do you think will be a key area?
reynard rey
reynard rey:
two incredible managers it will be an incredible battle between both of them
M H:
Leeds 4 : Manchester City 2

Match report: absolute firecracker match by Leeds. Dominated the entire matches after getting overwhelmed in the first 20 minutes. Should have had more goals with some good finishing but that’s football. Completely enjoyed the match.

Final score : 1:1
Ameya P
Ameya P:
It will be a high scoring draw, probably
Anisahi Gharpure
Anisahi Gharpure:
Teacher will teach his student how to coach again.
Nathaniel Omondi
Nathaniel Omondi:
For me if man city defend they did against vs leicester the leeds will beat them.3-2
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
Both bossess are great. For those who criticize Pep due to his spending on players, stop it because your team can't gained 100 points.
onen bazil
onen bazil:
Need a job at Sky? You make it feels like they got no one who knows sports.
Keep this up. I am a United fan but I love to watch Leeds.
Le Lovely Looking Lanky Lad
Le Lovely Looking Lanky Lad:
Even though Biesla is more tactically astute than Pep, the latter's squad has better quality.
Sreerag CR
Sreerag CR:
I think Leeds can win because City are absolute shambles now. My prediction is a draw probably a 2-2. What are yours?
Christian Dela Pena
Christian Dela Pena:
Leeds' high press will surely impose immense pressure on Mendy, just like how the Leicester midfield run rings around him. Leeds will be very exposed and outmatched midfield. But I always root for the underdogs.
Najmus Sabir
Najmus Sabir:
The Spain 2008-12 was my request and Thank You ❤
Rishith Banerjee
Rishith Banerjee:
Hey FMS , I love your video. But can you make a video explaining different terms and position in football e.g. LWB,False 9, New Hanball rule etc
kirubel biruk
kirubel biruk:
the match will be very hard for both sides but city will get the win
Fogo Idowu
Fogo Idowu:
Leeds will win 4-2
The Conqueror
The Conqueror:
What is your prediction? leeds vs man city
I know man city have had defensive issues but i can still see em winning this game..

They have enough quality going up front.
My Heart says LEEDS will win ❤️❤️❤️
Jeje Fuse Drawing
Jeje Fuse Drawing:
The quality and mentality of the players will make the difference. Especially, Leeds' defense is a bit worrying. But, I still hope Leeds can win.
German Kasay
German Kasay:
5 - 2 for Leeds United
Tomas Mabjaia
Tomas Mabjaia:
Your prediction was a Lil spot on.. Especially with how you mentioned Leeds taking advantage of Mendy's weakness
Raivath music
Raivath music:
I am from india
Is there is a high planning in football
If i am the caoch i need 48 hours to find full tatics like you
Antonio L
Antonio L:
City will destroy leeds 5-2
Keyaan Munshi
Keyaan Munshi:
Leeds 5-3 City
Uche Emmanuel
Uche Emmanuel:
You didn't make a video about Man city's loss to Leicester. I have waiting to see your video on it.
Ederson Moraes - Non Official
Ederson Moraes - Non Official:
It ll end up in a draw 2 - 2 more likely.
j.r 10
j.r 10:
Yo can you show us the tactics on aston villa vs liverpool 😂 i need to see every small detail on why that happened
whatever dude 08
whatever dude 08:
Leeds are so impressive this year mate!
Harry Plays
Harry Plays:
This video could of been 10 seconds long. City have had their annual slip up which always results in the next team to play them getting smacked 5-0.
Zuhair Yassin
Zuhair Yassin:
a tactical battle it seems that leeds will be a headache for city
Aloha Tigers
Aloha Tigers:
I keep telling everyone: I’m not downplaying a club but over”rating” a club ends badly... look at Sheffield post lockdown.

This Leeds team need to keep that same energy or else they will end up like Sheffield.
Leeds 5 -3 city
2-2 is my prediction
Q A S:
Tactical analysis Everton vs Brighton
football was philosophie
football was philosophie:
I think bielsa will distroy guardiola
Great match match of the season thanks so much for you bro
Raf 7
Raf 7:
Leeds United 2 Manchester City 4
Marhumbin West
Marhumbin West:
Two Tactical Masters Going head to head, Who will Come out Victorious?
R J:
Bro plz tell me the software u use in editing video
Davens the key
Davens the key:
5-4 for Leeds
Leeds 1-0 City
Luckeh Azango
Luckeh Azango:
Very interesting one. Manchester city defence will be on the test again
Notorious Juan
Notorious Juan:
one of the city's problem is Ederson. He doesn't know when to run for the ball if it gets behing the CB and also when to put his foot and when not to.
Leeds 4- 3 man city
Football Tactics
Football Tactics:
What tactics board do you use for videos?
City's lack of a number 9 will influence how they play and it will really affect... We all saw how they struggled to get things rolling against leicester
sidharth gautam
sidharth gautam:
2-2 draw
Aloha Tigers
Aloha Tigers:
“3-1-4-2”, you mean a 3-5-2?
Rajesh tamangg
Rajesh tamangg:
Come on Leeds you can win this match, Marching on together.(Not a leeds fan)
Edward Kelly
Edward Kelly:
6-2 Manchester City
Pls make City Vs Leicester 2-5 Video 🙏
Shivesh Kharbanda
Shivesh Kharbanda:
I have a question how does the team of football made simple make these videos? How do you guys have such deep knowledge
Raivath music
Raivath music:
Rici Underwood
Rici Underwood:
Leeds 3-2 Man City
Defense comes down to discipline, which Leeds have in loads, so they will be able to weather city’s attack. Leeds’ attack is superb and are capable of scoring against a weak City defense. 3-1 for Leeds
عبد الله جابي
عبد الله جابي:
I got man city 5 leeds 1.
HomeAgent 554
HomeAgent 554:
Student vs Master
Old Giant vs New Giant
Baruani Mshale
Baruani Mshale:
I think well lose 3-2 or draw 2-2/3-3
Manan Sethi
Manan Sethi:
Man city will win 4:2.... With man city defence will be

Walker. Dias. Laporte. Ake
Diego P
Diego P:
leeds 3 man city 1
Seamus the Terrible
Seamus the Terrible:
Excited for Diaz to join the City squad ASAP. Defense wins games. City haven’t been the same since Kompany move on.
AI Subaitha
AI Subaitha:
Can you make a video about Catenacio Defensive tactics.
Milly Mahinra
Milly Mahinra:
Another brilliant video
pradeep rawat
pradeep rawat:
Vishal Bhat
Vishal Bhat:
Leeds will win 4-3
Harshiv Kapoor
Harshiv Kapoor:
Use delph instead of foden
Soumya Bashani
Soumya Bashani:
Leeds is a great team but city...
Bindhu Rajesh
Bindhu Rajesh:
I guess leeds will try to block the passing lane between KDB and the forwards.
Thinking XD
Thinking XD:
Leeds United 3 VS 1 Manchester City
if Bielsa make set 4-5-1
This will play just like the Bilbao - Barça games from back in 2012, but much more physical
Can you do some Real Madrid games?? I’m a Madrid fan and I’m looking for what exactly Zidane is trying to do with his team...I can’t see this as I’m watching the game and not focusing on sighting tactics so if you could maybe do a video on Real Madrid (vs Levante) that’d be great.
Another idea: maybe try guessing potential Clasico line ups and why/how they could be effective
Tanmay Tikekar
Tanmay Tikekar:
I feel leeds' wingers will be crucial and the game will be decided on makes the most transitions. Leeds were deadly on the break against liverpool.
Expecting bielsa to outwit his apprentice. 3-2 win for leeds
Andrew Chege
Andrew Chege:
we need a Villa Liverpool analysis guys.....you gotta show us how they did the cleanest 7 goals on champions....
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson:
Master vs student
Collette Brown-Bolton
Collette Brown-Bolton:
they won.
Leone Wahungu
Leone Wahungu:
Marcelo Bielsa vs Pep Guardiola is a must watch this weekend
Zayn Swati
Zayn Swati:
Do the review on celta barca game.
Muhammad Aizad
Muhammad Aizad:
leeds 0-2 man city.. because we have ruben dias and laporte..
Ederson Moraes - Non Official
Ederson Moraes - Non Official:
Ederson should come at hand as leeds press high his medium/short range passes should pose Bielsa some problems
Leeds win 2-1
WISE word
WISE word:
Both team have very poor defence but strong attacking play.
Akash Bhardwaj
Akash Bhardwaj:
The super attacking football which leeds have shown can easily fuckup city back line and they can easily create a goal fest and beat city. lester city and lyon have both show it in recent and even wolves in second half in their opening game.
Shah Kitty Channel
Shah Kitty Channel:
I think leeds will win..
Pocket Trumpeter V2
Pocket Trumpeter V2:
What makes you suggest Ayling would invert and Dallas drop into the back 3? Can't really say I've ever seen this happen for us - much more of a natural fit for Dallas to invert and Ayling to be part of the back 3.
Stay away from Spanish and Dutch managers. Always go for Germans and Italians
Nishant Aneja
Nishant Aneja:
Leeds will play long balls a lot and that might catch city by surprise on the counter as the play a high line, Leeds counter has a good pace and can potentially test city's defence. If walker plays high like he normally does, then i don't think city has the pace to handle counters, Walker might need to do a lot of defensive duties this time around i guess
Dark Moon!
Dark Moon!:
hi and welcome back 🚩🚩
nishant abraham
nishant abraham:
I wouldn't be surprised if both teams actually go conservative
Basil Rezwan
Basil Rezwan:
Poor vs rich..
Abdi Mustafa
Abdi Mustafa:
Leeds 3- 1 City
Sunset Sunrise
Sunset Sunrise:
Student Vs Master. Student has quality quality players. Master has tactics. City might win due to that but Marcelo will always be the master. Regardless of result
Harshiv Kapoor
Harshiv Kapoor:
Pep will start ake in lb not mendy
mario scafroglia
mario scafroglia:
Guardiola win just because his team is stronger.
Harsh Kalode
Harsh Kalode:
I hope Leeds wins today 👍🏻
abhinav kulkarni
abhinav kulkarni:
Make Barca vs Celta
sentipokla lkr
sentipokla lkr:
Leeds were far better than city even though m a city fan. They had brilliant fighting spirit even though they're a new promoted club. They have a great coach. N city who always keep 60-70 possession got less possession than Leeds and even their psses was below 400.city had only 2 shots on target. Even though m a city fan, Leeds deserved the win.
Guillermo Lazala
Guillermo Lazala:
Also to take in consideration is that city player are not used to play with the high intensity football bielsa brings to the table we saw that with their first game with Liverpool
I'm not sure, the more likely rotation into midfield would be Dallas. and Klich occasionally sits, occasionally. But as long as Phillips has time on the ball and Costa and Rodrigo runs Leeds will have options. Bamford just has to occupy whoever starts in defence.
Makido Limbu
Makido Limbu:
Pep Vs bielsa..... One to watch
Mohammed Zayed
Mohammed Zayed:
Next barca vs celta vigo tactics analysis