Takeaways from Leon Edwards vs. Nate Diaz at #UFC263 | UFC Post Show

Jon Anik, Chael Sonnen and Gilbert Melendez recap Leon Edwards’ win against Nate Diaz at UFC 263.

0:00 Nate pointing at Leon after landing a big combo in the fifth round.
1:20 Gil discusses Nate suffering a cut that prevented him from sparring.
2:05 Did Edwards do enough to secure a welterweight title shot?

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100+ comentarios:

Bakugod MHA
Bakugod MHA:
My heart was racing when Nate rocked him in the 5th
bc bear
bc bear:
Poor Leon. Even when he wins he gets disrespected lmao.
Diaz brothers don't lose, they just run out of time.
ChatShit GetBang
ChatShit GetBang:
As long Nate is not finished, he wont care the result.
Omar M.
Omar M.:
Nate has one of the saltiest records, but man is fun to watch.
Nate can still go with the best of em, legend.
Vlad Bonea
Vlad Bonea:
Chael cursed him
Sushi Uchiha
Sushi Uchiha:
Gilbert having his teammates back. Much respect. True friendship.
Kyokushin For Life
Kyokushin For Life:
Stockton slap, left straight, Leon rocked
Perfect poetry.
Diaz army every time !
"Moreno will not win a single round"
Juan De Fex
Juan De Fex:
Pointing that finger separated him from a moment of Glory, and a couple hundred thousand dollars.
I wasn't even really invested into this fight but when Leon got rocked i got nervous and tingly for him lol crazy!
Lucky Larry
Lucky Larry:
Nate is going to say he tkod leon in the next few weeks.
iClone Animations
iClone Animations:
That was the dumbest decision by Nate, wasting precious time pointing at him after he had him rocked.
Robert Knapp
Robert Knapp:
The Stockton Slap made me feel like Nate won that fight, Conor and Nate trilogy has to happen.
bruce wayne
bruce wayne:
*Leon got saved by the bell*
Rob Soul
Rob Soul:
Give Diaz 10 rounds and he finishes everyone
DJ Mikee T
DJ Mikee T:
Why’s he shouting like there a crowd in the background 😂 love his energy still ✌🏻
Mustafa Öcal
Mustafa Öcal:
"Nate Diaz... If its a fight till death he always wins" 💯
keully Holanda
keully Holanda:
If Chael had some of Nate's weed would Chael react to questions in light speed mode still?
If Leon ever win the belt, I promise you all the commentary would be how amazing it was that Usman landed some good shots in the 2nd round. And how they can’t wait to talk about the rest of the division, and then totally forget Leon even exists. AGAIN! What a joke 😂
Anmol Dhewaju
Anmol Dhewaju:
Uncle Chael is pinker than dana white 😂
Vengence Chishi
Vengence Chishi:
Just how good is chael's predictions
Leon Edwards looked vastly overrated in this fight where he showed a lack of a chin and fought far too cautiously to deserve a title shot. Nate is not even a top contender and has only one win since 2016. Frankly Nate did look good and only landed one lucky punch in the last round. Other than that Nate clowned, turned his back, and did everything except fight for 4 rounds.
Meza Rod
Meza Rod:
" Leon Edwards was SLEEPWALKING " ~Nate Diaz
Valoare adaugata
Valoare adaugata:
Chael, the master of wrong choices!At least he got it right with Adesanya!
Rocco Petrini
Rocco Petrini:
I respect Nate Diaz 💯, but Leon Edward's did a great job as well 👏 I can't take that from him, he won hand's down. So congratulations to Leon Edward's, you should fight Jorge Masvidle next, see if you can get revenge on that 3 piece and a soda. 😆
Stoic Savage
Stoic Savage:
Chael said moreno wouldn't win a second of his fight 😂🤣😂
trashfishTV Oregon
trashfishTV Oregon:
Bro was Chael coked out or something??? So freaking tweaky!
everybody was doubting nate in this fight.. but he was the only one who didnt get rocked...
"Nate Diaz when it is a fight to the death, he always wins" SO TRUE
My heart was about to explode when Nate rocked Leon..i really thought he was going to finish him but dam it was close!
kr hk
kr hk:
Now it's just 'the Bad Guy' - poor Chael 😂

He looks like he showed up at school and his best friend was off sick.
Frank Mill2.0
Frank Mill2.0:
WOW Nate hit him once ... isn't he Awesome give him another BMF belt
The Doctor
The Doctor:
If Nate threw a right uppercut instead of pointing at Leon, he would've dropped him. Prime example of why you shouldn't admire your work in a fight. Still epic tho
Jarvis Reeves
Jarvis Reeves:
What fight did they watch? Nate got bludgeoned for 25 min landed one KO shot and was too stupid to turn it into a TKO.
Elijah Miller
Elijah Miller:
i like how fair gils analysis is even though he rides with nate
Josh Dutczak YT
Josh Dutczak YT:
I was yelling at the television for sure!! "Put him the fucc away now!!"
Robby 911
Robby 911:
Everyone needs friends like Gilbert ❤️Nate Diaz Army all day everyday 💪🏾
Ben Goude
Ben Goude:
Chael never risks talking at the same time as his colleagues 😂 same mentality as fighting, "I can't let you get close"
Gregory OBrien
Gregory OBrien:
Oh man. That final minute was amazing.

Gilbert is such a cook guy. Hope he is on ESPN more.
El Cucuy
El Cucuy:
Nate spared Edwards 👊🏻🥋
Jonathan Castaneda
Jonathan Castaneda:
Chael just taking everything on so he can use it for his YouTube channel, well done
Tomi Adewole
Tomi Adewole:
Great win for Leon. We learned two things from this fight though:
1. Leon Edwards is not ready for King Usman. Not even close.
2. He may have lost this fight, but at the end of the Universe, it'll only be Nate Diaz standing
Nick Hayden
Nick Hayden:
It's truly impressive how good their cardio is.
A1 RB Battles
A1 RB Battles:
Respect to Nate for almost beating Leon. Almost doesn't equal a win tho, give Leon his roses the man made a mess of Nates face and was skillful and dominant in rounds 1-4. Hats off to both fighters
Iron Front
Iron Front:
Makes you wonder what would've happened with masvidal if the fight never got stopped for blood.
Yogi Jerry
Yogi Jerry:
why does uncle Chael always go from 0 to 1000kmh when he starts talking? 😂
Chris Matson
Chris Matson:
Another 30 seconds and Nate would have had him KOed!!
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez:
Chael great commentator.....✌🤘👌
Isaiha Beltran
Isaiha Beltran:
Usman mad af cuz now he gotta fight Colby again 😂😂😂
Where does Kevin Lee fit into all of this?
Nate won the real fight and in life! fans love em/ cheered loud af. Other dude got booood lol
Benn Daniel Vai
Benn Daniel Vai:
Chael "Mr I will leave the UFC forever" Sonnen
Karl M
Karl M:
Nate could reallu build momentum from this fight if he actually starts fighting regularly.
I’ve been watching boxing/mma since I was like 7 or 8 (22 now) and I’ve never got up out my seat like I did when Nate rocked Leon at the end he was OUT on his feet. Lol
Nichele Hubbs
Nichele Hubbs:
Nate won the fight what can I say lol
Rekta DaSoul
Rekta DaSoul:
For me nate win the fight!!!, 💯💯
Jay Hooks
Jay Hooks:
A fight to the death Nate always wins….. -Nate hold my CTE
Tony Gareth
Tony Gareth:
The Diaz bro’s are tough and I usually like them but it’s just excuse after excuse with them! It’s not cool and they need to stop. If there were 6 or 7 rounds maybe Nate wins, but it’s 5 rounds and Nate lost. That’s all there is to it. Of course the bro’s are crowd favorites because they’re tough and take a beating then come back and win or almost win. It is impressive but they are not champions, they’re just good fighters and entertainers.
Gilbert Melendez is my favorite commentator. He's always right on the money. PS, ONE HELLOFA FIGHTER‼️👊👊. Vinny 🇺🇸
I think if Leon takes the belt, you can arrange a rematch with Nate, it will be amazing
R. Gal
R. Gal:
Melendez with some great takes. It's perfect when analysts and commentators are fighters because they know what's going on.
Judges should have some martial arts experience too. I get they shouldn't necessarily be fighters because of conflict of interest but a little more insight into the game would help them a lot. Nevertheless, the sport is evolving.
This fight was crazy good....if nate rushed him he wouldve won at the end. Great Fight!! Leon put in that work! Nate is just a Legend!
Gavin C320
Gavin C320:
Fact is Leon rode out the round even though Diaz had a full minute, and by the looks of things would have got back up off that stool refreshed and ready to chop that leg again . Fair play to Nate tho
Net Speeds
Net Speeds:
Leon getting treated like Jon Fitch, he keeps winning... Yet it feels like he's coming off a loss
Andres DeLaTorre
Andres DeLaTorre:
Nate needs to be at 155
Danky Kang
Danky Kang:
Gilbert with some good insight. We arent lakimg for talent on the desk job thats for sure.
Tha Dude8536
Tha Dude8536:
If it was a fight to the death nate diaz would never lose 🤣
Rudy Escobar
Rudy Escobar:
El Nino...awesome to see him commentating.
johnny iyaoyas
johnny iyaoyas:
Diaz 4-6 in his last 10.... great entertainer tho....
Hollywoods Nightmare
Hollywoods Nightmare:
Nate got destroyed ... End of discussion ... Enough from the 🤡
So biased on the commentary Nate is tough but that's all
Jose Camara
Jose Camara:
Give Gilbert more air time..
Guitargentmick - TV
Guitargentmick - TV:
Gilbert is very well spoken and bi-lingual. He has a career in analyzing and commentating fights. A great great fighter in his day.
Ch Wilungchapbou
Ch Wilungchapbou:
Nate was born to be a start⭐️
Tom Trades
Tom Trades:
Gilbert is great on the panel
Brett Werner
Brett Werner:
Nate should just take the first couple rounds off and sit on the bench
Sean Frank
Sean Frank:
Nate blew it
I will pay all day for Diaz fights !
Michael Torrens
Michael Torrens:
Nate Diaz legend the most exciting fighter
Nate diaz even though he lost the fight gained so much more respect from that fight, what heart, true warrior with cast iron chin
Jimmy Le
Jimmy Le:
You know Colby gonna be making fun of Leon scissorhands for getting rocked by Nate
If Nate didn't hesitate with the mock then this fight would have been over! Absolutely gutted for Nate. What a fight!!
Mike N
Mike N:
Come on nate... U had it... Less pointing and more striking! I think you could've starched him... Great fight
Nate won that fight in my book , he needs 7 rnd fights and he will allways win
FunkyChildNino1976 StaySoundPeace
FunkyChildNino1976 StaySoundPeace:
Burt Gummer
Burt Gummer:
Nate always comes to fight
lekcin dr
lekcin dr:
panos kevre
panos kevre:
Sonnen reads a 200 page book loudly when he is sleeping.
Nick Basalyga
Nick Basalyga:
Has to be Tony vs Nate in a 10 round main event
Stockton slap always works to set up the cross
Saimon mówi TV
Saimon mówi TV:
Diaz the Man, one more round and he would won the fight
Darrick Hanks
Darrick Hanks:
In a sport where milliseconds make a huge difference I can’t help but think he might’ve won the fight if he didn’t stop and point. Hope to see him in the ring again soon
BigBass13 13
BigBass13 13:
Nate has leveled up as a gangster.
He would be king of the 8 round fights.
BYV Basser
BYV Basser:
Nate slapped him then rocked him, legendary
salty wolf
salty wolf:
I tell you what though conor is going to want this fight next
Alex M
Alex M:
Love the Diaz brothers, one more fight and Nate should retire.
Dan McClure
Dan McClure:
is it just me or did Melendez out point the other commentators for a 50 45 flawless victory?