Talking Challenge Accepted with Emilia Clarke!

Talking #ChallengeAccepted, acting, and philanthropy with Emilia Clarke!

Thank you so much to @Clinique for providing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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100+ comentarios:

Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare:
What did you guys think of this video / vlog?? Would you be interested in seeing more stuff like this? :)
Next challenge: flight attendant training
Lisa von Gartzen
Lisa von Gartzen:
"was it painfully obvious?"
😂😂😂 Never be apologetic for enjoying new and fancy things i guess😂🙌
who remembers when michelle never wore makeup, never did her hair and only had like 3 outfits! Girl you are killing it :D :D
Sophia Garcia Cortes
Sophia Garcia Cortes:
That's amazing!!! Emilia Clark's expressions are priceless. Her eyebrows are from another world. Love her. And love you challenge accepted videos.
Ellie Shields
Ellie Shields:
the notebook thing that Emilia does with her scripts makes so much sense and is really satisfying and smart to me
You can’t NOT smile when listening to her talk.
My Misc
My Misc:
Hey Michelle,
I think it would be interesting to see you try violin. Like I'm a violinist myself and I can say (I'm hella biased but still), it's probably one of the hardest instruments. The position and posture (bow hold, pressure, the weighted bow and how to accommodate to it, and posture in general) is unnatural. And, there are techniques for both the bow and the violin. meaning on a violin you can play double stops (thirds, sixths, octaves, and tenths are the "basic" ones), you can do vibrato, you can play quick notes, etc. With the bow itself, you can do so much. You can try a sautille, marcato, spicatto, stacato, legato, slur, hooked bow, ricochet, pizzicato, etc. There aren't many real violin pieces out there that don't incorporate at least a few of these bowings.
I recently rewatched your ballet video and that got me thinking about this, because even though violin isn't entirely physical growth (the posture does get tiring sometimes) it's a mental and emotional journey because the first few times sound like crap inevitably. It takes a lot to persevere through that mental block though
Miss Chi
Miss Chi:
I love how Michelle did not interrupt Emilia whilst she's explaining.
Mel of Winterfell
Mel of Winterfell:
I love that Emilia Clarke would be a nurse or doctor. I think her personality would make a great nurse. As a nurse myself it's so rewarding! I just love her so much!
Zokora von Yensloh
Zokora von Yensloh:
Emilia seemd like a very sweet and down to earth person. You did great while interviewing her!
Also first class people get free food while waiting??
Johanna xxx
Johanna xxx:
The laugh of Emilia Clarke is the cutest thing i've ever seen omg
Josh PaperDragon
Josh PaperDragon:
I'm so excited/happy for her and her whole squad. She works so hard. People that work with Michelle are the real winners here because she will add value to any project.
I feel like you asked her such great and interesting questions, sometimes i feel like intervewers ask very stupid questions but yours were truly great! And i bet that she felt the same way too!
mariposas blancas
mariposas blancas:
oh my....when he says "us normal people" "magical lounge" hahaha I died! :P
Her: I would shadow a neurologist......just to see what it takes to fix a brain.
Me: *in school to be a neuro surgeon*
Andrew Cho
Andrew Cho:
The thing with being this early is that there no good comments
Kassidy Dean
Kassidy Dean:
michelle grew so much after buzzfeed.. i love her
Danielle Morris
Danielle Morris:
Emilia Clarke you can come shadow me during one of my nursing shifts! Currently finishing up nursing school
nick smith
nick smith:
I feel like the next challenge accepted should be trying the piano, It is such a beautiful instrument and can do so much. As a self-taught pianist, I recommend it. Love the videos!
Alternate universe: quantum physicist Emilia Quark! (I saw I was early and Lepton the opportunity.)

Note: if you get both these jokes I LOVE you.
She’s living the dream
Tyler Holliday
Tyler Holliday:
No wayy. These two r like the same person with their positive energy
Girl- your interview was PERFECT. You let Ms. Clarke speak fully without interrupting or making too many annoying noises or laughs (lol)— you did incredibly. As always. Love watching you learn and do new things. Amazing!
Michelle: *talks*
Emilia: wOndErFul!👐
M:*keeps talking*
E: gOoD! 🙌GrEaT! 👏wOndErFuL👐AmAziNG!!
Ayyy any Game of Thrones fans??
Why do we need the sun when we have Emilia Clarke????? Her smile is just as bright and blinding LMAO
Emilia's smile is so cute....
I actually really appreciate the Clinique sponsor of this because I high key love their skin care routines and feel like they don’t get enough love.
Natascha Borgstein
Natascha Borgstein:
I can't believe two of the most genuine people on earth met each other! Such a great video and so happy for you, you and Emilia are both so incredible!
Emilia seems so lovely to be around, she lights up the room I feel like
Brooke Newport
Brooke Newport:
Can't believe you met the love of my life
George Ramos
George Ramos:
I have many fav celebs i like. But Emilia Clarke is just a whole other level. She' adorable.
Melia Rodrigues
Melia Rodrigues:
emilia clark seems like such a sweet person
This is absolutely spectacular. I'm so beyond excited you could share this with someone this awesome, as well as just have a chat with Emilia. She's so incredably talented and inspiring in the similar but differant way you are. Love seeing two powerhouse queens get together to chat. Thank you SO much for sharing, dude!
10110d batman
10110d batman:
*When your favorite youtuber goes to a place that you're going to but you remember that this video was not live:* "this is a sad day in London"
Aracy Ile
Aracy Ile:
Knowing Emilia Clark would like to be a doctor for a day makes me wanna study harder for my exams xD
Kae' Kirk
Kae' Kirk:
I saw the title and clicked so fast! Lol you met two GOT actors! Awesome !
Jonathan Darmawan
Jonathan Darmawan:
I'm jealous... My older brother took a trip with my mother back to Indonesia after his graduation and got upgraded to first class... Meanwhile when I graduated... (TT^TT)
Sunniva Haugseter
Sunniva Haugseter:
Oooooo try to be like a cloth designer, makup artist, that would have been so cool
Lisa von Gartzen
Lisa von Gartzen:
I am so so so excited for the play and didn't expect to hear anything about it beforehand but Emilias dedication paired with Jamie Lloyd is gonna be phenomenal😍 thank u for asking her about that, so interesting to hear
Hartejas Sekhon
Hartejas Sekhon:
Captain holt impression: oh damn
OH damn
Wet Mustard
Wet Mustard:
Do I have an emilia clarke addiction?

Danielle Morris
Danielle Morris:
I love how excited you are - that is exactly how i would have acted! I love Emilia Clarke and you!!!
this is insane! emilia clarke is one of my favourite people ever and you’re both so inspiring, i love you both so much omg what a collab <333
😂😂 I love how she is so excited for that candy.
Koby Gallington
Koby Gallington:
I love how the name Garret Kennel is the two double letters with an e inbetween and another set of double letters lol
I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look this happy in a video before 😂
c lwnny
c lwnny:
you killed that interview! and Emilia was great too, it seemed like she had a great time talking to you!
The Noobest Girl
The Noobest Girl:
10:45 but... but she's wearing makeup... 🤦🏻‍♀️
·. ̧ ̧.·ᒪᗩᘎᖇᗩ ➁➅o➀·. ̧ ̧.·
·. ̧ ̧.·ᒪᗩᘎᖇᗩ ➁➅o➀·. ̧ ̧.·:
You could have try to talk with her in *EYEBROWish*
Emilia Clarke just seems like such a lovely person! Well done Michelle with your interview!
NoNeck Jimmy
NoNeck Jimmy:
Next challenge: Direct a movie.
Abel Castillo
Abel Castillo:
Next Challenge: Not being in deep love with Emilia. IMPOSSIBLE
You two freaking out in first class is the best thing. Also, Emilia seems like such a genuinely kind and fun person, without any Hollywood fakeness.
Jackie Cunningham
Jackie Cunningham:
Emilia you're clever enough it just takes a lot of studying working and dedication you can do something in the medical field! :D
Living Listed
Living Listed:
Girl, you don’t deserve to get made fun of. You’re so kind.
Living Listed
Living Listed:
Emilia is such a beautiful, sexy, poised and engaging woman. 😍
Ground x48
Ground x48:
Note to self: complimentary toothbrushes are the way to Michelle’s heart
When they subtitle the English people 😂
Bracci Chiara
Bracci Chiara:
Hey I really like your videos they inspire me so much
I always wanted to meet you , you seem like such a great person
Lyrical Wilson
Lyrical Wilson:
You’re friends with MONICA? 😍 You’ve won my heart.
vague pack
vague pack:
Shit you came to London I live in London I could have met you 😪
10/10 For the lovely women.
Samie Lipsky
Samie Lipsky:
I’m SO jealous! But also I loved these questions and hearing her answers. This is so awesome!!!
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith:
Ooooh London and Emilia Clarke
Fariha Santi
Fariha Santi:
Could you do "I trained like a KPop star "
Florence Rozario
Florence Rozario:
Someone tell YouTube that this girl needs to be trendinggggg 😭😩😩❤️ sending love all the way ❤️
You did so great with the interview! Emilia seems like the sweetest person.
watched the hbo special with Conan O´Brian 1 hour ago with all the cast and the crew behind the show!the best of the Youtube with a mix of the best of Tv!great combo!
Hayden Rodriguez
Hayden Rodriguez:
Emilia Clarke’s laugh is the cure to my sadness today.
Anamaria Encica
Anamaria Encica:
you met...the LEGEND...I’m....SO JEALOUS
ahh i actually wanted to hear more about her desire to go back to medical school!
You’ve seriously come so far- you show that hard work and creativity can get you where you dream to go. Proud of you!
Emily Bridgett
Emily Bridgett:
That moment when THE Emilia Clarke and I do the same theatre prep for going off-script...
i’m so glad to see michelle’s growth😭
This is the best one of these “sponsored interview” things I’ve ever seen. I’ve never even seen this actor in anything before, but I loved the in depth details of her prep. She seems so smart and thoughtful.
Kylee Lawalin
Kylee Lawalin:
You should train like a professional swimmer
Haven’t seen you in a while

HAHAHA those crew member after the flight 😂
LOL they have subtitles for the British guy's accent.
ah jumma
ah jumma:
I really enjoy interviews of Emilia Clarke. She’s smart, a good conversationalist and you can really feel that she’s engaged with her interviewers.
Ava Wariner
Ava Wariner:
I think it would be cool if you tried pole vaulting! It’s something I’ve wanted to try but have never gotten the chance to. If you were to do a video on it maybe I would know if it was something I really wanted to do. Love your videos btw! 😃
"they were making fun of us" thats what u get when u come to London lmaooo
jc _vengenz
jc _vengenz:
I absolutely am in LOVE with Emilia Clarke and I could not stop smiling throughout your interview with her! She is so cute and seems so down to Earth! ☺️☺️

Great vlog and great video overall!! Keep up the great work, Michelle! I’ve only recently just gotten more invested in your videos! I can’t wait for the next one!!!😁😄
alex Nieuwland
alex Nieuwland:
u kinda look scary with you're demon laugh xD :) but love you anyway Michelle :D
Dinah Madelo
Dinah Madelo:
Jorge Conte
Jorge Conte:
I find it interesting how often you ask for other people's input on what you're doing, like here or on Phil's podcast
Jennifer Lol
Jennifer Lol:
omg i wish i had seen this earlier!! god i hate when i get logged out of my account! i love in england! i wish i could have met you!!!!!!! 😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️
Carla M
Carla M:
Ahhh this was so fun I felt like I was with y’all lol
Down Town
Down Town:
"what's your number one skin gaol" is that a ridiculous question or is it just me.
G S:
I loved the interview! You had great questions. Ps. Can I get that Clinique test for free ?? Lol
"my face is tired"
The Skin Geek
The Skin Geek:
I loved the excitement of you exploring the first class lounge! So real! They actually serve you food with real spoons.. not plastic sh*t! 🤯
may sadiah
may sadiah:
when she said "cute british school kids" o was like where
gervacio diego
gervacio diego:
I'm listening to this with my noise cancelling headphones and I can hear the plane. It doesn't work.
Sarah Zwieg
Sarah Zwieg:
You absolutely killed the interview! I hadn't heard her talk about her preparation before, kudos to you for bringing us something new!
That's exactly how excited I would be flyinf first class! Lol love how real and relatable you are 💜
am i the only one that found this so funny —> 4:22 (pause)