Taylor Swift - Beautiful Ghosts (From The Motion Picture "Cats" / Lyric Video)

Lyric video for ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ performed by Taylor Swift from the motion picture CATS.

Written by Taylor Swift & Andrew Lloyd Webber

Listen/ Download - https://TaylorSwift.lnk.to/BeautifulGhostsID
Cats coming soon to theaters everywhere


Music video by Taylor Swift performing Beautiful Ghosts (From The Motion Picture "Cats" / Lyric Video). © 2019 Universal Pictures, a division of Universal City Studios LLC, The Really Useful Group Limited and Taylor Swift, under exclusive licence to Polydor Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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Jana Lhemmons
Jana Lhemmons:
*The dislikes are all from Scooter's accounts.*
ramsay kate
ramsay kate:
so, let me get this straight... that annoying "catchy song" from the lego movie 2 made the oscars shortlist but this didn't?
Juhi K.
Juhi K.:
No one:

Taylor Swift: Chances (in a British accent)
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
The fact that Taylor Swift gave Francesa Hayward a private performance of this song and asked her if this song was okay for her to sing. That just show how thoughtful Taylor is.
maju braga
maju braga:
you can say whatever u want about cats, but this... this is perfect
CGI Future
CGI Future:
"all that I wanted, was to be wanted"

Every depressed person: *I FELT THAT*
You Can't Spell AwesoME Without ME!
You Can't Spell AwesoME Without ME!:
This is an underrated masterpiece, it deserves more recognition.
Why is nobody talking about the line "all that i wanted was to be wanted" is really similar to "when all you wanted was to be wanted" from fifteen
* theslmy *
* theslmy *:
Can we just *appreciate* the fact that Taylor has co-write this with Andrew Lloyd Webber , the CREATOR of "The Phantom of the Opera" as well as "Cats".
I mean, this is not just a beautiful song but also an *_iconic_* collaboration!!

Ram Pratap Singh Jadaun
Ram Pratap Singh Jadaun:
Whoever is reading this ,I know you want a live version of this song
She sounds like a princess....she is a princess. This song is giving me major disney movie vibes. I can just imagine her in a castle walking out onto the patio at night, and looking up at the star-filled sky as they are glistening, while blue light hues are casting on her and wind blows her hair and dress all while singing this song.👗 *What visuals do you see from this song?* 🎼💟
Emma H.
Emma H.:
This is honestly beautiful. No wonder she's being named artist of the year.
Dull Course
Dull Course:
So this is the Taylor who can't sing? Hmmm. They should clean their ears often.
Cats Trailer

This song
This movie should have just been Taylor singing and prancing around like a cat. She does playful and sad so well.
Fatma Mohammad
Fatma Mohammad:
“When all you wanted, was to be wanted” - Fifteen by Taylor Swift

“All that I wanted, was to be wanted” - beautiful ghosts by Taylor Swift

The last verse of "ghooooooost" at the end blew my wig off.
Sheryl Gold
Sheryl Gold:
Still mad that it didn't get shortlisted for the Oscars :(
Severino labrador
Severino labrador:
When I finished listening to the song, I approached my cat and hugged him so much that I began to cry, at that moment I thought about all the abandoned cats in the world and felt as if my cat was each one of those abandoned cats sending them my best energies to all of them and prayers
This song feels like the moment after a farewell hug. You know, when you feel the warmth of the other person slowly fading away and you try to keep this feeling of the hug as long as you can and you're about to cry, but at the same time, you hold on to the memory as much as it is possibly and this memory makes you smile, even if it hurts knowing that every second lets the memory fade more and more ... ? Does anybody know what I mean?
Jameine Del Rosario
Jameine Del Rosario:
It's like a music straight from a princess movie of Disney

Edit: omg mama I'm famous now!
Andy Kang
Andy Kang:
They really should've put this song in the main trailer.
It’s nice to hear her singing something different from her pop, she really has a beautiful voice ❤️
tony hill
tony hill:
Taylor Swift will be remembered as one of the greatest singers of the 21st century - stunning
Katie Knighton
Katie Knighton:
Me and my mom watched this movie today and I don't care what anybody says we loved it. Everything about it was amazing!!!!!!! And I think Victoria and Mr. Mistoffelees both as a couple and as characters were very adorable. If some of you don't agree with me then that's fine but please respect my opinion. It was a very awesome movie and me and my mom want to see it again.
Odlotowy Balkon
Odlotowy Balkon:
The fact Scooter stole all of her life's work is horrible, and the music industry acts like nothing have happened
Freezy - ly
Freezy - ly:
Taylor swift is a gifted artist and that is well captured in this song, to think she literally made a song that perfectly replicated the style of a musical made 20+ years ago. I mean when Francesca sang it in the movie I actually thought this was a part of the original musical. Thinking about it brings me chills.
Thinking about how this totally would've gotten an Oscar if the Cats movie wasn't horrible
This is the most beautiful and touching song about the homeless, the rejected and the left behind since Ralph McTell’s ‘’Streets of London’’.
Joey Jackson
Joey Jackson:
I’m smelling an Oscar for best Original Song
Beth White
Beth White:
I'm not a TS fan... and I'm A HUGE Cats fan... and I will admit I was prepared to hate this song. But I can't - it's sweet and beautiful. It touched my heart and made me want to cry. I'm sure it will blend in with the musical wonderfully.
Blanca Martinez
Blanca Martinez:
Taylor is a queen of a story Tellers...great songwritter
Russell Morgan
Russell Morgan:
I listened to this song in my car on a Saturday afternoon while waiting for my wife. It captured me in a way I have never felt I was captivated and had to hear it again,to be honest I have to admit that ,Taylor swift really does bring this beautiful song to life in a way that haunts me to the point I can't stop playing it. I've not seen the film and have been told I would be disappointed maybe, But this song, I am not a composer,but this song to me is such a classic and miss swift should consider singing classical her voice at least for this song holds such sweet innocence and this song will outlive the show and be played across the corridors of time forever. Miss swift you chose well.
شمس منتصر محمد
شمس منتصر محمد:
I like how the armys (bts fans) are so cute with the swifties and they support Taylor

tommos mendes
tommos mendes:
a strong woman with a 13 year old career, scooter might have her songs but she has us, swifties💗
August Mason
August Mason:
If you don’t think Taylor is f***ing incredible you’re so wrong and I’m so sorry about that
Lala Laiq
Lala Laiq:
This gave me goosebumps. This song is so beautiful and Taylor sounds angelic.
If anyone can get a wonderful song about being a cat.....that would be miss swift 😊
2008: *When all you wanted was to be wanted*
2019: *All that I wanted was to be wanted*
Jake Rebualos
Jake Rebualos:
Another masterpiece that thankfully Scooter Braun couldn’t own.
dude Xoxoxo
dude Xoxoxo:
How is this not shortlisted for the Oscars it’s better than Lion king and Frozen 2 songs hope it get the GG win at least.
Nurlaila Mudzfar
Nurlaila Mudzfar:
Ppl : Ariana have the best vocal
Beautiful Ghost : Am I a joke to you?
Ali Reza
Ali Reza:
Her voice fits disney movies pretty well.
Ruchira Sharma
Ruchira Sharma:
Who is here after this song got nominated for golden globe awards..? 👇

Taylor is a real queen.. 💗
Vrinda Bansal
Vrinda Bansal:
It has such a peter pan feel to it. magic and innocence and something beautiful forgotten...... This is how I feel while listening to this song
Wesley Ruby
Wesley Ruby:
"All that I wanted was to be wanted" is So SIMILAR to hear song "Fifteen"
Kent Danver Maniego
Kent Danver Maniego:
Who came here after knowing that the song was nominated for Golden Globes?
M J:
Who’s here after this got a golden globes nomination?
Nicole Rina
Nicole Rina:
Rita Khayat
Rita Khayat:
This voice. Those lyrics. The emotion in her singing. She’s incredible.
Nayra Coculo
Nayra Coculo:
I honestly have no words to describe how I felt listening to this masterpiece.
Jason Swift
Jason Swift:
Taylor will win the golden globe and academy awards for this beautiful song.
Juliana Góes
Juliana Góes:
This is one of her most beautiful songs. She's so talented
Nur Peach
Nur Peach:
I didn't imagine she'd be so amazing at this style of music. She HAS TO do a whole album of songs like this!
Joshua Fagan
Joshua Fagan:
Taylor can make her voice so breathy and dreamy when she wants to.
leigh gibbard
leigh gibbard:
This song sounds like something from Les Miserables
Sofia Hall
Sofia Hall:
“when all you wanted was to be wanted” - fifteen
“ all that u wanted was to be wanted” - beautiful ghosts
Wonpil’s Piano
Wonpil’s Piano:
I have a feeling a movie named 'CATS' is Taylor's happy place.
Daniela K
Daniela K:
Congrats to Taylor for her Golden Globe nomination for this song! I hope you'll win Taylor
Amira A blink
Amira A blink:
We stan a legend. She can literally slay every genre you'll ask. Those people who says she cant sing or she isn't amazing are probably deaf
Brian Cheng
Brian Cheng:
This is the best song I've heard from Taylor Swift in a long time.
Nguyễn Hồng Sơn
Nguyễn Hồng Sơn:
This song is so underrated
Jasmine Lepelaar
Jasmine Lepelaar:
Anyone else noticed that she's trying to sing in a British accent?
Not Serious Sirius
Not Serious Sirius:
I was really disappointed when this gorgeous song wasn't nominated for Oscar 😢😢😢
she’s so versatile, i never think that Taylor would write a Broadway type of song. We have no choice but to stan!
Layla Blackwell
Layla Blackwell:
Who else was crying when this song came on in cats😭😭😭
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn:
This clearly wasnt written for a singer who could sustain notes. The phrasing ends with long note in almost every line which is not only boring, but shows the librettist, lyricist, isnt thinking about how a broadway singer would sing this.
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn:
Also Taylor's is struggling hard through this song
Luka Lakicevic
Luka Lakicevic:
Give her the Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Original Song!! 💙💛
high note at the end ended scott and scooter
LPS Earth
LPS Earth:
Who’s here after watching Cats?
Lauren Rodriguez
Lauren Rodriguez:
WhAt a beautiful song
Ayel Orendain
Ayel Orendain:
She sounds like shes crying a bit and lonely, the lyrics are beautiful, she really is talented.
Krystal Garza
Krystal Garza:
When all you wanted was to be wanted...
Sassy Weeb Queen
Sassy Weeb Queen:
There’s something magical with Taylor Swift’s voice in this song like a beautiful Disney Princess not fit in with other people
Anônima Aminôna
Anônima Aminôna:
A Taylor tem uma linda voz
(Não entendi nada da música ksks)
Enrique C.
Enrique C.:
"All that you wanted
was to be wanted,
never to wander London streets
alone and haunted.
All your memories of pain let them go
and you'll dance with these beautiful ghosts".
underrated masterpiece! the lyrics, the crescendo at the end, the delivery of the lines. she’s perfect in this song and we paid it dust.
Maya Garrett
Maya Garrett:
I really hope we get a carpool karaoke out of the movie, Taylor and James are literally on set together for hours
Who Cares
Who Cares:
I think people don't realise how much a big deal it is that Taylor wrote a song with THE Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Heena Naz
Heena Naz:
I listen to mostly rock songs but this is one of my favourite songs ever by any artist. Such a beautiful, soul touching song. I must say Miss Swift is one such amazingly talented woman! ❤️
Luke Godin
Luke Godin:
Taylor swift is my favorite artist I love her music. Every time I hear a song like this one. I think i wanted was to be wanted. I ask that question to myself every day of my life
Georgi Kukumakov
Georgi Kukumakov:
And the Golden Globe for the best original song goes to “ Beautiful ghosts” by Taylor Swift!
Queen TS
Queen TS:
Golden Globe goes to Taylor Swift
J S:
It’s really nice that Scooter can’t own this masterpiece
Rachna Bohra
Rachna Bohra:
When i listen this song with high volume and eyes closed ...i usually get lost in a strange world.

It keeps my mind calm
Hearing this song in the middle of the night is so great 🇻🇳
I actually adopted a cat after hearing this in theaters. It just made me so sad.
Taylor and Andrew created a beautiful song. Loved Taylor singing this in the movie, Cats.
بطاط اخضر
بطاط اخضر:
The dislike are probably from scooter braun and Justin Bieber .
Dylan Sosa
Dylan Sosa:
I don't understand why this masterpiece didn't get an oscar nomination.
Swine of America Trump
Swine of America Trump:
3:50 it’s what you came here for. You’re welcome.
Princesse A
Princesse A:
This is beautiful 😭 her voice is perfect..

Edit: i just saw an interview when they played the melody to taylor, she wrote the lyrics right then and there... it gave me goosebumps, i feel like a proud mum and im younger than taylor lol.. thats freaking real talent!!!!
Oh My Darling
Oh My Darling:
This makes me think of Will, Jem, and Tessa from The Infernal Devices and I'm not okay 😭😭
Eva Luna Billie
Eva Luna Billie:
Ok Taylor needs to sing more musical like songs this is stunning xx
Jassi Oye
Jassi Oye:
Who here after this song has been nominated for GOLDEN GLOBE

Including me-
Its really beatifull
A very smol bean
A very smol bean:
POV: a starving girl on the streets meets a bunch of ghosts of people who also starved while being homeless. She dances with them each night before she becomes one of them.
I love and admire Taylor since I was 4th grade (I'm 11th grade now) I wanted to learn English because of her songs, her image cause as you can see Taylor is a perfect role model. She's like a sister for me and I'll support her even if I get older. Her songs give me strength and I hope ,someday, I can be a light to somebody :')
Justin Gaming Rosqueta
Justin Gaming Rosqueta:
All that i wanted was to be wanted so i can be arrested.