Taylor Swift – hoax (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “hoax” – off her album ‘folklore.’
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100+ comentarios:

I'm pretty certain this is going to be the album of the decade, it's come at a really important time. You can't fault any song. It's complex, layered, emotional, beautiful, personal and perfect. It's music to save us from a world covered in pain.
Chau Vuong Minh
Chau Vuong Minh:
I know that a lot of people consider this to be the worst song on folklore but this song is just so magical and beautifully written. ... Where are my hoax stans at????
Edit: You can see that this is the least appreciated song in the fandom. This was the first song to leave the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was the lowest charting song of folklore on said chart in its first week. It's also the least talked about on social media and one of the least viewed lyric videos of this album on YouTube.
Hoax honestly deserves better
Sofia Gee Guban
Sofia Gee Guban:
Unpopular Opinion: This song is underrated.
This is the saddest song on folklore hands down
Mo Nete
Mo Nete:
I'll admit. I've never been her fan. Not because I have some vendetta against her, I don't, it's just her music isn't my cup of tea. I checked her music videos from time to time, but then I would just think the song was okay and I'd move on with my life. But the news of new album sparked my curiosity and when it dropped, I checked it and oh boy am I happy I did. This is the kind of music I love. The nostalgia for something I've never experienced. Sadness with a soft undertone of joy. This album has some Price & Prejudices kind of vibe. Countryside during beautiful golden fall. I love all of the songs on the album, no skips at all. My favorite songs are The 1, Exile, Invisible String, this is me trying and hoax. 10/10 recommended.
Eileen F
Eileen F:
Reputation: an album for night
Lover: an album for day
Folklore: an album for bed time
Casey Martin
Casey Martin:
Next up. Taylor writes a book. And we all live for it.
Folklore is Taylor Swifts Magnum Opus!
Alonso Galde
Alonso Galde:
unpopular opinion: this is the best song on folklore
cute lazy panda
cute lazy panda:
This album has no bad songs.
Upscale Avenue
Upscale Avenue:
*This is Me Trying:* "Pulled the car off the road to the lookout, could've followed my fears all the way down."

*Hoax:* "Stood on the cliffside, screaming, 'give me a reason.'"

Am I the only one who understands what these lyrics are implying?
Can someone send me a tutorial on how to stop crying after listening to this song.
Kindly Help me Reach 16k Subs with videos
Kindly Help me Reach 16k Subs with videos:
"People say Taylor Swift has only american fans"

Like if you are not American

Breonna Plants
Breonna Plants:
When I first listened to this song, I didn't really have any feelings. It wasn't until I listened to it a few more times that I truly started to understand how intense it is. When she says, "I stood on the cliffside screaming give me a reason" it makes my skin get goosebumps. And, "You know it still hurts underneath my scars from where they pulled me apart" makes my eyes sting. You can hear the hurt in her voice, its chilling. It's hand down one of the best songs on Folklore
saad mollaei
saad mollaei:
"I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" 
"Oh, 'Cause She's Recording folklore"
Dhaval Patel
Dhaval Patel:
If her 1st album was Innocence,
Fearless was Self-Discovery,
Speak Now was Bravery and Breaking the mold,
Red was Crimson Passion,
1989 was Reinvention and Youth,
Reputation was Fiery Rage and Revenge,
and Lover was Inner Bliss,

Folklore is Melancholy...
Sagittarius Warrior
Sagittarius Warrior:
imagine listening to folklore album while sitting in a bus on a rainy day.
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart:
This song hurts my soul. It's one of the saddest songs she's ever written
Trushita Deshmukh
Trushita Deshmukh:
This song is truly close to my heart. For me it means, "Give me a reason", to take a leap of faith on the Cliffside. You know this person is going to be your ruination, you know what the ending of the movie is, as stated in exile. But you wouldn't take the pain and blues for anyone but them. And that's the beauty of Taylor's lyricism. Everyone can relate to it, but in different ways.
Noor Swift
Noor Swift:
Taylor Swift is the only artist who can write a song about something that she may never even experienced it but still hit you in the heart
Elmer Flores
Elmer Flores:
Paper Rings: "I'm with you even if it makes me blue"

Hoax: "Don't want an other shade of blue but you" / "No other saddess in the world would do"

Blue is the color of saddess.

When you realize Taylor kept her word by saying "I'm with you even if it makes me blue".
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin:
Her closing tracks are superior:

Long Live
Begin Again

Kimi Randhawa
Kimi Randhawa:
Imagine being so tasteless and disliking this masterpiece? Cannot relate
Put A Little More
Put A Little More:
I’m actually surprised that this song is the least popular in Folklore - the melancholy melody, the vivid imagery given by the lyrics. I’ve been playing this on repeat.
Kat T
Kat T:
I think this song is about someone who has recently been through an awful betrayal or loss and the person this song is about was there to help her get through it. Just when she lets down her guard and starts to trust them, they end up hurting her as much or more than what they helped her get through but because of her trauma she is holding on and ignoring it because she doesn’t want to lose more than she already has.
It's not true, but my personal opinion is that if the previous version of "Lover" had an extremely American color, this album "Folkler" has a dark and humid British flavor.
Elizabeth Borg
Elizabeth Borg:
Manager: How small do you want the lyrics? Taylor: yes
Olivia rao
Olivia rao:
My fav moment is when she sings "" my kingdom come undone.""". sounds sooo pure
Phương Hà
Phương Hà:
I have just realized that in The 1, the lyrics starts with "I", and in this song, the lyrics ends with "do". Is it an easter egg or more than it??
Kavya Desai
Kavya Desai:
So no one is going to talk about
My broken drum
You have BEATEN my heart.

Whyyyyyy is no one talking about this line.
Khader Basha Mohamed
Khader Basha Mohamed:
An epiphany: Taylor's Cardigan has 6 stars representing her 6 albums and the word "scars" representing her, post record label feud, the line "it still hurts underneath my scars when they pulled me apart"-as to how they pulled her music away from her as if they had righteous authority over it!! DAMN HER MIND!!
04 23
04 23:
I think this is what's best about Taylor: her raw, delicate, emotions, writing and voice filling her songs and her.
Marvel Tuber
Marvel Tuber:
Everyone is like this album is for bed time or a rainy day with a cup of coffee in your hand.... But man, how come i am listening to this every minute of the day since it was released
Iah Fabular
Iah Fabular:
this song is very underrated.

but this one is my favorite 🖤
Dany Herrera
Dany Herrera:
Don't tell my metalhead friends I'm here
This song is sooo beautiful. I will never understand a person not considering it lyrically poignant and melodically calm, painful, soothing..it's lyrics r def. The saddest on folklore. It's just amazing. It does deserves appreciation. And i am here to appreciate it👏👏👏👏👏💜
Gabriella DaSilva
Gabriella DaSilva:
I wasn't a huge fan of Taylor until I came across this album and WOW I have been missing out!
Muaviz Mushtaq Shah
Muaviz Mushtaq Shah:
How my life during quarantine us:

-Wake up
-Listen to Folklore
-Remember someone special
i hate myself-
i hate myself-:
Folklore doesn't need Grammy, Grammy needs Folklore 👌

Agree swifties?
Jovan Bradley
Jovan Bradley:
stood on the cliffside screaming, "give me a reason" your faithless love is the only hoax I believe in. woah, this is deep. I don't know why I love only deep songs? maybe because my whole life is deep.
This song is too underrated. Where are the Swifties?
Shelly P
Shelly P:
The line "dont want no other shade of blue but you, no other sadness in the world would do" is such a comforting line, its sad, but its hopeful and with a undertone of joy ..its beautiful, and moreover the piano just adds to this.... its my favorite line
Am not a Taylor Swift fan, but I am listening to random songs in Spotify and this song played. It speak right through me and hit my heart.
Karen Gómez.
Karen Gómez.:
the most underrated song in this album
shrilla aditri
shrilla aditri:
1989: I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me🔥🔥

Rep: my castle crumbled overnight 😣

Folklore: my kingdom come undone🔥🔥

She is a magician 💝
bakhtawar 1
bakhtawar 1:
I love the part near the end where shes like "my only one my kingdom come undone my broken drum you have beaten my heart"
Rowan Magee
Rowan Magee:
This one is the most track 5 out of all the songs on folklore
Ashe Diana
Ashe Diana:
I don’t know what Taylor’s meaning behind this one was, but as folklore tradition goes we take the stories we are told and we find our own meaning and tell them in our own way. To me this one cuts deep, it’s resonates as someone who has been in an abusive/narcissistic relationship and now is on the edge of a cliff, addicted to the pain and unable to find any solace in life without them now they have abandoned them. Even though you know how twisted they were. The love was a hoax, it made you blue beyond belief, but now blue is the only colour that makes you feel anything. This one speaks to my shattered heart the loudest.
The bridge is perfect. Lowkey the best bridge on the album
Lina Shiling
Lina Shiling:
Am I the only one that felt it so deep that almost cried?
Martín X. Flores Rodríguez
Martín X. Flores Rodríguez:
honestly this is devastating
Grace Garrigan
Grace Garrigan:
This is my favorite song off of Folklore- I am concerned for my mental stability
Dexter Estiola
Dexter Estiola:
We just wanted a selfie or something like that and she gave us a whole damn album we-
Legolas Greenleaf
Legolas Greenleaf:
1:58 that is almost exactly a lyric from a Louis Tomlinson song (can't remember which one). Why is everybody leaving parts in NY?
Booboo Kitty
Booboo Kitty:
Growing up through the years I’ve had plenty of “Standing on the cliff side screaming, give me a reason” moments but never gave up. I believe we’ve all been there at one time or another, just don’t give up because things can get better. My favorite song on the entire album.
Lucía Gianneschi
Lucía Gianneschi:
So hauntingly beautiful. I get chills every time.
Ngọc Điệp Lại
Ngọc Điệp Lại:
The phrase "make a bad song" doesn't exist in Taylor's dictionary.
anastasia bloom
anastasia bloom:
this whole album is “sitting by a foggy window sipping tea on a rainy august night, with a cat curled in your lap while you read french poetry wearing a cardigan” kind of vibe.
*_"Don't want another shade of blue but you, no other sadness in the world would do''_* no matter how simple they might seem, these are some of the most magical lyrics she's ever written 😢😢
Angeline Bena
Angeline Bena:
The hoax is that Taylor has written a whole album and I can’t even remember the lyrics
Amilyn Santos
Amilyn Santos:
This song really touched my heart
i love the landscapes in the background of the lyric videos, they fit perfectly and are so aesthetic! <3
gloria campos
gloria campos:
this is so delicate.
Amber Bautista
Amber Bautista:
Director : How small do you want the lyrics?
Taylor: YES
No one realized but Folklore starts with "I" ( in the 1) and ends with "do" in the hoax. SHE´S GETTING MARRIED
Khanu Struffgold
Khanu Struffgold:
I know that piano was playing throughout the song but it hits different at 3:14
I love Seungmin of SKZ
I love Seungmin of SKZ:
I wish those lyrics aren't happening to her current relationship.
Ginger Morris
Ginger Morris:
I the think that this song is about someone falling for a person who doesn't really love her, so she wants to jump off a cliff
Freyaaa Frey
Freyaaa Frey:
I wish taylor will never get old, i'll never get tired listening to all of her songs again and again..
Ralph Santiago
Ralph Santiago:
it still hurt underneath my scars when they pulled me apart - i felt that
Valeria Alcántara
Valeria Alcántara:
Now I would like to watch a homemade documentary of Taylor writing all the songs👀 I hope somehow it exists...
I swear every single song of hers could easily stand as a poem
The Gem
The Gem:
This whole album sounds like rainy evenings.
izzy d
izzy d:
Extremely popular opinion: hoax deserves better- it’s amazing
PUBG Goonies
PUBG Goonies:
Some would say that if you pause this song in the middle , you'll leave it at a cliffhanger...
I'm not even Swiftie but this song makes me see her in new light. I love how raw the emotion of this song is
This is Taylor Swift's world and we're just living on it.
not much of a fan of taylor swift, ive listened to her music and ive only actively enjoyed a few but i gotta say that i really love folklore. the vocals aren't amazing belts and runs but in this case it doesn't give off a feeling of something missing because the production and lyrics are so outstanding at telling the stories and conveying the complex emotions of each song and have i mentioned i love folklore
Muaviz Mushtaq Shah
Muaviz Mushtaq Shah:
Whenever Taylor sings
She sing with her full emotions...
And that's the best part of her...
Zak Stroker
Zak Stroker:
This is a side of her I haven’t seen. My new favorite songs? All of Folklore
Jenn Truong
Jenn Truong:
So touching and honest and raw- what a masterpiece
E G:
When scooter and Scott tried to rip off Taylor. They pulled her apart
truthseeker214 Awake
truthseeker214 Awake:
Anyone else thinks that her songs are rlly deep and can relate
amrapali shende
amrapali shende:
This album is a MASTERPIECE!
sergi ,
sergi ,:
that’s how you close an album!
To everyone worrying about her relationship, don't be worried! On Instagram, she said they're all fictional or from her past or are composites of fiction/experience. Nothing to indicate they're about her current relationship/life. ^_^ She titled the album 'folklore' for that very reason. everything's fine!
Jackie's Makeup Paradise!
Jackie's Makeup Paradise!:
I absolutely love having a full record of Taylor's lower register 😍
Skylee Allen
Skylee Allen:
I cry when this song comes on it is just so heartfelt to me and in some way very special, I appreciate this song so much it makes me feel comforted when I am alone for some odd reason, and I have to say it is one of my favorites. To me the lyric " on the cliffside screaming give me a reason" relates to me since I have been going through very tough times and I always listen to this when I am upset, and it helps me.. <3<3
This song makes me think of being completely, hopelessly consumed by a toxic lover. Your own heart keeps you a prisoner💔
Don’t want no other shade of blue but you...
Beatriz Vasconcélos
Beatriz Vasconcélos:
hoax: “don’t want no other shade of blue, but you”
delicate: “oh damn never seen that color blue”
dancing with our hands tied: “deep blue but you painted me golden”
red: “losing you was blue like i’ve never know”
cruel summer: “and it’s blue, the feeling i’m getting”
miss americana: “we're so sad, we paint the town blue”
paper rings: “i'm with you even if it makes me blue”
gorgeous: “ocean blue eyes looking in mine”
Henan ASMR
Henan ASMR:
My friends: You okay? Me: Yeah, I’m fine. My headphones: Taylor Swift - All Too Well 0:35 ━❍──────── -5:32 ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺ VOLUME: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 100%
top 3 songs on folklore

illicit affairs
Rithvika Govindan
Rithvika Govindan:
Red - Autumn
Reputation - Winter
1989 - Summer
Folklore - Monsoon
Lover - Spring
June Nineteen
June Nineteen:
This song made me in tears. The lyrics hits deep
Aira Gamboa
Aira Gamboa:
She really be saving my mental health this 2020
Jindo Gaming
Jindo Gaming:
mood: siiting beside the window looking up the skies alone, a coffee in hand.
so magical.
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi:
Imagine listening to it while sitting on a bench on rainy day