Taylor Swift - the 1 (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “the 1” – off her album ‘folklore.’
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100+ comentarios:

Kyle Polo
Kyle Polo:
Life’s too short to pretend you don’t like Taylor Swift
Just realized it's coins in the picture not lights😂
Georgina Kreutzer
Georgina Kreutzer:
This entire album makes me miss people I've never met and feel homesick for places I've never been.
h e e r
h e e r:
This is not just an album, this is a feeling of nostalgia and maturing! agree with me?
Donna Jones
Donna Jones:
She's 30. New career direction. This is the real Taylor. She's paid her dues and can do anything now.
This woman wrote a whole album in Quarantine, I could'nt even finish a puzzle.
Florimar casarez
Florimar casarez:
This is the perfect song to realize that you’ve met the right person at the wrong time 🥺
Sam Kathryn
Sam Kathryn:
Taylor Swift—Sweet
Speak Now—Confidence
grace walrace
grace walrace:
this album isn’t taylor releasing songs. this is a woman writing poetry. this is her personal feelings that somehow everyone relates too. that’s art.
Farhana Khan
Farhana Khan:
“Taylor Swift only has American fans”

Like if you’re from Mars
Audrey Zeng
Audrey Zeng:
Everyone’s saying life is too short to pretend you don’t like Taylor but you shouldn’t be ashamed to like her in the first place. I’m tired of people putting down popular pop artists, and thinking their music taste is superior bc they listen to indie artists and classic rock. People can like whatever they want and Taylor is such a goddess. Just bc you say you don’t like Taylor and popular pop artists does not make you better, I am EMBARSSSED for you if you think that way.
Well, you know, I'm 52 and a Beatlemaniac. I never cared much for modern pop music, with very few exceptions. I read some excellent reviews of this album and thought I'd give it a go (always nice to expand one's horizons). I have to say that I love it. This is serious stuff, and not a flashy pop song in sight. I notice that Swift made Rolling Stone's top 100 songwriters of all time, at the age of (get this) 25 -- an enormous accolade. Well done, Miss Swift. I can't stop listening.
Gitanjali Rajput
Gitanjali Rajput:
“Taylor has only human fans”
Like if you are a potato
Carissa R.
Carissa R.:
“You meet some woman on the internet and take her home”
Early 2000s vibes
I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift. I don't care for the music she made before now, but this album... wow. What a refreshing change.
Didik Achmadi
Didik Achmadi:
This is sad and nostalgic but not desperate and dark, sad but peace & mature.
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan:
"You know the greatest films of all time were never made"
Literally Gateway Car, Cornelia Street, Cruel Summer, All too Well, Exile
Patrice Tan
Patrice Tan:
this album just hits different, lyrically speaking. if you’re like me, someone who does not listen to alternative songs so much, you might not like folklore at the first glance. i know i didn’t. but keep listening, and study the lyrics. this woman of the decade is a genius. she poured out her heart, her experiences, her aches, her struggles, her imaginations, her hope, her anxiety, and most importantly her love into the lyrics in this album. once i understand the meaning of the songs, i fell in love with folklore and now it’s been over a month but i just can’t stop replaying all of the songs.

#1 the 1 opens up with a cheery, somewhat upbeat/hearty tone. it’s just the perfect intro to open the album. “if one thing had been different, would everything be different today?” i often find myself questioning the same thing for the turns of events that happened in my life.
Suditi Gautam
Suditi Gautam:
t a y l o r
s w i f t
i s
l e g e n d
mdlynn J
mdlynn J:
The whole album is dedicated as if you’re sipping a hot coffee during winter season
Ella Dan
Ella Dan:
"...and if you wanted me you really should've showed."

this line just hits different when you had someone in your life that told you that they value you but show the complete opposite. I got out of the relationship because I felt a lot of uncertainties and he never gave me reassurance.. but to this day.. i kinda hope he would come back. but then, I know I shouldn't wait for someone who's unsure about me.
Geeta saini
Geeta saini:
producer: how small do you want the lyrics to look

taylor : yesss
This song almost makes me wanna sing this to my ex but he doesn't deserve it. Its actually Exile that will work
b liz
b liz:
honestly, this song hits different when you just broke up with someone you really thought was "the one" and even tho you both are being mature about it, the "what if" still persists
David Koini
David Koini:
This isn't Taylor being sad, this is Taylor finally being herself.
R D:
Whoever hit the dislike button must have done it accidentally. That’s the only explanation I’ll accept.
Karuna Chettri
Karuna Chettri:
She wrote a whole album in this quarantine and all I do is just sleep and stalk on my phone😌😅
Puja Singh
Puja Singh:
Taylor also has Indian fans

We can prove
Your awesome
Your awesome:
I am so proud to be a fan of Taylor Swift. She has really evolved and Folklore sounds so rich and cohesive, its a true masterpiece
Kimi Randhawa
Kimi Randhawa:
At this point she's just writing poetry.
Jasper Paul Villoso
Jasper Paul Villoso:
Imagine if this had a music video
Khudaija Siddiqui
Khudaija Siddiqui:
“Taylor only has American fans”

Like if you're a mirrorball
Hinata Shoyo
Hinata Shoyo:
"In my defense
I have none
For a sec I thought I've heard this phrase somewhere , then it dawned on me , the lyrics of the song ME!
" You know that I went psycho on the phone ,
Marina Ch.
Marina Ch.:
I just realised this kind of glitter is "pennies in the pool".
I just saw there are some similar comments too lol
She knows we’re all poor so she uploaded them to YouTube for free

Calmest song- Hoax
Saddest song- Epiphany
Most romantic song- The Lakes
Most important song- Mad woman
Aesthetically arousing song- The Last American Dynasty
Most gorgeous song- Cardigan
Most honest song- Seven

THE SONG- Exile>>>>>>>>
Music Covers
Music Covers:
Taylor's quarantine is more productive than my who life.
la vie en rose
la vie en rose:
ok, so hear me out, i think "the one" is a continuation of the song she wrote called "better man." in better man, she sings "you would've been the one if you were a better man," and she sings the same thing here: "but it would've been fun if you could've been the one." in another lyric, she says "and if my wishes came true, it would've been you." AND in better man, she also says "i just miss you and i just wish you were a better man." thoughts?
Seema Dhandar
Seema Dhandar:
Joe watching this be like : 👁️👄👁️
Flora D.A.P
Flora D.A.P:
Life's too short to pretend u don't like TAYLOR SWIFT
Please 1,000 Subscribers With Comments Challenge
Please 1,000 Subscribers With Comments Challenge:
Just imagine how many people visit here
ever day
I pray who ever reads this become successful
hell X roasting
hell X roasting:
if this album does not make it up to grammy nothing is left in the world
Tomoe Nanami
Tomoe Nanami:
listening to taylor while doing my assignment while it's raining is the best vibe
Jasmine Kaur
Jasmine Kaur:
this feels like a sequel to back to december
Mahesh upadhyay official
Mahesh upadhyay official:
Taylor Swift has millions of international Fans, not only Americans,
We can prove here
Ches Velasco
Ches Velasco:
One of the best opener of an Album..
Wla Lng
Wla Lng:
Taylor Swift - the innocent girl
Fearless - the confident girl
Speak Now - the sweet girl
Red - the girl in love
1989 - the party girl
reputation - the bad girl
Lover - the lover girl
folklore -/ the genius girl
Andrea Statler
Andrea Statler:
Is anyone else SO STOKED for her re-recording her earlier albums?? Her voice has done nothing but matured, she has more control and I’m curious if she will reimagine some of them... can not wait!
Logical Programming
Logical Programming:
Taylor swift has so many fans in India 🇮🇳 guys let her know we want a concert
Miera Writes
Miera Writes:
"Do something productive."

Taylor: writes an album
Me: listen to taylor's songs and sleep
Helen R.
Helen R.:
This song is one of those that you swear was written about you. The lines "In my defense I have none, for never leaving well enough alone" and "We were something don't you think so?" just punched me right in the heart. There's just something about the feel, that it hits you deep down and there's so much nostalgia. Taylor nailed my 35 year relationship and divorce in just a few lines.
Simran Shah
Simran Shah:
This makes me feel sad, happy, forgiving, lonely, calm, and so many other feelings I’ve never felt before....
na .19
na .19:
This album is the definition of “I’m okay”
Gitanjali Rajput
Gitanjali Rajput:
“Taylor has only human fans”
Jithendra Sai
Jithendra Sai:
The old Taylor is back!"

She never left.
Edit : ok 1.7k people says "she never left".
Mariana Batista
Mariana Batista:
taylor: "in my defense i have none
me: poetic
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin:
This has to become a movie soundtrack
Himani Ray
Himani Ray:
How small you want the lyrics to be written on the lyric video?
Taylor: Yes!
James Wu
James Wu:
This song got us missing all our imaginary exes 🤣🤧😪
Chloé C
Chloé C:
I can't believe everyone was listening cardigan and Taylor was uploading the whole album
unknownRB 7414
unknownRB 7414:
The whole album really feels soooooo nostalgic.
Catalina Pérez
Catalina Pérez:
I used to have this crush on this guy, I was 8 and he was 12, he was my best friend's brother. I realised my feelings for him when I was 16, nothing ever happened between us. Today on my 22s I found out he just got engaged.
Immediately, I came to cry along with this song
Totie Struck
Totie Struck:
Is it true that this is the next single
na .19
na .19:
such a perfect song to start an album.
10k subscribers before 2021 challenge
10k subscribers before 2021 challenge:
"Taylor swift fans are American's"
Like if you are not an American
Alejandra Lugo
Alejandra Lugo:
We said: Taylor, give us a sign that you alive.
And she gave us a whole album. More idols like she is what this world needs
Jeebi M
Jeebi M:
For some reason, folklore era is making me reminisce about Taylor's days during Love Story, Fifteen...
Maybe it's just me.
Paul Andrew Babia
Paul Andrew Babia:
Folklore stays atop for 6 consecutive weeks since its debut. This is for week ending Sept. 12, 2020.
Truong Pham
Truong Pham:
OMG New Single the 1 is coming
Taylor Swift has blasted away Covid19 with her songs, it's the injection you need to be free of the virus
Hannah Henderson
Hannah Henderson:
Y'all I took my SAT yesterday and the first passage I read had the word "matinee" in it and I ended up having this song stuck in my head for most of the test since I heard Taylor's voice singing "matinee" in my head when my eyes saw that word. Hopefully the well written soundtrack in my head made my essay better.😂 We'll see.
D K:
I like that she's improving and maturing lyrically. "You know the greatest loves of all time are over now" is a brilliant line.
Lalchangsanga Fambawl
Lalchangsanga Fambawl:
What an excellent music arragemen is this again🔥🔥
Baani Kaur
Baani Kaur:
I m on a taylor swift marathon and before this song i was listening to hey stephen and i mean her voice has changed it is more strong now, her genre has changed but her music still has the same magic and its just so beautiful
David Emanuel Rosini
David Emanuel Rosini:
Who's here after listening to almost every song of her's and having a TS marathon!!
Megan B
Megan B:
I just realized that she used this image because of "tossing pennies in the pool" ugh I love her
angelo pangilinan
angelo pangilinan:
My friend told me that, each and every song that taylor have made, she can relate about it, and now, after some few songs, i get her now
Folklore for #1 AGAIN Swifties😘😘😘
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear:
The lyrics give me hardcore “Back to December” vibes
dsdwarehouse222 fields
dsdwarehouse222 fields:
Who's have a Taylor marathon???

Duhh everyone....I mean its Taylor
Bonnie N Clyde
Bonnie N Clyde:
Hoping the news and dits on UMG Germany is true 🙏
the 1 for next single with mv 🥰
kpop is overrated
kpop is overrated:
Taylor swift is the music industry
Jessica Rousselle
Jessica Rousselle:
this is the best album she’s ever created. it’s so beautifully written, sung and portrayed. it’s a breath of fresh air, i can’t get enough.🤍
Wla Lng
Wla Lng:
This is the next single
This Is Sab
This Is Sab:
“and if you never bleed you’re never gonna grow” felt that taylor.
We need Folklore on Billboard Top 10 again, Swifties!!!!!!! Buy it on iTunes🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵
Heard this is the next single ❤❤❤
So Umi
So Umi:
Morena Poli
Morena Poli:
it's incredible how TS has an album for every stage of my life to make me feel accompanied and understood.
i hate myself-
i hate myself-:
Folklore doesn't need Grammy, Grammy needs Folklore 👌

Agree swifties?
taylor stan
taylor stan:
Who else is here before It become a next single?!
Bacon is best paired with Eggs
Bacon is best paired with Eggs:
"and if you wanted me you really should've showed" that line hits me hard after I had this dream. Where I'm in a conference with her as the speaker. Of all the people in there, she's only asking me if I have questions or anything I want to say. I just stared while that dream getting obliterated since I'm waking up.

Back to reality, I realized that there are a lot of chances I could've confessed or moments that maybe we clicked. I thought I was protecting my pride over rejection but it's actually being coward. "if you never bleed, you're never gonna grow"
Charles Manuel Ariola
Charles Manuel Ariola:
I am still here, Swifties. Who is still here? Hit the like button.
This song reminds me NY and giving that feeling of youth freedom
GAMIT yuvraj
GAMIT yuvraj:
Reputation : bad girl album

Lover : love girl album

Folklore : sad girl album
Under Study
Under Study:
My bed time album..
When the album comes to an end playing the last song I slowly fall into sleep❤️
the 1 is coming y'all! hold your wigsss
Marina Ch.
Marina Ch.:
Seriously why would someone hate her, really now?????
ligia monroy
ligia monroy:
She is Taylor Swift, my queen, my example to follow as a woman, the artist of the music industry and the best singer/songwriter...