Controversial false prophet and charlatan TB Joshua is dead

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Christina Kumalo
Christina Kumalo:
God is in charge of the church. He is not coming back until his people are in liberty. It’s time to preach the true gospel to the people
Inel's Classics
Inel's Classics:
If God opens someone’s eyes spiritually to see who people really are, they will be shocked to the bottom of their soul!
And the funny thing is that all it takes to have ones eyes open, is to make sure you are born again, study your bible regularly and live a blameless life and God will open your eyes and give you the Holy Spirit of discernment if you ask Him.
Reginah Abraham
Reginah Abraham:
A true Christian rejoicing over someone's death...very heartless..where is the sympathy or application for "mourn with those that are mourning"
Vanessa Obura
Vanessa Obura:
I'm not on anyone's side, but honestly we do not know who is in Heaven. So many people live in this world thinking they will make it to Heaven, but God will not even know who they are. I have stopped assuming who is in Heaven and who isn't. Only God knows.
Linda beyi
Linda beyi:
So much hatred from this uncle Solomon. I am unsubscribing. Are God that you must judge up to saying you dont have sympathy. Be careful. You are one subscriber less from now on.
Nomthandazo Buthelezi
Nomthandazo Buthelezi:
Probation has closed for the dead...no amount of praying will help. His probation is closed! Work on your salvation by having a relationship with Jesus, do his commandments, read your bibles and abide in Jesus
One thing I loved about him is that he was a very good and caring man never judged any! But United broken homes..unlike what am seeing here hatred from the core of a jealous heart..
Evan Van Dieman
Evan Van Dieman:
Shame even now that he is dead you still hate him.
Cicco Ann
Cicco Ann:
Instead of celebrating,,we should all be afraid of God ,and work out our salvation with fear and trembling,,this world ain't our home,,
p burn
p burn:
I pray that people begin to come forward and share their experiences so we can know what kind of a man he was for sure
jocita clarke Korkoyah
jocita clarke Korkoyah:
The Bible says that Judgement will begin with the house of the Lord. If we believe that we are the last generation then it's time to cloth ourselves with new garments, get ourselves ready for his return, watch and wait for his return
Teddy Titus Chama
Teddy Titus Chama:
I have never liked what TB joshua did, but you cannot celebrate the death of another human being as a Christian. It is absolutely cruel and unchristian.
Sibongile Mashaba
Sibongile Mashaba:
Death is a sermon to the living for self introspection. Where will u spend your eternity??🙏❤
Buy the truth and Stand Alone
Buy the truth and Stand Alone:
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬
My brother Solomon, the Man JUST died and you directly come out with this?????
Im not knocking you brother, i believe his body is still above ground.
Why not let the family grief, reconcile with their loss. There have been false prophets since the beginning of time.

My brother Solomon let the dead rest in peace AND!! In due time you come thru with this.
God bless
My Views, Your Comments
My Views, Your Comments:
Amen! To God be the glory 🙌🏼
orzy rok
orzy rok:
Now all has been heard, here is the conclusion of the matter.
Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.
For God will bring every deed into judgement,
Including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.
Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
Gabriella Bartlet
Gabriella Bartlet:
You are no different from him, displacing such wickedness over someone's death. Firstly the Bible tells us to never say who goes to heaven or not. Listen bro, with God sin is sin, and hatred which your heart is filled with is the equal to the same sin of TB Joshua that you speak of. You are no more righteous than those false projects when you heart is full of hate, do you not not that hate is equal to murder? How can you confidently day TB Joshua is not in heaven? Where you there in he's final moments? You should be ashamed of yourself and repent for the hate you carry.
Josiah Manganyi
Josiah Manganyi:
What does it help to inherit all riches and loose your soul.Dont sell your soul to the devil.My heart is still painful for those people who died coming from SA in that building!
bontshetse wankie
bontshetse wankie:
If God is cleaning the houses, better start keeping your house in order before GOD does it for you.
A clean man don't spend time criticizing but building!
This is the shock of my life. Yes I am hurt. We pray he is in good hands
Damaris Mbatia
Damaris Mbatia:
it is true but at least you could have give the family time to morn, I know most of innocent fellowers needs our prayers more for God to open their eyes
Jean Zvomuya
Jean Zvomuya:
His will prevails over us all. May His soul rest in peace.
Rose Kumbangarose
Rose Kumbangarose:
May his soul rest in Peace
Mellia Evans
Mellia Evans:
L’amoure est en pleures. Dieu est le movais esprit.
Sthembiso Praise-God Malinga
Sthembiso Praise-God Malinga:
If you don't see what God is doing to His Church, you'll never see. God is not mocked!
Genet Woldu
Genet Woldu:
God bless tb Joshua I hope god is with you we want to be with you 🙏 💗
Vikas Basel
Vikas Basel:
Oh my Gosh !! That’s the saddest news ever
Thulani Simelane
Thulani Simelane:
Let's let him rest in internal peace plzzzz
khumo malete
khumo malete:
May his soul rest in peace
Pam Spicy
Pam Spicy:
If he cleaning house! You better get your house in order!
chebet chepkwony
chebet chepkwony:
May his soul rest in peace
Pfano Mukhodobwane
Pfano Mukhodobwane:
My heart is broken, I still cant believe he is no more. May his soul rest in peace.
Божественный Глагол
Божественный Глагол:
Western world just bind Him. That's why he been respecting them
Julie P Julie
Julie P Julie:
Healing is about faith. just like some never healed, others did.may God take charge
Ntombethanduyise Nomama
Ntombethanduyise Nomama:
Solomon may God be with you, protect you and give you good life. I love you for the truth. They can insult you all they want but the truth remains the truth. We all know that be was not a man of God. He was a business man making money with the Bible. It is true, God is eliminating all of them. I live your words when you say, wait ✋you'll see. We do everything and we never think of death.
You call it a wonderful day when someone dies?????? Sad sad and you claim to call yourself a Christian? Leave judgement to our God and not you as a human to consider one person better dead. Hypocrisy is felt here on your channel. Stop using YouTube for money and in a way a blasphemy to God. Brother watch that carefully and reference your self carefully along with scriptural references.
Josen Zulu
Josen Zulu:
Uncle Solomon! Why are you so prejudging him with that hatred in your eyes? Can't you just leave the judgment to God?
Ann W
Ann W:
God is cleansing the houses! Praise my God Jesus!
So much hate from you, why not pray for your brothers instead of crucifying them. The bible says we must love our brothers as we love ourselves. No one is perfect including You
Jahwurah 1
Jahwurah 1:
He May has accepted it while passing
Dorcus Hatlane
Dorcus Hatlane:
God is indeed cleansing HIS church
Cross Christ
Cross Christ:
Is it so difficult to understand that Solomon is not judging any body, he is simply pointing out errors in the body of Christ and the Bible allows us to judge righteously Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.
Sibongile Mashaba
Sibongile Mashaba:
Carry your cross and run🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ with it. Everyone for himself and God for us all.
Uloho Joseph
Uloho Joseph:
Halleluyah!!! Prophet T.B. Joshua only leave this world to a better place to Christ Jesus His master. Glory be to GOD
AT 15:30... if they claim “... time to go home after the service” was his prophecy of his death... how do they explain that he went home in the middle of the service, not after the end?
Nomthandazo Malunga
Nomthandazo Malunga:
GOD is cleaning his church
A man has died, a wife has lost a husband a daughter/ son in mourning and this is what we who call ourselves Christians are doing... John 8:7
Godfred Frimpong
Godfred Frimpong:
To think that you know where someone is after his death is dangerous. How do you know? We know in part and we prophesy in part 1 Cor 13:9 partly quoted. Again In John 3:8 Truly, Truly, I say to you We are not God and when we start playing God we are as worse as the worse one we complain and challenge on daily basis. I am just cautioning you that you stop making a decision only God can know not even the Satan himself have any idea where anyone is going. It is a preserve of God. We can say certain things may lead you to hell or heaven but we cannot conclusively say where anyone went. If TB Joshua was fake but on his last hour he confessed his sin even in silence can he go to heaven? I will love someone to help me with an answer?
Isoken Sikpojie
Isoken Sikpojie:
Who are you to judge???? Kaiiii Judge not,least you be judged too. I am totally gumbsmacked at the way you just judged him.
softspot peters
softspot peters:
I have always felt a kind of way about him from when I was younger. I didn’t like the way he pronounced Jesus Christ, I hated when pastor Chris associated himself with him, actually made me see Oyakhilome a certain way. Also, I think the biggest ritual was the collapse of his building... see, I’m very inquisitive and utterly critical. I hope I’m wrong. Lastly , I hope he found Christ somehow before the hours of his death 🙏🏼
jocelyne domche
jocelyne domche:
I saw the man of God in my dream twice and he said something to me.... Dear man of god one day I will testified what you said to me..... Amen
Prisca Mbilizi
Prisca Mbilizi:
We are all entitled to our opinions but criticizing someone hours after his death says so much about your personality. You have derived joy out of someone's death! You are slandering him even in his death! This is unethical and immoral. It saddens me so much not because TB Joshua was a prophet but a fellow human, we cannot mock and celebrate another person's death. Let me remind you that whether a person is in heaven or not does not depend on your OPINION! Looking for views on your channel out another person's death was not the best thing to do.
T r u t h
T r u t h:
God is cleaning 🧹
Palgrave Boakye-Danquah
Palgrave Boakye-Danquah:
Observing from afar.... Good conversation
Wanjiku Miring'u
Wanjiku Miring'u:
Spiritual things are spiritual.
Spiritual people are spiritual.
All I hear is canality, canality.
There's is more to God kind of Life.
You should go deeper and tell God to reveal the deeper things and meaning pertaining to how He does things.
Rosseria Munalula
Rosseria Munalula:
A wizard is known by their actions and you are one of them
Friend of God
Friend of God:
Discernment is the key for the last days.
vuyo Mikel
vuyo Mikel:
Who are you to judge him. Are you holy? We will all die one day. May his soul rest in peace
Sakhile Zulu
Sakhile Zulu:
The fact remains that is our way , every one will die Prophet or not , Even Prophet TB Joshua knew that one day he will leave this earth
Linda Schultz
Linda Schultz:
All power belongs to God, good and bad. When God commands even the devil listens.
Божественный Глагол
Божественный Глагол:
I was writing to SCOAN that there is no need to grovel in front of west. See, what we are have now
Eugene Musa
Eugene Musa:
The book of Ezekiel 18:23 says "Do you think that I like to see wicked people die? says the Lord. Of course not. I want them to turn from their wicked ways and live." We don't desire the death of those who do wrong, even great crimes against humanity. We want them to change. This may be naive, but the text surfaces not only a spiritual approach to transformation but a profound sense of the value of all human life.
Antonio Isaias Perez
Antonio Isaias Perez:
Be VERY careful about the way You talk.
It is better to err on the side of Grace.
Like all of us, He is accuntable To God. Not to men.
Your obligation for your own sake, is to forgive.
Trizah Warukira
Trizah Warukira:
Does this mean I will never see and watch him say " viewers all over the world"? Too painful for me to bear here in Kenya.
Cross Christ
Cross Christ:
I hear how they're trying to get us to believe that he prophesied his own death.... There's a recording of that, so please air it...
Lerumo Newman
Lerumo Newman:
His Spiritual Son Zondo is Scheduled to appear back in Court on the 23rd Of August to account for a Basket full of Cases.
Bronwynn Buntting
Bronwynn Buntting:
Thank you father for cleaning the church. To God be Glory. Thy had several chances to change but they refused to serve God. They enjoyed sinning n destroying people's life's. These people's hearts are desperatly wicked.
Lindela Ngundze
Lindela Ngundze:
He is resting in peace, he has finished what God sent him to do on earth 🙌🙏
Jennipher Mercy Bwalya
Jennipher Mercy Bwalya:
This is heartbreaking
May His Soul Rest in Peace.🙏
Fransis Tsikai
Fransis Tsikai:
Sad indeed. Its only God who knows what is in our hearts
annie desiree Minlo
annie desiree Minlo:
Paix à son âme🙏
Lauria Endy
Lauria Endy:
Amen! Amen! Indeed there is a time for everything under the sun! There is a time for false prophets to die too, thank you Solomon, this was a great presentation of who the man was! May he face the righteous judgment of God, if he’s a true prophet we will see him in Even! But for a true prophet of God that is anointed with supernatural power to die this young, it’s amazing! The supernatural of God grants long life!
Ryan Bolton Moeti
Ryan Bolton Moeti:
The irony of this talk about losing money from TB Joshua yet we see bank accounts underneath the video.. yoo!!! Anyway .. who am I to judge :)
Ty Yakol
Ty Yakol:
It is just so hard to believe 😥
bontshetse wankie
bontshetse wankie:
Who is PERFECT under this earth?who is wholly?? Who are we to judge? Is it not good that the righteous ones preach righteousness instead of mocking the departed souls?
Preach the word of God and righteousness instead of judging and criticizing!
Moffat Phiri
Moffat Phiri:
Solomon's temple must learn to encourage people not manifestation of evil in his monologue.
Tell people how they must do to get served in spirit not discouraging them in spirit by dwelling on the person but deeds .
Cynthia Moloi
Cynthia Moloi:
Wow we thank GOD for people of GOD who are going to be set free from his cult and his wickedness
Clarina Van Der Merwe
Clarina Van Der Merwe:
Well why doesn't someone raise him from the dead??? Don't slander his name! God won't speak badly about someone He loves! That's gossip. People will always speak bad about Christians! LEAVE IT TO GOD TO JUDGE!!
Jason Joseph
Jason Joseph:
We should celebrate that he's passed away ? Where you there when he passed ? Personal hatred for him won't get you anywhere
Mr Solomon.It’s never easy to tell the truth to those under the witches Spell.We have a lot of cleaning up to do until The very moment of Christ‘s Return.Let us all learn from the mistakes that our Brethren have walked.Let God be the judge and we as the Body of Christ with eyes behold the King of Kings.Keep on teaching.
Ngozi Ndekwu
Ngozi Ndekwu:
Well done, uncle Solomon for fearlessly speaking the truth. I feel so heart broken thinking about all the people this false prophet has killed with his grand deception, including prominent people in the society (some of them highly educated). TB Joshua cashed in on their vulnerability and scammed them. He was indeed a cone man and it's only in a country like Nigeria that he can get away with all the atrocities he has committed. This is a wake up call to Christians to study their Bible so that they can be firmly rooted in Christ Jesus.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee:
I was telling my mother that they will come with "prophecies" of his passing
Sandra Mazia
Sandra Mazia:
God Bless Africa 🙌
Yamabella John
Yamabella John:
Very sad news indeed! May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
obakeng prince
obakeng prince:
How does it concern you Solomon!!??? 🙄🤦‍♂️
Sunny love
Sunny love:
My Condolence RIP
Abby Sowe
Abby Sowe:
I would like to know how you are so sure about TB Joshua's fate now that he has passed on. Who are we to judge others...
eunice nyabuto
eunice nyabuto:
The same measure you use to judge others will be used to judge you...anyway ,You are not righteous either
TB joshua is a witch read lucas 13:33
Magdeline Maggie
Magdeline Maggie:
Solomon you must pray and talk about what God revealed to you than to rely on the reliable sources.I travelled to Nigeria to see for myself,only to find that everything was true and he lives in church and works in a church with his workers.
Damilola Yinusa
Damilola Yinusa:
Solomon. Are you with the marking scheme? And you speak like this? You have literally allowed your emotions to get the best of you. He may be bad to us but God knows who is who. Please try to do better next time, let God be the Judge of all men. Stay Blessed.
Fungie Nyilika
Fungie Nyilika:
You're crazy!!! How can you rejoice for someone's death
Rise Above
Rise Above:
God is a very serious God, many take is grace, love and forgiveness for granted. I fear God too much to use his name and deceive innocent people who need serious help. God gives everyone a chance to repent but many refuse to listen and change.
We must get our own lives in order with God.
blondel nyamkure
blondel nyamkure:
May Almighty God receive your spirit Profet TB Joshua. You saved God well. Thank you for the lives you touched for our lord Jesus Christ. .
Thandiwe Ndhlovu
Thandiwe Ndhlovu:
TB JOSHUA thank you for what you did for the world you are my hero you taught me JESUS thank you JESUS Christ and thank you TB JOSHUA
Ukuri Kurazwi
Ukuri Kurazwi:
How many time have you shared videos praying for them?
You shoutdoor have an attitude of love. Why do we want to know the details of someone's death ?
goldy linda
goldy linda:
You should have spoken like this about the church of satan in which you had interview the priest and you actually could not speak out the truth to him you should have told him the truth solomon wake up