Team LeBron vs Team Durant Full Game Highlights | 2022 NBA All Star Game

Stephen Curry led Team LeBron to a thrilling All-Star win with an insane 50-point performance

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From Steph casually dropping 50, Morant and Lavine's highlight dunks, and everything else up to LeBron hitting the game-winner. This was a fun ASG
This All Star Game makes me appreciate how defence makes the game much better.
Loyal Kinfolk
Loyal Kinfolk:
That was actually a pretty entertaining All-Star game.
Curry has truly excelled, and continues to raise the bar every day. In a bad all-star night, he managed to make this bad night a little bit better for us.
Giannis, curry and lebron are quite literally the best trio I've seen in a longggg time.
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Cedric Asdfghjkl:
What a game. Steph crazy, LeBron game winner, and the highlight dunks from the younger guys. One of the best I've ever seen😍.
Marcus Marcus
Marcus Marcus:
ja morant's dunk was better than the whole dunk contest this year
Jonathan Bodemar
Jonathan Bodemar:
everything looking normal till you see that curry has the top in score and blocks🤣
Maxi Globus
Maxi Globus:
Crazy that Lebron ended the game with the last shot on 24 points and 8 assists which were Kobes jersey numbers
Me Vii
Me Vii:
"Cleveland, this is for you." is traditionally iconic to watch again every years.
Curry literally owns every three point record . This man is a machine 😭😭
Chris Lim
Chris Lim:
50 points!!! Crazy stats for Curry. If only he can bring his roll to regular season, then he will be in the talk for MVP!!!
It’s illegal to have Giannis, Steph & LeBron in the same damn team
Justin Time
Justin Time:
Glad Curry showed out and won the MVP. Amazing performance
Simon Patterson
Simon Patterson:
6:49 the best assist of the night, from someone who's read the room right and sacrifices personal glory for the bigger picture.
Cedric Nshimiyimana
Cedric Nshimiyimana:
This has to be the most EPIC ending of a basketball match ever!!! Lebron with the game winning point when it's so close like that right in his home city tightly gaurded 🙌🏿
Warzone clips
Warzone clips:
This has to be the best all star game I've ever seen Steph shooting 3s like it's nothing, Morant and lavin with crazy dunks it's like a freaking dunk contest right in the middle of the game and lebron with the game winner.
Team Lebron had 3 former MVPs including 1 reigning MVP in the starting lineup whereas team Durant had none. My goodness. Also what a perfect ending LeBron hitting clutch shot in his hometown. *Cleveland this is for you* Also Curry going crazy and making yet another record effortlessly. This has got to be one of the best if not the best NBA all star games ever. With this, let's just forget we even had the dunk contest in the first place this year. 👏 👏 👏
Netrix None
Netrix None:
Finally they gave justice to the fun, excitement, and competition to an all star game. Love this game, man.
Christopher Lawson
Christopher Lawson:
Giannis was so clutch. He blocked middleton and clamped Embiid and was calling for the ball scoring in the finals minuets. He had 30/12/ on 71%. He is also the all time ASG ppg leader. 🐐🐐🐐. I could even make the case that he was ASG MVP. But Curry was out of this world with all them 3's. Congrats to him. This ASG was the best all time.
Christopher Lawson
Christopher Lawson:
Giannis was so clutch. He had 30/12/ on 71%. He is also the all time ASG ppg leader. 🐐🐐🐐.
Chun Kin Matthew Yu
Chun Kin Matthew Yu:
Murray did unexpectedly well, his assist, dribbing, and dunks are marvelous.
This was a really good game! Especially Team Durant Getting almost the win!!
Jesse Lee
Jesse Lee:
Epic. The new format is a million times better and much more competitive but also a lot more fun! Respect to the players for showing out.
This was one of the best ASG ever with Steph dropping another record to a close game and Lebron hitting the Game winner in his hometown
Samu Sphiwe
Samu Sphiwe:
Curry winning in Cleveland will always be a great thing to watch 🤣🤣
tevin alalia
tevin alalia:
Just witnessed the greatest generation of basketball. I don't know... it's gonna be hard to beat this group. Best All-star Game so far. The sport has evolved a lot. Sensational.
MixedBwoy Music®️
MixedBwoy Music®️:
The fact that curry was gonna pull up on the logo 6:14 then he went to the 3pt line is incredible…pretty sure he would have scored it the first time also….crazyyyy legendary moments in nba history 🙌👌💙🅿️
Curry is unhunan True G.O.A.T of shooting 🔥
Chris Rey Tamz
Chris Rey Tamz:
Oh yes! Super intense and nice game in an NBA All Star superb to watch! Congrats for team Lebron, Steph Curry on fire🔥🔥🔥
-slam dunk contest bruh worst! 😤
Tong Milz
Tong Milz:
I think, this was one of the best all star games in the last 10 years. Top 2 in my book (2020 had an emotional touch and a great 4th quarter with strong defense).
That fourth quarter should have been longer. A target score of like 180 would have been better. That was intense at the end
Christopher Lawson
Christopher Lawson:
Why is no one acknowledging how good and clutch Giannis was this game?
Nocturnal Media
Nocturnal Media:
One of the best all star games in a long time 😤 king James you’re such a 🐐
wow! i just got chills by watching LeBron hit that last shot in cleveland. This all star game was like a wet dream for basketball fans
C. Pickett
C. Pickett:
Missed the game, but grateful for the highlights. Looks like I missed a very intense game! But congrats to Team LeBron
Kevin Lin
Kevin Lin:
Just can't think of a better scenario than this when LeBron and Steph play on the same team.
The Mbanya Diaries
The Mbanya Diaries:
This All Star Game makes me appreciate how defence makes the game much better. be honest murray did super well....from the highlight dunks from the younger guys to Morant and lavin with crazy dunks it's like a freaking dunk contest right in the middle of the game and lebron with the game winner.Curry was insane ...just imagine curry and gianis in one team
3point = ❤️‍🔥
Slamdunk = 🙄
Allstar = 🔥🔥
Gabriel Dimaya
Gabriel Dimaya:
Respect for lebron hitting the last shot
aaron james
aaron james:
Its all smiles through out the game. Such an entertaining game
It's was a perfect All Star Game 2022 in Cleveland !!!! Congrats guys ! NBA 75 years
Better dunks than the actual Dunk contest yesterday! :)
christopher matthews
christopher matthews:
This game was so 🔥 🔥🔥 it made me not care how weak the dunk contest was
Curry looking away already knowing he’s gonna hit the shot and LeBron casually fading away on two defenders for the win was disrespectful asf💀
Rich Harris
Rich Harris:
I’ve watched every all star game since 1985. Next to the 1992 all star game (Magic Johnson came back after his HIV announcement/retirement) this was the best all star game I’ve ever seen.
Fernan Özel
Fernan Özel:
4:27 Curry's that nutmeg to Trae and then hitting the 3 half court is awesome!!
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades:
Yeah... Curry is truly from another planet! Excellent performance. And it was only right to have the King ice the game. Those 2 on a team is just not fare
Jaypeee Official
Jaypeee Official:
Finally Steph Curry won All-Star MVP! 👌🔥
I can see why Lebron like Curry and Giannis as teammates
1 curry for offense
2 Giannis defense/ offense
Man look at curry man so inspirational 😂😂
Lil P
Lil P:
There was no pressure at all 😂 they were all just having fun
Kelvin Quartey
Kelvin Quartey:
That floater from Steph is an unreal shot
Kleen Vert
Kleen Vert:
Lol steph won MVP in a hostile crowd at the allstar game💀💀💀
Justin Bell
Justin Bell:
Love this game man it was so nice to see Allen Iverson again oh and Steph curry and lebron James killed it.
I wish to see Steph and Giannis on the same team one day
Media AM
Media AM:
50 points!!! Crazy stats for Curry
0:35 Ive never seen him do this dunk before, so unique
Life of Deedee
Life of Deedee:
And to think the record for 3 posts in an all-star game was 9 😂,curry literally made mockery of the record 😂😂
Thido Nkgowe
Thido Nkgowe:
Fave moment had to be that nasty Giannis block on Middleton 😆😆on his own boy like that, Giannis takes ASG serious😂😂
“That was a better dunk than last night”😂😂
Carlos Compean
Carlos Compean:
Melo had a good impact in the game with low mins but coach recognized how good he is played him all 4th
Mbogo Kuria
Mbogo Kuria:
Looking forward to Steph and LeBron team up someday before end of their careers.
Thanos Argyropoulos
Thanos Argyropoulos:
That LeBron game winner gave me chills
I hope steph and lebron team up for one last time in their final year.
Sophie Wang
Sophie Wang:
DeMar clutch at 8:50 and then Zach clutch at 9:12 🥰 Bulls in crunch time!
宇恩 邵
宇恩 邵:
If Steph got another three, that is the all star record:53 points.
Great game! The teams defended super well, super intensely 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 what a game …. Surprised they didn’t score more. Jez how much I missed the real ASGs
kyle jones
kyle jones:
So no one going to talk about curry ending the game with the most blocks 👀
Kewl Videos
Kewl Videos:
We are back to the non-guarding lacking intensity All Star game
Algo que decir
Algo que decir:
How I miss the former All Stars taking seriously the defense; at present this is too boring
Frankie Fong
Frankie Fong:
The dunks in this highlight are way more impressive than those in dunk contest
Dariel Berroa #3
Dariel Berroa #3:
Lo Que Podia Ser El Mejor duo En Esta Temporada Derozan Y Lebron 9:19
Froylán Cardoso
Froylán Cardoso:
Los concursos de clavadas y de tiros de tres fueron anoche, hoy queríamos ver el partido de las estrellas de la NBA.
3:18 Never saw a bigger travel then that one but the pass was clean so imma let it slide 😂😂😂
Afif Harist 2005
Afif Harist 2005:
Starting Five

Team LeBron

L. James 6
G. Antetokounmpo 34
N. Jokic 15
S. Curry 30
D. DeRozan 11

Team Durant

J. Tatum 0
A. Wiggins 22
J. Embiid 21
T. Young 11
J. Morant 12
Mahmoud Elbadrani
Mahmoud Elbadrani:
When anyone asks what is basketball you share with them this game. Absolute pureness.
Matine Tsoumou
Matine Tsoumou:
Steph IS a legend ✨✨
Love the contribution for Demar and Lavine in the last few plays of the game.
Curry was in the zone INSANE LEVEL🤯🔥🔥🚀🚀
Mad Dude
Mad Dude:
Can't imagine if Steph and Giannis on the same team
Bpswank :
Travels all over the place , I know it’s an exhibition game but damn !
Ox-tradamous P
Ox-tradamous P:
Had a 90s feel in this one
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear:
Hope you enjoyed all star weekend as much as I did 💫 😊
That was a bubble lebron move 🔥
Idc who's killin it in the league, if you put a team of LeBron, Curry, Giannis, and Luka, that team is going to win every time. Hands down.
Herculano Renato
Herculano Renato:
The best All-Star game ever
Ghedneil Dagalea
Ghedneil Dagalea:
1st - 3rs quarter was almost unwatchable until Curry and Ja had something to say. But yeah, no defense makes the game super boring until only the 4th quarter when they gave af
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez:
Loved LAMELO reaction when BRON hit the game winner he threw that ball straight down court. Its little things like that show me he got that DOG MENTALITY wether its pick up backyard or alley on the crate MELO not trying to lose period. That boy got that LOVE FOR THE GAME
3:19 LaMelo traveled like 6 steps. Lol
Ja Morant has some CRAZY athleticism, holy. Alot of dudes in the NBA have high verticals, but damn, the way he gets up.... holy. He's got that VC / young D.Rose type of ups. Insane 🔥
Mark Ma
Mark Ma:
Lebron play more defense in all star game than the actual games
8:50 Kobe was here, as we all know how he did in all his All star games.
8:53 "You know what time it is!" DeRozan in his element like a leopard about to pounce on its prey.
Welen Nelew
Welen Nelew:
What a fitting ending, Lebron hitting the dagger
Felipe Nunes
Felipe Nunes:
Ah se os jogos da nba fossem assim
Benz Bama
Benz Bama:
These men are beast. Absolutely phenomenon
Sarah Ngo
Sarah Ngo:
This is the best game to watch for m lebron and curry play.. This is just too amazing.
Lok Ming Chung
Lok Ming Chung:
Curry + lebron + giannis🔥🔥🔥
The Basketball Historian
The Basketball Historian:
6:46 Curry to LeBron to Jokic to Giannis to Curry...

This shall be called the "MVP Play".
3:18 clearly a travel that's why im falling out of love with basketball!!!