Team LeBron vs Team Durant Full Game Highlights | February 20 | 2022 NBA All Star Game

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Bro curry was insane this game !
There was a time when the Warriors were so dominant i kinda hated Curry. But man now im just happy im alive to be able to see this man play in his prime ngl
Nick Fox
Nick Fox:
That was sick! Steph definitely brought the Curry sauce tonight, he spiced up the All-Star game with his Cuury Magic, 16 3’s is absolutely ridiculous, some of them weren’t 3’s they should have been 5 pointers
Peter Chen
Peter Chen:
That baseline floater from Curry OMG
Vincent Odoh
Vincent Odoh:
Team LeBron always wins. Funny how he likes selecting Steph and giannis. I kinda enjoyed the little defense from Giannis. I think 4th quarter should have more defense and intensity like 2021 All star
I respect Giannis for being the only one that actually played defense.
Soon Da Rae
Soon Da Rae:
Fairytale ending for LeBron!
The Ghost Records
The Ghost Records:
The last shot by LeBron was fucking beautiful.
Muhammad Ekky Febriansyah
Muhammad Ekky Febriansyah:
The crowd is silent asf until Curry going crazy with 16 3s
Yasin Bayrakcı
Yasin Bayrakcı:
LeBron's final shot was a tribute to Kobe Bryant.
BenZy D:
BenZy D::
Ja makes better dunks in an Allstar Game than everybody yesterday in dunk contest
Fredo Sadtana
Fredo Sadtana:
In terms of ball movement and chemistry the play on 7:45 was probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen
now we see why Curry didn't bother with the 3 point contest...nothing to prove!
There was more travel in this game than James harden-up entire career!
Dog World Online
Dog World Online:
Last year was the best game I can remember. But this year was red hot with Steph making history and Bron hitting the game winner in his hometown
Gabriel Cavuquila
Gabriel Cavuquila:
This is one of the best all star games in recent memory😭😭✊🏾
I'd like to see an all-star game with players focused like in a regular season match, it must be insane.
Michael Fuchs
Michael Fuchs:
I d'love to see a competitive game between these 2 Teams but these times are sadly over.
But the kids love this kind of "games" and I'm good with it. We had our times and they now have theirs.
Espectacular. Lo de Curry...sin palabras. Uno de los mejores tiradores que he visto en mi vida.
Jody Schroeder
Jody Schroeder:
I wish I could see Bron, Chef Curry and Giannis play together for real on a squad ... Its just great fun to watch ! Proper vibes
That was insane. Seems like all of them watched the dunk contest and thought "We need to bring these people a show".
Paul Gil
Paul Gil:
Please bring back the East / West match up with real defense ! Enjoyed Curry show 💥💥
C.J. Norat
C.J. Norat:
Beautiful game!!! Love seeing these All-Stars compete for great causes that impact the community. Thank You!
Great games.. I was amazed with the games, I love this game... you bring the games with us thank you Mr hoppers... full support to your channel and videos..
Pidol & ChiChi
Pidol & ChiChi:
Curry Baking...
Lebron putting the Cherry on Top..
I love this game 🏀
aki chisel
aki chisel:
Steph Giannis Lebron Nikola combo simply can not lose!
Phillip Moodie
Phillip Moodie:
Great game guys. Morant is always changing his mind about doing the greatest dunks of all times.😬Curry you're an animal.
Kahraman adayı
Kahraman adayı:
Hot hand Curry is another level. He cooked damn well 💪
Dope game and exciting ending, but I would love to see an all star game where both teams try to win it from minute one like it's game 7 of the finals. But I get that that's propably too much to ask.
Javier Duque
Javier Duque:
Love the defensive effort on both teams, awesome!
Romeo Monteverde
Romeo Monteverde:
Nice to see the first one LBJ bumped after that shot was Demar. Can't ever forget the many times LBJ's clutch plays destroyed him back in toronto
Julien R.
Julien R.:
I'm at 1'26" and I hate it already. Damn, those guys grew up in the 90s/00s, they should know what a great All Star Games looks like. ASG are great when players play and especially when they play defense. People and Networks are paying big $ just to see a bunch of guys playing like 8th grader in the school yard. I feel sorry for those of us who have to grow up thinking this is the real deal.
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz:
Everybody just talking about the 48 points of Curry from 3 line but what a beauty his only 2 point basket. 😛
We need these games more then once a year. No way am I going to wait another whole year for this again. But damn it would be worth it. I like how nobody tries to foul or really contest most shots. It’s a face-paced offensive game. Let them score and go back on attack. Surprised Team Lebron’s lead wasn’t bigger. So close and good effort from the other team. Nothing they could do to stop Team Lebron. I was so scared watching it as it was close game in closing moments. I was like “will curry get MVP if he doesn’t win?” LeBron going 2-11 from 3PT was not good. Last shot was INSANE tho. It looked to me like it wasn’t going in. All I was thinking was “we have lost this game” LeBron takes a silly shot to impress Cleveland Fans with this dream shot to win All-Star game. Unheard of.
Rafael Dourado
Rafael Dourado:
podia ter todo dia um jogo assim ^^
Thomas Barmpoudis
Thomas Barmpoudis:
I remember the old good games between east and west. There was competition and not just show. It would be better to see a game between US and foreigners NBA players. It would be a more competitive game.
5:00 pure Jalmost, love that guy, he's always trying it 100%
Yudi Setiawan Sucipto
Yudi Setiawan Sucipto:
No one can't stop Steph Curry when he is on 🔥🔥🔥
Planet MarSh
Planet MarSh:
Oh my! Mr. Curry! Shooting and Range is just amazingly unbelievable!
Orlando Natera
Orlando Natera:
Bron raising his hand after the Curry shot was 🔥
Ricky's World
Ricky's World:
One of the best entertaining all star games 🤣
Andrew Yeung
Andrew Yeung:
That fadeaway by bron bring me back to his 2018 season
bro curry just literally throwing everything in random spot and it goes in :)
Blake Riedle
Blake Riedle:
Just cuz it “AiNt LiKe It UsEd To Be” does not mean this is not entertaining, basketball is supposed to be fun, these guys took a night off and just had fun
Indra Hadikusuma
Indra Hadikusuma:
07.45 "SICK movement!!!!!l 👏🏀🎯
50 pts , 48 from three points wtf broo.. i know you curry you want let of all hall of fame players know who are you yeahhh ??? Mann thats make a goosebumps... 🔥🔥🔥🔥
slade-joseph- Wilson
slade-joseph- Wilson:
This is so much fun.
I'm looking like Steph is taking a lot of 3's
But then see team lebron pass 5 times to find him out side the arc. 😂 What master.
Johnny Shami
Johnny Shami:
Best all star game in a while!
B mac
B mac:
Would of loved it if Miles Bridges was part of this!! Can u imagine the dunks and shots he would of made man I'm telling ya go watch film of him if u don't know!!
analogue jerry
analogue jerry:
Why everyone overlooks the amazing defense of both teams?
Jelson Rush
Jelson Rush:
That's the Best Dunk we've seen so Priceless 🤣
2:40 Lamelo traveled like crazy😂
Nils Schaller
Nils Schaller:
16 3's and a 16 foot high baseline floater for a 50-piece. What have we just witnessed?
i like how they started to actually play some defense at the 4th
i'm kinda new to watching basketball and i was really excited about the all star game because it's so many star players in 1 game but is it just me or was this game just boring purely because no one is actually showing resistance (is it like this, every year?)
Flyrish Homie
Flyrish Homie:
Chef curry had 50pts NUTS!
Augustinas F
Augustinas F:
Steph woulda gone for 100pts if it was up to him
D Rose
D Rose:
if you have steph and giannis in your team just say goodnight to your opponent
Steph carrying ! Hope he returns with max confidence to GS
Shakesbeer ZZ
Shakesbeer ZZ:
To be honest to you I want to see Kobe back here and tries to get the every single score in all star
Antonio Castro
Antonio Castro:
*"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now" I consider this to be best motivational quote I've heard in a very long time. But motivational quotes are useless if you don't practice what you preach*
Paul Mereb
Paul Mereb:
4th Quarter was ridiculous! awesome game :)
Arigna Rasphone
Arigna Rasphone:
Curry was grinding for his shooting badge this game damn
4:59 another incredible almost dunk by Ja Morant!
Matteo Benvestito
Matteo Benvestito:
Steph Curry, aka the one and only reason to watch the all star game
Written in the stars 😂🔥
nguyen trong nguyen
nguyen trong nguyen:
Watching Steph Curry with big big smile, you make my day Chef….
Let's Sing
Let's Sing:
LBJ.....omg the last shot was immensely imbalanced one
Martin Urban
Martin Urban:
Steph really out here playin' 2K on rookie difficulty
Axel Amid
Axel Amid:
They had such a lot of fun you can see it on their faces
Note Pro
Note Pro:
team durant did great no one notice if durant were their 100 percent they were dominating
slade-joseph- Wilson
slade-joseph- Wilson:
Lebron with the look away. On Curry's shot is beautiful
christiaan smulders
christiaan smulders:
This was an amazing allstar game
pedro la la la
pedro la la la:
Damn! What a final!
Ja Nandez
Ja Nandez:
Stephs ability to hype up a crowd is unreal.
Abner Kosasih
Abner Kosasih:
most entertaining nba all star game in years
This game had better dunks then the dunk contest 😂😂😂
Can someone explain - what is the point of the All Star Game? A bunch of really really amazing players playing at 20% of their abilities, clearly not making an effort.
Rens Willems
Rens Willems:
The home town love is real. Beautiful to see!
7:44 Best part in this game..
Curry’s from another planet!
Lesley Harrys
Lesley Harrys:
It must be the greatest feeling in the world to be THIS good at basketball
Mbogo Kuria
Mbogo Kuria:
Steph Curry is a true Legend 🔥
Joseph Faye
Joseph Faye:
Curry dropped a 3pts floater 😭 INSANE
aki chisel
aki chisel:
Giannis contribution to the W unfortunately will go unnoticed
Tiến Ngọc
Tiến Ngọc:
Curry was crazy !
Si ponen puntuación máxima mola más y se lo toman más en serio
Let’s play Soccer
Let’s play Soccer:
0:45 Anyone peep that camera shake when Bron Dunked?!? Bro is a tank 😂
Ngl one of the highlights for me was seeing Giannis stop Embiid in his tracks in the 4th. Wild.
6:21 lebron definitely didn't travel there 😂
I used to drink Haterade for Steph Curry especially after they got KD but this man is a once in a generation shooting. He shoots from the logo like it's a free throw!
Chiew’s Life
Chiew’s Life:
John Paul Kariithi
John Paul Kariithi:
All-star weekend is the best time to break World Records. Curry is my shooting form factor after the late Kobe Bryant. Let em rain on em! Swish!
Edwardo Herminaldo
Edwardo Herminaldo:
Annoyed by Butler's reaction at the end 🤣
Jefferson Charite
Jefferson Charite:
6:23 lebron made a record for most steps without dribbling.
Their egos got triggered in the end and both teams started playing defence they didn't want to lose
zero requiem
zero requiem:
Damn I wish DAME is also in this game he's the only one who could compete with Curry when he's hot
What the game..
Curry 🔥🔥🔥
Embiid in the final shot had leonard's game winner vibes