Team News | Manager's Press Conference | Manchester United v AFC Bournemouth | Premier League

Hear the latest team news from United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ahead of Saturday's Premier League clash with AFC Bournemouth at Old Trafford.

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100+ comentarios:

The way he dismissed all of the questions like a boss, hats off
Spotless Leopard
Spotless Leopard:
We're not there yet, but it's many years since I've felt this confident about a United side.
Bit by bit.
we cannot afford to drop points here, chelsea and leicester have given us a huge opportunity
SV_ Rock
SV_ Rock:
Man Leicester and Chelsea losing yesterday was a gift, C'mon this is our time to hunt them down 🤘🤘
BiGZ 7
BiGZ 7:
Absolutely mad how bruno has changed the whole of United. That's a leader right there. World class
He's really gotten better at handling the media and their baiting questions
Taatikada Kubadda
Taatikada Kubadda:
I voted for ole for the manager of the Month
Honestly if we lose this game I'm going to be really angry Chelsea has given us a perfect chance we have to get champions League next season
PRINCE Chitha:
Who thinks mason greenwood will stay at united for his whole career
6:00 He really defines SAF´s philosophy. Ollie the football-son of Fergie. Love that attitude!😈
Jamie Eason's Vlogs
Jamie Eason's Vlogs:
We should win this let’s go 16 unbeaten! A win and a clean sheet is all I ask for 💪🏻
Paradox R.N.O
Paradox R.N.O:
He's slowly turning into Ferguson day by day at the same time he has he's own way just hope he has lots and lots of success hope it follows very soon
sakhile ntshangase
sakhile ntshangase:
I like how he understands that we lost a lot of points against these teams we have to face, we have to go out and try to get wins, one game at a time
oggy jack
oggy jack:
Ole has certainly matured over the time. I really liked his replies, I really hope he takes us back to the perch.
James semaJ
James semaJ:
Ole is growing into the job week on week. Deserves a lot of credit for getting the club moving in the right direction again after years of mediocrity
The players must not let their recent success get into their head so performances won’t drop like last year.(after PSG 1-3 win)
Rupert Clint
Rupert Clint:
I liked the way he answered like a boss and respecting each clubs even he knows they're small.. And i think United will end up in 3rd position and Wolves in 4th
Uchechukwu Elekwachi
Uchechukwu Elekwachi:
Who loves Ingrid, her smile, beauty and how she pronounces the manager's name?
Sire Smiley
Sire Smiley:
The boss doesn't want complacency. Well done Ole
Knight Oyin
Knight Oyin:
Please no knocks or injuries, we need every player fit and firing on all cylinders.
We also need to trash Bournemouth. Every time we have had this kind of opportunity to catch the top 4 we have thrown it away, we can't do that anymore. 5 games to go.
Such a professional interview - Hats off Ole'
Joe Lomas
Joe Lomas:
Cmon consistency till the end of the season🤞🏻
Clavers Odhiambo
Clavers Odhiambo:
I could listen to him talk football for an hour.
07. Kiran Sarvesh
07. Kiran Sarvesh:
Love how he answered about the run of fixtures we’ve got. My manager❤️
Prazen Napit
Prazen Napit:
When I said, before lockdown,we could get the third spot, many people were laughing at me...but now we're nearly there...let's keep going!
Muhammad Imran Kamal
Muhammad Imran Kamal:
Ole has United's strongest XI in years. Must look to add squad depth. On the right track by kicking out the deadwood.
Ethical Electrical Group Ltd
Ethical Electrical Group Ltd:
Pogba to stay, sign Sancho and sell Lingard and we’ve got a decent squad
barbaro Helm
barbaro Helm:
Glazers and Woodward the only thing holding United back from going back to the top ...
Dr. Ahmed A. Khan
Dr. Ahmed A. Khan:
3rd + FA cup + UEL. Imagine that. Let's go Red devils!
Ayaan Aslam 09
Ayaan Aslam 09:
Story of this whole season - chelsea gets opportunity fails, man United get opportunity and fail to take same for arsenal spurs leicster, but I think we will take it against Bournemouth
Stanley Omollo
Stanley Omollo:
3rd should be ours with Leicesters poor form and chelsea dropping points.We have easier fixtures too.
Congratulations on 3M subscribers! Thank you ole for helping us getting us to top 4! Bruno and pogba,Rashford,Martial greenwood partnership is really working keep going and keep trying and go for 3rd!
Man Utd Forever Jmaes
Man Utd Forever Jmaes:
Did anyone vote Anthony Martial for player of the Month on ea sports website
Akshat Betala
Akshat Betala:
The player to watch will be Marcus rashford. It is almost time for him to start performing
Mouhammed Arif
Mouhammed Arif:
Doesn't matter how is gonna be manager of the month
Our boss is my manager of the month ❤❤❤

Much love from syria
Thokozani Innocent
Thokozani Innocent:
2-3 signings this Summer. Then you'll see that Man United mean Business❤
Omi Wan
Omi Wan:
Last season we messed up so many opportunities to secure 4th, we can't mess this up now, CMON UNITED!
Austin Charles
Austin Charles:
Loved when Ole pointed the next 5 fixtures aren't easy because we haven't did well against them earlier! Great manager in the making 😍
Rahul V Krishnan
Rahul V Krishnan:
Gotta love this guy ❤
Emmanuel Awuah
Emmanuel Awuah:
Manchester United's YouTube channel hits 3 million. Big ups!!!
United will finish 3rd! Come on lets gooooo
It's time to shine ole Chelsea and leister city lost ,wolves same points as we have its time to outrun them and pass Chelsea , leister city and wolves
5⃣-0⃣ we beating Bournemouth
A H:
Our hardest game left is Chelsea in the fa cup and the last day hopefully we're unbeaten throughout
Kritagya Ansh Bhatnagar
Kritagya Ansh Bhatnagar:
How he responded to "How do you feel if people write something critical of you" - that response in itself speaks volumes about how he puts the interests of the team above himself. He's a real Red. This is the man. He's our guy. He's our Ole.
Standard Definition
Standard Definition:
We’re 100% going to win the league next season, you can take that to the tattoo shop
Ole to take us to 21st..
Liverpool is right down our neck
Come on, this is our chance to get top 3. We r capable of getting it. ❤️❤️❤️
Corinthian Productions
Corinthian Productions:
Sure we have to make top 4, but our main priority should be winning the Europa League and FA Cup. Silverwares will inject a winning mentality amongst the squad.
Muhamad Alfiansyah
Muhamad Alfiansyah:
Ole for premierleague's June Manager of the month 👍
Fred K. Eshun
Fred K. Eshun:
This my club, my passion. 🙌🏿
Gary Casey
Gary Casey:
I just hope Utd win tomorrow, everytime Chelsea drop points Utd drop point.
We need to sign 2-3 for us in this summer (include sancho) to compete title next season
Buy sancho so rashford and greenwood and james step their game up and fight for their spot buy another cb aswell so maguire lindelof and bailly do the same we have fred mctominy matic and pogba on the cdm spot we need that model on the other positions too plsyers need competition to keep developing
Giridhar K
Giridhar K:
So much of talk about Mason, but Bruno has done an amazing job coming in January and has been the x-factor.
Garfield Carlyde D'Monte
Garfield Carlyde D'Monte:
Ole is at the wheel! If I were in Ole shoes, I would try to put the importance towards possession and using the pace of Rashford, Martial and Mason to chase in balls played by Bruno and Pogba
Drew Smith
Drew Smith:
Ole seems a nice guy but I think he's got a ruthless streak which we need 👍
It took Sir Alex 7 years to the league. In Ole we trust!
Glory Glory Man Man UNITED!

Continue the legendary chant in the comments .
Lawrence Shawarira
Lawrence Shawarira:
Words can’t justify how proud I am of this team. And the man who will lead us back to our prestige. GGMU AND THE REDS KEEP MARCHING ON
Kalstareye Gaming
Kalstareye Gaming:
Hope Pogba stays and have a great link up with Bruno..just hope😁😁
Turbinado Gamer
Turbinado Gamer:
Vamos Manchester United ! Vamos Botafogo!
Protocolo bom é o que respeita VIDAS.
Souradeep Sengupta
Souradeep Sengupta:
Keep your eye on the ball, lads. Too many times this season, we have failed when an opportunity has presented itself. Now is the time to grab those crucial points. Chelsea will drop more points, we have to be there to make the best of that.
Yōkai Motorcycle Engineering
Yōkai Motorcycle Engineering:
7:10 Can I just ask about Jude Bellingham... This is one of the most stupid questions I've ever heard. Why would Ole want to discuss a none United player in a pre-match press conference?
Jarred McMerrick
Jarred McMerrick:
I would say top 3 is well in reach in the next season, and maybe even this season
The Dancing Clown
The Dancing Clown:
The way he handles media is exceptional.
The guy (never remember his name) that asked about Bellingham, if he had any bollocks, he would have mentioned the fact that Bellingham actually did visit Old Trafford/Carrington a few months ago.
Don💎 Dada🖤 Diamond.
Don💎 Dada🖤 Diamond.:
Get In Frodo ! Can't drop pts vs that lot 💯💪💯
Mehul Jain
Mehul Jain:
3 Million subscribers👏👏Ever growing family 🔴⚪
Ole at the wheel🔥🙌
bigwi franco
bigwi franco:
I knew ole will silence the haters one day! Respect to you sir!
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart:
I hope everyone is fit and he start the same set of players instead of rotating at the moment
Kio George
Kio George:
If ole gets a trophy we can thank fergie..
Still keano for assistant manager
rajat rana
rajat rana:
Congratulations man united YT 3mil sub
Once a united always united GGMU
deno Njoka
deno Njoka:
Go, Go Great! Great Manchester United 4 Yu Have My One 💯% Support, Great! Great Manchester United Manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer & *Please Ole Gunner Solskjaer Sign Jandon Sancho From Borrussia Dortmund & Koulibaly From Napoli 4 These Two Will Be Great Strength 4 Manchester United* & I Predict Manchester United Will Beat Bournemouth Tomorrow 2-0 or 3-0 or 4-0 With Bruno Fernandes Scoring Twice Again 4 Go! Go Great Great Manchester United and Beat Bournemouth Tomorrow & May Our Great Lord Jesus Christ Bless Yu Manchester United Manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer So Very Much & Manchester United Always.💪💪💪
Amrit Mishra
Amrit Mishra:
Easy 3 points at the weekend
Parijat Saha
Parijat Saha:
Samson Erick
Samson Erick:
Waoooh! 3 million subcribers means bigger than biggest club, congratulations my club and you ole
Abbas Vali
Abbas Vali:
We just need to win rest of our matches and hope for our rivals to loose some points
Red Devil
Red Devil:
We finish in the top 3 I trust Ole
Bobby Baker
Bobby Baker:
Whenever MAN U has a chance to catch up with Chelsea , they lost ....I hope they win on Saturday
empra wanda ug
empra wanda ug:
Ghost WoT
Ghost WoT:
Cmon Utd !!! 👹🔴🔴🔴🔴Cant Wait For the Game !
Ajay M
Ajay M:
Cmmon united 😍❣️
Shinobi 91
Shinobi 91:
I just want us to comfortably destroy Bournemouth and a Chelsea draw
uganda zabu
uganda zabu: this this game...more than just a game
Aliabbas ladha
Aliabbas ladha:
Ole is the man... The right successor of SAF...
Ricus Smith
Ricus Smith:
Well like you guys have said he is @the wheel he is going to dominate and lead us back to becoming champions again and with that said back to back wining games. With the Lord's help we surely can achieve anything.👏🏻😇🙌🏻 our blood is red com on boys 🔴
kimoni moses
kimoni moses:
Earlier in the season we dropped many points against our remaining opponents and its time to prove ourselves against them and we have already done so with Brighton,let others follow.GO GO GO RED DEVILS.
dennis korir
dennis korir:
Come.on ole I believe in you take us to top four
Golden boy
Golden boy:
Come on united ❤✌🔥⚽🙌🙏
Mark Fox
Mark Fox:
Why has no signed dfor us I heard grealish is coming for 80 mill 😂
Francis Sunu
Francis Sunu:
Man United is still working hard sign more players more games for us
How do apply for a scout Job with Manchester United? I always been genius at it.
Nandakishore S
Nandakishore S:
Love you Oleeeeeeee❤❤❤
Hope there's no complacency because we need to keep winning to get 1st four
ASR 7:
we need to be cautious tho... bornemouth is in relegation zone and they gonna give their best to get pts 2morrow
Shafik Rahman
Shafik Rahman:
I would be really happy If he achieved what Mourinho previously achieved but we can't be 2nd but atleast 3rd would be Fantabolous.. Thanks for getting our Hopes high again Ole
When the Norwegian girl asks her question ...oli starts with hah..... meaning hah I'd love to pile drive the hole off you
AF Errors
AF Errors:
make sure james 1st half and greenwood 2nd half
Tube Dis
Tube Dis:
Get em’ Ole 👹
Rehan Rivano
Rehan Rivano:
love manchester united ⚽🖒🖒