Technoblade is the main character | Dream SMP animatic

Technoblade remains the main character right until the moment Ranboo shows up

(I found audio in a Technoblade compilation, but I couldn't figure out from which one of Techno's streams it was taken from, so I apologize for not including a link to the stream)


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Considering that Technoblade found a god apple right after he asked for it, you know that he can just tell God to surrender and he will. Techno never loses.

Also, please consider donating to SFA (Sacroma Foundation Of America)
even a little might be a great help to someone in the future.
He indeed was a main character, both in a lore and literal stand point.
Lepocalypse Xeno
Lepocalypse Xeno:
It reminds me of what he said in the video with Ranboo “WAIT, the sensei always dies noooo.” He was way to correct for his own good.
YouTube’s Gentleman
YouTube’s Gentleman:
Technoblade was and shall forever remain my favourite Minecraft youtuber, sorry Dan.

May he rest in piece.
Happened By Chance
Happened By Chance:
Remember when Ranboo showed Techno his silk touch fist ability and Techno talked about how the main character-ness passed onto him and Techno was now the mentor?

Yeah :)
His legacy will never be forgotten he has inspired and touched so many lives TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!!!!
Kenneth Clark
Kenneth Clark:
...As with all great tales, the story ends with the heroes death. The difference between most heroes however, is that this hero was mourned by the entire world when he passed...

And his legacy shall live on.
Sami Hamchev
Sami Hamchev:
Dude, thank you so much for continuing to make Technoblade animatics. This is now a way to celebrate his life and his accomplishments. And as long as you continue making them, I'll watch them all.
RαzorBoi GBG
RαzorBoi GBG:
His voice makes it even more obvious that he's the main charecter.

Fly High Techno.
Пельмень Сумасшедший
Пельмень Сумасшедший:
Я скучаю по нему :(
Спасибо тебе за эти прекрасные аниматики, нежно храню их в своем сердце <3
straightjacket kickboxer
straightjacket kickboxer:
Only few people can say that they've been the main character for an entire life.
Techno is one of them, and deserves to be remembered as such.
Elana J
Elana J:
Yes, he was, he really was.
Rip our beloved minecraft pig
totallyblue_ -!! ☆
totallyblue_ -!! ☆:
IT WAS A TRAP! the main character is actually the zombie in the background and ITS TRYING TO TRAP HIM WITH THE GOLDEN APPLE!
Milk tea
Milk tea:
Will when I watch the DSMP
I watched it from his perspective so technically to the people who watch the story from his perspective he was the main character 🐷👑✊
He was for sure the coolest one to follow
Yuri Cafirma
Yuri Cafirma:
"Technoblade Never Dies!"

He will be in our hearts forever, nobody will forget him.
R.I.P Alex #legend
Kieran's Transport Diaries
Kieran's Transport Diaries:
Always main character energy right up until the end. Truly a legend.
Long live the king as he goes to fight the kingdom of god with his god apple.

Rest in peace Techno.
The One Who Reports For Duty
The One Who Reports For Duty:
He always has had protagonist status written all over him
Lean Dankr
Lean Dankr:
Thank you technoblade for being the best. I just cant believe there will never be another video to inspire me to do somthing. It's nice to know I'm not alone right now. The world seems so much differant without him.
Man you are fast, and it's beautiful too. keep up the good work in these troubled times ^^
Even though he is dead, he is still the main character; he’s just fighting the boss battle, Jesus
The title of main character has been passed on. As he predicted. Technoblade claimed that he would die after training Ranboo, I guess we know the new main character.
Michael Jans
Michael Jans:
Watching these really hurts me but I’m glad someone is helping keep his memory alive
Thanks for making Techno content. It's so nice to know that people still remember him :( It kind of feels like he's still here like that.
Mattison Bock
Mattison Bock:
Thank you for continuing to make Technoblade content! It helps keep his legacy alive, tells his story and shows how much of the main character he was
mugiwara no boring
mugiwara no boring:
Never watched him but I have many friends who were hurt when they found out he died. May he Rest In Peace.
candyjack min
candyjack min:
Yes techno you were indeed the main character<'3 I Just woke up and love this sm, we shall keep his legacy live on forever!!<33 ✨
Techno was the main character and he knew it. I love seeing content still being made like this even when he's passed. He's still here in true hero fashion.

Technoblade was the main characther! change my mind #TechnobladeNeverDies
Autumn Breeze
Autumn Breeze:
Technoblade never dies. He'll forever live on in our hearts! <3
The sensei always dies, rip technoblade he will be remembered.
Technoblade was and always will be the greatest dream smp member of all time...
Glad to see you still going with all the old techno stuff you had planned. I am curious what you'll do once you start to dry up the techno well. Sadly it is now a finite resource.
Ryan MacKenzie
Ryan MacKenzie:
Your artstyle looks just like a colouring book! So cool!! Man, I'd love to buy printed sheets to colour!
TheGeekIsHeere (Sam)
TheGeekIsHeere (Sam):
Thank you toadad for still making technoblade animations, it helps alot right now <3 🐷👑
You will always be remembered as a legend.
You will always be remembered in our hearts.
Legends never die.
Technnoblade never dies.

RIP Technoblade. 🤍

I still cannot believe he passed... it seems like he was doing so much better.
Bamwav Gaming
Bamwav Gaming:
Always and forever the main character! <3
he was talking about how he's going to die because he's the mentor

it makes so much more sense now
Amazinf animatic. Good job :D. Rest in peace TechnoBlade
paulduction films
paulduction films:
technoblade was always been the main character in the series rest in peace technoblade/alex 👑🐷🗡️
Mans literally was, he was the Joseph Joestar of the smp. Never died and had so many tricks up his sleeve. He will be missed
Marco GC
Marco GC:
Thank you Techno for all the happy memories.
Rest In Peace Alex 🐖👑
Rest and peace Blood God 👑💕
We miss you...
Your always gonna be the
main character...
But as we all know...
Technoblade never dies in our hearts
Enderman Robot
Enderman Robot:
Technos death brings a whole new meaning to that clip where he says Ramboo is the main character and he's the mentor that gets killed off early on the story
Haruko Izuku
Haruko Izuku:
Poor techno. Every time I see something about him it reminds me of his death.
He had lots of commitment pointed towards making his career and I think he made somthing great of himself. May Alex be put at good rest.
But we can’t let him leave just yet. For as he has always said,
“Technoblade never dies..”
so I can’t let him die just yet.I’m not giving up on you Alex. You’ll forever live deep in my heart and forever there you will soar. So kind you nerd. Rest In Peace.

HE was always the main character lol 💕
Joseph Adventure
Joseph Adventure:
The plot armor just couldn’t save him 😔
R.I.P Technoblade
Lord Dio
Lord Dio:
Not the main character, a sensei who will lead us to great things
I just realized that technos prophecy came true. He was the protagonists (Ramboo’s) mentor and thus had to sadly go out as all mentors do.
Sadly the mentor died.
I hope his spirit rests well in nirvana after defeating the gods.
He is the main character technoblade never dies. Thanks again man.
Delfina L
Delfina L:
He really was one of the main characters :'3
Randomness Animation
Randomness Animation:
They used to be the best duo!
Jim Gudgel
Jim Gudgel:
Techno never dies and clearly he is the main character and main characters never die
No one doubted, Techno. No one.
Daniella garcia
Daniella garcia:
RIP technoblade we miss you
TLG Luke
TLG Luke:
"At least I'll be the cool sensei. But the sensei always dies! Nooooo!"
Im still waiting for him to dramtically revive
Technoblade was the main character, which meant he had to sacrifice himself to beat the main antagonist: Cancer. WE must carry on his legacy and defeat it!
Darko’s Eye11  👟⃔
Darko’s Eye11 👟⃔:
i’m gonna burn down a orphanage to pay respect #TechnobladeNeverDies
Gabriela Marroquín Morales
Gabriela Marroquín Morales:
Idk if someone has said it before, but your art looks like it could be a coloring book, its so neat!
Carolus Rex
Carolus Rex:
No he was the sensei. He should not have said that. When he looks at the grave it really was foreshadowing. I hope it made Ranboo stronger than anybody else. If not his death was even sader.
Sadly, plot armor was not there to save him this time… :(
Man im seeing your videos and love it but with your potential, don't you want to do an 60 fps animation? It would be great.

Ps: Techno was blessed
he wasnt the main character, he was the sarcastic funny side character that literally everyone loved :)
Ghost Toast Network
Ghost Toast Network:
Am I the only one that thinks that all of this art style should be put into a coloring book? 🐷👑

Ranboo has officially become the main character, now that the sensei has died
the ØɻɨɠĮŊľ
the ØɻɨɠĮŊľ:
dang hes gonna come back sooner
than any one in one piece
Rest in potatoes #technoblade
I'm wondering if they overhauled the chest generation in the newest update because on the first day of a new world, the first ruined portal I raided for items had an enchanted apple in it...
I was thinking about techno earlier, and remember when he said he was the cool mentor, and then joked about how they all die? And people were joking around about it and stuff
I guess the cool mentors always do die
rip o7
Sammy Muros
Sammy Muros:
If he was the main character, then the show has ended.
techno didn't lose a battle with cancer, the cancer died to. it was a draw. also, I bet techno is just fighting the gods. techno never dies, long live the blood god, may his crown never fall from his head
DoodleGod 13
DoodleGod 13:
He was the main character because he ascended and battled God and won
Queenie Asaali
Queenie Asaali:
For those who don't know Philza's skin is actually from Bleach
Edge of the clif
Edge of the clif:
I am glad you post these videos, that give me joy
Trevor Dracoya
Trevor Dracoya:
Rest in peace Technoblade
Кеймура Тейлс
Кеймура Тейлс:
Rest In Peace Technoblade
Lets not forget him running by ranboo to a chest and finding one
Gian SREPB Busa
Gian SREPB Busa:
keep producing this until you animated every single video his on
No hes not the main character
hes the sensei that taught his student (ranboo) how far their skills are from eachother (cuz he stole the notch apple from ranboo while ranboo struggled with the mobs)
sadly the sensei dies in the storyline too and sadly the legend saw the future and so he knew what was coming :Cry:
Chocolate Pirate
Chocolate Pirate:
He really was the sensei he said he was
Techno was right though the master always dies :(
the lunar king
the lunar king:
and of course the writer had to kill of the main character
:') rip techno
Technoblade never dies.
Dream lolz
Dream lolz:
But the main character never dies
spiders for dinner
spiders for dinner:
remember when he said ranboo was the main character and then said he was the sensei who dies.... RIP technoblade
If technoblade is the main character does this mean he'll be reincarnated!!
Not good at names
Not good at names:
I would say technoblade is the mentor rather than the main character
Technoblade WAS the main character
A man isn't dead when his heart stops beating, he is dead when his name is forgotten. "TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES"
Nichole Guan
Nichole Guan:
The Mc dies but his story lives on
07Moth Productions
07Moth Productions:
Actually , he is the sensei.
Comrade Dog
Comrade Dog:
I’m convinced that all we need to do to Resurrect Technoblade is to gather is much clout and drip as we possibly can. And then sacrifice it to the dripped out Version of Jesus (or whoever you chose to believe in) and he will help us Revive Technoblade.
pam Sinclair9
pam Sinclair9:
Well guess the plot armor didn't last forever
RIP techno my king
Trevor Gedge
Trevor Gedge:
Bro Technoblade was right he was the wise sensei
Feng Main Big Brain
Feng Main Big Brain:
i think he was more of a cool sensei kinda person :')
🐷🎗⚔👑🗡❤Technoblade never dies! He will live and forever be cherished in everyone's heart!! So long blood god!! 😭💔 #Technobladeneverdies
Bennett R. Davis
Bennett R. Davis:
He was so powerful he had to go up against the only person who stood a little bit of a chance: God himself.