Teen Kyle Rittenhouse Accused Of Murdering Kenosha Protesters

17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged in the shooting deaths of two anti-racism protesters in Kenosha, WI.

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100+ comentarios:

Diego Maldonado
Diego Maldonado:
“Protesters” lol 😂 you mean rioters and looters.
Dorky Pork
Dorky Pork:
Y'all are monsters. They were just trying to peacefully murder him is all.
Bunch of thugs would have stomped him lifeless had he not means to protect himself
The Crowe
The Crowe:
I didn’t realize “protesters” chase people down the street to beat them to bloody pulp because of opposing ideas...clowns
The power of editing. Makes him look guilty of mass murder. It was self-defense Huffington Post.
Ageu Magalhães
Ageu Magalhães:
They were chasing him and attacking him. He had every right to defend himself.
Ha! The American hating Marxists can't spin this footage. They'll just try to make him into a "racist" now. Total self defense - The kid fought back when he had to.
Coolbread Rye
Coolbread Rye:
Kid deserves a medal for such restraint. Media we all know you're lying.
T O:
Observe how he viciously runs away from a mob of people, innocently trying to attack him when he, with great evil, falls to the ground. While the good hearted saints if saviordom, peacefully surround him with happy guns and helpful skateboards to kindly strike or helpfully shoot him to protect minorities, and how he viciously, insidiously fires from a seated position at peaceful protestors, whom only occasionally burn and destroy for freedom....
Man, that's a lot of sarcasm.
A more correct title to video would have been "Teen Kyle Rittenhouse Accused of Killing Kenosha Looters, Arsonists and Sex Offenders".
IceCream Samuel
IceCream Samuel:
as always the leftist media manipulating everything what a surprise
John Shinn III
John Shinn III:
FREE KYLE RITTENHOUSE! This is no doubt a strong self-defense case...Kyle should be cleared, acquitted and freed....
Sideswipe Lucas
Sideswipe Lucas:
He’s a true hero I would’ve done the same if put in his situation
Jake Shumway
Jake Shumway:
How much the media lies is seriously unbelievable. He was attacked by 3 people one of them tried to execute him with a handgun the other started attacking him for no reason and was also a pedophile who went to prison and got about 40 other charges while in prison and was attacked by a mob he did everything right
Ry An
Ry An:
I like how they still call the people chasing after Kyle “protestors”
Chris M
Chris M:
This is the first time that I've actually seen a video of the incident. The way that the media (including HuffPost) presented it, I thought that the kid was a "white supremacist" serial killer targeting "peaceful protesters." In reality, it looks like this was a teenager being targeted for violence and/or harassment by adults. This teenager was protected by a firearm. If I were this guy, I would have shot them too. I wouldn't have wanted to...but I would have exercised my 2nd Amendment right to defend my life and limb.
Christian Prepper
Christian Prepper:
*Spread the word: "Remember Rittenhouse!"*
Tyler's Bored
Tyler's Bored:
Forgot to turn off the comments. Caught ya slippin.
For those of you curious of the two he shot dead here's a little of their history. The first he shot (The skinhead at 0:47, Joseph Rosenbaum) was convicted of TWO COUNTS of sexual conduct with a minor in 2002. The other with the skateboard is 26 year old Anthony Huber; he had LOADS of domestic abuse with a weapon reports back in 2012 and in 2018 he was charged with battery with modifier of a repeater and yet another domestic abuse with a repeater...

Personally, I think that kid did Kenosha a favor by riding it of those two.
This poor kid is being rail roaded in the media/social media. Hes a hero in my book.
Andy McWilliams
Andy McWilliams:
Protesters don’t carry guns. These were RIOTERS. They got what was coming to them. 😡🤬
Open Mike
Open Mike:
They fired a shot at him, threw a Molotov cocktail, then he finally defended himself. The second two were self defense all day.
John Aranjo
John Aranjo:
More like self defense but okay.
Andy Appleton
Andy Appleton:
If Kyle Rittenhouse is convicted...there is gonna be hell to pay. He did nothing wrong. He was trying to save innocent people and their livelihoods. He was defending America, not hurting it. He wanted to stop violence against innocent merchants and the police. He was defending the entire American way of life. He was assaulted by a violent democrat mob for it. And this is unacceptable. He used proper means of defense to defend his life. And this is good. This young man is a lion of the cause and he is morally/legally correct. If convicted, there will be consequence.
Harley Groller
Harley Groller:
Ah yes the intent to murder the “peaceful protesters” after they chase him down to “hug” the young man.
Mine Finder
Mine Finder:
Don't ever ever believe the carefully edited Huffpost videos.
The thumbs down show you where America stands, and that's with Kyle.
Reed Richards
Reed Richards:
You noticed. Everyone else is shutting off their comments. Why? They are trying to make the news, not report it.
Cory Smith
Cory Smith:
Murder: the unlawful, PREMEDITATED killing of another.
What I saw was someone defending himself from his ASSAILANTS.
Someone who's purpose in being there was to help. Whether it be protecting the property of others or rendering aid hence the gloves and medkit.
PoliticallyIncorrect Videos
PoliticallyIncorrect Videos:
Marge Simpson: “Didn’t you learn you shouldn’t believe everything on TV?”
Homer Simpson: “Didn’t you hear the scary music? He’s evil!”

HuffPost viewers: “Homer is so right!”
ShaolinDave McAlias
ShaolinDave McAlias:
I can't wait until Rittenhouse sues you liars, just like Sandmann.
Dear American's! We must do a meeting for freedom for Kyle!
Octavio Gutierrez
Octavio Gutierrez:
“Teen Kyle Rittenhouse defends himself from an angry mob”. There I fixed the title for you.
Jeff Sanders
Jeff Sanders:
If you pull a glock on someone with an AR don’t be surprised when they defend themselves
Adam M
Adam M:
Kyle is an American hero. Free kyle. We need more people willing to fight for freedom like this young man.
Isn’t it funny these people “protesting” are more idiotic than CNN?
Gage Henderson
Gage Henderson:
Why does it “freeze” when the one guy pulls out a gun to kill Kyle 🤔
Sam Lucky
Sam Lucky:
Kyle Rittenhouse was clearly defending himself from those who shot him first
Drew Patterson
Drew Patterson:
You show that clip to any jury and he’ll walk. I’d be terrified if that was me on my back being swarmed by people threatening my life.
Reluctant Enthusiast
Reluctant Enthusiast:
Kyle Rittenhouse only fired when he had to, in order to save his own life.
I came to this site to antagonize commies, but all I found were peaceful, law-abiding Patriots. I could be sad, but I'm not.
I’m amazed at the level of calm Kyle displays throughout this chaos. Excellent job son. If he hadn’t kept his head, this fine young man might not be alive today. Also, somewhere there’s a parent of an abused child breathing a sigh of relief that the pedophile who abused their child has assumed room temperature.
Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson:
Attacking someone makes you a peaceful protestor. Well done HuffJoke.
Timothy Turner
Timothy Turner:
These millennial rioters never consider the consequences of their actions. They've been brainwashed for years through Public Education. Kyle = Hero Patriot.
Konstandinos E.
Konstandinos E.:
It's called self defense
J Lee
J Lee:
The media call Rittenhouse and his group "vigilantes." That's false and they know it.
Syed Rizvi
Syed Rizvi:
They literally chased him down like a dog and tried to kill him, what the hell did they expect was going to happen
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson:
The American people can see, this was self defense
-> The UN-SHOT GUY, backing away with his hands up...
Major Calibere
Major Calibere:
*Phenomenal* fire-discipline by a teenager--ZERO bystanders hit, only the *previously-convicted felons* actually and actively attacking him got what they deserved. Self-Defense AND Poetic Justice, gift-wrapped in The 2nd Amendment! Folks, The Great American Experiment seldom gets more poignant than this! Go Kyle! Now he's got an absolutely A-List Defense Team, and will embarrass the Lefty Kenosha DA before being acquitted.
Jack Fahy
Jack Fahy:
Not one charge was brought against the Burn Loot Murder protesters. What does that say about the situation?
Eilove Takoez
Eilove Takoez:
"Heavily armed vigilantes", lol. There's your token left wing spin.
alessandro tocci
alessandro tocci:
"Heavily armed militia" even though Rittwnhaus was a first aid responder trying to help injured protestors. Not saying that the killings were justified, but just wanna get away from the sensational BS
jeff cozzi
jeff cozzi:
Absolutely self defense ..
'concerned citizens" vs.rioters That's more like it.
- Exillion -
- Exillion -:
I can't even share this to my friends, the censorship is unreal
Lenny Hoang
Lenny Hoang:
The boy was being attacked, and defended himself.
Tink Ertime
Tink Ertime:
CNN has EIGHTY MILLION reason$ not to run a disparaging story on Kyle.
This child shot and killed a pedophile that was attacking him, then he defended himself vs an angry mob that where also armed with guns...
Sergio Soto
Sergio Soto:
Gotta love how NPR claimed there is “no evidence of self-defense.” This is how f*cking stupid the media thinks we are. BTW ....love watching this video on loop.
Yeah let's ignore the part where he was chased down to the ground and didn't fire until the tried beating him and taking his gun.
chris afton
chris afton:
He did a great deed
jeff pain
jeff pain:
I find it funny that democrats are calling this murder when they literally support BLM rioting and looting
What, were antifa and bLM throwing malatov cocktails or something?
shaunbir klair
shaunbir klair:
It’s actually scary how brainwashed people are nowadays, Stalin and Hitler would’ve had a wet dream if they knew how easy it would be to brainwash people today
Ed Ga
Ed Ga:
Kyle a real man 👍
Well done, handsome man.
Nicholas Tucker
Nicholas Tucker:
That man in the white jeans that thought he would stomp on his head to kill him, had his life flash before his eyes. He ran away, went home and hugged his mom he has been living with for 36 years, just thankful to be alive.
A true warrior! If we had a few more like him, all these "peaceful protestors" would magically quit assaulting police officers and Trump supporters! Bravo!!
S Christiansen
S Christiansen:
Teenage kid shoots 2 armed career criminals attacking him and saves his own life.
Liberals: HOW DARE YOU!!!
ibet ykgf
ibet ykgf:
" anti racism protests " how the definition of riots has changed over the last month
“Innocent protesters trying to give a hug shot down by armed crimal”
Imagine being such a cancerous organisation.
One of the "looters" was a pedophile, the other was a domestic abuser and the other was a convicted felon who illegally had a firearm.

But yet, the kid defending businesses and himself is somehow a "terrorist" according to the news media.

The news media in the US are evil. They aren't even because they lie about Trump all day everyday. They are evil because they are intentionally trying to destabilize the US. Make no mistake, what the media is doing is not incompetence. It's malicious.
QUOTE First they came poem.
Richard Raymond
Richard Raymond:
Title should be “Patriot saves his own life from crazed rioters”
Dick Balls
Dick Balls:
Welp at least they wasn’t black so idc🤷🏾‍♂️
Walter Polowski
Walter Polowski:
Kyle Rittenhouse is a freaking hero for taking out the antifa rioters that were trying to kill him!!
Kyle Rittenhouse, AMERICAN HERO!!
These violent thugs are NOT protesters! Consider the motives behind both parties. One is out to defend people and property with a weapon, a fire extinguisher, and a first-aid kit. The other is out to destroy people and property and are also carrying guns, pyrotechnics, and an assortment of other weapons with intent to use them. Who started the confrontation and who chased who? If Kyle had been deputised by the police beforehand, he would be receiving a medal, not a jail sentence. That small piece of America that night was a lawless war zone. These violent anarchists can never be allowed to hide behind the meek mantle of being a 'protester'. God bless Kyle and Trump 2020 ...
Life-Hardened School student
Life-Hardened School student:
Leftist : Border is just an imaginary line

Also Leftist : OmG a BoY cRoSsEd ThE bOrDeR tO uSe LeThAl FoRcEs
Shivas Irons
Shivas Irons:
I thought u said disturbing footage? I got it on a loop, i find it reassuring and comforting, must be the music.
Tout Le Monde
Tout Le Monde:
He killed one pedofile and one criminal, God bless you, son! 🙏
Harold Q. Pinhead
Harold Q. Pinhead:
I bet they "forgot" to mention that he was fired upon FIRST.
Night Wing
Night Wing:
Shooting rioters trying to kill him. Fixed it for you Huff Post zombies.
He clearly showed no interest in shooting anyone who wasn't directly coming at him. He even turned his back on the final attacker as soon as he saw him running away..
Imagine rioters calling the police because of a shooter
CopperCab’s Milk Duds
CopperCab’s Milk Duds:
“I fear the day when people start saying quotes I never said.”
-Albert Einstein
Shreyansh Dutt
Shreyansh Dutt:
*Huff post forgets to turn off comments*

Everybody: “don’t mind if I do”
Tom Allen
Tom Allen:
Appears to be "mostly peaceful"- at least by CNN & MSNBC standards
Paul Judkins
Paul Judkins:
"Minor protects himself from violent leftist mob" that's a better title.
Dudes screaming “MEDICCC!!” Like he playing Warzone 🤣 boy
jimmy wrangles
jimmy wrangles:
Even the creepy music can't make it look like murder. Good try Huff Post but no cigar, traitors.
Isabelle Keating
Isabelle Keating:
Surprised HuffPost still has comments on. Cute, while it lasts.
J N:
Now we know it was all self defense..
Troy Muonio
Troy Muonio:
About time someone had a back bone, there should be more people like Kyle!
Nick W
Nick W:
Nice job young man for protecting yourself!
"protesters" ... great joke ^^
Diamond Logistics
Diamond Logistics:
Sometimes when you try to open a can of whoop ass it blows up in your face. He just gave em the fight they came lookin for.