Tennis star Novak Djokovic abruptly disqualified from US Open l GMA

The top men’s tennis player in the world was disqualified after he hit a ball toward the backboard that hit a female line judge in the throat.

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100+ comentarios:

Ellen DeGeneres has no business being a tennis official.
Can't belive this.. getting hit by a tennis ball, on a tennis court, where they play tennis. What are the odds.
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma:
If she was Neymar, she would be rolling from US to Brazil.
ayman el kati
ayman el kati:
The moment I saw her haircut I knew my boy is out.
Timothy H
Timothy H:
I knew he was done for when i saw the "karen" haircut
Cheeki Breeki Bree!
Cheeki Breeki Bree!:
A Karen got him disqualified
Three do
Three do:
Top 5 Karen's caught on camera
Aiden Snacklad
Aiden Snacklad:
Such a bad actor. You would have thought she was sniped by a navy seal
Rich Prevost
Rich Prevost:
If Djokovic hit me with a ball, I'd ask him to autograph it and I'd keep it as a souvenir.
Rodrigo Huichalao
Rodrigo Huichalao:
She shouldn’t ref a match if she is not fit enough to withstand an accidental ball to the neck.
Disgraceful decision by the main referee.
That line-woman was over reacted.
Lerato Seapi
Lerato Seapi:
Legend has it that she is still gasping for air.
Officially HALIM
Officially HALIM:
Oh cmon, judges where dramatic. He didn’t aim for her
Mdz Adz
Mdz Adz:
Come on he obviously didn’t mean it. Did they really disqualified him for that...
Georgi Ignatov
Georgi Ignatov:
This is a complete joke. I'm just as frustrated as outraged by the judges' decision.
Vatsal Chandra
Vatsal Chandra:
"The top seated player THROWN out of the tournament"
Couldn't you have used the word "disqualified". That was totally inappropriate.
Alan Ford
Alan Ford:
When she was sent to hospital, her family and neighbours went there immediately, and prayed the physicians trying to revive her to give it up, and release the family and a neighbours from further sufferings.
N Cook
N Cook:
He hit that ball with about 10% of his full power. It almost seemed like it was just a random action, out of carelessness. He didn’t seem angry to me. If he was angry, it would have been a very fast, aggressive shot. But hey, the media loves drama, spin and BS.
Wow, Karen. Good job getting someone disqualified for getting hit with a tennis ball... on a tennis court...
its was a clear accident and unintentional. I've seen many videos of officials even ball boys and girls more severely got hit by players many of which are minors little boy ang girls but not penalized but, this time the judges unfairly and wrongly made bad decision! we can see the lady got hurt and clearly immediately Djokovic approched the lady and help her and apologized. its a loss to the US Open, loss to the tennis community and the the loss to the fans of tennis deprived to watch a top caliber and a good player not to play.
Doug Maverick
Doug Maverick:
This was a complete accident unintentional very bad decision by the US Open. This shows that we need to get rid of all lines people and let the Hawkeye cameras decide the points from now on less people on the court the better.
Nikola Gostović
Nikola Gostović:
1:45 just look at this picture its clear that media is trying to make novak look bad
123 123
123 123:
The extreme measure of disqualifying him is 1: unnecessary and 2: would make Djokovic feel unnecessary guilt at an obvious accident
Wasim Shah
Wasim Shah:
There is only 1 actor in this case with a wrong job, yes that's line judge... What an overacting displayed
Jamie Orford
Jamie Orford:
She needed a pay day what an actor..leave it too the kids..should get a role on home and away..god dam joke
Chanel Vanessa
Chanel Vanessa:
I have to salute Djokovic for his patience. After I would hear the sounds she made I would’ve burst out laughing.
Jake Baker
Jake Baker:
These people are so dramatic and empty eyed.
Adarsh Kumar
Adarsh Kumar:
This has to be the most honest mistake ever! The judge went too far.
Sun H
Sun H:
Hollywood going to call her now for acting gigs.
Football 2020
Football 2020:
“Partying up close and personal”. OH THE SHAME OF IT!
Purak Shrestha
Purak Shrestha:
This incident will fuel djokovic and he will end up with most grandslams at the end of his career
As I see how they reported all this, those jurnalis really don't like him.
john smith
john smith:
She deserves an Oscar
Amanda Andrea Rose
Amanda Andrea Rose:
I told my mom about this. She told me even though he didn't mean to do this, he still could've not threw his anger. Honestly, he didn't mean to hurt that woman.
I read her lips through the mask. "Get your checkbook ready"
Mahkey Official
Mahkey Official:
That wasn’t anger, c’mon.

I’m sorry for the injury ofc, but this was an accident.....
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
She acted like she got hit with a baseball. Line Judge Karen. Ftb.
yakruza 88
yakruza 88:
The only action the old bat has gotten in years 😂😂😂😂
D Shaw
D Shaw:
She must be a former soccer player with flop skills like that
Infelix Scriptor
Infelix Scriptor:
The ball wasn't even hit that hard. Mountain out of a molehill.
1) it was clearly a mistake, he didnt take aim or anything.

2) why did they hire line judges that have the same reaction speed as my late grandpa and working with balls travelling at over 100mph?

Edited: Granted, He did hit the ball unnecessarily hard but I think to throw him out was a bit harsh. We all make mistakes sometimes.
Can i have 1k sub ??? Plz
Can i have 1k sub ??? Plz:
People say love is the best feeling, but I think finding a toilet when you've got diarrhea is better.
Stone Monk
Stone Monk:
“Immediately running over” what shit the news talks if ya listen
Raja Sekhar Darbha
Raja Sekhar Darbha:
Their judgement shows inferiority complex more than "following rules". Like, if you don't have strength, just punish the strongest using stupid reasons
Darren Todd
Darren Todd:
It's America, I wonder when she contacts the lawyers?
Alex B
Alex B:
And the Oscar for attention goes to: Old half blinded old lady ref who was supposed to be vigilent but faked it with a cough.
Jaime Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez:
As soon as i saw the karen haircut i was like yep he's disqualified.
Kenneth Clemente
Kenneth Clemente:
At least give a man some warning, people is soft nowadays.
Zack Q
Zack Q:
Hockey players especially seeing this line judge drop to the ground like that would probably be like "are you kidding me?" lol
Dee Higgins
Dee Higgins:
Let's see.... How can we ruin tennis?
Isaiah Robertson
Isaiah Robertson:
That was perfectly in her throat though 😭 like howww
flatwhite what else?
flatwhite what else?:
Absolutely right decision. We saw him acting like an asshole many times
I was hit in the balls by a tennis ball in school that someone kicked with their leg and I remember it hurt quite a bit but I didnt start whining and telling the person who did it should sit out...
Cant imagine the anger of Djoko, if that was a man he would stand up and he wouldnt be disqualified. But oh well.
leah jordan
leah jordan:
It clearly hit her collarbone at the most, she’s holding her entire throat like really??
Raji abey
Raji abey:
Most importantly that guy knows how to party 😂
Technically he’s still number 1 so all g and a line guard watches the line and the ball to see if it’s a foul but she obviously wasn’t watching
"In current news a new sport was invented today..."
I'd watch that shit every day.
Also anyone ever play "wall ball" aka "butts up" when they were a kid? I was 10 and we were throwing tennis balls as hard as we could trying to kill our close friends. Man up.
Post Script: Maybe if she had more experience taking things in the throat?...(insert laughter)
Imagine being hit by a tennis ball in a tennis match, what are the odds of that happening.
Vikash Malodia
Vikash Malodia:
All I want to know did she "old lady" survived the attack?
this deserves to be in the top 10 karens compilation lmfao
Jamie Beattie
Jamie Beattie:
"450ms reaction speed boomer gets rekt"
Jb Mayotte
Jb Mayotte:
gotta keep these judges on their toes
Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic:
She looked at Novak as if he has fired a bullet !
retep nosbig
retep nosbig:
her reaction just made it hilarious 😂
П Ч:
It completely impossible that that woman couldn't continue with her work. These things happen all the time in sports where your air is knocked out of your lungs and/or you can't breathe for a few moments after a collision. Give the person a few minutes and he/she/it will be fine. This "injury" was just bullshit to get Djokovic defaulted without any reason.
Mick Corby
Mick Corby:
Djokovic gunna get sued assault with a deadly weapon. Lawyers gonna love the ball lady
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar:
Y they keeping old ppl in the field's wrong on tennis council
sehaj mahajan
sehaj mahajan:
It was unintentional, yes. Absolutely, the line judge overreacted. But the rules specifically say that if you hit someone on court and if it is not part of the shot, you'll be disqualified. Djokovic has done this plenty of times. Not to mention, he was already on a ball abuse warning. RULES ARE RULES. This kind of shit exists so that people don't get hurt on the court.
Prana Iswara
Prana Iswara:
Dear Nole Djokovic, I miss youll playing with your opponents in us open.
thomas hug
thomas hug:
Overreact. Nothing wrong with that broad. I've been hit the same way. I continued to play..she's looking for $ typical
Joshua Lee Hobson
Joshua Lee Hobson:
Wake up love and catch the dammn ball 😂 it looked more like he was discarding the ball.
Md Saif
Md Saif:
That line judge was probably Neymar's Aunt 😁
Maple Tf2
Maple Tf2:
bruh overreacted, can you imagine a dude falling to the ground cuz of that? i mean sure could hurt but no dude would act as if he were dying, for the very least would not complain i mean you are standing on a fucking tennis court and got hit by a ball XD
Henry Jasons
Henry Jasons:
Definitely a weighted tennis ball, to do that kind of damage.
Syd Alan
Syd Alan:
She reminds me of wife at friends of court!
tiger skull
tiger skull:
The lallantop brought me here
Raymond Qiu
Raymond Qiu:
Can we just acknowledge about how much of a man Djokovic was for leaving like a gentleman after knowing he had just been disqualified from the tournament and not complaining to the judges and umpire all while having being the most favored and likely to win the US Open
SPONGY Barbarian
SPONGY Barbarian:
It was all planned. That lady was paid
Terry Havanka
Terry Havanka:
She was wearing a mask? How'd the ball get through!?
Actually, I caught Novak once while he was practicing and there were at least 10 old grannies lined up so he could knock them down by hitting a ball with his racket. He didn't miss any. Must have been preparing for this event.
Rick Melhuish
Rick Melhuish:
Her reaction time was non existent.
eric woriax
eric woriax:
Love Djokovic, my favorite tennis player for the last 5 years.
Techie Tush
Techie Tush:
Pavlo on the other side is so happy 😂😂😂😂😂
Sojwal Jadhav
Sojwal Jadhav:
They can keep ball boys/girls with great reflexes but can't get some young judges to be on the court.
Jigme Wangchuk
Jigme Wangchuk:
I've seen people take a hockey ball to the neck and react less than this.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
the ball... better still sack all of them and replace them with “Hawkeye” .... they would do a better job... any way she s got her 15 min of fame.
Badass Beast
Badass Beast:
2.04 me when i pass the test that i was suppose to failed..
Zenar Mustafa
Zenar Mustafa:
She deserves an Oscar...
Viva Freedom
Viva Freedom:
I think they were looking for an excuse to disqualify him, so that others can win too.
Mark Willis
Mark Willis:
He was gonna lose and wasn't happy about it.
And the best actor trophy goes to ..
Tcm m
Tcm m:
She definitely milked that one, get up dust yourself off and move on next time .
abdirisak Ibrahim
abdirisak Ibrahim:
Lineswoman: I want you to touch that lil' dangly thing that swing in the back of my throat

Djokovic: 🥎
Tawer Zadok
Tawer Zadok:
Jesus how much did she milk that. Seriously? She couldn’t carry on and had to go hospital! I don’t think she tried to get Novak disqualified. But I definitely think she made it look worse than it was.
Yasser Bekkouche
Yasser Bekkouche:
Did he shot her by a gun !!
Nenad Mitic
Nenad Mitic:
Beware of beast from this moment. You haven't seen the best yet
He hit it towards her expecting her to catch it.
She must have been daydreaming. She was not doing her job, which is to pay attention to what is going on with the players.
BUDDHA Smiling
BUDDHA Smiling:
These things happen in every sports. Djokovic don't worry.
Jo Brock
Jo Brock:
It looks like it hit her right collar bone to me.