"Terrace House" Star Hana Kimura Dead at 22 After Cyberbullying | E! News

The 22-year-old pro wrestler & star on the Netflix reality show "Terrace House" has passed away. Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax & more WWE stars mourn the shocking death.

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"Terrace House" Star Hana Kimura Dead at 22 After Cyberbullying | E! News

100+ comentarios:

The people who have the nerve to cyberbully someone to the point of suicide need to go suffer the consequences.
Razzle Cherry
Razzle Cherry:
i was sent here by Pewdiepie to pay my respects, may she Rest In Peace.
The Hater
The Hater:
Get off social media, people. Trust me, your lives will be better.
My deepest condolences to her family and friends during this painful time
Imaizumi Izzu 48
Imaizumi Izzu 48:
Those keyboard warrior that cyberbullied her are coward in real life.
I'll never understand Internet bullies. They clearly are not happy in their own lives and go after someone to feel better about themselves, it's so toxic and sick.
Firman H
Firman H:
....this is why I deleted all my social media account. My life becomes muchhhh more... peaceful and happier since then. I could not agree more. Social Media is toxic.
Because they wont believe the victim's feeling before the victims suicide.
Cailin Price
Cailin Price:
I can never understand why people feel the right to tear someone apart that they loose their life...
Kiddie 420
Kiddie 420:
lmao just when the person dies, that's when 'they' speak up. lol hypocrites
Very heartbreaking news about her passing. She received constant death and rape threats, also racist comments , about her skin color , her shoulders,just her appearance in general ( she is half japanese half indonesian) from the very toxic Terrace House fans after this one incident on the show. She lost her temper and grab a hat of a cast member and threw it to the side.She did not slap him or anything, unlike many rumours that she did .This is a heavily scripted and edited reality show that portrayed her as the villain.Incident occured in January 2020 but was only recently aired on Netflix Japan 2 months ago.
In her last post on twitter, she said more than a hundred hate comments to her daily since that episode aired, telling her to kill herself, please die /disappear forever. She then ingested Hydrogen Sulfide and was found by her mom at 4am. She passed away at the hospital. She was 22 years old, may you rest in peace Hana. After her death those who bullied her deleted their accounts, ran away and hid like the cowards they are.Mental Health is a taboo in Japan and therefore she did not received any professional help ,Japan should start taking cyber bullying seriously and penalized those who are responsible. The sad thing is Japan is an ' instant society' , which means quickly they will forget about Hana Kimura and shift their attention to someone else...
DFA Lucas
DFA Lucas:
Cyberbullying needs to stop. Matter of fact it should’ve stopped a really long time ago. RIP Hana Kimura.
I went to her twitter shortly after I heard the news. I am a big fan of Terrace House but I don't follow what's being said about the members on their sns too much but so I never knew she was bullied that much but when I went to her twitter, a lot of the mean comments were still there and it was horrible. Under her Instagram posts the situation was similar and even under posts of the official Terrace House accounts there were so many hateful comments. Most of them have been deleted now and a lot of the accounts that posted them don't exist anymore and it makes me so angry. It makes me so angry that they can just delete their words and their accounts and continue with their lives as if nothing happened, that they don't have to face consequences.
I loved Hana so much, she was such a sweet girl. This is just utterly devastating.
Nikyra McQueen
Nikyra McQueen:
She was beautiful rip❤️
Nathan Wilmot
Nathan Wilmot:
Cyber bullying will never end and is nothing new, cause its too easy for cowards to be toxic when you not face to face. Hiding away behind your little screen, thinking your words have no consequences.
When you're already struggling with staying in this world and then hundreds of people tell you to leave.
Poppa Jacks
Poppa Jacks:
Cancel Culture continues to kill innocent people Twatter bullies are still bashing her after she passed.
Those people who disliked this should feel the pain she had gone through. Can't even believe these type of people exist...
People really need to stop bullying other's like this. cause it show's your a horrible person with love in your heart! then you don't deserve to be round anybody.
RIP, Hana Kimura. the world of wrestler will forever miss you!
Myrna Murphy
Myrna Murphy:
Rip my dear. So very sorry at such a young age to hear of cyberbullying. I pray your in heaven rest in peace. So sad prayers for the family.
Ольга Матузко
Ольга Матузко:
Yes, Cyberbullying is evil, but why doesn`t anyone else talk about the girl`s killers alone: screenwriters and hosts of this show. The scriptwriters invented lying (playing) situations for the sake of raising the rating of the show, after which immature silly spectators (haters) suddenly begin to glow with righteous anger (sarcasm), and the hypocritical hosts of the show, after such criticism, raise the question of expelling the girl from the show and enter it because of a sick imagination screenwriters. I believe that the relatives of the deceased girl should sue not only the cyber huligans, but also all the organizers of this show. If this had happened, the organizers of this show were in the dock, there would have been fewer reasons for Cyberbullying.
Aaron Carrera
Aaron Carrera:
This is very terrible news. I dont understand how this could happen. SOCIAL MEDIA IS KILLING OUR YOUTH. In way more than one way. Cyberbullying is just the tip of the iceberg. The psychological effects of constantly needing to be validated is the main enemy here. CAN'T YOU ALL SEE?!? We let the darkest and most fake people determine what's beautiful and worthy. It's a tragic travesty that will only get worse. MARK MY WORDS.
Green Greed
Green Greed:
Let's face it, some of the people here were also one of the people bullying her in Twitter.
I Am The Marble
I Am The Marble:
To those who bullied her: Are you happy now?
Hana is such a sweet girl, she didn't deserve any of this :c
Sky Life
Sky Life:
Is sad I was starting like her because her lenguaje it was cute !... can't believe this is happening ... there's many bad people that only have life for destroy others does not fair!
Although I didn't know who she was, I'm not a wrestling fan; however, life is matter and her was too. 😔 I'm sorry that her beautiful life got interrupted by unnecessary hate. She was so young and seemed so lovely and nice 😔. I wish she realized there were more love for her than hate. To those hate fan and netizen out there, I will continue to speak out no one has the right and power of influence over another life. If you are lonely and not happy with yourself then you should get help and seek that missing piece in your heart. Dont ever take anger and hatred onto another person life. You dont know what they have been through and what you say and do can affect them in the negative way. 😔😔😔 another sad day. My condolences to her love ones. I wish u were still here but I hope you r pain free of this world now and plz to continue to smile.
Why is she cyber bullied? I've never heard of her until now and I feel sorry that I was too late to help and defend this person.

She looks like a sweet lady and I just started searching for answers on why was she and is still bullied in the first place?
Irvin Indra
Irvin Indra:
She's too young to die 😭😭
Rest in peace Princess. God bless you, don't do that again on your next life 😢😢.
Note : please don't said something bad to a person, you never know they can take it easy or not, some people take it seriously.
People who troll and cyber bully are evil... just got to let those sad miserable individuals who try to hurt you roll off the shoulders... people who bully are losers, just remember the people who actually care and love you..
Remember the 3rd of November
Remember the 3rd of November:
Cyber Bullying is like a virus that infects a hard drive, corrupting files until the computer no longer functions.
Gabi Ramos
Gabi Ramos:
I hope someone will be found accountable for this. RIP Hana
this is why we are taught since kindergarten that “we should treat others with kindness”. this breaks my heart honestly how some people are so cruel with their comments to the point of causing someone else’s death. I’m trying so hard not to cry because it truly makes me upset. I hope she can rest well in heaven without anymore hate. rip. ❣️🛐
maan every month something bad always happening
That’s sad. RIP 🙏🏽
Imagine being such a virgin that u actually take time of your day to bully someone she seemed like a really beautiful and talented young lady may she rest in peace and my deepest condolences to her family ❤🙏
ShamaLambaDingDong Boi
ShamaLambaDingDong Boi:
What the hell is wrong with people...
Trev Mac
Trev Mac:
Male cyber bullies for the most part have one thing in common - the majority can't get women and resent women
Im a duck :3
Im a duck :3:
I wanna know how the people that bullied her until she commited suicide feel rn
Lmao NC Yaddas
Lmao NC Yaddas:
I think it's time to delete Twitter...
sgdz XtremePresure
sgdz XtremePresure:
I bet the same people that was cyber bullying her before are now mourning her death. What a bunch of fakes. No one cares when you are alive, but everyone cares when you are dead
Why did they bullied her anyway(I'm asking cuz i don't know her)
Keyboard warriors will never go away, especially having the power to kill someone.
Dusk IBOT:
Blowing up someone candles doesn't make yours shine brighter

Stop bullying
I have experience with this kind of thing, I still have, honestly, still being bullied but to all of you with the same issue PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING, YOU HAVE A LOT TO LIVE FOR
Nicole K
Nicole K:
I always thought she was the brightest one on the show, her laugh was contagious and she just made the group more interesting and fun. Rest peacefully Hana.
Ronda L
Ronda L:
Why do people have to be so cruel to one another? We loss another young beautiful person to ignorance.
RIP: Beautiful Soul
Clarissa Gafoor
Clarissa Gafoor:
Please, to everyone, if you are being cyberbullied then a) remember that the bullies are sad, sad people (as well as lots of other things for sure) b) cancel your accounts, or at the very least stop reading such trash. Peace to everyone who loved this young lady.
K T:
I keep praying this isnt true she is such a beautiful soul
John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy:
Hearing about her death and then finding out her age and that I'm the same age makes me feel like I take my life for granted. Its sad that she took her own life. From a video I watched it seemed like she was a happy and carefree person, but I guess we're all human and being hounded by others really hurt. I know it is to late for her, but please if anyone is feeling suicidal reach out to someone. Even if they're someone you dont know. Sometimes it's easier to ask a stranger for help than family. If you are be cyberbullied please just take a break from online and if it comes more direct ask for help. For anyone on social media take a breather from the hate and just sign out for a week or 2 if you must and get your emotions on a calm level. People die everyday and we always forget how precious life is until moments like these. There's always happiness in life you just have to live long enough to find it.

Rest in peace. Hopefully you'll be able to wrestle and be with the people you love in the next life.
I swear the people who bullied her to death ought to pay dearly this kind of thing really upsets me to the core she didn’t deserve this at all. My deepest condolences and prayers goes out to her family and friends.
Shlok Gole
Shlok Gole:
Who are this people ?? Really
Karma will get them soon in life and its going to be bad one.. RIP
Not Clorox Bleach
Not Clorox Bleach:
Her last Instagram posts brought me to tears when I found out what they translated to.... All those who drove her to this point deserve to pay. May she Rest In Peace, we miss you.
Even i've never seen her closely in my life, when i saw her in Terrace house I could know she is so kind, warm person. She was always so bright and gave other people happiness I can't believe her death and really sad
i'm devastated.
rest in peace sweet girl.
she deserved so much better from the world.
I was literally in the middle of watching terrace house and cheering her on, when she won the wrestle match and I come to find this. My heart stopped.... I have no words... RIP💔
HeyImVault #-#
HeyImVault #-#:
What has the internet and the social media become? Rest In Peace, Hana Kimura.
Katy Martin
Katy Martin:
I just read an article about what really happened to Hana, I am now finding out this was a staged stunt that went horribly wrong! I've seen countless photos of Hana and according to what I seen she was truly a precious gentle kindhearted soul who was very beautiful inside and out, it's such a downright shame that a stunt can cause someone to commit the unthinkable crime a senseless tragedy occurred on may 23, 2030 and we loss Hana Kimura but she will never, ever be forgotten. ❤️
El Principe
El Principe:
I know bullying is a real thing. She had so much going for herself and she was beautiful why she ain’t just ignore that! Wtf sucks RIP
Jake Llavore
Jake Llavore:
"Please be respectful and allow some time for things to process, and keep your thoughts and prayers with her family and friends"

- We are STARDOM

*We are STARDOM*
Temesgen Abraha
Temesgen Abraha:
Rip. I have a question what was she being cyber bullied about? Rip
I’m not a wrestling fan but this is extremely tragic especially with what is going on globally. Let’s all look at the bigger picture and bring more love. 🙏🏾
She was my favorite person on the show, she was the reason I got into it, she still is, gone but never forgotten, I love you Hana rest I peace beautiful soul 💖🕊
I'm extremely sad for her, I understand her since I got bullied when I was younger and my parents also beat me up and kinda ignored me as if I wasn't there.
I guess she chose death instead of being a little heartless. Bullying does hurt people alot, It will either change you or break you.

Let's respect her and give her our prayers. Someone should have told her that she accomplished alot and that she shouldn't lose hope.
Most people including me haven't reached anything yet and including those older than her.
She's an accomplished adult for her age, But too bad that you can't stop toxic people, there are those who find fun with insulting others.

My heart goes for her, if only everyone can stop being toxic but I guess they exist everywhere
bao yu
bao yu:
This breaks my heart. I didnt know before now , and I’m currently watching Terrace House. Every time I see Hana, it saddens me so much to think that a person with such a beautiful heart and spirit had to be victim to cyberbullying
Younes Al Faressi
Younes Al Faressi:
I'm so sad with it. Rest in peace, Hana! Hugs from Morocco
Lady surjoo
Lady surjoo:
It's extremely wrong to contribute towards shorting a person's experience on Earth.
Ирина Золотарева
Ирина Золотарева:
Why are the relatives of the deceased girl not falling to court on the scriptwriters of this show? Their names are known to all. After all, their lying script caused slander against the girl. They are the same criminals as haters, even more, they received money for their lying scenario.
Rest easy and peacefully in The Wonderful Great Lord’s hands and care Hana Kimura. God Bless your beautiful soul, and God Bless your wonderful lovely family and loved ones always and forever amen AwesomeSauce GorgeousBeauty OneOfAKind LovingPerson HighClassAthlete🙏🙏💯💯❤️❤️
Tae Ho Ahn
Tae Ho Ahn:
This actually made me sick to my stomache. I dont even know the person in the video and I am feeling fustrated over this video to the point that I cant even help myself to write this comment. The nerve some people have in the internet to bully someone to suicide is just revolting. And they would have the audacity to curse anyone in social media for slightly offending them is beyond disgusting. It's such bullshit like this that I avoid social media conflict or just social media in general.
You throw in people to one platform they're gonna use the ability to connect with people all over the globe to torment each other without taking risks for themselves. Anyone who insults someone should do so while expecting the risk of a punch to the face.
And the fact that they continue to do this while being well known of giving them immense ammounts of stress.
(Since they're the ones nitpicking and researching her like the doctors trying to invent the cure to cancer)
Just truly disgusts me.
The Algerianman
The Algerianman:
I know it was hard for her but suicide isn't the way, now her family has to suffer the consequences
Sandra Mwangi
Sandra Mwangi:
It’s never good to cyber bully someone I wish there were other ways for her to deal with this rather than taking her own life. All of you who contributed to her death should feel ashamed
PeePee PooPoo
PeePee PooPoo:
I came to known about her death from pewds, May her soul rest in peace
bao yu
bao yu:
This breaks my heart. I didnt know before now , and I’m currently watching Terrace House. Every time I see Hana, it saddens me so much to think that a person with such a beautiful heart and spirit had to be victim to such uninhibited cyberbullying. Cyberbullying should be illegal so those who speak ill words online will personally feel the consequences of their filthy words
you see what TV networks do. the loophole is too tight. there is too much focus on ephemeral issues.
they make ratings with the demise of humans and all their ideals.
they are hypocrits.

the haters are evil and dumb. but also, they feel encouraged by this environment.
R.I.P KIMURA HANA we loved you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and we miss you so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭 She was very young and beautiful .
Kara Perez
Kara Perez:
She was my favorite Terrace House member of all time! I’m so sad that such a happy, young and talented woman can no longer share her light with the world!
There is a very very very fine line between trolling and cyber bullying...

I hope the family can recover from such a tragic death.
My deepest condolences.
Randy Yananto
Randy Yananto:
This really breaks my heart, very young still have a lot of good things ahead,Just do not listen to those people online or on social media, they do not even know you and certainly do not know what they are talking about..
Richard rage
Richard rage:
Cosechador Junior
Cosechador Junior:
Y'know....when I was a child, I used to self-learn karate...

Now imagine how good my martial art skills would be IF I FIGHT THOSE CYBERBULLIES!!!
Ashlee Bussell
Ashlee Bussell:
Omg, I was looking for updates on the next part of the showing coming in Netflix and I learn this. Truly unfortunate and I will pray for her family. OMG ☹️
This is so sad and so overwhelmingly makes me feel sorrowful. She was so young, beautiful and talented. May she rest in peace. Condolences to her family.
Mark Martinez
Mark Martinez:
I hope the ones involved are ashamed of themselves
Crazy Games
Crazy Games:
Who’s here from pewdiepie’s story?
Eve hyland
Eve hyland:
My thoughts & prayers go out to her family & friends at this difficult time. 🙏🏻🌹❤️ May her soul rest in eternal paradise. 😇
The people who bullied her know who they are
Chris Spiers
Chris Spiers:
Praying for Hana’s family, loved ones, and friends.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Skye Darnell
Skye Darnell:
i loved her on terrace house!! so young and honest... rest in peace, sweet hana-chan <3
Allure Searles
Allure Searles:
so sad sending prayers and condolences to Hana and her family rip
Robert W. Kovach
Robert W. Kovach:
God rest her soul. Such an amazing athlete in the ring and sweet heart outside it. Cyber Bullying should have a world wide banned. It's a killer and needs to stop.
Sofie Lundsgren
Sofie Lundsgren:
This is heartbreaking! Hana was such a wonderful person, we are gonna miss you!
Social Justice Warriors need to be prosecuted and jailed.
Grass Slayer
Grass Slayer:
God bless her and her family
JoJo Bizaro
JoJo Bizaro:
que YAHUA TZEVAOUT possa recebela em paz
this is insane, rip she was my favorite. hopefully they don’t cancel the show and run away from this, but instead shed light on mental health in japan
Premtosh Siga
Premtosh Siga:
And now some of these bullies will say RIP to the departed soul and move on with their life like nothing's happened. Sad. May your soul rest in peace Hana.
This death hit hard and it hurt it felt like I lost a family member she always seemed happy and had a great personality but where she goes may the good lord be with her
Marc Alex Watts
Marc Alex Watts:
So young, so sad, my thoughts are with all her friends and family ♥️
Léa Edenk
Léa Edenk:
Hana was such a beautiful and great person. This makes me so sad.