Terry Fox, Anything’s Possible

“Terry Fox, Anything’s Possible” (12 minutes)
A refreshing documentary that updates Terry Fox’s gripping story for today’s youth by featuring modern accounts of young cancer survivors, interviews with Fox family members and one of Canada’s leading Oncology specialists. Inspired by the animation stylings of the 1980’s, when Terry began his Run, the documentary intercuts never before seen archival footage with animation outlines, giving a unique, fresh look and style that are relatable to today’s youth.

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Farah Bunyad
Farah Bunyad:
He was a Hero👍.
And he is still a hero.
Terry is a hero inwish he was still here to see all that he started
Anytime I've felt like it was too hard these past 30 years I just remember Terry and I keep going.
Chip Olmstead
Chip Olmstead:
Rest in peace Terry. You have no idea how much courage you've inspired.
Margo B
Margo B:
I wish he would still be alive to see how much we raised 😭😭
Aryanna Horton
Aryanna Horton:
I was watching this at school and I was crying so much and my teacher was crying
kunal sharma
kunal sharma:
I dont hve words
Just Tears in my eyes.
Huge huge respect from India.
I was the kid in the back of the classroom during elementary hiding his tears whenever they played videos on Terry!
kunal sharma
kunal sharma:
no social account
no post
no money... still terry did the IMPOSSIBLE
KandK Gilbert
KandK Gilbert:
I wish he was still alive so I could meet him
I'm doing Terry fox run tomorrow🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
I'd never heard of Terry Fox before the Google Doodle. I literally just cry-watched my way through that entire thing. What a legend.
Evon JR Brockett
Evon JR Brockett:
He would never believe how much he still raises to this day. 😉👍🤓
Tina Raftopoulos
Tina Raftopoulos:
What an incredible video! Terry Fox is a true hero.
Chillingdog12 Chilli
Chillingdog12 Chilli:
I miss you Terry Fox😭😭
Vincent Costello
Vincent Costello:
Brings me to tears ...so much heart, goodness 💖😢🏃
I watch this at school today and I want to try it and I feel so bad for him and I’m about to cry he probably was super nice
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed:
We will never forget terry bless him he was a hero
John Robichaud
John Robichaud:
His legacy with live on
Kim Li
Kim Li:
I love you Terry, from Hong Kong.
•DuckyxSunshine •
•DuckyxSunshine •:
I was tearing up at school watching this
And this is from (Calgary In Canada) Just to say Terry If you see this is heaven we all respect you very much (maybe one day people will find the cure to cancer)
G H:
Watching this made me realize im not good enough. Terry I promise I will become stronger and hopefully inspire atleast 1 individual in my life before i die
aiham gaming
aiham gaming:
I miss you terry fox i want you to still live im crying ',-,' i miss you terry and ive been saving up to save cancer for 8 years so has my school
Terry Fox is gone forever everyone we’re going to see him again love Terry Fox❤️😭
Ariana Marocco
Ariana Marocco:
Arianna Singh
Arianna Singh:
K francis
K francis:
Terry fox is the best guy EVER
Richard Oki
Richard Oki:
Terry Fox: the real-life superhero
Keion plays yt fans Keion plays yt fans
Keion plays yt fans Keion plays yt fans:
I watched this at school the other day on Friday I almost cry and I feel so bad for him he dyed at 1980
That Gacha Girl
That Gacha Girl:
Today is my terry fox run at my school I’m bringing $2, I actually brought $4
kunal sharma
kunal sharma:
Terry wait for me in Heaven.
I'll be there one day and then we will run a marathon together.
terry fox is the greatest Canadian to live and having the courage and bravery to run across canada like that is so amazing, great for terry I would never be able to do that even if i tried.
Ann Burnham
Ann Burnham:
At school we wach
It I am going to run every day
Tom Black
Tom Black:
When I watched this I cried so much
League Of Legends Akali PlayzYT
League Of Legends Akali PlayzYT:
“He was a Canadian hero and he will always stay as a hero.”
“The marathon of hope will always be under Terry’s name.”
“We should all donate for cancer research because of Terry.”
“We don’t fight cancer alone. We fight cancer TOGETHER!”
thomas missewace
thomas missewace:
When I first heard you passed on my my blown 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I said to myself in my mind. I am thankful for you raising money for the cancel Nicholas people all have this disease God bless I love you Terry Fox
Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts:
We watched this is class today, almost had me in tears.
Rest in peace Terry Fox
Oo00oof OOOooo000F
Oo00oof OOOooo000F:
I was sick the day of my schools terry fox run, and I couldn't come. as most kids do when they're at home, I turned on my PS4 and hopped on to GTA online. But when I loaded in to a session, i got an idea. I went to game chat, and told the whole lobby to come join me in an in game terry fox run. As an introvert, It's kind of scary to talk to randoms but I manned up and did it. My idea was to run across the entire map with a bunch of players. I started at the docks, near the nightclub, and started running. surprisingly, around the Ammunation by the factories, people started joining me. more and more people kept joining till we had 21 people on the highway by the casino. by then I lost my shyness and was laughing and crying with most of the lobby. two hours later, I'm back where I started. at the nightclub. we had 19 people at the end of the run. It was the most beautiful moment of my gaming career. :)
My childhood hero.
This story shook me to the core in a proud way growing up in Canadian schools.
Maybe one day i'll finish his run.
He's Canada's greatest hero, and unified a divided 1980's country.
Is anyone here because they had to do some homework about Terry Fox? Terry Fox is a legend 💖
Stephen Tugwell
Stephen Tugwell:
Terry Fox inspires me.
{•That Anime Addiction•}
{•That Anime Addiction•}:
😭😭 I met terry’s brother in my school I think he was crying 😭 I live in Canada
Kaeman Bansal
Kaeman Bansal:
I respect you very much terry fox 😊we cheer for terry fox
Venezia Baltazar
Venezia Baltazar:
You have been a really good,kind,faithful and you never give up your hope witch is true nothing is impossible
Harshal Shinde
Harshal Shinde:
tears are dropping frommy eyes after watching his story. I also want to do something like that, I have mental hrealth issue.
Sunshine Moon
Sunshine Moon:
I love him he is my hero my dad run all the way to
Afia Jesmin
Afia Jesmin:
I’m sad that he had died 😢😭😢😭
cat wizard
cat wizard:
I love Terry and l think he deserved the medal
Ariana Marocco
Ariana Marocco:
My whole school runs orond the school
:(go Terry I did The Terry Fox run I ran 4 laps I hope you're proud
Rose Ol
Rose Ol:
Keep up with the good work, Terry! I’m sad that ur life ended tho..
Manu Singh
Manu Singh:
I wish I didn’t die I like terry fox in my school I ran in gym for terry fox
M&D Life
M&D Life:
I watched this at my school
Iconic Dolls
Iconic Dolls:
It's my birthday in 2 more days I wrote this on January 28th my birthday is on January 30th 2019 love you terry fox I will. Never forget about you bye terry fox
MaeNathan Manzano
MaeNathan Manzano:
I’m gonna cry
Maze Is A Qt
Maze Is A Qt:
i watched this at school -_-
dave Johnston
dave Johnston:
Who the heck would dislike this? This man is a Canadian hero and icon.
Mubarak Osman
Mubarak Osman:
He will always be a hero
Grace Ann Barrett
Grace Ann Barrett:
This was filmed at my school last year, im so happy i was apart of it (its owen public school)
racha nabelsi
racha nabelsi:
Tarys a true hero🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Bennie and Calvin
Bennie and Calvin:
We will remember terry🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Wes Bashforth Airgunarcheryfun
Wes Bashforth Airgunarcheryfun:
I sawed terry fox at my school when I was young And I'm lucky I'm not lieing ofc not
Lovely Bhatti
Lovely Bhatti:
Terry Fox I wish you're alive miss you 🤗❤️
rani4560 rani4560
rani4560 rani4560:
He was so amazing!!! i wish he could live even longer #WELOVETERRYFOX
Lazy Potato
Lazy Potato:
Bruh I remember this video they filmed it and made me do it like 5 times

I love terry tho ;—;
CZ - 04WM 838683 Fairview PS
CZ - 04WM 838683 Fairview PS:
Terry fox I’m having to walk today and I made a sign so everyone can see why we are out of the School
Aryanna Horton
Aryanna Horton:
THIS IS SO SAD😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Scott Middleton
Scott Middleton:
he has so much passion he was a loving young man wish he was still alive
Layne Paul
Layne Paul:
I love this video
• CandyCookie •
• CandyCookie •:
I wish I could see him :)
ah Bilo
ah Bilo:
Hes Very Nice And Respectful I Wish He Never Died Im Sad 😭😭
I watched this my my school in elmbank.
Me and my whole school does the run,when ever i do the run i feel like were being watch by him,i miss him even tho i ever met him(i live in cananda also and yeah idk how to spell it-.-)
Ally Playz
Ally Playz:
I still can’t believe I met one of his brothers 😭💔
Wolfys Moon
Wolfys Moon:
Hey terry fox I miss y’all
Lil Ling
Lil Ling:
13:31 Kid in the front anyone 😂😂😂😂😂
We have a presentation about Terry fox and im So excited
chloe and lizzy playz
chloe and lizzy playz:
it is so sad
i seen terry fox's brother in person at my school lol.
Peace Luseluanzambi
Peace Luseluanzambi:
i wish he was alive to see his run was not just a marathon Its insparation :(
terry is one of the greatest inspirational people to ever live. 💕
Jordan Devji
Jordan Devji:
He was trying to go where I was born and where I am right now and where I live witch is Vancouver
Anne Marie Milner
Anne Marie Milner:
After all of these years, I still well up with tears when I remember Terry Fox. His courage and relentless determination will always encourage and inspire us..truly, a hero💜
I remember all this, he was a real Canadian hero-, me n the guys in grade 4 would call his run the Fox trot
Krennah Killebrew
Krennah Killebrew:
Omg this made me 😰😥😭 you remember that your a Hero you are still a hero
I just watched it at school and I was about to cry we run for him I feel bad for him 😢
Kelci_Loves_Potatos UwU
Kelci_Loves_Potatos UwU:
If Edd Gould was still alive, I would be running for him
what the beginning music called i really like it
albert manlu
albert manlu:
I wasn't alive then I'm just a kid 😂
quoc ly Nguyen
quoc ly Nguyen:
This is my school in the video!
joe via
joe via:
Last time in my school hours in Terry Fox run
Shannon MacDonald
Shannon MacDonald:
Two of my family members had cancer:
My grandmother had breast cancer years ago and my dad had leukemia when he was young and he actually saw terry
Me And Terry Is Like The Same Cause When I Walk To School My Legs Hurt
Bandon Leblanc
Bandon Leblanc:
I Love you Terry 😭
2:27 Sounds Like Terry Is In The War
Tomorrow is my terry fox run 🏃‍♀️
Super nico mario99 Playz
Super nico mario99 Playz:
Terry Fox
Clinton Grandy
Clinton Grandy:
The lord should raise Terry Fox from the dead, some one like him that has helped so many people survive cancer should live again!
Splittzer R
Splittzer R:
He was a legend And will always be one
I wishTerry fox was alive again he was a great man we love you Terry Fox!💗