Tesla Model 3 in-depth review - see why it’s the best electric car in the world!

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Introducing the new Tesla Model 3! With a starting price of around $35,000, it’s a relatively cheap alternative to the more established Model S. But don’t let the price deceive you - the Model 3 still comes in with just as much high-quality tech and styling as you’ll find in its older brother! So is Tesla cutting corners elsewhere to allow you to buy the Model 3 at such a price? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

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100+ comentarios:

Great Review, Mat!
Anson Chan
Anson Chan:
When you buy a Tesla infotainment system, the car comes in as standard.
Nam Yoon
Nam Yoon:
Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y

Did Tesla Naming like this on purpose?
Subarna Figo
Subarna Figo:
Watching this as though I can afford to buy one 😂😂
jonathan patterson
jonathan patterson:
"Don't try this at home"? Good advice. I was just about to go for a fast drive from my kitchen to my living room.
Hamid Ali
Hamid Ali:
Bear Grylls is such a multi talented guy ,he does car reviews as good as survival series.
Mc Epic
Mc Epic:
Can I use a Xbox controller as the steering wheel is there a app for that?
Gabriel Friedel
Gabriel Friedel:
the trunk rain thing is a super fatal mistake tbh
Cuentos de la Cripta
Cuentos de la Cripta:
Fancy name for fake leather: "Vegan Leather."
Nicolas Brunet
Nicolas Brunet:
Got a Model 3 after this review ans it's the best decision I've ever made. With the high mileage I do I save about 865$ per month on gas. The car is almost paying itself.
Tord Bakke
Tord Bakke:
This presenter should be the host of the new top gear!
amit nagpal
amit nagpal:
I’ve never wanted anything MORE in my life.
“Dont try this at home!!”
Me : i dont have road in my house :v
Why am i watching this if i m broke
S Susano
S Susano:
I love how relaxed but detailed this is
thousands of model 3 video "reviews" out there... yet he is managing to make the best (complete) and most objective one in only 20mins!
Frank Tank
Frank Tank:
Hands down best car I've ever owned in 35 years of driving. One of the safest cars you can buy, tech features, no more gas, OTA updates, instant torque, all glass roof,....
J Z:
“In the event of an accident you can just plug in an usb and save the footage” - how very reassuring lol 😂
Leonard Church
Leonard Church:
2:28 you don't need to upgrade to the performance model to get the all glass roof, it comes standard on all models.
It's the best ̶e̶̶l̶̶e̶̶c̶̶t̶̶r̶̶i̶̶c̶ *car* out there
Will Woodmansee
Will Woodmansee:
The person who figured out the prices in the different currencies needs firing
I want a tesla just for the woopie cushon easter egg.
This is hopefully gonna be my first car
Funke Faust!
Funke Faust!:
Teslas have always been my dream car, and I can’t wait until I can buy one! Hard work always pays off!
TJ Mueller
TJ Mueller:
I've watched a dozen reviews on this car, and you sir have done the best one. Thank you!
GriN S
GriN S:
Only Elon would think of adding fart noises to the seats LMFAO
P4F Elton
P4F Elton:
new electric cars all missing some "console" in the backseat... like all models dont have them idk why... there isnt even any batterie problem since... well batterie is not a problem in this cars...
10:58 There's Karen mode?! lol! Will that allow you to speak directly to Elon?
As corny as it sounds, Tesla brings the magic and fearlessness back into the automobile. Or in other words....Fun.
Siren Thelxiope
Siren Thelxiope:
I plan to buy this car, this year! 😍😍

This guy makes the best car reviews! So detailed and all of my questions were answered! He leaves no stone unturned!
Andrei Moise
Andrei Moise:
1919 - I bet we will have flying cars in the future!
2019 - Cars with built-in farting sounds!
Who’s here after the Tesla cyber truck?
Chezwick Cheese
Chezwick Cheese:
These are incredible cars. My friend has one and it's amazing. Very comfortable, powerful and cheap to run. Sure the initial cost can be fierce but the savings on fuel/maintenance adds up quickly.
Kayderro CH
Kayderro CH:
When new electric car company comes about Tesla:😐 Polestar:😶 Tesla and Polestar:🤝
Holden McGroin
Holden McGroin:
12:05 Shut up and take my money!
Fiko Fiko
Fiko Fiko:
I like how, everyone, i mean everyone reviewing a tesla, smiles like a little child, when they press the acceleration pedal.
6:43 Did he just ignore the fact that there is USB C connections?
Hitjon Johnson
Hitjon Johnson:
lol 10:58 there's a Karen mode
I am not a fast driver, I never go for the faster versions of cars as I usually have kids or my wife with me in the car as well. But the fact that the model 3 performance does 3.4 seconds from 0 to 60 is very attractive to me, no other car can do that at this price point, even most mercedes AMG cars cant do it and they cost a small fortune and I just love being the fastest one out of the stop light. Not to race the guys beside me but just knowing that 99% of the time I’m in the stop light I will be faster out the gate than them, to get to that turn faster or just to have clear air in front of me, is reason enough to buy this car. My only question now is if i should wait for the model y, if I did that I would have to wait for the 7 seater and knowing Tesla that 2021 release date is probably bullshit. I’d rather just get the model 3 P and if I do have another kid later on buy a cheap minivan or something
Soppingwet Burgers
Soppingwet Burgers:
Sure make everything run through the screen. Reminds me of a scene from The Fifth Element where the bad guy was choking and all of his technology and power couldn't replace a simple smack on the back to save his life.
Lev Frank
Lev Frank:
i would more think that the designer thought to make that function more "optional"
Supun Sach
Supun Sach:
19:00 "don't try what i did at home"

How am i supposed to drive a tesla in autopilot at home 😂
Adil Mohammed
Adil Mohammed:
2000: I bet there will be flying cars in 2019

2019: here's an electric car with an app that generates different farting noises😭😭😭
ben daubitu
ben daubitu:
Dude, you covered everything in the Tesla.
You give awsome presentation.👌✌👏👏👏
built in fart sounds? * throws money at screen! *
Shoaib Hasan
Shoaib Hasan:
You’re a genius man. Love from Asia 🇧🇩
Soila Reyes
Soila Reyes:
I got over excited watching this. I think I'm suppose to have one of these! 🥰
Soham Bakshi
Soham Bakshi:
I love your reviews. After watching quite a few channels, this one is by far one of the best I have found. I am considering the Model 3, so thanks for this video.
19:31 yes, I drive my Tesla in my house.
I just realized that if you flip the carwow initials it becomes warcow
18:56, well good thing you reminded me because I was about to go on the motorway that I have at home and also ride in the tesla model 3 I have. thanks for the tip
Ibrar Shafin
Ibrar Shafin:
I am not a car guy at all but god do i want this piece of beauty
Stefan Pjevovic
Stefan Pjevovic:
i love how noone can pronounce “Tesla” how it is supposed to be pronounced
amit nagpal
amit nagpal:
This is your best review. You are really good at what you do.
AK Media
AK Media:
This bloke is a great presenter
Daniel Mendiola
Daniel Mendiola:
Me: planning on getting a car
YouTube: hey man, here's a video about the Tesla 3, enjoy
Prof. Dr. Jean Jacque L.
Prof. Dr. Jean Jacque L.:
I see you for the first time such as happy in a car. I think i must change my Bmw.
Pretty sure the glass roof comes with every model 3, not just the performance
Annoying JA Reviews
Annoying JA Reviews:
dont understand.....so where is the engin?
"You get a froot - a front boot!"
- British people.
This car is amazing!
Esben Serafin
Esben Serafin:
Speaking of Tesla, I’m just purchased one today! ( 9/3/19 ) edit: forgot to tell you it was a model s!
Greg Ormes
Greg Ormes:
Love this guy! He seems like he’s having a whale of a time
Eric L
Eric L:
At the time 14:12
What app did he use to record the time and speed
Correction: the full glass roof is standard on every Model 3, not just the performance model!
I’m going to have one of these
Anders Kingstedt
Anders Kingstedt:
Great review, thanks. Probably helped me avoid getting a Nissan e-Leaf... (and of course the deal was closed once the fart feature was presented)
Goher Munir
Goher Munir:
perfect review
Bernard Osei
Bernard Osei:
18:59 ok.. let me try outside😂😂
Reza Vai Treznor
Reza Vai Treznor:
The Fart on demand is the real game changer for me, I am sold.
en gu
en gu:
The real question is what happens when you’re in the left lane and you want the Tesla to go to the left.
Harry Huang
Harry Huang:
Funniest and most well made videos of any car channel, love this so much can't believe the car literally has options for fart noises😂😂😂🙏🙏
Vishnupriyan Prabhu
Vishnupriyan Prabhu:
18:58 ok then i will try it on the motorway. not in my home
Diego Alaniz
Diego Alaniz:
Love seeing reviews on a vehicle I can’t afford :)
This is how you do car review. Comprehensive, informative and funny 👍🤓😉
Ati U
Ati U:
All right, I won't bring the car into the living room and disengage my hands off the steering-wheel. Hope that counts as not trying it at home
Never knew thieves see everything in grayscale
Missed opportunity with the grille to have some wind driven alternators fitted behind it to create some
Additional charge.
This is just perfect
"dont look at your phone screen while driving" Proceeds to build a car with everything in a screen
Rami Khal
Rami Khal:
Matt from Carwow is like Deiter from the verge British cousin!
I wont try it at home I will try it on the road.
Nolan Winthrop
Nolan Winthrop:
i loved it until i saw that the back windows dont go down all the way
Is there a feature where you can upload ya car camera footage straight to YouTube!?!! 🤔😁😂
Al Mahdi El Hassani
Al Mahdi El Hassani:
Two of my favourite things : Tesla and Carwow reviews !
بدر و بس
بدر و بس:
This is the best car review I’ve seen ever
Simon Dowsett
Simon Dowsett:
It might be more affordable, but I can't afford it. I'm going to wait for the corded-version that doesn't have all those expensive batteries.
ibrahim Ultimate
ibrahim Ultimate:
2019: self driving cars
3019: self flying planes, helicopters, metro, checkpoints, hotels,supermarkets and no more work for people. people are only born to start playing games and watching youtube videos , sex, eat and sleep 🥺
but hey it will mean more time and if you use it wisely then it’s gonna be extremely beneficial 😊😊
Mark Green
Mark Green:
Why use your phone when driving when you can play with a touch screen computer instead.
It was great to have a look inside the car! I am surprised how much it reminds me of a Porsche in terms of overall aesthetics, though a bit more sophisticated. I still can't afford one, but apparently Tesla's Robotaxi will make purchasing these cars a thing of the past!
Swish Cheetah
Swish Cheetah:
"blocks out 99% of UV light" it's actually the IR that contributes most to the heat. the UV is necessary for your health and safety. What you're feeling is how good the coating is for blocking out IR.
Best video on the model 3 I've seen!! Thank you Sooo much!
Osama Islam
Osama Islam:
18:59 "Don't try what we did
at home" do it on the streets!
Avik Mehta
Avik Mehta:
imagine being the guy who recorded the farts.
Irminko SVK
Irminko SVK:
19:00 we are not gonna try it at home, we'll try it on highway :dd
Lil Fix
Lil Fix:
12:13 I ALWAYS felt that you were the type of guy that will laugh at farting sounds.. Thanks for confirming it! I laughed like a child as well! 🤣🤣
Andrew Bechtol
Andrew Bechtol:
I think you accidentally added electric to the title!
The Suited Bird
The Suited Bird:
12:52 that peice of toilet paper
Akanksha Bable
Akanksha Bable:
Please do this drag race
If I could afford one, I would buy one. Carwow = best car reviewer. Love this guy. He is a bit harsh on cheaper cars sometimes tho, I mean you have to judge them for what they are not against BMW top models.