TESLA MODEL 3 Review - 6 Months Later

My Tesla Model 3 Long Range is now 6 months old, and here’s my honest review on my ownership so far; the running costs, reliability and practicality. Would I have chosen the same car if I ordered one today? This is my UK Tesla Model 3 review.

Also this is the first Tesla video I’ve used drone footage, what do you think? I’ve changed my microphone setup too, hopefully it’s even clearer now.

As always thanks for watching and if you have any questions just drop them in the comments, Chris

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Great video! My mum got a Model 3 Stealth Performance for 45K. It's an off-menu item. She should get it next month 😀
That was so informative thanks.
Ben Ibarra
Ben Ibarra:
Tesla’s is my dream car 😍
I’m getting my TM3P in 2 weeks 😍
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith:
Beautifully produced footage of your M3. Just one point - I believe you've confused "Watts" and "kilowatts" with "watt-hours" and "kilowatt-hours". The Watt is the SI unit of power and the Watt-hour is a derived unit of energy and 1 Wh is the energy transferred by 1 W in 1 hour. It's equal to 3.6 kJ. For your video, your M3 has a battery energy capacity of 75 kWh (kilowatt-hours) but can charge at a power of say 150 kW.
Stranger than Fiction0406
Stranger than Fiction0406:
I’m in serious thought about getting one. Great review, thanks!
Those shots are amazing!
I subscribed just to see your standard Model 3 until I get mine :P
I also plan to take off the aero caps and add a carbon fiber spoiler. Might also paint the calipers red.
Norbert Holzmann
Norbert Holzmann:
Nice intro with fly around :-)
Brian Callaghan
Brian Callaghan:
When you get a software update, do you get notification of all the new features and also which features have been improved. Thanks
Jay Wu
Jay Wu:
Congrats on hitting your 6 months mark! I hit mine recently as well
Garrett G
Garrett G:
THIS IS AMAZING. The second you mentioned your Home Charging Video I had to SUB
Great video. Have mine for year and it's been a dream. I only had a reverse camera black screen but after a few updates it was fixed. Cant imagine owning any other car besides a Tesla going forward. I live in the bay area and there are a lot of superchargers andddddd tesla is building even a lot more.
Clif White
Clif White:
Had my M3P 8 months and also can’t imagine ever wanting a petrol car again. I had a minor issue with the near side door mirror not unfolding but this went away on it’s own, and I had a lot of trouble with ‘USB drive too slow, until I installed a portable SSD. I’ve added assisted lifters to the frunk and trunk which are well worth £40 and I carbon wrapped the centre console. Would like a mini console above the steering wheel like on the Mach E but apart from that, there’s not much I’d change. Gonna order a Model Y for my missus as soon as they release them.
Ordered my long range last week and the decision has been confirmed by your excellent videos.Where do I find the referral code for Octopus please?
Mark Kitching
Mark Kitching:
Super vid SP. Learnt something about kw /mile and thanks for touching on the plates (didn't realise the back was a vinyl one too) I'll definitely be getting those. Spoiler options is a minefield out there and prices vary a lot but will definitely be going that route as well. Keep up the great work Sir and stay well. (ps. not looking to keeping the front number big free...😕)
Thomas GLover
Thomas GLover:
You're really good at this! Your car looks fucking gorgeous btw man im jealous, my 440i is same black and white its stunning to me but id defo swap with you :D
noel beggs
noel beggs:
I ordered the model 3 and it’s on the way from Southampton in 2 weeks time, standard model
Your filming and video production is amazing 😳. Can I ask which camera you’re using ?
leo clarke
leo clarke:
Excellent thank you - I bought my M3 AWD last September - no issues at all , and I agree with all your points/ comments . We have Solar panels which also help charging too
Ivan Layton
Ivan Layton:
I was wondering about the plates, now I see. Enjoyed the videos so far, thanks.
Duncan C
Duncan C:
Thanks for some quality and great content videos. One of the best out there. Totally agree with everything you said...love my model 3. 👍
J Biggs
J Biggs:
Well done Sir, from a US viewer. Really enjoyed how informative it is.
Edgar Sousa
Edgar Sousa:
Very good review, sir. Probably the best one I’ve seen about the Model 3.
Giles Delafeld
Giles Delafeld:
Great reviews! Thank you. I am trying to choose between a Performance and Long Range and enjoyed your video on this too.

How are you finding the piano black centre console? Any thoughts on having it covered with something that doesn’t scratch so easily like carbon fibre?

Where did you get your carbon fibre spoiler?

My main worry about picking the long range over performance is handling. Any concerns with yours?
Pete Blue
Pete Blue:
Having had a couple of hybrids over the last 8 years, I think it is time to move over to an all electric car. The car I get will probably be my last, as I am approaching 65.I would love a Tesla, but the only thing that could scupper me getting one, is the seating position on the passenger side. Just how low is it, and could the height of the seat be increased so that you don't step down as you get into the car? I'm asking as my wife would struggle getting out, if it is too low. I will be going to a Tesla dealer in Manchester next week to check the car out. If I don't end up with a Tesla, I will probably get a Kia Soul EV, I know it's not the same, but pretty good spec and range for the price. Informative video and a place I would come back to, if I got the Tesla, for guidance. Thanks.
Another amazing video spawn thanks again keep the uploads coming 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Thanks for your effort your video is apprechiated! 😀✌️
thom s
thom s:
The price of the car where Im from ... Thats the fault :)
Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas:
An excellent review, I fitted the number plates after seeing an earlier video my plate holders had torx screws and and the bottom of it was clipped on. Do you find the sun roof heats up the interior? I am looking at a sun shade.
Bob Harding-Williams
Bob Harding-Williams:
A really excellent review of your Model 3 Chris. Many thanks. Like you I have a Model 3 Long Range and have absolutely no regrets buying the car. As you mentioned, the maintenance costs of an Electric Vehicle are significantly less than for an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle. However, another compelling reason for having an EV is the Octopus Agile tariff that we're on for our electricity and gas. We're typically paying around 5p per kWh as you are for electricity. However, from time to time we get an email from Octopus with an advance warning of 'plunge pricing' and what periods to look out for. Sometimes this happens more than once per week. That means we get nearly free electricity, free electricity or even get paid for the electricity we use! I also have the OctoWatch app on my phone which gives clear indication of when best to run washing machine, dryer, dishwasher etc as well as charge the car. So I set the car to charge during the appropriate periods accordingly. Hard to believe isn't it? Free fuel for your car! Nope. No looking back. I don't think I'll be going back to an ICE ever.
Does the rear camera come one when you reverse, and does the side mirror drop automatically on reverse?
How is the spotify integration, I’ve heard that the media centre isn’t so good….is it possible to just play music through the phone interface (on Spotify?) rather than use the phone interface? I hear a lot of Tesla owners saying they wished an Apple Carplay option was available!
Graeme Wheeler
Graeme Wheeler:
Thanks for the video. I notice you are able to record video when you're driving. Which USB do you use?
I want to learn driving to buy this car
Thanks for including my question. Great and very well balanced video. Agree that more use could be made of the cameras. I could never justify the cost of FSD although I would welcome a pick n mix option.
Fareed Hussain
Fareed Hussain:
Interesting video...Getting my Model 3 tomorrow ..
After watching your video I am more excited now..
Haroon On Tech
Haroon On Tech:
Nice video. By the way, it's watt-hours per mile not watts per mile.
Imran Iqbal
Imran Iqbal:
Great videos mate. Keep up the good work.
Super jealous of your Tesla! Hope I can get one at some point
Paul Williams
Paul Williams:
Really enjoying your videos!, great job. One question, did your insurance go up when you added the rear spoiler to the car? Mine wants an extra £100 for the modification. :-(
Sergio L
Sergio L:
Nice video👍. I've had my car for 1 year literally. I agree the screen has blacked out about twice and it restarts itself. Other then that the car has been rock solid.

Best car I've ever owned.
Jaguar Pest Control London Pest Control
Jaguar Pest Control London Pest Control:
Can you do a video on how you did your front plate. Looks great!
Ivan Layton
Ivan Layton:
I agree. plain and simple, to many switches and so on to keep an eye on, pah! Everything in one place, Yay!
Grant Skelton
Grant Skelton:
Hi, can I ask where you ordered your spoiler from?? Would you recommend them?!
Artem Zemelyev
Artem Zemelyev:
Hi man, hope you are well. Where did you get your spoiler? RPM Tesla or Amazon?
Gaming Misthios
Gaming Misthios:
How can I buy this model with free super charge from stations lifetime?
Nice review! I wish manufacturers would agree on a way to measure consumption - I personally find miles per KWH to be easier than watts per mile.. this is how Audi display it in the e-tron - makes it much easier to understand like MPG...
Charles-Alexandre CARTRON
Charles-Alexandre CARTRON:
So good or bad ? thank you !
Senne Van Heghe
Senne Van Heghe:
Love the drone footage!
Bogeybuster Bb
Bogeybuster Bb:
Very nice appraisal of your Tesla Model 3 and I have got to say having owned mine for just under 3 months I have had no issues with
mine so far but to be fair because of lockdown I have not travelled as many miles as I normally would cover. Having said that I am confident that The Tesla
is a great car and I love mine.
great insightful review, keep enjoying your Tesla
Nick Jaye
Nick Jaye:
hi another great video and it has helped me greatly with my decision to order a long range white model 3. love the plate idea and ordered them in vinyl. Ive ordered a nomad double phone car charger and it plugs into the two usb sockets in centre console. I heard that's where you put the memory storage for the security camera recordings when you park. Do you know by any chance? if you could use a usb splitter to save unplugging all the time? would it work ? Be interesting to know. oh I think the filming is excellent and you are very clear without sounding like a total Prat like many others on here so thank you. cheers Nick
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy:
Nice video, hoping to pick my Model 3 long range up in a couple of weeks, where did you get your spoiler from?
You’re camera work is great. Way better than many of the big car reviewers out there who use shaky cams and headache inducing music to review cars.
Derek White
Derek White:
Very well done. Picture quality and composition, combined with clear articulate communication. No waffle or BS, you described your true experience. For future Tesla owners (me?) I appreciate your efforts. I subscribed and will use your codes if ever I get to the Tesla order stage. Thank you.
Kacper Lubisz
Kacper Lubisz:
Good video! but you messed up the units when talking about the efficiency. You used the unit of power (W, Watt) as the unit of energy (Wh, Watt-hour), only in your voice over though.
Steve Doswell
Steve Doswell:
One of the best and most helpful owners vids. Thanks very much. A question about refinement / comfort. Over a journey of say 150 miles, with mixed quality roads, but plenty of motorway or A roads, would you feel confident of feeling comfortable at the end? Cheers
Tommo Thomson
Tommo Thomson:
Hi there. I went and bought a Model 3 AWD Long Range thanks in part to your honest reviews. I live about 10 miles from you and promise to wave if we pass on the road. One issue I have is water fogging in one of the rear light clusters. On line research suggests this is relatively common and Tesla will only replace if its more of a fault, ie over 50% of the light affected. I will give it a few days to see if it clears. Has anyone else had this issue?
4EverWedding Films
4EverWedding Films:
Awesome - should be getting mine 1st August - ive used your referral but after i ordered so lets hope it works :-)
I don't know if it's the new microphone 😂 but I thought I'd say the acoustics are awesome anyway.
Love your videos, really informative. My current lease ends in around 8 months and I am hoping to order a Model Y when it comes out in the UK or if that's not available then a Model 3. I noticed your comments at the end of the clip regarding road noise and how it is't as refined as some other cars. I currently do approx 360 miles per week and that is mainly motorway driving in my BMW 530D M Sport. Do you think the noise in the Model 3 is going to be that much of a difference to the BMW. Is it something you can 'dial out' with the radio volume?
Eli Guzman
Eli Guzman:
Would you say this is a good first car?
J Duncan
J Duncan:
Where did you get your carbon spoiler? Thanks 😊
Chris Wilmshurst
Chris Wilmshurst:
I Feel special. I got the 'one last thing' question! Great video mate, a lot of really useful information here. One day i'll be able to afford one!
Nikita Pustovoi
Nikita Pustovoi:
Where did you get the spoiler from?
Alex Elwell
Alex Elwell:
Any cleaning tips on quickly dealing with those bugs splats?
Peter Surma
Peter Surma:
Brilliant footage, as usual invaluable info! Is there any point in getting breakdown cover from AA/RAC?
Luke Otter
Luke Otter:
The rear view camera is great
Greg Parr
Greg Parr:
Very helpful in assisting on a purchase of a model 3
Great positive video 🙂👍
I wonder if you use few layers of plasti dip under the wheel wells if it would reduce the noise a bit
Ricardo Samuels
Ricardo Samuels:
What purchase method did you use. Looking into a lease but unsure on any hidden costs that might occur?.
Great video. I picked up the SR+ with FSD just before Covid-19 lock down. The SR+ for me personally was a sound choice as I don't travel that far. I am lucky that I have solar at home, so free charging and a free charger near the office. So the 'fuel' costs have been AUD$0.
Alex Nelson
Alex Nelson:
Michael Owen?
Julian Andersen
Julian Andersen:
Imo those sticker license plates looked hideous but you do you. Good vid regardless I've put down my deposit for a model Y :)
James Hickey
James Hickey:
Hi, great vid. Are you able to point me toward how you did your number plates? Where you got them from and were they easy to install? Many thnx
Ewan MacGregor
Ewan MacGregor:
Getting mine this week. Where did you get the spoiler from and how much was it if you don't mind me asking.
tommy hamill
tommy hamill:
very good review there so expansive if I win the lotto I'll get one or a Nissan leaf maybe down the road but I recently purchased a Toyota Prius t Spirit full spec without leather I love it
Ben Phillips
Ben Phillips:
Great video, but use the terms "Watt-hour" and "Kilowatt-hour", not "Watt" when you talk about energy consumption. They are two different units.
Ready Set React
Ready Set React:
Want a model x or model 3
Random Dude
Random Dude:
Mike D
Mike D:
Great video and thank you for being honest but I am sorry but a basic fault like wipers not working because something wasn’t plugged in well tells me that the quality of Tesla is not very good.
paul steer
paul steer:
Very useful and just signed up to the Octopus energy using your link.
Dave Bags
Dave Bags:
What dji mavic do you have ?
It's an iPhone on wheels? Ewwwwwwwww. :P
Though that does bring up the question of proprietary everything and some of the skeevy stuff Apple has done for profit, I hope Tesla doesn't start doing them.
What about the luxury car tax?
Jake Richardson
Jake Richardson:
Hi, I am a writer for an EV and clean energy website. Are you available to be interviewed about your Tesla experience? Thanks.
Johnny Buoy
Johnny Buoy:
out of curiosity, did you have to pay for the windscreen wiper replacement, your car getting towed and the replacement car you got for the time being?
Thomas Scanlon
Thomas Scanlon:
Hi Mate, saw your last video on charging and noticed you've swapped your Rolec charger for a Tesla charger? How come? Issues with the Rolec? Cheers
Brian Rosta
Brian Rosta:
I have a 2020 Model 3 and I had the same issue with the wipers! I had just bought it and thought I was doing something wrong. I just needed a clean reboot and VOILA! - In business.
Huzaifa Sadriwala
Huzaifa Sadriwala:
How is insurance so low at only 450 pounds? Who are you doing it through? Thanks.
Phil Cartwright
Phil Cartwright:
Another beautifully shot and narrated vid, did you do the Arial stuff yourself? Pity the Pipe was closed! Phil
҉ ҉
҉ ҉:
I was the 666th like
You live in the UK and use miles instead of kilometres ?
Heresy at its finest !
To keep the front bumper area easy to clear of bugs, I use Meguiar's Quik Wax. Spray on, buff out with a microfiber cloth. Bugs come off easily. Can also be used on windshield glass.
The info on the rear view camera was quite worrying, can you elaborate?
Tomas Guerra
Tomas Guerra:
Would you buy this car again?
Graham Tonkin
Graham Tonkin:
Where did you get you number plate for the front please?
Kevin Gallagher
Kevin Gallagher:
Not sure what the issue is with your rearview camera. Mine is amazing and it's almost a selling point for the car. When people see it they are blown away.
Miti K tv
Miti K tv:
Hi how does it cost rapid charge?And you said most of public chargers are free?
Someone said their 7 year old Model S with >100k km has lost 40km (~25miles) of range in that time. Unless the battery is faulty or you charge it to full constantly, you won't have to worry about having to replace the battery any time soon. And if it is faulty, it will probably be obvious before warranty runs out and Tesla will replace it as long as the capacity is less than 70% of what is normal.