Tesla’s Elon Musk Passes Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Tesla's Model Y and Model 3 get updated, Elon Musk surpasses Jeff Bezos, new Supercharger locations, Tesla and Panasonic make a new Battery Deal, and more!

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100+ comentarios:

Grant Lehmann
Grant Lehmann:
Everyone hates billionaires but a guy like this is winning cause he’s let’s the customer win. Awesome
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball:
Keep these Tesla videos coming Ryan we love them!
If there’s anyone who deserves it, it’s him
William Marin
William Marin:
"How strange. Well, back to work." — is code for — "Stop obsessing over dollar signs and build something amazing!"
Keith Morton
Keith Morton:
Has anyone seen how hard Elon works, he deserves it
Musk turning Bezos into Pesos.
Paige M
Paige M:
Musk is literally a legend
Love it! Congrats to Elon!
hydrolife tech
hydrolife tech:
When you add currently operating factories and the upcoming ones together, Tesla could easily have the capacity to produce 5 million vehicles a year!
In my home town there’s been a charger at target since the model X launch xD
Robert Leparulo
Robert Leparulo:
Do you think they will have faster charge times for the super chargers soon to compete with the battery swap tech Nio is utilizing?
Reza Ravanipour
Reza Ravanipour:
Great video as always Ryan! Shoutout all the peeps out there that bought TSLA pre-April ya'll hit the jackpot
Craig Griebenow
Craig Griebenow:
I'd ove this to be added to the Cybertruck.... which I have a reservation for and hope the smaller one that will be offered in Shanghai will be available next year... I can hope.
People keep buying tesla stocks driving it’s price higher because they want to see that martian city built while they’re still alive 🤩
Scott Barr
Scott Barr:
Does Tesla have plans to include air shocks along with all wheel drive that can be raised or lowered like the X and S? The absence is the only reason I have not pulled the trigger on buying a new model Y.
Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd:
I think that they might make the California factory before the high-end expensive vehicles and the Texas bigger factory for the mass market because it's bigger so it could make more vehicles.

Also it would have the new batteries for lower costs without having to change much in California so they could still have the old cells in the cars and it wouldn't effect costs as much.
Uncle Jeffrey
Uncle Jeffrey:
Jeff,Bill,and Elon are my heroes 🤑
Great video, thanks.
Keep in mind, everyone, that a factory is all of the stuff *inside* the walls and roof. They're not even close to making cars in Gigafactory Berlin right now.
I love your videos they are always so professional
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela:
i knew Elon could do it..i been invested in TSLA for a long time..i've ordered the tri motor fsd cybertruck fsd & i may buy the S dual as well. i got lots of solar & battery back up to charge them..
i literally shouted *Yes!!!!* when i read the news...
i don't even know the guy personally neither he is aware of my existence, but i am excited for this guy's success..💚💚💚
Roger Todd
Roger Todd:
And I STILL haven’t been told by Tesla when to expect my Model Y RWD!
Mike Wilder
Mike Wilder:
Elon gonna be the Founding Father of the “Mars Congressional Republic” lol. Shout out to all The Expanse fans!
Now he needs to create a new company to blow Amazon away
Manuel Alvarez
Manuel Alvarez:
Crazy to imagine, Amazon is much more important company than tesla. Everyone i know uses Amazon products and they are much happier for it.
I was watching Tesla Stock Price surging all day at school today. And watching the shorts lose money at the same time.
Will you be doing a video of the now standard range & 7 seat option model y now available to order?
Mike Wilder
Mike Wilder:
Been saying this would happen sometime this decade. Didn’t expect it to happen so fast! And SpaceX still private!!
Donald south
Donald south:
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
The Things You will find
The Things You will find:
As always you are my go to for all things Tesla
Linden Wise
Linden Wise:
I love Elons goals
Missi the Dog
Missi the Dog:
When do you think a Model Y Standard Range will be released?
I really feel so bad for Jeff Bezos... I'll just donate to him what I can to be number 1 again... let us all help our poor boy guys spread the word
Cameron Yergeau
Cameron Yergeau:
I didn’t think I needed another Tesla YouTuber after Robs Tesla daily channel but I like your flow and content. I guess I need two 😂
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube:
Tesla's models so far
S, 3, X, Y

What are you doing Elon?
Ohhhhhhh, the $25k one is a data safety liability, nah man I’m all goods with the model 3
Dinesh Thakor
Dinesh Thakor:
Elon Musk seems to have scored the same goal in 2021.
A- lX S
A- lX S:
Alright. You convinced me to sub. Really good video I gotta admit. I wish we had someone like your channel in EU. Greetings from France 👋
Werner Engel
Werner Engel:
Congratulations Elon.
Bakunin Live
Bakunin Live:
Tesla is clearly changing the way how traditional car-makers are updating their cars by model years. Originally it was mainly the software part, but it's now becoming common for hardware changes too. As long as any update is ready and tested we can start seeing an implementation. Looks like they don't really care about consistency across the globe. Was it / is it really important? Or speed is more important - when customers have access to the greatest and latest asap?
Fᴏʀᴡᴀʀᴅ ʙʟᴏᴄ
Fᴏʀᴡᴀʀᴅ ʙʟᴏᴄ:
He made it❤️
Tesla price just 1 day after this video published is at 880.02 .. it keeps on going and going !
Good job, Elon! You think about humanity, not how to sell lollipops with drones.
Steven Kirsner
Steven Kirsner:
Elon is the GOAT!!!
A Ranting Culinarian Pastor
A Ranting Culinarian Pastor :
I feel like the trim update is a China aesthetic thing and wont make it to the US.
I read that virus transmission in a car is the worst case, scenario so HEPA filter and heated steering are must for the US.
Comment King
Comment King:
Just look at all the people that also gained some level of wealth because of him
Fernando Garibaldi
Fernando Garibaldi:
He actually doesn’t get paid at all. He gets annual salary of $1 because it’s against the law to work for free but, he gets paid in stock based on if he can continue the market cap growth of the company.
some channels have the different subjects timestamped to the video timeline. it may be a little extra work but I think would ultimately improve your channel. well, just a quick suggestion. great stuff, keep it up!

here's better explained what I'm talking about:
I wonder how Tesla will be in 2035.
Remembering a story where Elon's wife was calling, umm, is my husband still at work? I haven't seen him in weeks! Factory worker, yeah, he's asleep on the factory floor, working on this new, whatever. That's some work ethic if you ask me.
Pelle van den Boom
Pelle van den Boom:
I watched 2 of your videos and you’re already one of my favorite youtuber.
That’s my boi Elon let’s Goooooooo!!!!!!
Gord Thor
Gord Thor:
I'm surprised Elon didn't have a new job position for the person that pays the water bill.
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez:
Love the videos!
Q1 delivery dates in China probably account for Chinese New Year holiday.
Rik Levesque
Rik Levesque:
TARGET failed in Canada. But a supercharger at every Tim Horton's? NOW we're talkin'!
Aaron Odongkara
Aaron Odongkara:
Appreciate the video Ryan!
genesis ibujes
genesis ibujes:
Never subscribed so fast , good quality videos
Keep it up
Mark J Maxwell
Mark J Maxwell:
It will be a little bit of a blow for Tesla when the sales fall off in Norway next year....
Test Bild
Test Bild:
Hey Ryan, we in Europe will also get a lot of new SuCs... 😉
Sha mone
Sha mone:
Wait until he activates the Star link connection world wide. He will be way way richer than he already is. He deserve it all, he is our saviour of the human race.
Tesla pays Elon Musk minimal wage
reason? the salary costs are transferred to the product(And also it's highly taxed ) . But he does becomes rich because of the stocks

sames applies Bezos
George Joyce
George Joyce:
Enjoyed, informative.
David Brown
David Brown:
Great report Brian Shaw!!
1:15 "He get's paid pretty well at Tesla" I thought he only got a symbolic 1$, which he refuses?
Elon's reached economic escape velocity. All part of The Plan ;)
Except Tesla’s stock is overvalued by a lot.
Laughing Gravy
Laughing Gravy:
Every once in a while I go to the Tesla website and go through the motions of ordering a Model Y, just to torture myself. Tonight I noticed the Standard Range RWD ($41,990) and 7-seat ($3,000) options are now available. I haven't seen these before.
Timo clark
Timo clark:
Elon doesn't get a real monthly wage from tesla right? I thought they just give him one dollar a month because companies are required to pay it.
everyone here is like "wow great job elon" but lets be honest, elon just sat back and watched, jeff bezos ex-wife was the one who did all the work. elon should be thanking her
SleepyCreepy-QuidProQuoJoe BeijingBiden
SleepyCreepy-QuidProQuoJoe BeijingBiden:
love it.
never thought i'd have happy feelings about the richest man alive.
Jason c
Jason c:
technically he knows we will destroy ourselves
Mars... Here we come ❤️
Love and best of luck from India 🇮🇳
I mean he deserves it take my money 💰
Arjun Nayak
Arjun Nayak:
The only billionaire who actually deserves it.
Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez:
tesla should make an electric motorcycle for me to beat heavy traffic
Phumelela Mkhize
Phumelela Mkhize:
South African Born Leader😢🇿🇦
He deserves it
He works hard
If I was offered a Tesla car or Tesla stocks worth equivalent to: I would chose the stocks..
Ibrahima ndoye
Ibrahima ndoye:
and wait till he get his hand on this meteor full of diamond 1 of the reason he created spacex
Elon does not get paid at all at Tesla. He gets the right to buy stock that he has to hold for five years.
Life Is My Opportunity☀️
Life Is My Opportunity☀️:
I lost my job during the pandemic. I started this channel believing for better for myself and the world 🌍
Jeff: *wipes tears with 100$ bill*
Tim Curry
Tim Curry:
While Bezos trashes the earth, Musk makes it a better place. Poetic justice?
I really like the China wood accent. Of course i'm a different generation at 67. I'm not a fan of the white plastic trim. My 10 year old daughter really wants the model X red with white interior. We have bought her Tesla stock to help pay for it when she's of driving age. She has bought Akimoto stock for the same reason. Cheers
Theodore Haskins
Theodore Haskins:
I don’t understand what the size of the filter has to do with the bio defense mode! Makes no sense! Not only that none of these updates, I’ve gotten so far I find very exciting! So what will get me excited is when I receive the full self driving update! So Elon if you’re listening, get off the switch & authorize the full self driving update to everyone who has purchased it! Thank you!
Tesla Ho
Tesla Ho:
Elon to 1T market cap soon!
Kaleo E
Kaleo E:
I believe that China Model Y has the Bio filter first because Tesla is building a new Model Y line so makes sense that they add any future updates to the new line so they won’t have to retool the line later.
s f2
s f2:
i think investors are betting on his Mars colonization mission....ELON WILL BE THE KING OF MARS AND OWN 100% OF THE LAND OF MARS!!
Crypto Mando
Crypto Mando:
Nikola Tesla Would of been the richest in the world for his power delivery system to date, it would be no surprise if elon hold that position today.
Theodore Ivan
Theodore Ivan:
People tend to not worry about money when they have plenty of it,but the opposite side is also true.
Winwin Milieudefensie
Winwin Milieudefensie:
Elon = gifted bezos= grifter
Анатолий Алеев
Анатолий Алеев:
Успеху Илону Маску в 2021 - человеку года 2020 !!
Can they add more supercharges in North Yorkshire
Elon Musk: Jeff who? 😂
Gerry DiBatista
Gerry DiBatista:
Elon could hand every single person in the US $564 before he ran out of money.
The Sloyde
The Sloyde:
No my GTA online account says, I’m richer but Elon is a genius and I’m not.
I like how the poor keeps getting poorer and rich keeps getting richer even in the covid crisis.
Gord Thor
Gord Thor:
Tesla should have called the model 3 the model E and came out with the models in this order: S E X Y.
Jessie Bilbey
Jessie Bilbey:
No Targets in Canada. Fun story how that epically failed!