Thank you, Tom Brady | Celebrating the Greatest of All Time

Looking back at the legendary and unforgettable football moments from Tom Brady's 20 years in New England.

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100+ comentarios:

Derek Levesque
Derek Levesque:
Brady: *"I'll play untill I suck".*

Also Brady: *"Alright this is taking too long I'm out".* ✌️🐐
Rafeman Rafemane
Rafeman Rafemane:
This man literally made my childhood exciting gonna miss watching him play won't be the same
Wicked Smaht Luke
Wicked Smaht Luke:
This guy is my childhood hero, it’s crazy seeing him retire now
Nate Corning
Nate Corning:
"I wanted to say thank you all of the incredible fans and Patriots supporters. [Massachusetts] has been my home for twenty years. Pats Nation will always be a part of me." - Brady in 2020
Hugh Jazz
Hugh Jazz:
I hated this guy for years, I’m a cowboys fan, towards the end of his career the hate turned into respect. Dude is a monster on the field and you have to respect the GOATs determination and hard work.
Thank you Tom for making the last 22 years also the best for me. I don't have much to look forward to in my life but you were what I looked forward to watching and watching you have another great season, one after another. It was a privilege and honor to have you in my life. I feel like I'm losing my best friend. Today was very sad for me but I'm so happy that you're happy. After 22 years I will miss you my friend. Love you always Tom.
How do I put this to words I never thought that this day would come and I’d dreaded it but Tom Brady what a hell of a career you had you went from being a 6th round 199 pick in the 2000 draft to 7x Super Bowl champion, 5x Super Bowl MVP, 3x NFL MVP, 2x NFL Offensive Player of the Year, 15x Pro Bowl 17 AFC East Division titles, 1 NFC South Division Title, 9 AFC Titles, 1 NFC title, 10 Super Bowl appearances, the only QB to lead a team to a 16-0 season and the list goes on. The NFL will never be the same without you Tom and all I can say is thank you Tom Brady for everything you did, great memories, great victories, and most of thank you for making me a fan of football. I really enjoyed watching you play and enjoyed your 7 Super Bowl wins and I’ll always cherish the greatest comeback in history in Super Bowl 51 which is my absolute favorite one of them all and I was lucky to attend 2 games at Foxboro to watch you in person it was Tom that got me to love football and I’m thankful for it. Even though you played your last 2 seasons in Tampa I’d still watched you where ever you went and you are the GOAT. Tom Brady enjoy and have a great retirement with Gisele and your 3 children and Tom thank you so much for everything and for making me a fan of you and will truly be missed from both Patriots fans and Buccaneers fans and hopefully you will be indicted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.
Brandon Potts
Brandon Potts:
Now that its over and I'm sitting back looking at his career it's mind blowing what he did. The thing that I noticed about Tom was he knew he needed everyone around him and got the best out of them.
Jay C
Jay C:
Doesn't matter whether you are scrawny dude with 5.28 40 time, or with average 'arm'. Tom Brady is living proof that as long as you are willing to go above and beyond everyone, honing the very talent that God has blessed you with, and playing with humility and ever burning passion for the things you love, you can become great.

Thank you for the 22 years of phenomenal football. Not just Pats and Bucs fans, but the whole NFL will miss you.
Scuba Bro
Scuba Bro:
It’s going to be weird not having Tom Brady in the NFL! Congrats to him and thanks Tom for all the years of amazing football!
When my kids get older am going to be proud to tell them that I got to witness 2 of the GOATs to ever play ( Michael Jordan / Tom Brady ) we will never see anything like them ever
Big Nate
Big Nate:
I always enjoyed watching you Tom. You never made the game of football boring
C R:
I moved to the United States from Kyrgyzstan late 2003! I was 13 years old and I had never watched or played football prior to moving to the states. I had no idea how to play football or knew the rules. New England Patriots vs Houston Texas in 2003 was my first time watching an NFL game and I remember watching Tom Brady slinging the ball left and right and down the field! I asked my cousin, who is a die hard Green Bay Packers fan, who number 12 was and he said “it’s Tom Brady and he sucks!”. I told him, no, looks like he’s handling business pretty well. Since 2003 I have been a Tom Brady fan! I am extremely grateful that I got to watch and witness his greatness! He’s the reason why I fell in love with the game of football! I really thought he would be playing forever! Lol I am extremely sadden by his retirement news and I will miss seeing him on the field on Sundays, Monday’s and Thursday’s! The NFL will never be the same for me and we will never ever see another Tom Brady! Good luck to you Tom and I wish you and your beautiful family the best and know that you have millions of people around the world that love you and will miss you! #TB12 #GOAT #LFG
Roddrick Palmer
Roddrick Palmer:
I’m literally crying right now what a great 20+ years we had… hopefully Mac can do the same
Electric Highlights
Electric Highlights:
“THIS ISINT PAYTONS PLACE” So many unforgettable memories from Tommy, I loved the Payton and Tom Brady Rivalry. I remember watching super bowl 49 seeing tom freaking out after the Malcom Butler Interception, or the 28-3 comeback game. This has been such a roller coaster and I’m so happy I got to see tom play before he pulled the plug. Thank you tom for all these amazing years and good luck with your life.
Rosiè Rodriguez
Rosiè Rodriguez:
I been so emotional since Saturday. I would turn the tv on Sundays knowing he would put a smile on my face.The One and only GOAT of the NFL. Tom Brady #12
Max Christopher
Max Christopher:
Man, I hated Tom Brady for most of my life. But I was so bummed when I saw he was retiring. True Legend on and off the field.
This man took the crown from Joe Montana and went so much further. Tom Brady is the single greatest of all time without a doubt! I wish him the best as he moves forward into life's next chapter. We will never see such a level of greatness at quarterback ever again! Even though you consistently handed losses to my Steelers, I will miss you Tom!
Jason Williamson
Jason Williamson:
I remember when Drew got hurt and they put some kid named Brady in. I thought we were absolutely screwed. What a fool I was. God bless TB12 and let's go Mac10.
Lennox Productions
Lennox Productions:
Thank you Tom for all the amazing memories watching you play
Ralph Z
Ralph Z:
The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.
Rasmus Rud
Rasmus Rud:
this almost made me cry, what a legend.
Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez:
Closest man to a father figure I've ever had...most valuable lesson i learned from him is that you don't have to be the fastest, strongest, most athletic, you don't even have to walk on water....all you have to do is want it more than anyone else, only a man and yet so much more than that, thank you Tom Brady for showing us the path to immortality.., i will follow you to whatever end! To whatever end!
The greatest thing the Patriots franchise has ever done was drafting Tom Brady who was always overlooked but he had the heart and spirit as well as that will to win. Thank You Tom the league will never be the same without you.
Lost Soul
Lost Soul:
I would like to thank this organization, Tom Brady and BB for creating some awesome memories through out my childhood. What a run for the GOAT!
Jose German Saavedra
Jose German Saavedra:
I’m not crying, you’re crying! 🥺 This man is my idol and I’m at loss for words of how many times he made us get to our feet of excitement! He’s the GOAT 🐐 and I’m grateful to have watched him play at the highest level in the NFL! Thank you Tom! ❤️🙏🏻
Game Time
Game Time:
Tom Brady has provided me with so much joy for 22 years. The goat! The ultimate winner and ultimate competitor. With him as QB you knew you had a chance to win any game. Now we need a Tom Brady movie, and nothing needs to embellished for added drama.
I lived in Massachusetts for most of my life, and it's crazy to see you go Tom. I want to wish you a good retirement, and a new beginning is upon you in your life. In my eyes, you are the greatest professional athlete to ever grace the Earth, and this shouldn't even be in question. Not only are you the GOAT, but you have maintained your good character on and off the field. It's sad to see you go, but I am happy that you are doing what makes you happy.
Amidst all the sadness is so much gratitude. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING TOM!! ♥️♥️♥️
From the early years at Michigan as the comeback kid, to the dynasty years with the Patriots building his legend, to the final stage of his career with the Bucs silencing the haters, thank you for the memories, Tom.

From a Michigan fan and a follower of your career, good luck in retirement champ.

Wow fans are actually pisses that he didn’t mention us in his retirement post? He has said numerous times that he’ll be back in the Boston area when he retires. Come on I’m taking 6 Superbowls over some post about thanking the fans. THANK YOU TOM 🙏
Psych Kingler
Psych Kingler:
Dang I've cried more today than I have in the last 20 years
Doug Francis
Doug Francis:
Been watching them since I was 18 I am 42 now I've had the privilege of watching this guys entire career from when he played in Michigan because I'm a Michigan fan and then going to New England and playing for my NFL team it has been an honor and a privilege to watch this guy play so many great memories we love you Tom so sad to see you go.
Jon Rathier
Jon Rathier:
Congrats Tom Brady on your retirement, and as a New England Patriots fan I will miss you.
(From a Tampa Fan) God bless Tom, I'll never forget what you did for us here in FL... And I know you will always be a patriot... But for me and my brother, you will always be a Buc! Thanks brother.
Rafa DaCosta
Rafa DaCosta:
Whatever happened between you @tombrady and the Patriots organization, it does not matter! I feel like I speak for all of us Patriots' fans. You are loved, and we are thankful for your dedication and commitment! GOAT ALL THE WAY!
Juana Ariza
Juana Ariza:
Thank you! I will miss watching you play. You're such an inspiration 💛
naveen medisetty
naveen medisetty:
Steven Walker
Steven Walker:
Thank you, Tom. You made football special.
Jeffrey Graves
Jeffrey Graves:
As a Dolphins fan, i will miss watching the awesome battles between Brady and Miami's defense. He ruined so many seasons for Miami. Never seen a team so dominant growing up and it pains me to say he is the GOAT. Sorry Marino. Brady owned the AFC East for nearly twenty years. That's a GOAT.
Josh Turner
Josh Turner:
Thank you Brady for the unbelievable run with the Pat's. Forever grateful what you have done for the team best of luck on your new journey.
Sherman A1G46DB
Sherman A1G46DB:
I absolutely loved all the years he spent in NE and it was amazing to watch the greatest to ever do it. He's the football version of Gretzky, Jordan and Ruth a living legend I was glad to be a witness to his greatness for so long. Congrats to him on such a great career
Modus Getachew
Modus Getachew:
That last shot gives me chills. Tom literally looks like he's shouting with a thousand voices.
Big respect Tom Brady hands down the best qb!! Help me thru a hard time in my life i just love the men he is a big Rolemodel! Thank u Tom
Jitesh Ramakrishnan
Jitesh Ramakrishnan:
We all knew this day would come but we never wanted it to. Thank you Tom Brady for everything you have accomplished with not only the Patriots but for all of football!
Tim kay
Tim kay:
Great tribute to a legend! Patriot class! Respect!
Idek how to put the feeling into words… knew this day would eventually come but not feel this fast… feels like yesterday I was still watching TB12 in a pats uni… so thankful for what he did for this franchise. There will never ever be another player like Tom.❤️🐐
Jeffrey Kadriu
Jeffrey Kadriu:
Forever sad he’s retired. Favorite player EVER! The greatest EVER
Austin Jones
Austin Jones:
All my life for as long as I can remember Tom Brady has always been my quarterback ever since I remember watching football for the first time I’m 22 now and I don’t think It’ll ever be the same for me. I knew that no matter what as long as Tom Brady was in the game there was hope because he would find a way to win. I also loved how he carried himself, he’s always so humble no matter how great he is and always looking for the next one. Thanks Tom 🐐😭
Kevin Bias
Kevin Bias:
I’m a Massachusetts guy, I’ve been a Patriots fan since 1985. I remember the exact moment when Drew got injured and Tom came in. I vividly remember how he consistently got better and better until he won his first SB. They didn’t make it the following year, but then his incredible upward trajectory and consistency really started taking off. I vividly remember every SB he played in; where I was; who I was with, the emotions of the moment or circumstances in my life at the time. In the big picture, sports are irrelevant while also being so much more than just games. They affect our lives and create feelings of joy and they create memories that stay with us forever. Because of Tom, I have so many. Thank you, Mr.Brady for the decades of astonishing and incredible entertainment and accomplishments.
Rosario Avena
Rosario Avena:
Thank s for the memories and dedication for the game there won’t be any one like you ever the Greatest of them all and I wit never forget the excitement and the trill of every game you played since you started from Michigan my son introduced me to start watching you ever since Michael Avena is you greatest follower 🙏🙏🙏we will miss you but I will continue to support your Tom Brady brand line of clothing I have your Jersey and everything else🙏🙏🙏
Joey O
Joey O:
Never thought this day would come. Thank you for everything Tom❤️
Thank you Tom Brady. you brought football to me. I cant believe you stayed this long.
I also cant believe how much better you are than anyone who came before you in this sport. out of every sport this is the easiest G.O.A.T. debate.
Lets see if we will see someone challenge your legacy in our lifetime.
Awais Tariq
Awais Tariq:
This was awesome as a tom brady fan I m really happy after watching this there will never be someone that breaks bradys records its just impossible thanks for the amazing memories nfl will miss you.
Coffee Break
Coffee Break:
Thank you Tom ! Year of 2001, I was living in Boston as a college student- one who knew nothing about football, you converted me and I’ve become your number one fan ever since. From now on I have nothing to look forward to every Sunday comes football season, I’ll miss you.
J Desrochers
J Desrochers:
I remember watching the pats in the early 90s on my grandpa’s old tube tv. They weren’t very good very often. Then it was in my friends basement during high school, we watched Brady come in after that wild hit on Drew. It was a total change in not just the team, but the NFL as a whole. Great memories.
Thanks for 22 years of great football Tom! Your passion and dedication should be something we all try to emulate regardless of profession. Enjoy your retirement GOAT, you've earned it! 👏
Ralph Chin
Ralph Chin:
My thanks, Tom, for all the memories! I will always view your videos as a source for inspiration!
The Ocean Man 1984
The Ocean Man 1984:
The absolute best...thank you for the sports ride of my life! All the best brother, all the very best
20yrs with New England as a Patriot
Now in retirement he’ll be a Patriot forever
Jack Furlo
Jack Furlo:
I’m glad he realizes how blessed he is. Awesome career Mr. Brady! Much respect.
Sway _
Sway _:
Thank you Tom Brady for putting new England on the map and giving us the most dominant 20 year run in NFL history and 6 freaking Superbowls.
Matt Gibney
Matt Gibney:
Makes me feel old watching him retire when I’ve watched him for decades. Gronk will be out for sure since Brady retiring. I’m gonna miss watching these guys out there
lmaoooo, I love the ending. It says thank you Tom, and then instantly shows a photo of Mac Jones. For real though, what a career, what a player and what a legacy he will make.
Joe King
Joe King:
Thank you Patriots for drafting Tom. He kept his words about being the best decision the org has ever made!
Robin Davis
Robin Davis:
This video brought be tears to my eyes
JoeyjojoShabadoo WorstNameEver
JoeyjojoShabadoo WorstNameEver:
Thanks for all the memories #12…you will be missed…but you will be remembered. Legend, Family man, and GOAT.
Watched all 6 Super Bowl wins live and each will be held close to my heart for years to come. Thank you, Tom Brady!
Thank you for making me fall in love with football, looking forward to weekend nfl games. It has been great watching you set the standards. You are a true GOAT.
TB12 forever!
Michael Karanja
Michael Karanja:
This was the glory days, glad I grew up a pats fan and was able to see the goat and the greatest dynasty in sports. Special.
Joshua Lanier
Joshua Lanier:
As a life long Patriot fan, it’s been incredible watching him play! Thanks Tom!!!
Dan Amato
Dan Amato:
Favorite athlete of all time..It was a pleasure Tom..Thanks for all the great will be missed..
Earl Putnal
Earl Putnal:
He hasn't even cleaned out his locker in Tampa. And he's already being missed? It's gonna be hard not cheering for him to win another one this coming season. But it's been very thankful to watch. One of the best team oriented quarterbacks to win 7 Superbowls in my lifetime and in NFL history. It's been a thankful honor and a privledge Mr Brady. Congrats man.
Jimmy Rink
Jimmy Rink:
Thank you Mr. Brady for allowing us to follow along. It’s great fun. My two favorite teams are the New Orleans Saints and whoever is playing the Atlanta Falcons. So one of my most loved games was the Super Bowl y’all beat the Falcons after being down 28 to three. It was a masterwork I loved every second, especially how y’all dismantled Atlanta’s defense.
Goosebumps, what a Legend! TB12
John Fallon
John Fallon:
Thank you Brady for the greatest 22 years, this was my childhood. Thank you for leading our team to 6 Championships, and many other fantastic season ❤️❤️❤️
sean campbell
sean campbell:
I was born in the perfect year to watch this man growing up. Taught me so much. Thank you Tom Brady!
James Wells
James Wells:
Following football since I was in my teens I always held joe Montana as GOAT just because of his calmness leading his team to comeback wins.I held Montana to a high standard and thought there would never be another quarterback with body of work he put in that is until today.I have to say Tom Brady deserves the title play in the league as long and to do everything there possibly can be on a football field he truly is the best congratulations on retirement was a treat watching you play all these years.
This is the legend who impressed me my first time watching NFL as a kid and introduced me to NFL, thank you Tom Brady.
Susanne Austin
Susanne Austin:
Thank you Tom Brady, for giving me great days, with my family! Watched you for a long time. I will miss you. You gave
🙂 me a sense of what resilience is all about.
I was 5 when he was drafted, I can’t remember football without him. Thank you tom.
William Stolley
William Stolley:
Great tribute. Thanks, Patriots for remembering what this man brought to your team.
Chosen Won
Chosen Won:
That’s a great tribute to the greatest of all time!!! Thank you Tom for the great memories!!!
Alec De Leon
Alec De Leon:
3:22 made my heart melt
Rich Hamel
Rich Hamel:
Yep, that brought a tear to my eye
Chanteal Leanne
Chanteal Leanne:
Forever the goat, Thank you tom for all that you did for New England. Patriots fans will forever be grateful and there will never be another quarterback like you, love you goat ❤💙 #forevernewengland
Nathaniel Cranshaw
Nathaniel Cranshaw:
As a lifelong New England Patriots fan I want to say thanks for the awesome memories and the Super Bowls afc championship games and afc east championships us Patriots fans will always forever be grateful.
Black ICE X162
Black ICE X162:
My dad is getting older and some of my fondest memories with him is watching the Patriots win SuperBowls. They’re memories I’ll carry with me forever. Thanks, Patriots, Tom Brady and all the other great players that also played.
Tom thank you for the memories. You didn’t have to be a Pats fan to recognize the greatness. It was there and it was an honour to experience it on the screen.
Salvador Setas Cerqueira
Salvador Setas Cerqueira:
Absolute legend and a hero, the sport will miss you 🙏🏽
"I'm Tom Brady, and I'm the greatest decision this organisation has ever made" DAMN he predicted the future y'all
Gaming with Luke
Gaming with Luke:
Thank u Tom Brady for the 22 years I love u and hell of a carrier we will miss u #goat
Thank you Tom. You made everyone’s life better. Its crazy seeing him retire after all those years of pure joy. Thanks GOAT
Foxborough forever💙
Sheri P.
Sheri P.:
I’m grateful I got to see it all, from a 6th round draft pick to the making of a legend - the GOAT! Thank you for your dedication, love of the game, respect, desire to win, and showing us all what you can accomplish when you put in the work! Triumph! I’m appreciative of every Sunday I’ve been blessed to watch you play. Thank you from my heart Tom Brady, you have forever changed football and you will be greatly missed ❤️
Mark Perkins
Mark Perkins:
It's hard when the greats leave the game we love, but it opens the door for the next one we'll marvel at. THANK YOU TOM. To the GOAT enjoy your next journey.
Gonna miss watching you compete Tom. Thank you for everything, thank you for all the memories and inspiration.
Jerry Adriane Reis
Jerry Adriane Reis:
Ótimo profissional. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Thank you. I Enjoyed all the memories and will hold forever
Demon SportsGames
Demon SportsGames:
I just can't believe that tom brady is officially done playing football. This is really the end of an era. I grew up with quarterback greatness like peyton manning and tom brady. It's like a piece of my childhood is dead because brady retired. But nevertheless we will never see another tom brady in nfl history. He was truly the greatest of all time. Happy retirement TB12.
Packers Nation
Packers Nation:
Hate him or love him, you gotta respect him. See you at the Hall of Fame GOAT