The 16 players FC Barcelona have put on their transfer list | Oh My Goal

FC Barcelona are in a very complicated financial situation and may have placed 16 players on the transfer list. An in depth look at the 16 players who could leave FC Barcelona in the transfer window.

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Oh My Goal - News
Oh My Goal - News:
What would you do with this transfer window if you were FC Barcelona’s sporting director?
Plot twist: everyone is sold, no one is bought, our squad is 7 players
Messi: My back hurts from carrying this team...

Bartameou: *SAY NO MORE!!*
Anwar H
Anwar H:
If I were the sporting director I would:
Leave so that Messi can enjoy his remaining days. And also so that FCB don't become the next AC Milan
Werner’s Comments
Werner’s Comments:
These guys are doing an Ac Milan
Arda Araz
Arda Araz:
Guys! Barcelona swapped me for Suarez, it’s gonna be fine!
FIFA Farm:
What would you do with this transfer window if you were FC Barcelona’s sporting director?

i would resign
Task Force
Task Force:
Selling Semedo would be the greatest mistake that Barca's Bartomeu old SIMP can do. Emerson is a good talent too. And, the same could be said about Dembele but always remains injured so in my preference he is good but what's the use of having the best talent if he always remains injured. Sadly, I would say sell him.
Ankur Banerjee
Ankur Banerjee:
Sergi Roberto is not on the transfer list. He is the 4th captain of the club.
A A:
Just get Messi to sign some shirts and have some sort of way to get money rather than sell some of the best players on the team!
Or they could auction some thing for so much money.

badhri srikanth
badhri srikanth:
Ffs we’re genuinely pulling an ac Milan like wtf at this rate if anyone in the starting eleven gets injured bartomeu himself will have to play😂
N 6
N 6:
Yeah sell every 16 of them and purchase 10 woods from Zidane. It's enough to win champions league atleast right? Now it is clear that Barcelona is on the way to become next Man U, Arsenal and AC Milan. Welcome to Europa League in advance.
Why not sell the old players and start relying and giving more chances to young prospects. La masia has a ton of talent going to waste
Mr Kamikaze
Mr Kamikaze:
The day messi leave is the day barca finished
Lewandowski's Memes
Lewandowski's Memes:
As a Barca fan I'm convinced Bartomeu is a real fan. He is destroying the club before he leaves. Messi's last years are going into waste.
Renju G
Renju G:
they are following the footsteps of a.c. milan
Meanwhile Pep has 300 million
The only players are: Vidal, couthino and rakitic...

Who would sell 3 rb's and there back up lb
Galactico 999
Galactico 999:
1:47 only if he did that on his presentation
Andy Wang
Andy Wang:
Doesn’t braithwaite look like Chris brown a lot?
Finu Faiz
Finu Faiz:
He Can't use Semedo as a bargaining chip because his agent is none other than JORGE MENDES
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh:
If kdb gets captain for city his teammates will finally let him talk! 🤣🤣
xSkulzz Gaming
xSkulzz Gaming:
Sell Suarez,give Griezmann the CF position and look for a Left Winger
J Breeze
J Breeze:
Barcelona messed up getting rid of cesc, Thiago, Grimaldo and so many others over the years
The FIFA Geek
The FIFA Geek:
The main reason Barca are struggling is due to the poor selection of choices from the president Bartomeu.
Barca can’t do anything until he is out.
Its just as I do

Andreas Prodan
Andreas Prodan:
If barca will sell the players from the academy with that huge potential they will remain with Busquets and these types of old players. They should sell older players but not Messi and give other young players a chance
Melokuhle Shange
Melokuhle Shange:
America: we have some of the best digital systems in the world

Youtube: 0 views, 29 likes, 1 dislike, 6 comments
Farhan Labib
Farhan Labib:
I said it before, Imma say it again, #BartomeuOut
Alex Nitsou
Alex Nitsou:
Messi: I'm going to Manchester City
Neymar: Hey, wait up!!!
Suarez: mmm, maybe I'll try it.
MSN is back in business!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jubil John
Jubil John:
We want Neymar soo badly ... Messi's last years will be awesome if Neymar is there !!!
Ameen maniyar
Ameen maniyar:
I got a mini heart attack when I saw barca had put 16 players in transfer list 😐😐😐😐
Only comment I can make is we proudly wasted 450 million dollars on useless players just to get a player of Neymar level
(Edit): me crying in bathroom and typing this nonsense
Barca should should start focusing on their academy players just like what they did years ago when they had financial trouble
call of duty swet
call of duty swet:
Lol who sees lewandowski memes everywhere
Deepti Saxena
Deepti Saxena:
We dont need a top signing, this year we got the best youth squad this year , just sell Suarez and make space for griezmann and ansu
Carlos D'Assuncao
Carlos D'Assuncao:
The Barca Downfall is beginning, Liverpool, Man U, or Milan they will be like one of those...dark ages will come in about 2 years...
Champion FIFA mobile
Champion FIFA mobile:
Never been so early on Oh my goal video😂. 22 seconds late
'Other Players' is definitely the GOAT of football
its mad that barca is going to sell him, nobody can buy him
he is about £550 million cost, definitely a generation talent and the unforgattable name of football
16? Thats like 2/3 of the average squad.
Leonardo Tuci
Leonardo Tuci:
At 3:33 that's definitely what every barca fan is doing including me.😔😔
Tony Hemetona
Tony Hemetona:
Barca has no plan for the future right now...
WOW Dood
WOW Dood:
Barca: Already killed off Arthur to escape FFP.
Bartomeu: Wait, there's also the 'I want money and I don't care about winning' policy. Gotta sell I guess.
Everman 57
Everman 57:
And i Thought that The whole Sell ronaldo to help bale grow thing was the biggest Bullsh** in whole LaLiga
Hate to see the names of semedo and oriol busquets among them.
Barca-- Before transfer window we have Messi, Suarez, de jong, umtiti, pique, Ter stegen, vidal, S roberto, semedo, we will win this year UCL👏👏
But now Barca fans be like get ready to knock out from the UCL😂🤣🤣
Arko Rakshit
Arko Rakshit:
barca r saying they will not sell ansu but if they bring in neymar where will ansu play?
his improvement is required nd by his recent performances he will expect more pitch time
Bryan Ricarte
Bryan Ricarte:
When I did career mode with Barca I sold almost exactly the players shown here, so I guess I wasn’t wrong.
tanay pratap
tanay pratap:
We Barca fans don't care about the player who ran for money i am talking about neymar
Jahangir ya
Jahangir ya:
Messi : other players are bullying me i am leaving
Barcelona manager : sell everyone
That club is gonna be empty
Its Me
Its Me:
im kinda happy that neymar isnt joining,i didnt want the club to pay 300million to leave after 5 years.
Yash Daga
Yash Daga:
Ac milan 2.0 is in the making😂😂😂
HenryAB 1991
HenryAB 1991:
Bartamoron: give me 16 players and I’ll give you the greatest duol, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling, even better than Sergio and his red card.
Victor Gomez
Victor Gomez:
POV: ur here from the game against Bayern Munich.
Sanamana _
Sanamana _:
Feel bad for rakitic he caught my attention when he volley knuckle balled from way outside the penalty box and score now he barely gets game time
Angie Bailey
Angie Bailey:
I clicked the link instantly
in a few years, Messi will retire. let him actually enjoy football and let the burden be off of him
Lionel MessÌgician
Lionel MessÌgician:
Im on that too ?

Ahh nah.... they ain't got guts to sell me
Cake For You
Cake For You:
Sell Messi for have a billion and its all good with the finances
Cesar Dominguez
Cesar Dominguez:
Man City has 400M to spend while a top club like Barca is in the struggles
Tunde Elesin
Tunde Elesin:
9313 Mohanish
9313 Mohanish:
So we will sign lingard he alone will destroy the opponent team
Now the goat holds all the responsibilities 😔😔😭
KingZK 43
KingZK 43:
Barcelona are gonna be like AC Milan when Messi leaves 😂😂😂😂
Kaosisochukwu Oreoluwa Mbachu
Kaosisochukwu Oreoluwa Mbachu:
3:33 😂😂😂😂😂 but that is the truth.
T. F Dominic
T. F Dominic:
They're selling all their buys except Griezmann and De Jong
Gullit Team
Gullit Team:
When u don’t know what to say and tries to get something out of your head. Your head:kdhdpqvdlhf wkshdjehdvkd ejdhdkdhdv (THE BEST IDEA EVER)
Why can’t they work on the squad like any normal professional club?
ArctixHype II
ArctixHype II:
Barça buys Emerson

Also Barça: Aight We Selling
TNH Hans
TNH Hans:
Barca are gonna sell the entire la macia academy
Zul Hakim
Zul Hakim:
Moussa Wague is a huge talent!
Harry Boberson
Harry Boberson:
What has Bartameou done to us? Why can't the man just resign? I'd just sell the most valuable players that aren't that good like Dembele, Coutinho, and Vidal.
Sergio thanos
Sergio thanos:
Arsenal rather have dembele over countinho. The issue is dembele cant maintain fitness in about epl? Epl is the worst
Daniel Fong
Daniel Fong:
It isn't up to date , coutinho has left for ages lol
Bob Bobby
Bob Bobby:
The signings since 2016 are rubbish and disaster.
Austin Hammond
Austin Hammond:
some of my favorite players look to be sold this transfer market, starting to dislike FCB more and more sadly.
Trending Afrika
Trending Afrika:
Oh my Goal: Barcelona wanna sell all these players
Barcelona fc: then we have 9 players left so does that mean we will play 11 against 9 now
shameena sherief
shameena sherief:
Semedo shldnt go...he is very talented
Samarpit Parmar
Samarpit Parmar:
Bartomeou has ruined Barca
Seriously selling dembele, semedo, Vidal
Barca is doomed
We need another year to cope up
Ayushman Saha
Ayushman Saha:
One day there will be no player in this club if this goes on
Nice video, explained extremely well in East language , nice keep it up hope you rach 10 million soon😍😍
Chiranjan Sahu
Chiranjan Sahu:
First and second roll in
Barça should sell one person
Jason Lopez
Jason Lopez:
Yoooo it’s bigwinnn from Maryland United States. His music is 🔥🔥
Galactico 999
Galactico 999:
Why not sell the club???
16 players
Paarth Dubey
Paarth Dubey:
Man why are they selling the young players? For Iker Casillas?
Big Chungus - Brawl Stars
Big Chungus - Brawl Stars:
Semedo ain’t leaving
Eric Soccer18
Eric Soccer18:
how is suárez not on the list but players like firpo, roberto, semedo, and todibo are, we need young talent
Kochari Asger
Kochari Asger:
Dude todibo and firpo are the futures of the barça's back?What the hell?I think Perez bought Barça and secretly makes it fall
Yeah keep selling all the young players and keeping the fossils barca
Vikranti More
Vikranti More:
Don't sell dembele semedo firpo Umtiti and the young players
Sell rest of them plus Vidal.
KT 10 Art
KT 10 Art:
After they sell all these players I doubt Barca will have a good team
Ali A
Ali A:
I have been a Barca fan since the longest, I am losing my patience..
Alma Rodriguez
Alma Rodriguez:
Omg Barca fans:😭
Daniel Vousden
Daniel Vousden:
I'm pretty sure you could sell one, and have done with it 😆
if the director selled semedo , vidal and rakitic . i cant explain what my emotions will be
Zemin Haokip
Zemin Haokip:
Messi: its so hard carrying a whole team mostly alone
And boom Bartomeu: That was just the beginning my we will see if u r the best 😂
Arish Kesavan
Arish Kesavan:
Everyone is first like the whole first team 😂😂