THE BATMAN (2021) Official First Look - Robert Pattinson Batsuit Reveal

First official look at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit!

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The Batman director Matt Reeves has finally revealed a first look at Bruce Wayne/Batman actor Robert Pattinson in the batsuit in a test video.

Production on The Batman started a few weeks ago in London, so fans have been hoping to finally get a reveal of what the newest iteration of the caped crusader would look like.

We have Robert Pattinson suited up as Gotham City’s protector, and while the red lighting (which is giving off some major Batman Beyond vibes) makes it hard to notice a lot of specific details, this Batsuit definitely looks different from the hero’s past cinematic costumes. Matt Reeves revealed on Twitter, this video was shot by The Batman’s cinematographer Greig Fraser and scored by the movie’s composer Michael Giacchino.

While the cast for The Batman has been high caliber all around, the actual look and feel of the movie has still been a big mystery with teases ranging from Reeves posting images from Adam West's Batman '66 to Robert Pattinson teasing a more brutal, less heroic take on the character.

With the star and director in place, a lot more information has since come to light. While the actual plot remains a mystery, a reported working title of “Vengeance” left some fans guessing as to what the story might be about. Plus, details that some scenes will take place in Arkham Asylum have left even more fans wondering. There is also confirmation that our hero will encounter a lot of his famous rivals during this new standalone story as well, including Riddler and Penguin.

It's unknown yet where The Batman will pick up in terms of Bruce Wayne's life, but considering the working title, it's difficult not to assume that his parents death will be a primary motivation for his actions.

The majority of the cast involved with The Batman have already been announced. Zoë Kravitz will step into the shoes of Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Colin Farrell will play Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), and Paul Dano will reportedly play the main villain of the film, Edward Nashton aka Riddler. Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) has also landed the role of Commissioner Gordon.

Key DC movie release dates include:

Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) (2020)
Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)
The Batman (2021)
The Suicide Squad (2021)
Black Adam (2021)
Aquaman 2 (2022)

The Batman movie will swoop into theaters on June 25, 2021. Are you excited?

100+ comentarios:

Hemlock Gtove
Hemlock Gtove:
He’s the worst vampire ever. It took him years to turn into a bat.
Audun Ystgaard
Audun Ystgaard:
The music though. The music is the best thing about this, honestly.
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders:
“You're impossibly fast and strong. Your skin is pale white and ice-cold. And sometimes you speak like you're from a different time. You don't go out in the sunlight. I know what you are”
*“Say it, out loud. Say it.”*

Incog Spectator
Incog Spectator:
Hopefully his cape doesn't get stuck in a jet turbine. A wise woman once said "NO CAPES!!"
Looper: “here is why the filter is so important for the upcoming DC movies”
The Dead Punisher
The Dead Punisher:
The Batman: teaser released

Looper: 100 things you missed in The Batman teaser
Heard a rumor that the bat symbol is made up of pieces of the gun that was used to kill the Waynes. I highly doubt it's true but still an interesting rumor.
Erose Perwita
Erose Perwita:
Everyone : Are you a vampire?

Robert : No, I'm Batman
Suzanne Wright
Suzanne Wright:
This just might be good. Look at the movie Joker a lot of people hated the teaser and thought Joaquin Phoenix couldn't pull it off and he did so this could very well be the same situation
Kyve Smith
Kyve Smith:

Looper: what you didn't realize about the new bat suit
Im Just John
Im Just John:
I feel that the ben affleck deserved at least one solo movie...but this should be cool
One Nation
One Nation:
This theme is evil and epic liking the music. It kind of has a unsettling suspense feel to it. A walking weapon in the darkness vibe to it.
Marco Mazariegos
Marco Mazariegos:
Me before Dawn of Justice: "Ben Affleck could never be Batm-"
DC: "Hold our beers."
Me now: Robert Pattinson could never be Batma-"
DC in 2020: "Hold our White Claws."
Shift 937
Shift 937:
Wait a minute....

But the song in the trailer is the imperial march or what?
CJ Lance
CJ Lance:
Fun Fact: Robert Pattinson is the only vampire in Twilight who turns into a bat
Lit dragon And the Memes
Lit dragon And the Memes:
I can’t believe Batman’s true identity is a sparkling vampire
“...bring out the gimp”

- Zed (1994)
Dennis meneses
Dennis meneses:
Bruh I want this to be so dark . him to fight death stroke, 3 movies where we see robin turn into night wing and then him to fight red hood
Courtney MacDonald
Courtney MacDonald:
Everyone hating on him for this when all they know is Twilight lol foh, dudes dedicated, been training since day 1
Jam Lee
Jam Lee:
Batman's parents: Oh sh*t here we go again
Not Slim Shady
Not Slim Shady:
When I first heard that Robert Pattycake was gonna be Batman I laughed. Then I saw Lighthouse and now I’m excited
i can’t be the only one that heard the star wars theme in this
J P:
You know your getting old when you can still remember watching Adam West, Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and Christian Bale playing Batman.
Ben  Daulton
Ben Daulton:
If Thomas Wayne were real he would have limbs and parts all over Gotham as they keep interrupting his funeral to have him shot again.
LittleBites Lover
LittleBites Lover:
Title: Batman
Visual: Daredevil
Music: Darth Vader

It’s like they wanted to confuse us
Came here after the HISHE and can’t take it seriously now
I'd really like to Pattinson's Batman take on the Court of Owls. It'd be the perfect way for his incarnation to stand out from the other movies, plus it'd be cool to see the movies to introduce Damian Wayne.
Yosha. yt
Yosha. yt:
when you forget that people need light to see a suit that is very dark:
i can’t wait for the DareDevil movie coming out next year
Destin Abram
Destin Abram:
The imperial march is definitely hidden in there.
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez:
Alfred: now master Bruce If you have already finished your brooding in front of the bathroom mirror....
merike webb
merike webb:
Long one, sorry.
Can we just take a moment to really appreciate the all American hero jawline Pattinson is bringing to, I'm presuming a still adapting and learning young Batman!
I really enjoyed Ben Afflecks physique and fighting style, it reminded me so much of the arkham asylum game, so at first was skeptical of the new incarnation purely based on looks but I'm hoping Pattinson's film is the young in his prime Batman before middle age starts setting in which brings us to Ben Afflecks awesomely world weary and badass tank of a Batman.
Seth Gauby
Seth Gauby:
He’s perfect for the role, just watch The Lighthouse
Galina Golden
Galina Golden:
Robert Pattinson is one of the best actors now, he gives a lot to his roles.
There is something very cool about this music.....
Real fact: Michael Giacchino finished this theme one month after being signed to produce the ost
dimi pop
dimi pop:
me hears the music : Aww a new Star Wars movie already? few secs later : Damn , Its Batman
Erik Herman
Erik Herman:
The Dark Knight (aka Bruce Wayne) spends most of his day when he isn't fighting crime doing bad ass closeups of his suit.
Blood Does Things
Blood Does Things:
Wonder if the movie is gonna show his parents dying, again, for about the 100th time on screen
Simply-G ASMR
Simply-G ASMR:
This is so dark..

It must be a DC film...
Joshua Simmons
Joshua Simmons:
“Say it... out loud”... “you’re the Batman.”
Elisha Orosco
Elisha Orosco:
The theme for this video borderline sounds like the Imperial March.
Ira Anthony
Ira Anthony:
Here comes: Everything you missed in The Batman trailer!
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken:
the logo looks a bit off but i’m getting arkham vibes. hopefully we get the long ears
Sakurai Shirayuki
Sakurai Shirayuki:
After watching HISHE all I can hear is "Because I'm Batman" being sung over and over again
Unhinged savagE
Unhinged savagE:
no one is going to talk about the sideburns hairs sticking out the edge of the open parts of the mask?
Batman works for the empire: confirmed
Heavy Netflix Daredevil theme color tone vibes, here.
sham butt
sham butt:
Marvel : " we're gonna release Wanda Vision, Falcon, Dr. Strange 2 and many more..."
JP bleu
JP bleu:
I know this is far from the final look, but please make him more bulky, cause thats just how batman is
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez:
I’m excited, I’m sure he’ll do a great job.
Frank Melendez
Frank Melendez:
First two things they did for Joker:
1. Release an image of main character as alterego
2. Release test footage of main character in costume

First two things they do for The Batman:
1. Release an image of main character as alterego
2. Release test footage of main character in costume
King of YouTube
King of YouTube:
Instead of appreciating the masterwork, people are fighting over the visual and music being copied. What happened to you people. Story is what's important.
George l
George l:
If i clicked on this and closed my eyes, I'd just think we were getting a Vader movie
Ayanzakwan Syed
Ayanzakwan Syed:
He looks great as the batman because he got the perfect jaw line for the mask
Charda Eben Haezer
Charda Eben Haezer:
First I thought it was Darth Vader because of the theme song lol
I really hope to see robin , nightwing or red hood in the movie
The music sound like it was from starwars in the start
Aezekiel Aji
Aezekiel Aji:
Everyone: focusing on the suit

Me: focusing on the music wondering if it’s going to be Batman’s theme in the new movie
Rico Lolo
Rico Lolo:
The background music gives me the chills🤪 can’t wait for this !!!
I can't help it he actually looks perfect for the role and his Batman face is the most accurate I've ever seen since Michael Keaton Robert Pattinson could be the best Batman ever I'm just so excited for this we've not had a proper Batman movie since 2012 it's been way too long
Dun, dun dun dun... Dun, dun dun dun... Dun, dun dun dun... Be-cause I'm Bat-man, Be-cause I'm Bat-man, Be-cause I'm Bat-man... XD
So Sick And Tired Of All The Needless Beating
So Sick And Tired Of All The Needless Beating:
I mean...If its going to be Neo-noir-esque like Blade Runner, i'm not complaining.
Bella: I know what you are
Bruce: Say it...
Bella: You’re Batman
I had my brightness turned all the way down and was wondering when the video was going to start
Will Power
Will Power:
So basically you grabbed Nolan's armoured suit & popped his collar up 😂 So creative.....Way to add a new dynamic lol.
A P:
Video:THE BATMAN 2020
Youtube: The dark knight rises 2012
Charles Brandon Perez
Charles Brandon Perez:
Wow, the music gives me the chills! 😳
Mr. Infinity
Mr. Infinity:
Me: "hears about this on the radio"
Me: "gets really excited"

Me after this video: "wait I can't see anything"

Alright thank you everyone for the input,to the sarcastics and trolls thank you, to the ones telling me to turn the brightness up I did it did not work, to the ones saying "that's because it's a teaser" I understand but in the teaser for Joker he is in a dim ish room and you can see him perfectly fine I just can't see with the red lighting, yes I still listen to the radio because it's great, that is all for now happy day of love everyone

Edit 2: I can indeed see it obviously, all I meant by not being able to see anything is all the details in his suit, the red lighting is just very difficult for me to see during the day
Sounds like the beginning of Darth Vaders Imperial March and is lit like his scene in the ending of Rogue One aboard the Tantive IV.
Evelyn josie
Evelyn josie:
The suit looks like Tesla truck
You know the movie is gonna be good when the teaser gets you going, that score!
asuka kazumi
asuka kazumi:
"That boy has a jawline for days"
Freaky O_o
Freaky O_o:
I can't wait for youtubers to make a 20 min videos explaining what we missed in this trailer
Neukio SL
Neukio SL:
E pensa que esse cara vai representa o Batman
Big_Mak _Jak69
Big_Mak _Jak69:
It would also be cool if they used the Danny Elfman theme I think it would be really cool.
Suliman Sultan
Suliman Sultan:
This is just my opinion but I think Jake Gyllenhaal would have been a better pick for Batman

Wow, it’s... I can’t see anything.
Joyful Thought
Joyful Thought:
Wawoooo Robert I can't wait for this movie 🖤🖤🖤
10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge
10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge:
After Affleck's Batman Suit.. I really thought Robert was going to wear a tank lol

But I like the sleek look, and i bet its more powerful than a tank suit
Shit i got a feeling we are getting those wierd wolverine outward ears.

Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix:

Looper: Ten things that you missed in the new “The Batman” teaser trailer.
There really isn't anything here for me to judge ...
ICUP 3x:
Oh Cedric, you’re back
look very very similar to Daredevil begining on Netflix. Almost a copy
I get the Arkham vibe from this look and music. Excited for this.
It deeply bothers me that we can't tell from this if it's long ears or short ears
Christopher Driver
Christopher Driver:
“Top 10 Easter Eggs In The New Batman Trailer”
Timm Lauckner
Timm Lauckner:
So this Vampire turned into a Bat. Is this where we got Corona Virus from ?
Ruth Christina
Ruth Christina:
The film team was testing the lighting like “darker, darker, darker, anddddd right there is perfect”
this Kid
this Kid:
I reallllyyy have hope that this’ll be good.
Robert Pacot
Robert Pacot:
Joaquin Phoenix should be the joker it would be so exiting!!!
Quentin Lopa
Quentin Lopa:
Looper: Top 50 hidden easter eggs you missed in the batman teaser
Ur mom Gai
Ur mom Gai:
Lol I don’t even feel like it’s an actual trailer it’s just his suit lol but ok
T Callen
T Callen:
I love that the Bat symbol looks almost exactly like the Arkham series Bat symbol
Reminds me when we got that test footage of Joker. This is gonna be a good BatMan movie!