The Batman - DC FanDome Official Teaser

Robert Pattinson is #TheBatman

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Rosh Dado
Rosh Dado:
can’t wait til this mf has to find all 274 riddler clues to finish the movie
Be honest: you've watched this trailer more than once.
David Rothberg
David Rothberg:
Thug: What the hell are you supposed to be?
Batman: Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square
clown 9
clown 9:
Finally: the obsessive, paranoid, tortured, angry, engineer, chemist, biologist, detective, escape artist, Batman we all know and love.
“Hey aren’t you the guy from twi-“

The BoobTube
The BoobTube:
How many times are you going to watch this trailer?

Me: "yes"
F a i z a n
F a i z a n:
Batman: I don't kill. i'll just drop your health bar to 1%.

Again "I don't kill"
Kyle L.
Kyle L.:
Finally a Batman movie where riddler isn’t a runaway kids entertainer on a field trip.
Q-Tip 47
Q-Tip 47:
We all owe Robert Pattinson an apology.
I Want Cider
I Want Cider:
Internet: OMG Robert Pattinson can't be batman he's too small and soft.
Robert Pattinson: I'm vengeance.
Internet: he's the night, he's batman!
Boorle Hemanth
Boorle Hemanth:
Every Batman fan must have felt the chills when he said "I'm vengeance"
David Israel
David Israel:
Batman: "I'm vengeance".
Brain-damaged thug: (mumbles) "Can't .. hear ... ya".
Muhammad Soleh
Muhammad Soleh:
Fans: how many new universe you gonna make

DC: *yes*
Arnab Basu
Arnab Basu:
"When I told everyone that I'm gonna play the role of Batman everyone laughed at me,but now no one is laughing"- Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson: I want to play an angsty, silent, bat-themed icon of fear
DC: ...But didn't you already-
RP: No but I mean good this time
Meet Champaneria
Meet Champaneria:
The thing on the other side of The Riddler's question was written, "WHAT DOES A LIAR DO WHEN HE'S DEAD?" And the answer is of the code is...

Robert Pattinson has been a vampire and now a bat...Hope nobody forgets he is a human
M 16
M 16:
150 points will be taken from Hufflepuff.
Anuja Nimesh
Anuja Nimesh:
"The hell are you supposed to be ?"
-The Crippler
This movie is so dark it turned Commissioner Gordon black
Md Aquil
Md Aquil:
My favorite line of this
Tb Haru
Tb Haru:
Apparently only 25% of he movie has been filmed. If that is true this one's gonna be epic....
Bray Aberdeen
Bray Aberdeen:
“I know what you are.”

“Say it. Out loud”

“Say it.”


“I’m vengeance.”

*beats Bella into a bloody pulp
Matthew Mason
Matthew Mason:
Old woman: Who are you?
Rey: I’m Rey.
Old woman: Rey who?
Rey: *starts beating up the old lady* Rey Vengeance
Harshdeep Singh
Harshdeep Singh:
Finally, a batman movie focusing on his detective fundamentals.
Luke Huizenga
Luke Huizenga:
Gotham Knights: Freeze and Court of Owls
The Batman: Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman

It's good to see DC taking advantage of Batman's rogue's gallery.
1M Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
1M Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge:
YouTube: how many time you can watch this video.
me: yes
Izzie Petitphait
Izzie Petitphait:
I feel like Paul Dano's take on The Riddler are gonna have a lot of elements from Hush mixed in and I am *all for it*
Kameron Long
Kameron Long:
People with low brightness : ThIs mOviE iS so DaRk, wHeReS tHe LigHtS
I love how Batman just unnecessarily turns that guy into a vegetable in front of his friends just to flex.
Forever Forgiven
Forever Forgiven:
Dark and gritty just like it should be
Left a nut stain on your couch
Left a nut stain on your couch:
Joker : want to know how I go-
Batman : *beats him to death*
M L:
When you find the person that destroyed your combo 1:36
Renaldo Miller
Renaldo Miller:
In loving memory: thug #1
The first Batman whose eye makeup doesn’t disappear when he removes the cowl.
DISC0 skull
DISC0 skull:
Notice when it cuts to the logo the A has Batman ears
MCU: The hell you suppose to be
Square square square square square
BATMAN: I’m Vengeance
SteadyDragoon Playz
SteadyDragoon Playz:
Phoenix’s Joker would definitely fit in this universe
Kal-El Peterson
Kal-El Peterson:
Batman: I have a no killing policy, but I will happily send you into a comatosed state.
Random Goon: That's alright by me.
Keaton, Bale: "I'm Batman"
Affleck: "I'm Rich"
Pattinson: "I'm Vengeance"
AJMS 256
AJMS 256:
1:46 only just noticed guy on the left is recording his buddy getting his face turned into the grand canyon by batmans fists 😂😂😂
Luz Almeida
Luz Almeida:
2019 until now it's DC year.
Random Thug : the hell are you suppose to be?
Batman : Up Up Triangle Square Triangle Circle Circle Circle Down Down
Brett Daniel Terok
Brett Daniel Terok:
Fun fact:you watching this not just once
Poseidon 314
Poseidon 314:
Finally, a Batman movie that doesn’t magically hide the eye paint after bats remove the cowl
DARK 7 Filmz
DARK 7 Filmz:
Guys i cant stop watching this pls help me
I’m confused, now that’s a good trailer!
Are we not gonna mention how that squarish, retro Batmobile looks like the 60s show one?

tbh, I kinda like it. Makes more sense that he'd have some kind of souped up sports car in his first years rather than something like the Tumbler

Seriously though, this looks like its gonna be a good one, especially since they're going for that dark/noir detective (with anger and trust issues) vibe. Still kinda hoping it will be connected to the Batman origin stuff they released previously, like Gotham (Patt does look close enough to an older Bruce from that show) or Joker (that gang with the white face makeup could be what's left of that movement Arthur started when Bruce was a kid, and he may still be looking for the guys who killed his parents and the founder himself)
Karl Axel
Karl Axel:
1:37 when I return to school and see my English teacher who assigned TEN books this summer because we had extra “covid time”
Sky high fruit
Sky high fruit:
Kid in Gotham: * steals candy *
Batman: “so you’ve chosen death”
Nazim Ilham
Nazim Ilham:
RIddle me this,
Riddle me that,
What have two eyes,
But they cannot see ?

702 Productions
702 Productions:
When the only one who’s being COVID careful is the Riddler...
Batman: i swear i dont kill...

i just make sure ur hospital bill outweighs my whole companies worth :D
The Protagonist
The Protagonist:
This version of Batman looks like he wants to crash a 747 into an airplane hanger
Robert Pattinson:Who the hell you supposed to be?
Corona: Im vengeance
The fact that they used Nirvana’s something in the way and made it sound and look so eerie and so good gets major points I’m a lot more excited now than I was initially and I wasn’t excited at all when they announced Robert Pattinson
Ted Pow
Ted Pow:
They go full JOKER style..i'm in..
Tyrese Pitts
Tyrese Pitts:
Batman about beat up a thug
Me: Where’s my controller!?
This movie is literally only 25-30% done shooting and it looks like a close to finished product
Anony Mous
Anony Mous:
Anyone realize at 0:58 Robert's eyes look similar to Heath's?? Man they even share the pre movie hate 😅
جعفر ِ
جعفر ِ:
DC: impressive trailer with stunning editing and no jokes

The entirety of the internet: I can’t wait to see the vengeancenman in cinemas
Bald guy : and who the hell are you supposed to be ??
Batman:(traingle square traingle square square square traingle)
I am vengeance
Bald guy : (faintly ) and I am the bald guy
Sameer Gangat
Sameer Gangat:
When Detective Comics turns into Dark Comics
Considering this movie’s only 25 percent shot, this is an even better trailer.
Richard B
Richard B:
I love the voice it’s perfect. Since it’s Robert his voice doesn’t have to be overly deep it fits who he is personally the way he said it.
Asmr Valorant
Asmr Valorant:
me getting ready for him to say "im batman"

says: "im vengence"

me "had to do me like that didnt you?!"
Adam Moore
Adam Moore:
Thug: “The hell are you supposed to be?”

Batman: “The one that’s gonna cost you
thousands💵 in hospital and dental bills.”
Chase Reilly
Chase Reilly:
I’m glad this movie comes out around Halloween it’s going to really fit the vibe
Yuuki Kuroutarou
Yuuki Kuroutarou:
Gotham looks like a literal shithole, the fights have a grungy, back alley feel to them, the story has elements of psychological horror, they really hit the nail on the head with this one.
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming:
If you don't yet know, music is:
'Something In The Way' - Nirvana
Hakim Islakhan
Hakim Islakhan:
Gordon: Any of this mean anything to you?
Batmam: Doesn't look like anything to me...
Flavio Sousa
Flavio Sousa:
Robert Pattinson is going to kick a** in this role and his voice sounds perfect. Everyone looks perfect in this.
Eleazar The Believer
Eleazar The Believer:
Thumbnail looks like producers made him watch all twilight movies in a single night.
Batman: “I'm vengeance”

Me: “I'm sold”
Lee Jones
Lee Jones:
So imma' just say it, This Bruce Wayne looks really Gothic.
Noel 5837
Noel 5837:
This movie gives me such dark knight vibes
1:36 POV I meet somebody who says they are a Netflix's Cuties Fan
marcelo s
marcelo s:
Love the old school costume and grittiness that goes with it.
Tired Boi03
Tired Boi03:
I’ve watched this trailer an unhealthy amount of times. It’s becoming borderline obsession
BlackStudios 45
BlackStudios 45:
This is the best trailer I ever seen...
Van Fahnel
Van Fahnel:
the irony, in his first Iconic role he sparkled by daylight - now he respresents vengeance at night
Kirin Fellwinter
Kirin Fellwinter:
Tim Burton's Batman + The Crow


Josh M
Josh M:
Batman beat that guy like he’s the one that killed his parents.
Harsh Solanki
Harsh Solanki:
This trailer feels like I'm reading a comic-book and l imagine this myself.
Hazeem TheGamer
Hazeem TheGamer:
Seeing BatMan is more than enough to describe why I'm so hyped to watch the movie no scenes necessary, but BatMan is enough to make you soooo hype

Thanks for your likes❤
Rithul P
Rithul P:
When you realise the batmobile is a mustang GT
mehul parmar
mehul parmar:
So no one is going to talk about this kickass theme song!!
DSS Car Salesman
DSS Car Salesman:
Batman after putting this guy in a wheelchair the rest of his life:
“Now talk”
Marvel Fans : DC movies are dark.💿
DC Fans : Raise the level of brightness nd watch in 1080p quality.😂
Chris McCormack
Chris McCormack:
01:37 This is what I wanna do to the guy who mugged me 7 months ago.
Paschal Ozurumba
Paschal Ozurumba:
Villian: Let me tell you h...
Batman: beats him to death
Keshav Raj singh
Keshav Raj singh:
The fact that riddler is going to be in this movie gives me chills
Gio A
Gio A:
Creepy, dark, and mysterious, this is the batman tone we've all wanted. Robert Pattinson nailed it with "I'm vengeance". Can't wait to see the rest of the cast and more of the batmobile
Danny S. Cream
Danny S. Cream:
* "I'm vengeance."
* Cut, cut...Robert, for the last time, it's: I'm know? The title of the movie...? One more time...
Ahab Duennschitz
Ahab Duennschitz:
my hopes for the entire future of batman movies lay on this trailer. It seems like theyre doing something like netflix did with daredevil. No deep storyline but focusing on the fighting skills of the hero instead, showing that's hes always in control but also vulnerable when the pressure gets too high.
After years im finally hyped again for a new dc movie
Ariel Malsi Real
Ariel Malsi Real:
When You Are No Longer Sparkle Vampire:

Also Him: I’m Vengeance!
DC adding "the" In front of everything and calling it a new franchise
This Batman reminds me of the one from Arkham Origins. His suit is more armor-like and he's way more brutal.
Logo King
Logo King:
The best scene which gor me hyped is after the scenes of the batmobile he grapples up thats the best scene
Filippo Colombo
Filippo Colombo:
This is gonna be the best Batman movie, why? Cause it is the 1st time that we have a detective Batman