The Batman (Robert Pattinson) - Official Camera Test Teaser REACTION!!

Eric, Shane and Calvin react to and discuss the official camera test teaser for The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson.

Original Video:

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Blind Wave
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FouR Str1ngeR
FouR Str1ngeR:
I've heard they used the red light so that we cannot tell if the suit is black or blue
The music is badass and this isn't even the main theme. Imagine how Epic Batman's main theme will be.
When they released the test footage for Joker, a lot of people complained. I've seen a good amount complaining about this. I for one, cannot wait to watch this movie.
Derek Hogan
Derek Hogan:
Given all the weird s**t R. Pats has been in (special shoutput To The Lighthouse), this might actually work
Valentines Day: exists
Blind Wave crew: We gonna be streaming games all day!
Shelley Templar
Shelley Templar:
I think he looks awesome and the music sounds brilliant.
Kavin Suresh
Kavin Suresh:
I think Robert Pattinson is going to make a legendary Bruce wayne (his acting in THE LIGHTHOUSE was absolutely stellar), he's perfect for the "insane" kind of batman
Tony Randall
Tony Randall:
They said it would be a Batman we have never seen before. He looks good in suit. Music is familiar but all its own at same time.
World building and bring Batman back in fold reboot to DCEU! Let's go!
I think its a blessing in disguise that Reeves decided to reboot Batman with Pattinson. Affleck was a much older Batman who has been crimefighting for 20 years. I don't think there's much to explore in a solo trilogy with Affleck characterwise and also all the batvillains and sidecharacters are established already. Like Robin is already dead and we don't know how many Robins there have been.

I would prefer to see the batvillains and side characters from their early interactions with Batman and see how it develops (e.g. when Bruce meets Dick Grayson for the first time and trains him to be Robin) instead of it already being established with decades of history. Also i hated the fact that Metropolis and Gotham were right next to each other in BVS. So in this new universe i hope Gotham is far away (like a couple of hours plane ride away)
Lorenz 979
Lorenz 979:
Daredevil season 4 looks dope!!!
the music's a sampling of the movie's score? it sounds like absolute perfection for batman.

aside from that, looove the battinson suit, though it's weird that they didn't show off his ears.
I love the suit the collar lets him move around better. Theories that it is a 2nd year batman so probably made by him not by lucius yet. Looks like they’re going the route with him making his symbol out of joe chill’s gun 🔥
Jake Mason
Jake Mason:
I love the look so far, I get some Arkham knight suit vibes with the mechanical side to it.
Brennan Barber
Brennan Barber:
God damn it looks so good. It had me punching the air from excitement
and I’m not even THAT massive of a Batman fan. Love the games, love the character in general, but I didn’t know what to expect out of this really.
mj j
mj j:
Rob looks great! And he's an amazing actor. I can't wait for this and that score is stuck in my head!!
Beatriz Zacharias
Beatriz Zacharias:
Honestly I was excited cause I know he's a fantastic actor, but I never realized how much of his facial estructure is perfect for the role as well; the sharp jawline, tough chin and fine lips are screaming Batwan.
I really want them to react to some Cameron Monaghan Joker
Rodrigo Rosa
Rodrigo Rosa:
Amazing suit and music.
A man with one hand
A man with one hand:
I'm excited af for this movie
Taimur Muggo
Taimur Muggo:
Love the suit ( from what I have seen) , especially the raised collar .

The music is what stood out to me personally .. it’s confirmed to be Giacchino’s score from the movie and I hope it’s his theme !!
Black Cat
Black Cat:
“Looks like daredevil” that’s all people are saying 😂
Actually more like Bullseye as daredevil... Rob looks like that guy lol
A Person
A Person:
The music actually sounds like the Imperial March
Just Random
Just Random:
Matt Reeve is a Master Director and a Genius he knows what he is doing just watch the planet of the apes movies and you know what i am talking about a least my opinion :)
the head part of the costume is giving me Robo Cop vibes.
Red Spoon
Red Spoon:
Reminds me of I miss u so
D0N5K3Y David
D0N5K3Y David:
The bat symbol is made from the gun that killed his parents
iReiGN xx
iReiGN xx:
That comic page was badass. That was one of the coolest lines I’ve ever seen Batman say
I didn’t know Calvin was a fan of Bionicle?!?
Hazell Vasquez
Hazell Vasquez:
3:35 God I hope so ........
Fat Penguin
Fat Penguin:
I was just thinking "Do these guys want the Snyder Cut?"
I can't wait!!! Robert is gonna be so cool) And music.... Damn..
2:12 Eric sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger LOL
B-Radical Entertainment
B-Radical Entertainment:
The music sounds BA cause it sounds like The Imperial March from Star Wars 😂
Habung Martin
Habung Martin:
I thought i was watching batman trailer reaction untill when i realise thr's captain America too with new costume.😂🤣
i love the fact that y’all are streaming all day valentine’s like that’s so this channel i love it LMFAO
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan:
Why do you guys say "cruel blind wave" at the start?
The DarkOpZ
The DarkOpZ:
React to the FF 7 Remake full trailer
Watch cosplay Chris’s video, he literally shows the model of gun that is used on his chest
Sam Bowman
Sam Bowman:
I heard, he uses the gun that killed his parents to make the symbol, it makes sense considering the way it looks.
Dharma Jannyter
Dharma Jannyter:
2:54 Looks more like two short knives. Kind of like raptor-claw knives.
I'm hyped. The music is so good.
Carlos Benedict Batuyong
Carlos Benedict Batuyong:
Please do a reaction to stranger things 4 teaser trailer it just came out.
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly:
I seem to recall the George Clooney cowl for *Batman* having very long ears.₁

₁And a seemingly form-fitting butt. 🤭
Barry Allen
Barry Allen:
New daredevil suit looks amazing!
Izzy Hussain
Izzy Hussain:
I need to know where Calvin got that jumper
Amanda Marie
Amanda Marie:
You guys should react to the new Stranger Things teaser trailer!
I'm so hypeeeeeeed
Rick Hunter
Rick Hunter:
Prettyboy Pattinson might very well do a good Bruce Wayne, will he do a good Batman though?
N64 Danny
N64 Danny:
Ever since i discovered The Nerd Crew from red letter media I haven't been able to. Look at these videos the same way lol
The Bat emblem appears to be removable knives. The two knife points being the end of the wings and the handles being the center. You can see the belt clips in the center.
Anime_ Chan_T
Anime_ Chan_T:
Does this mean I have to watch/hear the story on how the Wayne’s died again?
Damjan Josipovic
Damjan Josipovic:
Please react to "Kaiji Ultimate survivar"
I feel like it may be a trick in some way lmao
ash johnson
ash johnson:
Do you think there's a wire in that collar so it can be the perfect amount of pretentiously disheveled?
Pablo MP.
Pablo MP.:
I read that the symbol on his chest did it using the same revolver that murdered his parents.
Kate Ground
Kate Ground:
Hey you guys have my Batman figure the one that came with Arkham city
No days off
No days off:
If you’ve seen Good Time and Lighthouse you know RPatts is a great actor. Just not sold on directing yet.
Conor Duncan
Conor Duncan:
It reminds me of bullseye in the daredevil mask ngl
A J:
The Gotham Ghost will take the streets back from corruption and terror.
Love the suit from the first look here getting heavy Arkham Knight vibes which is great because that’s my favorite Bat-suit ever I’m not super hot on the cowl as of now but maybe once I see the ears I’ll turn around on the cowl but so far so good
S.F Productions
S.F Productions:
I think the PERFECT version of Batman’s suit is the one from Arkham Asylum!
Happy singles awareness day
No one
No one:
They mixed New 52 suit with Batman Arkham Knight
at least, this is how I see it
and I love it.
Giannis MP96
Giannis MP96:
Arkham Knight vibes!!!! 👌🏻🔥🔥🔥
Joel Guerra
Joel Guerra:
Honestly I'm reserving my opinion on the suit until I see the horns
Old School Boy
Old School Boy:
kike Ascención
kike Ascención:
Bionicle reference everyone, that´s it. That´s the comment.
Alex Gaming
Alex Gaming:
Did anybody else think the Imperial March was about to play?😂
If you hear close you can hear imperal march in this clip its a music mix from vader and batman credit to samuel kim music 👌😂
Chris Dixon
Chris Dixon:
The (incomplete) bat emblem and red hue gives me a little bit of _Batman Beyond_ vibes. I like it.
I like the score; I'm happy this will be more of a detective Batman, and possibly _The Long Halloween_ story, one of my fav graphic novels.
Heck’ Les
Heck’ Les:
Birds of prey review?
Mariana Gualano
Mariana Gualano:
Are you guys going to do a review for Birds of Prey?
The BigBalvin
The BigBalvin:
He looks like Bullseye in the DD outfit
RedbladE GaminG
RedbladE GaminG:
That collar thing was inspired from #gothambygaslight
Saad Anees
Saad Anees:
Everyone thought its Dardevil... how come Matt reeves and other team member didnt think that?
My Self
My Self:
Like you, but we needed to hear from the other two guys also
Cool reaction! Very excited for the film! They have so many villains in it I hope they can pull it off but we will see. It looks very promising. It's sad that some people don't have faith in the Pattinson casting. I really believe he can be a good Bruce Wayne and Batman. Time will telll.
Secretly Brave
Secretly Brave:
you guys should react to Parasite!
Okay, I dig it.
Suit looks like the Arkham Asylum series but the cowl reminds me of Adam West’s.
Christopher Hodges
Christopher Hodges:
Im optimistic about Robert Pattinson as Batman. He's got the physique, the voice, and he can play a rich playboy/CEO.
There's a black and white version on youtube that shows it in greater detail
Giacchino also composed Doctor Strange and the recent Spidey movies.
The song in the trailer Will be Batmans Theme in the film
Mon Mothra
Mon Mothra:
I praaaayyyy this is soooooo dark
The suit reminds me of the Arkham games suits.
Walter White
Walter White:
The bat symbol was apparently made out of parts of a gun. Fans everywhere are starting to quickly theorize that this gun could be none other than the gun that killed his parents-- Which would be a detail lifted *straight out of the comics.*

If that's true then it just fucking adds to the aesthetic, I think it looks sexy!!!
jcraig 1776
jcraig 1776:
I think it would be cool if they did Bob Kane's designs from the first Batman comics just modernised
K Factor
K Factor:
"LoOkS lIkE DaReDeViL" , "DaReDeViL SeAsOn 4 LoOkS sO GoOd!!", I don't want to be an ass or buzz kill about this but, pls...stfu. I get why you're saying that bc of the red hue but for those just saying it as a joke or to get likes, just stop, the joke's only really good for a giggle or two but don't constantly post it cuz jokes like that get annoying after awhile
It definitely looks like a gun cut in half.
You guys definately should react to the new mini trailer for clone wars
Chase Albrecht
Chase Albrecht:
I'm hoping for a black and dark grey suit with some thin dark blue bits.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith:
I have never ever liked long ears on Batman. Yeah, it may look cool and all, but as a practical matter, if you have to bend over to walk through a door, you aren't much of a ninja.
Where can I get that cap america sweater?
Jamie Fernandez
Jamie Fernandez:
React to cobra kai🐍🐍
deshaun fortune
deshaun fortune:
Check out Datrini he makes really good realistic digital paintings of the same type of stuff Bosslogic does except it's mostly all painted by him and not just photoshopped. Also when I say realistic I mean it actually looks real. Datrini is amazing at DC live action concept design.
Fabian Rampage
Fabian Rampage:
Sounds Like The Hateful Eight Intro Song
FaZe pawz
FaZe pawz:
Bosslogic is the man!!!!
Jay Voorhees
Jay Voorhees:
It's not speculation it's based off the long halloween