The Best of Rafael Nadal in Week One | Wimbledon 2022

Rafael Nadal's best moments from the first week of The Championships.

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59 comentarios:

Rafa is literally increasing his level gradually
Hopefully he’ll peak in the finals and win it :)
Shut up
Shut up:
The difference between his 1st and 2nd round games compared to the 3rd and 4th round performance has been astonishing.
Chief Scheider
Chief Scheider:
Rafa is the Tom Cruise of tennis. Gets better with age and always gives 110%
ₑₙₐₘᵤₗ ₛₕₐₙₜₒ
ₑₙₐₘᵤₗ ₛₕₐₙₜₒ:
Rafa's Running Forehand down the line is the deadliest shot in tennis
Daddy Landlord
Daddy Landlord:
Nadal is too fast. He could play ping pong by himself.
Sahan Waragoda
Sahan Waragoda:
He hit one of those run around - inside out forehands against Botic which was quite impressive. Hadn't seen one whole tournament. Should've definitely featured here
Daddy Landlord
Daddy Landlord:
If Djokovic is Joker,
Nadal is Batman,
Murray is Murray.
mohlodi tshimollo
mohlodi tshimollo:
Insane tennis by the King 👑
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal) & 🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer) golden era of tennis & legend forever!!! Cheers!!! 👑💪🐐
W O W!! This was an extraordinary game from Rafa.
The Astronomy Show
The Astronomy Show:
I hope Rafa will win this years Wimbledon, I hope he'll go out with a bang, than a smolder
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
I guarantee 100% & confidence on Sunday Final 🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal) the Beast will lift up the Trophy 🏆 2022 Wimbledon champion for the record 4th time & 23rd major champion is still coming soon in advance 💪!!! Mark my word and Vamos Rafa!!! Warriors and Cheers to the Spanish Bull!!! 🇪🇸🏆🐐
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
Tennis legend & greatest champion of all time list: 👑🐐🏆

🇪🇸1) Rafael Nadal.
🇨🇭2) Roger Federer.
🇺🇸3) Pete Sampras.
🇺🇸4) Andre Agassi.
🇸🇪5) Stefan Edberg.
🇩🇪6) Ivan Lendl.
🇸🇪7) Bjorn Borg.
🇺🇸8) Jimmy Connor.
🇺🇸9) John McEnroe.
🇩🇪10) Boris Becker.
🇦🇺11) Rod Laver.
🇷🇺12) Marat Safin.
🇦🇺13) Lleyton Hewitt.
🇧🇷14) Gustavo Kuerten.
🇺🇸15) Andy Roddick.
🇦🇺16) Patrick Rafter.
🇪🇸17) Carlos Moya.
🇦🇷18) David Nalbandian.
prabin prabhakar
prabin prabhakar:
That drop was stunning
Ragavan Ragavan
Ragavan Ragavan:
Rafa is my favorite one and inspiration of my sportive carrier
Ben Sona
Ben Sona:
Rafa has his grass court mojo back.
Taking the ball early now and getting closer to the baselines. Nice!
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
Yes 100% 🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal) & 🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer) greatest commander in chief of all time & make tennis great again!!! Cheers!!! 👑💪🐐
Pearl M
Pearl M:
U know Rafas playing better than even I expected on grass....I duno He seems like A diff animal this he's invincible! He could very well win this thing .
I would love to see him retire after winning all four slams in a season.. would be amazing however unlikely.
Jack Matthews
Jack Matthews:
Nadal the 🐐
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men:
Best tennis player in the world ...
At this rate his route to Wimbledon title might get a whole lot easier
Djokovic (atm) is a set and break down
News to nadal’s ears
Lê Phương Trường
Lê Phương Trường:
Nadal bây giờ có độ chính xác đến đáng kinh ngạc.

Thậm chí khi chạy xoay người quay lưng về phía lưới, không cần nhìn vẫn có thể đánh bóng vào đúng chỗ hiểm bên trong sân khiến đối thủ không thể dứt điểm hiệu quả được

Thật kỳ diệu, Nadal đã thay đổi lối chơi hết sức hiệu quả.
Out of contest but Babolat needs to give Rafa an all black Racket for Wimbledon that would look so cool
nadal is pushing him too much in this tournament i feel , i mean i really hope he does well the whole tournament.
"Rafa workmanlike so far by adding fresh tools to his armoury"
Sarishta Kohli
Sarishta Kohli:
Very great
Global Indian
Global Indian:
Rafa gaining all the good momentum to loose to the great champion Novak
anand parmeswaran
anand parmeswaran:
Nadal was lucky against Fitz but he would find it difficult from here on
Roberto Ortiz
Roberto Ortiz:
Nadal va para la final
Muhammad Siraj
Muhammad Siraj:
The only thing missing are the running 'banana' forehands
Nole is on fire right now~Goat mode🐐👑💪
Sarishta Kohli
Sarishta Kohli:
Very good
Singaravelu Singaravelu
Singaravelu Singaravelu:
Wow! Nadalism
Prasad Jani
Prasad Jani:
Philosopher King
Philosopher King:
10 matches away from Grand Slam
Vishwanath Krishna
Vishwanath Krishna:
Rafa will definitely win this GS.
He will activate his A Game soon...
No clue why they are so surprised nadal volleyed across the net, when thats what he and djokovic do everytime a ball bounces short
What planet is Rafa from again? Clearly he is not a tennis player from earth!
Lonnie Pee
Lonnie Pee:
I've asked it before, and not having gotten a response I'll ask again. Is it even FAIR to allow a magician to compete in tennis against mere mortals?
Bonnet de douche
Bonnet de douche:
As Nadal gets older he is looking more and more like Paddy Doherty from big fat gypsy weddings
panneer selvam
panneer selvam:
What about his injury..
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer): GOD of Tennis. 👑

🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal): KING of Tennis. 👑

Plus, Witness a true greatness & greatest achievement in tennis, legacy will live on 100% forever!!! Vamos 💎 King FEDAL!!! Cheers!!! 👑💪🐐
Nadal will have another fake injury again if loses a set.
Chenul Hewge
Chenul Hewge:
Rafael nadal will win wimbledon 2022🎉️❤️🐐
Fukin Fuker
Fukin Fuker:
For me Rafa is playing better than Djokovic, he has more variety and tricks. Rafa is the player who has more chances to win wimbledon
Federer and Djokovic - by far best players ever .
Roberto Ortiz
Roberto Ortiz:
Nadal goes to the final
Side Dude
Side Dude:
Stop touching yourself Raf.. It's annoying..
Bee da trot TV 👊
Bee da trot TV 👊:
Sonego is a cry baby because Nadal beat him badly.😂
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar:
The best of nadal Seriously 😂 he's yet to play a difficult opponent 😂give him a draw like novak then hype him.
Boban Milic
Boban Milic:
Rafa = footfault😝👏👏👏
Sarishta Kohli
Sarishta Kohli:
Agus Basoeki
Agus Basoeki:
Kevin Hagler
Kevin Hagler:
The best of Rafa’s pharmacist more like.
Everything is made to push nadal. He gets the most insignificant players. But Kyrios and Titipas are put to eliminate each other . Djokovich have to play best players and is made everything to eliminate him. nadal admirers have not even a bit a fairness and objectivity. Shame to organizers who manipulate the draws only to make nadal a champion snd other are much better then him.
Mr. Nadal takes painkillers, and this is doping for the muscles, he does not play honestly, so I do not respect him, a cunning man, secret doping.