The Bizarre Death Of Elisa Lam

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100+ comentarios:

Redge Perèz
Redge Perèz:
Use me as a “Protection” Button.
Back here after seeing Ryan in the Elisa lam documentary on Netflix
mxdnie playz
mxdnie playz:
plus, there's like this weird f*cking water pipe here. Lol
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
Crazy how Ryan can cover something better in 7 minutes than Netflix can in 4 long episodes
Eoghan Kirwan
Eoghan Kirwan:
how was a ghost of richard ramirez talking to her when he was still alive at the time ????
Dream Lord
Dream Lord:
The fact that the elevator door never closed kind of bothered me.
Or you know, a theory which isn’t always mentioned is that maybe she is misdiagnosed as bipolar and is taking the wrong meds when she could be schizophrenic or have psychotic depression. So basically the meds weren’t doing anything for her and she was still going untreated hence why people complained of “odd behavior” from her.
Sai Ladakh
Sai Ladakh:
To those who have become obsessed with this case and are assuming farfetched theories, please remember mental health does exist and be kind to one another. Let Elisa rest in peace and let her family grieve.
She wasn't acting weird she was just confused of why the elevator didn't close and she looked out to see if anyone was holding the button to keep the doors open and when she was moving her hand she was trying to check the door sensors for the elevators and she was probably looking outside to see if anyone could help her elevator problem
air zoom
air zoom:
I want to think it was just a tragic accident like it seemed after the documentary but that blonde manager is so creepy I don't believe a word she says
Going full screen. Wish me luck soldier
chich aria
chich aria:
The whole demonic possession theory is one of many reasons that mental health is still being misunderstood. This girl was a victim of her mental health, which is as tragic and heartbreaking as any other case. Not everything HAS to be supernatural or a grand murder scheme.
Chinomso I
Chinomso I:
not me screaming when Ryan showed up in the Cecil Hotel documentary
Matt Leblanc
Matt Leblanc:
Looks to me like she was clearly going through a severe psychosis which ultimately led to her wandering around all paranoid till she ended up crawling into the water tank where she drowned.
Isabella Birney
Isabella Birney:
Dont even know why her family let her travel on her own when she had Bipolar, would skip taking her medication and had episodes. The poor girl was suffering and needed help :( This seriously is a sad story.
tomato pasta-0
tomato pasta-0:
Can we just talk about how gross and dirty the hotel is now..
Madi Schmidt
Madi Schmidt:
The lid was found open, it was just communicated wrong in the media.
Barista Lad
Barista Lad:
When she hides in corner she doesn't seem to be scared. Her face has a smile and her movement seem playful. I think she knows the other person in a friend way.
It’s sad that she had an entire lifetime of things to be remembered by...she was a beautiful writer with a great sense of humor. She had friends and family and inside jokes and dreams for the future. But she will always be remembered for the way she died.
Anna Hagen
Anna Hagen:
Is anyone else here after Ryan’s cameo in the new Netflix Cecil Hotel documentary?
Uploader Of Many Things
Uploader Of Many Things:
I feel sorry for the plumbers who would have been called thinking it was just some cloggage or something, instead to find a rotting human body.
Ok the hand moving part actually made me click off. That is disturbing omg
kitty love's you
kitty love's you:
No one really apologized to morbid..
Lisa van den Hoven
Lisa van den Hoven:
It is a tragedy that no one recognized Elisa's psychotic episode and mental health crisis for what it was and got her to a hospital. The staff of the Cecil were so used to ignoring red flags from being immersed in one of the largest homelessness populations, that they just shushed up the problem by isolating her away from her roommates.
Is it just the camera that her eyes were black in the elevator or was she like possessed or something. Probably the bipolar thing but makes me think
why isn’t anyone talking about her hands. they’re so creepy
John Ly Nguyen
John Ly Nguyen:
It’s 2021 and we are still talking about this. Her case is still a mystery to all of us. The Netflix series was such eye breaking to watch.
Alex G. Lu
Alex G. Lu:
How could've she talked to the ghost of Richard Ramirez if he was still alive at that time?
That blonde manager acts so coy and is disturbing, the hotel was a setup from the start they knew the demographic of the types of people. The roots must run deep. The former manager acts coy,knows more than what she says in such shock yet someone in the hotel knows and hiding something,shes so corporate.. and goes higher powers are at play
ThatDinosaurGuy 2004
ThatDinosaurGuy 2004:
Hopefully Shane and Ryan come back to this case and give their thoughts. Rip Elisa.
emily prince
emily prince:
to this date i think this is the CREEPIEST murder story EVER bc there's so many plotholes and oddities
Denise Southworth
Denise Southworth:
For god’s sake, the poor girl was hallucinating
chris gatlin
chris gatlin:
I did two episodes on Netflix and then just came straight here to get the whole story in seven minutes
Badass Queen
Badass Queen:
I saw the elevator footage years ago, and it gave me the chills. Yesterday I watched the documentary on Netflix. I felt even worse... This is truly tragic. Poor girl. May her soul rest in peace.
Greg Forde
Greg Forde:
The water looks discolored and smelled funny..🤔🤔 lemme brush my teeth and drink it.

What? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Sasha Silver
Sasha Silver:
There had to be other footages. Those hotels have cameras everywhere. Someone covered this up. Wtf.
Barney the Dinosaur
Barney the Dinosaur:
I know for a fact that i'm not the only one who recognized the Big red chair shaped like a hand from iCarly.
I just wish this case it solved I’m so curious or any other footage is out there maybe idk god will solve it for us tho
Super Soldier
Super Soldier:
It’s fuckin sick when the lady showing them around in hotel is like “and This is the floor it happened.” Are you ducking kidding me?
Ajith Batzzz
Ajith Batzzz:
People who are still curious. Watch the netflix documentary. Its pretty much solved at this point.
imagine how all the people who drunk that water felt..
Why would they drink still drink it & they know it’s black-
Edgard Lopez
Edgard Lopez:
Just finished watching crime scene. Moral of the story: love everyone.
Lil Wubby
Lil Wubby:
I don’t get it?! How would she talked to the ghost of Richard Ramirez, and Ramirez died in June 7, 2013 and she died in February 2013?
Kaden Miller
Kaden Miller:
You forgot to say that 53 seconds of the footage was edited out leading investigators to believe it was tampered with before being submitted to the authorities
Charlie beau
Charlie beau:
So there's no cameras apart from the elevator??in the whole hotel?🧐🧐
Celina Reyes
Celina Reyes:
It’s unfortunate what happened to Elisa but I concur with the ruling of accidental death. No foul play was noted at any point and the toxicology report was negative for drugs or alcohol but it did report low levels of her bipolar meds which would make sense that she was probably going through hallucinations in the elevator (plus she had history of this). The doors didn’t close possibly due to pushing the hold button without realizing it and caused her to become even more paranoid so she walks away from the elevator to look for another way out. She probably then sees the window down the hall, climbs out and uses the fire escape stairs to go up to the roof which is why the alarm never sounded on the roof door. The documentary also mentions that the canines lost her scent at the window. She somehow makes it to the water tank, possibly confusing this is a “safe hiding spot” to try and get away from whatever her mind was telling her. The maintenance guy also said he found the lid open and not closed. Since he spoke Spanish, this was probably lost in translation at the time.
Allan Fernandez
Allan Fernandez:
She was off her meds. People in the hotel said she would act weird. The latch was in fact open. She pressed a button that kept the elevators from closing. It was suicide.
When they debunked it it still doesn’t completely make sense after saying It was lack of her taking medication...
Tinker SBG
Tinker SBG:
Fun fact I had a Richard Ramirez encounter. Walking home from Arleta Ca, to North Hollywood Ca LATE at night with my friend Dina a tall skinny man dressed in black came out of the park where we were walking by. As he started walking faster toward us we ran to the middle of the street and he chased us for a while. When we turned around to see where he was he was on top of a car hood with his hands on his hips like Superman. The following day in the news was a murder in Sun Valley a few minutes away from the park where we encountered Richard Ramirez. I reported the incident to the police but never heard back from them.
Witters 99
Witters 99:
how is this hotel still open after everything-
Evan Ferris
Evan Ferris:
Hey web sleuths. I have had a close friend have severe bi polar episodes numerous times over our friendship. As soon as I saw the video I recognized that behavior and I 100% agree it was an accident. Tragic but not violent.
V Walt
V Walt:
I think that she had a manic/psychotic episode. When that happens, honestly you are not of sound mind.
fun fact: this hotel inspired season 5 of American horror story, a fictional version of Richard Ramirez even appears in one of the episodes
Harrison F-T
Harrison F-T:
couldn’t be bothered to watch the show on netflix so watching g this instead
Grace I
Grace I:
for all the people scared rn here are some good vibes to refresh you :)
J.Simons Fast Vehicle Rail
J.Simons Fast Vehicle Rail:
It just seems as if she is trying to get away from someone outside the elevator. I didn't find that weird
I saw a series on netflix called Crime scene: the vanashing at the cecil hotel. it goes into very deep detail.
Valerie Chavez
Valerie Chavez:
It couldn’t have been Richard Ramirez’s ghost...he was still alive at the time.
John Saxton
John Saxton:
She seems to be having a paranoid episode. Think she stopped taking her Meds for her Bi Polar Disorder and wigged out.
The Legend
The Legend:
The way she waved her hands around scare me. It's so disturbing for me.
Dan Reyes
Dan Reyes:
Imagine being in an elevator when the door open and she gets on.
Quint Ork
Quint Ork:
i would really like to say anyone out there who helped destroy the musician MORBBIDs career and mental health should maybe try to apologize to the man SHAME
Deep Blue
Deep Blue:
I wanted to hear about what those girls had to say about her that wasn’t explored in the documentary, to me in the elevator looked like psychosis
kimberley .x
kimberley .x:
After watching the Netflix documentary, I think this case is actually solved. A really sad story and a lesson to learn.
B's and the Boys
B's and the Boys:
I came to the comment section because it makes me feel safe. Anyone else ?
I’d be creeped out if I was trying to use elevator and saw her
Sherrie Sena
Sherrie Sena:
Who else came here after watching “crime scene” on Netflix?
These people literally ruined Pablo's life.
Alex Holmes
Alex Holmes:
For the ones who said the there was another shoe there waiting on her that’s bs it’s the back of her left sandal
coke and cheese.
coke and cheese.:
_oh, this was back when shane hasn't manifested into his human form yet._
Bipolar might actually explain it. i have bipolar myself and as a child i suffered from delusions to the point they thought i was schizophrenic.
She was probably getting bullied by her roommates, i noticed that when she said “yes im crazy so is L.A” in the netflix show
the lid was open all along.

went back after watching the series to check how ryan handled this case four years ago. this was just a truly terrible accident, that's all
When she goes out of the elevator after pressing the buttons it goes gray on white...

devil or ghosts?
Her behavior looks like mental issues. She looks like she’s having a delusional episode. She’s diagnosed bipolar but more than likely she was also paranoid schizophrenic.
Madcrazeechik R
Madcrazeechik R:
I think she’s had an NEAD episode. I suffer these and my family says I act the same as she did.
I try to climb through windows and have no,clue I’m doing this. It’s amazing what you can do in these episodes.
Anne Kinney
Anne Kinney:
I wonder if Gordon Ramsay would like to renovate the Cecil Hotel on Hotel Nightmares?lol
Madison Baron
Madison Baron:
Who’s here rewatching this after noticing a clip of Ryan in the new Netflix special?
who is still here because of the netflix docu
I suggest looking up a channel called Twist, they covered this story. It was shown that the camera footage was tampered with (slowed down to make her look crazy and a minute was cut off at the end) Also when they found her in the tank, she was bleeding from her anus. Not to mention that the hotel staff are reportedly very creepy to women, using their cards to sexually assault them sometimes. I believe, as do many doctors, that a hotel staff was holding the elevator door open from the outside and she was looking to see who it was. She then started talking to them and then I think the guy got on, and that was the footage cut from the video. I then believe he raped her (bleeding from the anus could be a result of trauma from anal sex), and she resisted so he suffocated her (because it was shown that it was a dry death), and then entered the roof with a key card, as he was a hotel staff, then dumped her body in the tank and payed off the guy who found her to say that she was facing up and that the tank door was open to make it look like a suicide

Note: A lot of people in the replies say that there was no anal trauma or bleeding shown in the autopsy released to the public. I am referencing a report done by a private coroner who was hired by the victim's family. The reason why the private coroner found trauma while the public one did not may have been a result of bribery, something that the hotel had a reputation for doing to cover up the multiple sexual assault allegations made against its employees. If you wish to write a negative reply to my comment, you may do so, just please be constructive and don't just insult me for the sake of it. All these facts are public (including the private coroner's autopsy which was leaked by the family), I have merely pieced them together in an attempt to make sense of it. Thank you for listening to my TEDTalk, have a nice day.
Alex Papagianni
Alex Papagianni:
Anyone here bc they saw Ryan on the new documentary about the Cecil hotel on Netflix 😂😂
Nicole Bower
Nicole Bower:
She is suffering a hallucination episode of her bipolar depression one. So no murder or any those theory. Also at least someone send a apologize or do the right thing for that guy (Morbid).
In conclusion never stop taking your meds

Bree Jackson
Bree Jackson:
POV: here after the Netflix series
Destiny Torres
Destiny Torres:
Bruh the way she was moving her hands were scary asf to me, like that's so creepy Ima have nightmares bye
I saw Ryan in the Netflix documentary and I was like "yeah, I'm going back to watch that again". lol
Zeus - Odin Chiefs
Zeus - Odin Chiefs:
Poor girl.
I also felt bad for Morbid for being falsely accused and had his life upside down.
planetary ray
planetary ray:
I’m definitely settling on this being an unfortunate accidental death at the hands of a sudden onset episode of mania/paranoia due to her bipolar disorder. The atmosphere of the place deffo didn’t help, but I really don’t think this was a murder.
Natalie Camilo
Natalie Camilo:
I’m watching the Cecil hotel documentary now and I’m thinking that she was possessed or there was a ghost telling her what to do.They found her in a water tank on the roof and in the documentary when they send a dog to smell her scent to find her they said that it stopped at the fire escape.I think she went through the fire escape and was possessed by a ghost and that’s how she got in the tank I’m not sure but it could be a theory.
I’m bipolar and I can tell you it’s not like psychosis
dothefunny Glitch
dothefunny Glitch:
POV: your not watching in full screen
Kobus Brits
Kobus Brits:
Seems like Psychosis. I'm watching this after playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. This is too much.
I’m watching the documentary on Netflix, the K9 cop dogs led the investigators to a window that last had her scent. Probably that’s how she got up to the tank.. she didn’t get the justice she deserves.
Alex Gray
Alex Gray:
Did anyone make a disgusted face of disapproval when they talked about the black/ bad tasting water?
Jackie Muir
Jackie Muir:
Toxicology reports suggested She wasn't taking her meds.
Sophia Gurley
Sophia Gurley:
Whoever uploaded this video, I just got done watching the documentary on Netflix everyone doesn't know who did it but they said that the females were complaining about Lisa and had her removed in her own separate room so why aren't they the number one suspects
Red black
Red black:
I wonder who owns the this hotel.? Definitely a cover up
Muéle McFadden-Scott
Muéle McFadden-Scott:
I just love how YouTube recommends this video to me the day after I watched the Netflix docuseries about the Cecil Hotel