The Bizarre Death Of Elisa Lam

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100+ comentarios:

Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
Crazy how Ryan can cover something better in 7 minutes than Netflix can in 4 long episodes
chich aria
chich aria:
The whole demonic possession theory is one of many reasons that mental health is still being misunderstood. This girl was a victim of her mental health, which is as tragic and heartbreaking as any other case. Not everything HAS to be supernatural or a grand murder scheme.
It’s sad that she had an entire lifetime of things to be remembered by...she was a beautiful writer with a great sense of humor. She had friends and family and inside jokes and dreams for the future. But she will always be remembered for the way she died.
She wasn't acting weird she was just confused of why the elevator didn't close and she looked out to see if anyone was holding the button to keep the doors open and when she was moving her hand she was trying to check the door sensors for the elevators and she was probably looking outside to see if anyone could help her elevator problem
imagine how all the people who drunk that water felt..
Or you know, a theory which isn’t always mentioned is that maybe she is misdiagnosed as bipolar and is taking the wrong meds when she could be schizophrenic or have psychotic depression. So basically the meds weren’t doing anything for her and she was still going untreated hence why people complained of “odd behavior” from her.
Azio Cubed
Azio Cubed:
When she hides in corner she doesn't seem to be scared. Her face has a smile and her movement seem playful. I think she knows the other person in a friend way.
Lisa van den Hoven
Lisa van den Hoven:
It is a tragedy that no one recognized Elisa's psychotic episode and mental health crisis for what it was and got her to a hospital. The staff of the Cecil were so used to ignoring red flags from being immersed in one of the largest homelessness populations, that they just shushed up the problem by isolating her away from her roommates.
Madi Schmidt
Madi Schmidt:
The lid was found open, it was just communicated wrong in the media.
Dream Lord
Dream Lord:
The fact that the elevator door never closed kind of bothered me.
ThatDinosaurGuy 2004
ThatDinosaurGuy 2004:
Hopefully Shane and Ryan come back to this case and give their thoughts. Rip Elisa.
ta die ma
ta die ma:
No one really apologized to morbid..
Ajith Batzzz
Ajith Batzzz:
People who are still curious. Watch the netflix documentary. Its pretty much solved at this point.
Alex G. Lu
Alex G. Lu:
How could've she talked to the ghost of Richard Ramirez if he was still alive at that time?
coke and cheese.
coke and cheese.:
_oh, this was back when shane hasn't manifested into his human form yet._
Denise Southworth
Denise Southworth:
For god’s sake, the poor girl was hallucinating
Ok the hand moving part actually made me click off. That is disturbing omg
That blonde manager acts so coy and is disturbing, the hotel was a setup from the start they knew the demographic of the types of people. The roots must run deep. The former manager acts coy,knows more than what she says in such shock yet someone in the hotel knows and hiding something,shes so corporate.. and goes higher powers are at play
Evan Ferris
Evan Ferris:
Hey web sleuths. I have had a close friend have severe bi polar episodes numerous times over our friendship. As soon as I saw the video I recognized that behavior and I 100% agree it was an accident. Tragic but not violent.
Uploader Of Many Things
Uploader Of Many Things:
I feel sorry for the plumbers who would have been called thinking it was just some cloggage or something, instead to find a rotting human body.
air zoom
air zoom:
I want to think it was just a tragic accident like it seemed after the documentary but that blonde manager is so creepy I don't believe a word she says
John Ly Nguyen
John Ly Nguyen:
It’s 2021 and we are still talking about this. Her case is still a mystery to all of us. The Netflix series was such eye breaking to watch.
Clayton Catlin
Clayton Catlin:
There was a guy in my apartment building acting EXACTLY like this, on the weekend… I couldn’t tell if he was on drugs, or had some kind of illness. But, it totally reminded me of this.
Super Soldier
Super Soldier:
It’s fuckin sick when the lady showing them around in hotel is like “and This is the floor it happened.” Are you ducking kidding me?
Going full screen. Wish me luck soldier
B R:
RIP elisa you would’ve loved buzzfeed unsolved
fun fact: this hotel inspired season 5 of American horror story, a fictional version of Richard Ramirez even appears in one of the episodes
Edgard Lopez
Edgard Lopez:
Just finished watching crime scene. Moral of the story: love everyone.
She played the elevator game which is actually a very dangerous game to piay so please don't piay it
Can we just talk about how gross and dirty the hotel is now..
Thankfully Shane came in cos his predecessor was not Shane enough
Celina Reyes
Celina Reyes:
It’s unfortunate what happened to Elisa but I concur with the ruling of accidental death. No foul play was noted at any point and the toxicology report was negative for drugs or alcohol but it did report low levels of her bipolar meds which would make sense that she was probably going through hallucinations in the elevator (plus she had history of this). The doors didn’t close possibly due to pushing the hold button without realizing it and caused her to become even more paranoid so she walks away from the elevator to look for another way out. She probably then sees the window down the hall, climbs out and uses the fire escape stairs to go up to the roof which is why the alarm never sounded on the roof door. The documentary also mentions that the canines lost her scent at the window. She somehow makes it to the water tank, possibly confusing this is a “safe hiding spot” to try and get away from whatever her mind was telling her. The maintenance guy also said he found the lid open and not closed. Since he spoke Spanish, this was probably lost in translation at the time.
Lil Wubby
Lil Wubby:
I don’t get it?! How would she talked to the ghost of Richard Ramirez, and Ramirez died in June 7, 2013 and she died in February 2013?
I like how the concept of a ghost scientist is weird, but the existence of ghosts is completely understandable. How is a job where someone investigates something scientifically stranger than the thing they're investigating?
I'm still wondering how that elevator door didn't close itself when she stepped outside
Valerie Chavez
Valerie Chavez:
It couldn’t have been Richard Ramirez’s ghost...he was still alive at the time.
the footage of her in the elevator looked like she was playing the creepy elevator horror game as u can see her press alot of buttons.
I’d be creeped out if I was trying to use elevator and saw her
Alexandra Gray
Alexandra Gray:
Micah Bell
Micah Bell:
Can you imagine having a shower in that water? That would be disgusting.
John Saxton
John Saxton:
She seems to be having a paranoid episode. Think she stopped taking her Meds for her Bi Polar Disorder and wigged out.
Barney the Dinosaur
Barney the Dinosaur:
I know for a fact that i'm not the only one who recognized the Big red chair shaped like a hand from iCarly.
Madcrazeechik R
Madcrazeechik R:
I think she’s had an NEAD episode. I suffer these and my family says I act the same as she did.
I try to climb through windows and have no,clue I’m doing this. It’s amazing what you can do in these episodes.
V Walt
V Walt:
I think that she had a manic/psychotic episode. When that happens, honestly you are not of sound mind.
emily prince
emily prince:
to this date i think this is the CREEPIEST murder story EVER bc there's so many plotholes and oddities
Shanoof Rahman
Shanoof Rahman:
Gave me chills.
Watching at 12 in midnight Doesn't help either.
Case Kirby
Case Kirby:
does anyone remember the Castle episode that was exactly like this? it was called Watershed
Chrisly Figaro
Chrisly Figaro:
she was playing the elevator game.
Just taking a guess or she played it and now she's not sure if she's in the right world
Jonas Nordin
Jonas Nordin:
2:30 The reason the elevator doors aren't closed yet is that she likely accidentally pushed the freight elevator button which holds them open for longer.
why do i watch these if i get spooked really easily...why do i punish myself like this...
kimberley .x
kimberley .x:
After watching the Netflix documentary, I think this case is actually solved. A really sad story and a lesson to learn.
Eoghan Kirwan
Eoghan Kirwan:
how was a ghost of richard ramirez talking to her when he was still alive at the time ????
Yeah and bighit made tae have a photo shoot infront of this haunted place.. 😭
Kaden Miller
Kaden Miller:
You forgot to say that 53 seconds of the footage was edited out leading investigators to believe it was tampered with before being submitted to the authorities
Stasya D.
Stasya D.:
There had to be other footages. Those hotels have cameras everywhere. Someone covered this up. Wtf.
3800remists aretz
3800remists aretz:
so, I'm studying criminology, and seeing this, I need answers fr
Suleiman Kadir
Suleiman Kadir:
So many theories for this is unbelievable:
1) Supernatural act involving Jin’s/Devil’s
2) Her Bipolar disorder led her to this due to not taking medication
3) Someone murdered her and dumped her
4) Someone involved in who worked at the hotel this is because The CCTV footage is missing around 50 seconds. Why is the footage edited?
Dan Reyes
Dan Reyes:
Imagine being in an elevator when the door open and she gets on.
As someone who has experienced having a psychotic episode, I wonder if she found out the hotel's dark history when she was there while having that episode. that would cause a really terrifying delusion
I suggest looking up a channel called Twist, they covered this story. It was shown that the camera footage was tampered with (slowed down to make her look crazy and a minute was cut off at the end) Also when they found her in the tank, she was bleeding from her anus. Not to mention that the hotel staff are reportedly very creepy to women, using their cards to sexually assault them sometimes. I believe, as do many doctors, that a hotel staff was holding the elevator door open from the outside and she was looking to see who it was. She then started talking to them and then I think the guy got on, and that was the footage cut from the video. I then believe he raped her (bleeding from the anus could be a result of trauma from anal sex), and she resisted so he suffocated her (because it was shown that it was a dry death), and then entered the roof with a key card, as he was a hotel staff, then dumped her body in the tank and payed off the guy who found her to say that she was facing up and that the tank door was open to make it look like a suicide

Note: A lot of people in the replies say that there was no anal trauma or bleeding shown in the autopsy released to the public. I am referencing a report done by a private coroner who was hired by the victim's family. The reason why the private coroner found trauma while the public one did not may have been a result of bribery, something that the hotel had a reputation for doing to cover up the multiple sexual assault allegations made against its employees. If you wish to write a negative reply to my comment, you may do so, just please be constructive and don't just insult me for the sake of it. All these facts are public (including the private coroner's autopsy which was leaked by the family), I have merely pieced them together in an attempt to make sense of it. Thank you for listening to my TEDTalk, have a nice day.
Will Johnson
Will Johnson:
If you look closely at the Elevator it wanted to close but it seem like somebody press the open button on the outside
Classified Classified
Classified Classified:
Apparently Elisa was Bipolar, so she could have been having a manic episode in the video, that doesn’t explain how she got into the tank, but still.
Zeus - Odin Chiefs
Zeus - Odin Chiefs:
Poor girl.
I also felt bad for Morbid for being falsely accused and had his life upside down.
I saw Ryan in the Netflix documentary and I was like "yeah, I'm going back to watch that again". lol
Hahaha yes for Brent keeping it logical when talking about the ghost theories.
Liliana Mejia
Liliana Mejia:
I think the manager has to do something with it cause she gives some type bad vibes and cause she was caught on a floor she wasn’t supposed to be on
Achint Verma
Achint Verma:
You know what's strange...

How the hell the elevator door didn't close when she stepped out of the elevator and remained out for a good ol' minute.

Elevator game confirmed...
The only part I hate is that when a tragic death of someone is being told in a video with someone laughing or telling the story in a comic way!
Imagine falling into that water tank knowing you can never get out.
danielle hannah
danielle hannah:
No one going to mention how dodgey and grim that hotel is?? I would not drink that water ever. It looks like by the sink there’s mould. Someone get Gordon.
Benjamin Symes
Benjamin Symes:
This 7 minute youtube video is a far better cover of this story than the 4 episode Netflix documentary
Muéle McFadden-Scott
Muéle McFadden-Scott:
I just love how YouTube recommends this video to me the day after I watched the Netflix docuseries about the Cecil Hotel
Adrian Reynolds
Adrian Reynolds:
The background music scared me more than the documentary itself🤣😂
anthony Reyes
anthony Reyes:
Imagine that person in the leaflet is really her.Police also never did look at her followers posts to see where they were in there post and she looks kinda shock and wants to get out of the elevator so maybe it could be that one of her followers found her and she blocked that follower f9r some reason or someone she knew followers her she saw and she might of tried to get out right away from the situation
Top Ten Reasons Why Not to go to the Cecil Hotel
I find it weird that it never mentions who her friends were
Alex Holmes
Alex Holmes:
For the ones who said the there was another shoe there waiting on her that’s bs it’s the back of her left sandal
Victor Valadez
Victor Valadez:
It’s still sad I remember watching the news when i was in my senior year in high school prayer to those with mental illness you are not alone 🙏🏽💯
Seems like tens of thousands of people need to read about this case a little bit better
It honestly looks like she’s playing the elevator game.
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley:
I’m happy to know that they’ve pretty much solved this now.
Bts Fam
Bts Fam:
i literally watched this in the evening because i was scared to watch it at night time cuz i didn't want no nightmares..
Karl Zawila
Karl Zawila:
I didn't realize this happened in 2013, that's too close for comfort
Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong:
You guys made it into the Netflix doc! S1E3 - 03:58
These are the perfect videos to watch before going to sleep.
Radhika Singh
Radhika Singh:
"She changed her room" it also maybe something weird which was happening there. Maybe she didn't want to disclose so she said about the misbehaviour of her roommate she's changing the room.
Jessica Alonso
Jessica Alonso:
The way that Ryan was featured in a Netflix documentary 😂
landon lundy
landon lundy:
Everyone’s is cool till it bed time
Bipolar might actually explain it. i have bipolar myself and as a child i suffered from delusions to the point they thought i was schizophrenic.
I wish they would make jokes more so I wouldn't be so scared.
Angela Smith
Angela Smith:
She didn't look like she was being chased or hiding. She didn't seem in destress at all! It almost looks like she was playing around with the elevator or that maybe she was high on something.
Mik Kurzhal
Mik Kurzhal:
Fun fact from several years after this video: family said that she was off her meds.

Mystery solved.
Crag Nosliw
Crag Nosliw:
This only proves how little we know about the brain and mental health
3:15 "Nothing in her system that could've contributed to her death" is very different from "there was no drugs in her system". The report might not point to something that caused her death (ie. something that made her sleep or made her heart stop or something) directly, but that could at least explain her odd behavior.
Also, for someone that is bipolar, not having some drug in her system (namely her meds) is something that might have contributed to her death.
Lily C
Lily C:
Videos like these make me so afraid but I'm so interested in them why must I hurt myself so
2021 they're bringing this mystery back!
Its more entertaining hearing them argue 😂 then learning about the incident
Crystal Nights
Crystal Nights:
Thank god I don't live in a apartment with elevators 💀 I would be scared as hell
Tina Colombo
Tina Colombo:
Since the footage on the elevator was tampered with then that means it was a employee
grace i
grace i:
for all the people scared rn here are some good vibes to refresh you :)