The Champions: Season 1 in Full

If you loved Season 1 of The Champions, here's the place to binge on the whole series.

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Inga Hinz
Inga Hinz:
The person who created this has a special place in heaven.
El Licenciado
El Licenciado:
“It’s called smiling and having fun.

Khloè M
Khloè M:
"He has a chocolate fountain at home?"

"Yes I'm from Hershey,its weird there!"

This is really good!😹😹
upmanyu vashisth
upmanyu vashisth:
This is something Netflix could pick up.... It's really amazing 😍
Th15 B01
Th15 B01:
Never stop making these.
Samer Esam
Samer Esam:
“People said I couldn’t carry Egypt, they were right”
I like how he just admits it with a highly positive smiley face😂😂
Sicily Cucciniello
Sicily Cucciniello:
Ruled are meant to be broken
“And so is Mo Salah”😂😂
That killed me
Ronaldinho: This curse is like Sergio Ramos... Easy to break through 😂😂 lol
Ryleigh Roo Tek Talks
Ryleigh Roo Tek Talks:
Fellaini: they have these upside down frowns and they are making sounds like ha ha ha
José: it’s called smiling and having fun it’s overrated 😂😂
Malcolm Appiah
Malcolm Appiah:
"If he can take a man's wife,
he can take a man's life
And he does it with a knife
And causes all this strife"
ahahaha greatest bars ever
“Yes, I’m from Hershey, it’s weird there!” So true. 😂
Raheed Young
Raheed Young:
7:49 "may I have a bigger roll " most underated line in this video
I'm not the only one back here watching this after they announced Season 4 right??
Rapho Perleche
Rapho Perleche:
16:00 this part of Mourinho is just too good xdd
Seven soul
Seven soul:
i wonder if any of these football players have actually watched this
antony marjeram
antony marjeram:
Please god make Netflix pay this genius all the money he wants to get this more mainstream
Rafaa XD
Rafaa XD:
We need to make this a bible of football and quote it. for example
"Yea no problem you're loaned to Millwall"
Season 1 : Episode 3 : 8:58 - 9:00
Shotgun Pete
Shotgun Pete:
"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you pesky Germans and your technical quality!" 7-1 Never Forget
Regyalla Bhutia
Regyalla Bhutia:
"Wait until season 3, things will go very bad."
Mou called it!!!!
Talha Ahmed
Talha Ahmed:
Muller: A cunning murder like this requires an ELITE attacker!
Cavani: I'm an elite attacker...
Muller: Ah, you're very good, but THIS was done by one of the best.
Cavani: OK, well I am definitely one of the best so I think I should be a suspect
Bena Prince
Bena Prince:
Neymar Jr : " Yo man who are these bobo's ?"
Luka Modric : " That's my wife and my kids" lmao😂😂😂😂😂
Ahmed attab1000
Ahmed attab1000:
Continue doing this incredible cartoon ❤️
The New Portal Master
The New Portal Master:
The “milk” that Pique is feeding the babies is growth hormones😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Sherry Birech
Sherry Birech:
"Where there is one red, there's always another. These bastards never walk alone". This one had me dying. Here waiting for season four :)
Nas Misini
Nas Misini:
We need 32 min of "The Champions" each week!
Suarez reading that book called “Stories of a CHOMPION by Mike Tyson” 😂 4:29
Also if you look at the game Malcom is playing the score is 176-323 lol
Mourinho almost predicted that things will go very bad in Season 3, except it happened in Season 4.
sergio:*blaming coutinho because he thinks he is the reason mo and him are stuck😂😂*
Sangtea Bahzar
Sangtea Bahzar:
27:00 "Room, lock the doors to the Romelu"
"I mean Romelu, Lukaku the doors"
"If he can take a man's wife, he can take a man's life and does it with a knife and causes all this strife" hahahaha this cartoon is so good and needs to be on TV for like 30 minutes so that all peanut can see it
Eduardo Lomeli
Eduardo Lomeli:
Any time Harry Kane says literally anything I’m just dying of laughter lol
This is my absolute favorite show on the planet; season 4 plz.
20:03 modric's face is when Mario ballotelli comes in with fireworks is priceless
Jeremy Ndungu
Jeremy Ndungu:
" Can u tell us more about yourself Kevin?"

" De Bruyne "
Tonki Honks
Tonki Honks:
Loved the reference to Valderrama! Please make a Legends Season with R9, R6, Romário, Kaká, Zidane and the Galáticos, etc... the audience of this show grew up as kid in the 90s!
Azalia Mitchell
Azalia Mitchell:
Ruled are meant to be broken
“And so is Mo Salah”😂😂
That killed me
There are so many Easter Eggs in this, I love it.

And I bet I havent seen them all. Even in the speech, like when Pique says Barca is more than a football club, referring to "Mes Qué en Club"
efe koseoglu
efe koseoglu:
Amazing season and i’m glad you guys put Selcuk was great
isaac clayton
isaac clayton:
Without Russian sports, there's no anti doping agency 😂😂
Henry Sanders
Henry Sanders:
This is just pure godly stuff
Madhur Lahoti
Madhur Lahoti:
Pep - You trully are my greatest rival, you clever kloppo..
Klopp - And you are mine you brilliant bald barcelonian..
Mourinho - 'OH MY GOD! Get a room you two!!'
Harrison Karanja
Harrison Karanja:
Diego Simeone, "I dress in all black because every game is a funeral for the other team"😂😂😂😂😂
tbh messi was rly upset when neymar left barca and still texts him 2 come back
“Welcome to the Europa League.”
“It’s not so bad here,it’s also not so good.”
The Football Director
The Football Director:
Anyone else happy Mourinho is back so he’ll be in more episodes? 😂
Bianca Mullner
Bianca Mullner:
Jose predicted the season 3 finale in 20:39
Khai Doan
Khai Doan:
“I’m like a Mesi type, i let my ball does the talking” well they took it LITERALLY.
9:07 zidane hitting with head lmao
So many inside jokes and references
Hello There
Hello There:
I just realized, Messi's ear is sharp, making him look like an alien.
Blixzard Goalkeeping
Blixzard Goalkeeping:
The Murder episode was
My favorite from all the season epsiodes
MAtz _05
MAtz _05:
i love harry Kane and how know one can understand him lmao
chris mendez
chris mendez:
When sterling walks into the wall...I busted out laughing
Mounir _117
Mounir _117:
“People said I couldn’t carry Egypt”
“They were right”
Che souffrant
Che souffrant:
20:39 Mourinho predicted the future for this show. No more episodes because of the champions league shutting down
Gerald Callejas
Gerald Callejas:
“ These bastards never walk alone” had me dead 😂
Marko Kitonjics
Marko Kitonjics:
Fellaini: How are you?
Mourinho: Terrible! I could use a massage, my center back is killing me.
... it's killing me! 🤣😂
luka's garden !
luka's garden !:
i remember being excited over the first episode coming out
Trill Bill
Trill Bill:
Harry Kane's voice still cracks me up 😂🤣
wisdom Edache
wisdom Edache:
This shit is damn good 👌🏽
Leslie O'Brien
Leslie O'Brien:
I like how you turned reality into a fun show. The Ranoldo Mario joke is hilarious
Francisco A. Gómez Guerrero
Francisco A. Gómez Guerrero:
This is incredible good humor ... Episodes 3, 4, 5 are so hilarious ... I Am writing this while I m seeing the episode 6 and I think is amazing too!
Messi talking through his football is just! Hahahaha!
Pi7on -
Pi7on -:
29:07 Interviewer: "How are things between you and Paul?"
Mourinho: "Paul and I are good. Last week we even made eye contact". (I died here.)
Alaa d
Alaa d:
This is genius in so many ways!
Plane pizza zebra
Plane pizza zebra:
claudio bravo and kompany made a good decision standing next to each other
SDm Twentyfive
SDm Twentyfive:
The parody is so accurate
Ankit Mavinkurve
Ankit Mavinkurve:
mourinho: paul i only say this because you are my favorite
fellaini:*sad maroune noises*
Isabella Jaramillo
Isabella Jaramillo:
“Without Russian sports there’s no anti-doping agency
These things need each other!”
I was dead 💀 😂
Please put an Erling Haaland interview somewhere in the series 🙏
Skyzen Skyluke
Skyzen Skyluke:
" It's me Mario.....B-B-Balotelli "
😂😂😂They really got me there
Cristcha Esarehg
Cristcha Esarehg:
21:05, he's done a trick with a hat, freaking hilarious
Jigsy06 Games
Jigsy06 Games:
13:59 Pep you were already crushing the league anyway that season
"Hahaha $70M for him?"

Chelsea: "Hold my beer"
Tony Wong
Tony Wong:
LOL for Harry's speaking XD. Couldn't hear a whole sentence without subtitle
Kariuki Ngugi
Kariuki Ngugi:
Who else is back here for the infinitieth time and still finds the 23:28 funny although Mo has proved he's not a one season wonder
selasi agbo
selasi agbo:
The writers on this are geniuses.
Anno Nymouse
Anno Nymouse:
20:56 Seriously, that was the best hat-trick I've seen so far. :D
Mr. BunnyWabbit
Mr. BunnyWabbit:
Ramos: Rules are for breaking. And so is Mo Salah
Μάνος Πριναράκης
Μάνος Πριναράκης:
Please keep posting videos like this...we waiting season 5.🙏👏
I thought the harry kane mumbling was just comedy by the writers. Well, I just saw a recent interview and Kane's accent is legit
Jack Laimpkin
Jack Laimpkin:
It’s funny that in episode 5 pochitino says to Jose I’ll be your rival
Christopher Young
Christopher Young:
amazing sick. give us the next seasons please. 2 words, Ama zing. YNWA
Mourinho: “I don’t get Harry Maguire, you don’t get more food.”

Mincili MC Isaac Maseko
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko:
I miss this ,please bring it back 🥺
Third time watching this and still cracks me up😂😂😂
My god the script for this is oscar worthy!!!
Jamie Johnston
Jamie Johnston:
I love the references from everything it's so funny
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker:
“And why isn’t anyone accusing ronaldo”

countinho countinho countinho *face palm*
NoGOD12 Gaming
NoGOD12 Gaming:
"I'm Fellaini, and in this show, I will NEVER cut my hair" 🤣🤣
Jonathan Robinson
Jonathan Robinson:
20:38 Jose rlly called out the future
Try 24 get me
Try 24 get me:
Robben: “Wait I have two of these?”
This series is actually brilliant.
Patrick Wendel
Patrick Wendel:
So good 😂❤️
18:45 "meet my friend Tyga"
Tyga: sup man
Luka: uh hi
Tyga: I don't know who this wierd ass Owen Wilson looking dude is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
episode 8 is the best episode out of the entire series hands down
Jonathan Ngo-Minh
Jonathan Ngo-Minh:
Best show ever! 😂
Jakub Matějů
Jakub Matějů:
This is a fooking masterpiece,well done lads.
Sweet Dawn Gutana
Sweet Dawn Gutana:
Ghanem Almazrouei
Ghanem Almazrouei:
Amazing seiries. Please include Ronaldo in more
Juan Cancino
Juan Cancino:
Mourinho's game: "Park the Bus" 🤣🤣🤣