The Champions: Season 3 in Full

Another series of The Champions in the books—to celebrate, here's the season in full.

0:05—Episode 1
5:01—Episode 2
10:15—Episode 3
15:55—Episode 4

21:11—Episode 5
26:53—Episode 6

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zubiya chogle
zubiya chogle:
petition for them to start the season :4 with all players having a lockdown in the mansion
N M:
“This was supposed to be our year, now the world is ending” uh, someone else find that eerily prophetic or just me
Emmanuel Sesay
Emmanuel Sesay:
"A red card this early in the morning?... I didn't realize the refs could see into my dreams"😂😂😂😂
Mary Agyeiwaa
Mary Agyeiwaa:
This needs to be in Netflix
Prod. By Jimizinho
Prod. By Jimizinho:
“Ever since I was a young boy, I dreamed of playing for Ju- *PIEMONTE CALCIO*”
James Thornton25
James Thornton25:
I like how Kyle walker is in the keepers union.
Thomas muller on The champions 3 months ago: “i was a very relevant player until a year ago”
Muller under flick: man of the match in the 8-2 win over barcelona
Noel GL
Noel GL:
"It was supposed to be our year, AND now the World Is ending"

Arkan Satria Hardiputra
Arkan Satria Hardiputra:
Keepers of the champions league

And De Gea
Jasper A. Kwayu
Jasper A. Kwayu:
"i love to eat to have energy"

Mauro: Do you have a wife?

Neymar: No but i have a very beautiful sister, who i am very close to
does anyone else love pulisics scenes or is it just me

ok then... just me
Real M
Real M:
"No, he just drains the life of everyone who plays with him". LOL
Alright yous know the drill
The last number of likes is who you will pack

1. Sterling
2. Ronaldo
3. Kane
4. Suarez
5. VVD
6. Messi
7. KDB
8. Ter Stegen
9. Pique
10. Allison
Kirat Sangha
Kirat Sangha:
Ronaldo: As clear as Crystal Palace
Cantona: *kicks Ronaldo down* Ahh Crystal Palace, Where?
Mr. Bubas
Mr. Bubas:
In the last episode they predicted the end of the world with Coronavirus 😂
Man City will be the last team to win the Premier League

Kevin Hehe
Umar Shehu
Umar Shehu:
Kevin:Let me talk, let me talk
Camera man:Ok talk
Jan Rey Abuan
Jan Rey Abuan:
2:35 I died of laughing at Maradona Flour Despenser 😂😂😂😂😂
marcus gitau
marcus gitau:
I don't know why but I enjoy Christian Pullisic's scenes way more than I should.
6:40 "what's this, we've got no silverware" 😄
*Opens Door*
Higuain: eats all food
Ronaldo *sees higuain* : Benzema
Sofia Potenciano
Sofia Potenciano:
Who’s here after Atlético Madrid lost to RB Leipzig
Edit : Thanks for 2 likes.
Edit 2 : Thanks for 3 likes
JB Thrills
JB Thrills:
“It was supposed to be our year, and now the world is ending”
2020: how did you know?
i love how pulisic is so friendly and everyone else is just salty and stuff like that.
Francisco António Parreira
Francisco António Parreira:
0:47 I’ve just realized that’s Man City’s formation and numbers of the players
rl 9
rl 9:
Lewandowski: I score hattricks like its my job
It is your job tho😂
Keveon Jones
Keveon Jones:
Watching this during quarantine and noticed that klopp predicted the future
Bangali Panda
Bangali Panda:
27:54 Messi : can I get a little help here. I can't do this all by myself.

His the dog is the only one who helped him🤣🤣🤣
Fiesta Family
Fiesta Family:
I edited this so you don't know how this comment got so many likes in the first place.
ErickTheNoob YT
ErickTheNoob YT:
29:37 “it’s ok to eat people” I😂
Rolando Redman
Rolando Redman:
De Light:i thought vampire couldn't go in the sun.
CR7: I'M not a vampire.
Dybala: No, he drains the life of everyone who plays with.😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Malachy Blood
Malachy Blood:
25:24 anyone notice he has 6 fingers 😆
The champions: Season 4- In quarantine
deftigistheftig !
deftigistheftig !:
22:06 courtois looks different then in season 2
Evan 5412
Evan 5412:
I swear I want them to make an animation with 44oons
Pulisic best character hands down
15:43 Turn your playback speed to 0.25x and then watch it
Zwe Hype
Zwe Hype:
*sees Higuaín*

Cr7: oh no *benzema*
The Ultimate CITYzen
The Ultimate CITYzen:
Let me talk, let me talk!!

Ok, talk

Javier Luna
Javier Luna:
27:40 I little more than you'd except Jurgen
Daniel M.
Daniel M.:
Ramos is so funny...😂😂😂”ayayai” “I didn’t know they could see into my dreams”
Mohammed Hassan
Mohammed Hassan:
"That's nothing, i used to play for Arsenal"

Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz:
30:32 no it isn’t you still have to go through a pandemic too😂😂
nuketown connor 789
nuketown connor 789:
23:30 Kyle Walker was at the back!!
c smitty
c smitty:
Muller is such a good character in this series lmaoo. I wonder if he's ever seen it.
"We are Liverpool this means more your team means less" 😂😂😂😂
Erick Guillén
Erick Guillén:
CR7 destroyed the Liverpool's invitation with his abs:0
7:13 they alredy know what will happend
The Aussie Cricket geek
The Aussie Cricket geek:
Then Liverpool win the prem and city get suspended from champions league 😂 fu Man city
Cheeko Escobar
Cheeko Escobar:
2:37 Maradona “flour” dispenser killed me
Aarush Semwal
Aarush Semwal:
guys listen! Remember in SEASON 1, Mourinho said "Wait till SEASON 3 things will get a lot worse!"They have. Episodes and the whole season is SHORT.
Prathamesh Khunte
Prathamesh Khunte:
"Barcelona,we didn't mean to put you front and center but the corners were taken too quickly...."".........that line though
Somto Nnamani
Somto Nnamani:
I haven't seen leo this frustrated well after every international tournament 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yes Valverde you've been sacked
Aaditya Chhatre P-0110
Aaditya Chhatre P-0110:
De Bruyne smiling when Pep says,' I can think of one thing...' is just pure evil.
Sahil Gupta
Sahil Gupta:
23:28 Kyle Walker at Goalkeepers Union

No Surprise
who is watching this after Liverpool won the premier league
Toast Of Undead
Toast Of Undead:
28:54 Red Star is my favourite club and I can't disagree
Crasher Se caga
Crasher Se caga:
I love how Beckham is having dinner with Cavani, because of the transfer rummors
Felix DB
Felix DB:
Did anyone realise at 3:30 they were singing “Savage”
Sports Station
Sports Station:
I'm ready for Season 4. Merry Christmas!
Heramb Rana
Heramb Rana:
The whole series and they ended on Phil Jones...
FluffyHamster Bro
FluffyHamster Bro:
5:04 The opposite of what the sign says is Neymar's talent, to dive
Frank Lampard : Oh, oh thank goodness There you are My precious little Yankee Boy 🥰❤️😍. Pulisic : I thought to be accepted at Chelsea I'd have to do all these British things It turns out, all I had to do wae score a bunch of goals ❤️❤️ 28:21
Elijah Khaira
Elijah Khaira:
3:30, if Man City do win the champions league, then they’ve got to have made a deal at that point!
Unthreatened ̄\_ツ_/ ̄
Unthreatened ̄\_ツ_/ ̄:
6:57 Karius getting surprised and giving the ball right to Benzema
"Attention!! Keepers of the champions league and De Gea"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Vicente Silva
Vicente Silva:
"he just drain the life of everyone who plays with him" 😂😂😂
CapsuleCorp Games
CapsuleCorp Games:
28:05 is so cool he protect his teammate
Andy Wang
Andy Wang:
Who else is here after Liverpool got knocked out of this years champions league
john craig
john craig:
wow jurgen in the thumbnail im here before br changes the thubnail
Samir Gautam
Samir Gautam:
29:33 looks like all the food is gone. you know what this means, its okay to eat people🤣
Bartek Szymczak
Bartek Szymczak:
It's funny how they predicted world almost ending XD
I was in tears when I saw Jamie Carragher!🤣
6:58 Loris give a food to benzema 🤪
Hmm.. *K* *E* *V* *I* *N*
scratcher and gamer muric
scratcher and gamer muric:
1 year left no new episode wth
Ace Beater
Ace Beater:
25:18 Just realised that he has six fingers... Is this keeper really like that or what? Is it some type of joke that I don't understand?
Parth Khandelwal
Parth Khandelwal:
Ramos:Please give me a red card.I'll do anything .
That got me laughing alright 😂😂😂
Jim Peterson
Jim Peterson:
At the end the Man U player says "This is our new normal" < December 2019, long before it became our new mantra....
Una bolsa de Doritos Ruleta
Una bolsa de Doritos Ruleta:
Messi: SI
Gia Huy Pham
Gia Huy Pham:
7:22 a great detail: steven gerrard slip
Adobe Draw with Golden
Adobe Draw with Golden:
The best ever football animation. Make one about players scoring some bangers and no fans to cheer them because of the COVID19 pandemic
Aaqil Rahaman
Aaqil Rahaman:
Can you imform me when season 4 is being released
Flaming Wheels
Flaming Wheels:
Vampire?Im not a vampire.

No he just drains the life of everyone who Plays with him
Devyn fijal
Devyn fijal:
15:00 yea run away like you ran away from la Liga 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆
Francisco Gandarilla
Francisco Gandarilla:
Season 4 has all the the footballers staying in one roof with a bunch of masks. Then one of them get the coronavirus *cough* *cough* Dybala.
Omul De Porumbei
Omul De Porumbei:
Season 4: Gareth Bale @ Spurs & Luis Suarez @ Atlético Madrid
Tubers King
Tubers King:
The start and song is legend I always open this video to watch this part LEGEND SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tatenda caleb Harawa
Tatenda caleb Harawa:
"Ever since I was a young boy,I dreamt of playing for Juv- Piemonte Calcio"

"I don't park the bus I gunnit"
Oliver Dean
Oliver Dean:
hahahahahahahaha, "this was supposed to be our year!"
Ibra Barri
Ibra Barri:
Do part 4 pls!
Daniel A. León Pulido
Daniel A. León Pulido:
¿Name of the song? 0:47 please.
Nikhil Miend
Nikhil Miend:
Red card this early in the morning! 😂😂😂😂
Mane Cvoro
Mane Cvoro:
8:46 this is legendary referre Pierluigi Collina, for those who think this is alien!
Khalfan K
Khalfan K:
Ter Stegen: Manuel is no longer the best I am better
Manuel months later: winning 8-2 vs Ter Stegens team
Christabel Florent
Christabel Florent:
19:03 what the hell is that
Trolerss 272
Trolerss 272:
viendo esto ahora pienso que el meteorito es referencia al COVID-19
Raphael Mourani
Raphael Mourani:
Pulisic: Anybody want some shweine crusten

Cristiano: Oh sorry I didn't see you you must have been in my shadow

Dybala: He just drains the life of everybody who plays with him

Jorgen: Sorry we didn't want to put you in the middle but the corners were taken too quickly

Neuer and Ter stegen: Oh scheise

Allison: we'll be a bunch of loris karius's down there

Galactic var: keepers of the champions league...
and De Gea.

Those are my best quotes
nate lewing
nate lewing:
The irony is that sterling is the reason city got knocked out
Jean aime Ngarukiye
Jean aime Ngarukiye:
B-R when will season 4 come out