The Champions: Season 3 in Full

Another series of The Champions in the books—to celebrate, here's the season in full.

0:05—Episode 1
5:01—Episode 2
10:15—Episode 3
15:55—Episode 4

21:11—Episode 5
26:53—Episode 6

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zubiya chogle
zubiya chogle:
petition for them to start the season :4 with all players having a lockdown in the mansion
Bless everyone who supported this petition 🙏🏻💞
This needs to be in Netflix
Edit: Oh wow I have 2k!!! Thank y'all so much😅
“Ever since I was a young boy, I dreamed of playing for Ju- *PIEMONTE CALCIO*”
Raheed Young
Raheed Young:
At 6:57 notice when Karuis makes a mistake... one of the meatballs goes to benzema (a reference to the goal he gifted benzema in the 2018 final)
Thomas muller on The champions 3 months ago: “i was a very relevant player until a year ago”
Muller under flick: man of the match in the 8-2 win over barcelona
marcus gitau
marcus gitau:
I don't know why but I enjoy Christian Pullisic's scenes way more than I should.
Umar Shehu
Umar Shehu:
Kevin:Let me talk, let me talk
Camera man:Ok talk
Navneet Nair
Navneet Nair:
"The last time it was this worse was when I played with FC Pompeii"
"That's nothing, I used to play for Arsenal"
Jasper A. Kwayu
Jasper A. Kwayu:
"i love to eat to have energy"

Mauro: Do you have a wife?

Neymar: No but i have a very beautiful sister, who i am very close to
Jèhu _
Jèhu _:
"I will have the goat"-Messi
"Ahh no don't eat me"- Ronaldo
Marcus Ng
Marcus Ng:
“This was supposed to be our year, now the world is ending” uh, someone else find that eerily prophetic or just me
Kyle Walker sitting by himself in the keeper's association. The level of detail in this series 😂
Chenoa Marquis
Chenoa Marquis:
The Neymar-Icardi bonding bro-chat on the cliffs is SAVAGE.
Barcafan10 #Barca
Barcafan10 #Barca:
Ronaldo: As clear as Crystal Palace
Cantona: *kicks Ronaldo down* Ahh Crystal Palace, Where?
Bianca Mullner
Bianca Mullner:
Who’s here after Season 4 is premiering next week?
Emmanuel Sesay
Emmanuel Sesay:
"A red card this early in the morning?... I didn't realize the refs could see into my dreams"😂😂😂😂
Crasher Se caga
Crasher Se caga:
I love how Beckham is having dinner with Cavani, because of the transfer rummors
King Jo
King Jo:
Neuer: Ter Stegen Can't even decide his first name

I started laughing so much
2019 Jürgen to Rhian: Ur just to talented
2020 Jürgen to Rhian: Go to sheffield
Mohammed Hassan
Mohammed Hassan:
"That's nothing, i used to play for Arsenal"

i love how pulisic is so friendly and everyone else is just salty and stuff like that.
Alex Faithfull
Alex Faithfull:
Pulisic best character hands down
"We are Liverpool this means more your team means less" 😂😂😂😂
The Fan Boy
The Fan Boy:
You should make a World Cup version of this
Memento Mori
Memento Mori:
"I like to let my football do the talking" part killed me 😭😭💀💀 14:41
Daniel M.
Daniel M.:
Ramos is so funny...😂😂😂”ayayai” “I didn’t know they could see into my dreams”
Rolando Redman
Rolando Redman:
De Light:i thought vampire couldn't go in the sun.
CR7: I'M not a vampire.
Dybala: No, he drains the life of everyone who plays with.😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
rl 9
rl 9:
Lewandowski: I score hattricks like its my job
It is your job tho😂
Jan Rey Abuan
Jan Rey Abuan:
2:35 I died of laughing at Maradona Flour Despenser 😂😂😂😂😂
Somto Nnamani
Somto Nnamani:
I haven't seen leo this frustrated well after every international tournament 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
6:40 "what's this, we've got no silverware" 😄
Fun fact: Lorius Karius was actually playing through a concussion in the champions league finals. I would say that he doesn’t really suck, if he didn’t suck for literally every other match.
Arnav Batra
Arnav Batra:
Ronaldo’s face at 15:43 gets me every time
JB Thrills
JB Thrills:
“It was supposed to be our year, and now the world is ending”
2020: how did you know?
28:05 is so cool he protect his teammate
Dave Dave
Dave Dave:
I swear I want them to make an animation with 44oons
chava ul
chava ul:
"It was supposed to be our year, AND now the World Is ending"

Caleb Lim
Caleb Lim:
Thanks so much for making Messi and Ronaldo’s dinner like every awkward first date.
Achuth Devidas
Achuth Devidas:
23:02 Walker sitting in goalkeeper 's union😂😂😂
"Cristiano, your phone is blowing up."

"Re, I don't know this number, have one of the CBs clear that."
Francisco António Parreira
Francisco António Parreira:
0:47 I’ve just realized that’s Man City’s formation and numbers of the players
Pay Pay
Pay Pay:
Bro thank you so much ! This show is fenomenal and it really helps me for practicing my English!
Tristan Harper
Tristan Harper:
This is the most amazing thing I've watched all year🥺
Dybala: No he just drains the life of everyone who plays with him.

Me: He's got a point
"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" Nice Quote
Jèhu _
Jèhu _:
"We can't party we have a match tommorrow" -PSG
"Never stopped me before"-Neymar True
If you agree
I love how they put walker sitting alone at the bar at 23:30 like he's part of the group but also not part of it.
deftigistheftig !
deftigistheftig !:
22:06 courtois looks different then in season 2
Jesus Rodriguez
Jesus Rodriguez:
27:33 mood 2020 after finding out we have injuries early this season.
Unthreatened ̄\_ツ_/ ̄
Unthreatened ̄\_ツ_/ ̄:
6:57 Karius getting surprised and giving the ball right to Benzema
Ukie TheOverlord
Ukie TheOverlord:
This is the most amazing thing I didn't know I needed. Loving this sooo much. Yanks! 🇺🇲
funniest channel I've ever seen!! Needs to be on Netflix
PLEASEEEE do season 4!! I have rewatched all the seasons more than 5 times now!
enuk souer
enuk souer:
Can you imagine the tension at Messi and Christiano’s table? 🤣
Raphael Mourani
Raphael Mourani:
Pulisic: Anybody want some shweine crusten

Cristiano: Oh sorry I didn't see you you must have been in my shadow

Dybala: He just drains the life of everybody who plays with him

Jorgen: Sorry we didn't want to put you in the middle but the corners were taken too quickly

Neuer and Ter stegen: Oh scheise

Allison: we'll be a bunch of loris karius's down there

Galactic var: keepers of the champions league...
and De Gea.

Those are my best quotes
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen:
"Marc or Andre...." Ter Stegen thinks lmao 😆
Was that Red Star Belgrad in the last Episode with the home game? 😅
This was absolutely brilliant!! Please make more, and I mean MANY more🙏👍👌👏
Mariel Ang
Mariel Ang:
the goalkeeper episode was hilarious af!!
28:54 "it feels like a home game" 😂 so true
Bartek Szymczak
Bartek Szymczak:
It's funny how they predicted world almost ending XD
Gianni Eyaa
Gianni Eyaa:
This show is GOLD 💀
Tonikka Burnette
Tonikka Burnette:
this actually needs to be on netflix man!
The Gaming Boi
The Gaming Boi:
'Ter Stegen? He can't be the leader! He can't even decide on a first name!' This had me on the floor😂😂
Goal keeper episode was a classic.
The Juventus "vampires lair" in E1 just cracked me up the first time I saw it.
I_thetrump 1946
I_thetrump 1946:
I love how at 7:21 Steven Gerard falls Reference when he slip in the premier league final costing Liverpool the Premier league
Elijah Khaira
Elijah Khaira:
3:30, if Man City do win the champions league, then they’ve got to have made a deal at that point!
Vampire?Im not a vampire.

No he just drains the life of everyone who Plays with him
Vicente Silva
Vicente Silva:
"he just drain the life of everyone who plays with him" 😂😂😂
Gaming Tech With Jeff
Gaming Tech With Jeff:
“I don’t know that number,have one of the centre backs clear that”😂😂😂 classic
Felix Mukava
Felix Mukava:
Klopp: "Nowander everyone hates man city " that hurts 💔😪
Pablo Rudd
Pablo Rudd:
15:43 get me every time
Asadbek Otajonov
Asadbek Otajonov:
neymar and icardi conversation was something .. 😂😂❤️
Freakin Nadzmi
Freakin Nadzmi:
Half of the keepers in the robot are known to be the best sweeper keeper, while other were known for ball-playing style keeping
Amanda Mbatha
Amanda Mbatha:
Lloris: ohk I'll drive
Pyatov: nahhh let's just go with the two German goalkeepers
Muhammad Ali Qureshi
Muhammad Ali Qureshi:
Love how Jose called s3 back in s1
Aegean Castaneda
Aegean Castaneda:
Lol "I really love my siblings" Neymar is so weird
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith:
"That means we'll need our top 5 goalies, so I'm out"
Christopher Cortez
Christopher Cortez:
"The last time it was this worse was when I played with FC Pompeii"
"That's nothing, I used to play for Arsenal"
How come I am only just discovering this! Its brilliant!
Rpgi Xhdh
Rpgi Xhdh:
From now I can say, Ter stegen is still not in Neuers League. Neuer is the best german Keeper of all Time, and maybe the best keeper international off all Time.
Zwe Hype
Zwe Hype:
*sees Higuaín*

Cr7: oh no *benzema*
A real player must react to this!!
Jim Peterson
Jim Peterson:
At the end the Man U player says "This is our new normal" < December 2019, long before it became our new mantra....
Willy Hu
Willy Hu:
The Neuer-Ter Stegen dispute aged well lol, especially after the 8-2 game
16:58 made me laugh so hard the way he said that😂
Tatenda caleb Harawa
Tatenda caleb Harawa:
"Ever since I was a young boy,I dreamt of playing for Juv- Piemonte Calcio"

"I don't park the bus I gunnit"
3:51 I understand but the destination is always so satisfying
"Barcelona,we didn't mean to put you front and center but the corners were taken too quickly...."".........that line though
Mateas F
Mateas F:
The Liverpool song was actually fire.
Landon Weintraub
Landon Weintraub:
“We’re gonna need our top 5 goalies. So I’m out.” - Guzan
lil s
lil s:
Phil jones' face at the end had me deadd 😂😂😂
bachan rai
bachan rai:
Thankyou for the most entertaining show. It worth living.❤️ A life for.
I was in tears when I saw Jamie Carragher!🤣
Giancarlo Torres
Giancarlo Torres:
The keeper Union is amazing
love the griezmann dinner table reference... best season of the champions in my opinion
Saeeda Ahmed
Saeeda Ahmed:
Season 4,5,6....
I love your series I could repeat it again and again I would love more seasons
susshank lamichhane
susshank lamichhane:
Icardi part was actually emotional