The Champions: Season 4, Episode 5

A Christmas gift turns the whole Champions house on each other.

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Dybala : we should be coming together

Kevin : kevin

Neymar : kevin is right 😂😂
Neymar: I want a Nobel peace prize
Also Neymar: *punches Depay 2 seconds after*
George X
George X:
*Admit it you didn't expect this to be so wholesome*
Sayan Mandal
Sayan Mandal:
"Messi gets the Ballon D'Or for kicking out Bartomeu"-Pique.

This was hilarious 😂🤣
Iman Ashraff
Iman Ashraff:
I love that Messi was just chill when they were arguing for the ballon d'or
Axel Vaj
Axel Vaj:
I love how Rashford gave food to the starving people outside.😂
great imo
great imo:
So everyone's skipping when Ronaldo wanted to buy humility at the beginning 😂
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy:
Costa's look still remains scary even when he is supposedly happy while hugging 😂
Depay: “I want a Grammy!”

Neymar: “I want a Nobel Peace Prize man!”
**punches Depay and starts the whole fight**
Talha Vawda
Talha Vawda:
Dybala : "We shouldn't be fighting over some award, we should be coming together"

Meanwhile earlier:
Dybala: "Who are you to just give someone the Ballon d'Or" starting the whole fight
Olamide Àdìó Olanrewaju
Olamide Àdìó Olanrewaju:
This actually feels like something Lewandowski would do.
Draxler Gotham
Draxler Gotham:
Di Maria putting up that angel sign was a stroke of genius 😍 👌 👏
Jonah K
Jonah K:
3:53 I love how Kevin has no emotion in this really wholesome moment😂
Sebastián Campos
Sebastián Campos:
This episode was so beautiful
I love it
Congratulations to Robert
The best and the most harmonious episode, Lewy dessevred everything this year!
Adnan Jomaa
Adnan Jomaa:
Marcus Rashford feeding the hungry kids😂😂😂 accurate.
Eduardo Paz
Eduardo Paz:
My favorite episode, everyone is happy at the end, and recognize Lewy is the best player of the year!
Michael Obada
Michael Obada:
Anyone noticed messi sitting on a giant seat like the head of house😂😁... messi and ronaldo feeding each other at the end was amazing
Youtube Comment
Youtube Comment:
3:35 putting the Bayern logo on Sancho’s BVB kit like we wouldn’t notice...
SID Ramz
SID Ramz:
Di Maria putting an ‘Angel’ on top of the Christmas tree 🤣🤣🤣
Gabe Volo
Gabe Volo:
Everyone: agreeing that 2020 sucks
Kevin: "Kevin"
Neymar: "Kevin is right"
Sayeed Abdullah
Sayeed Abdullah:
Depay’s claim on the grammy’s is my favourite part of this Episode, especially finding out he is a rap artist a couple weeks ago.
Malusi Jali
Malusi Jali:
Did any one notice Neymar's dive when depay tried to punch him 😂
دوزيام حلوف
دوزيام حلوف:
The three Anderson’s is epic! 😂😂😂
Randy Castillo
Randy Castillo:
I love how Messi and Ronaldo were sharing food together
Sohum Guha
Sohum Guha:
When you finally let Kevin de Bruyne talk:
Kevin De Bruyne: Kevin
Wow, this was a really nice episode. 2020 has been hard on everybody, sharing the Ballon D'Or was probably the best thing to do.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
I Mishra
I Mishra:
Now we just need Kimmich to make more appearances.
Farhan Fahi
Farhan Fahi:
Mahn I cry out of laugh 🤣🤣when Ronaldo looks Messi each and every time when anybody says something ,even though Messi is always looking forward😂♥️
This was officially the best episode of the champions ever and forever
Afa Asfari
Afa Asfari:
KDB: "k e v i n"
Neymar: "Kevin's right!"

what a meaningful word 😂
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
KDB: "k e v i n" Neymar: "Kevin's right!" what a meaningful word 😂
Amazing episode. Might be my favorite ever.
I swear if Lewandowski doesn't get the award this year, he's gonna breakdown like Wesley Sneidjer in 2010
Georges El Khoury
Georges El Khoury:
Lewandowski was robbed this year. At least the champions gave him the recognition he deserves 😄
Berry T Berry T
Berry T Berry T:
4:24 Diego coastal facial expression 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
2017 ean
2017 ean:
I’m from Poland and this is one of the best episodes
This Guy Deserves this Prize and we all know that
dcoog anml
dcoog anml:
This actually feels like something Lewandowski would do.
George X
George X:
4:23 The second I went from cryung to laughing 😂 *Diego Costa*
Okay is it just me or did I hear Aguero say “VAR bless us, everyone” at the end 😂😂😂
Thando Njikelana
Thando Njikelana:
Top tier episode... Right up there with Messi and Ronaldo 🔥
Sayan Das
Sayan Das:
Real Madrid player as a referee 🤪 it can't be more iconic than that 🤣🤣
J’adore vos vidéos il sont super beaucoup de animations beaucoup de action elle sont super continuez comme ça 😉🇫🇷🇧🇪🇺🇦
mimi sy
mimi sy:
Holy shit this must be the greatest episode ! i mean it was so wholesome . great job guys and merry christmas
Rashford feeding the hungry Europa boys was so wholesome
jajajajajaja muy buen capítulo! Espero el siguiente a ver que tal.
Bavarian Army
Bavarian Army:
Love how despite all the rivalry and intense battles between Europe's giants and the elite players, they all get wooed by the snow 😂
Yusuf Girls
Yusuf Girls:
Klopp just randomly playing the guitar is killing me😭😂
"Everybody's a GOAT"

lol this made me laugh alot
AK Playz
AK Playz:
Bro when Neymar said "I want a Nobel peace prize man" I died :D
Sourav A S
Sourav A S:
One of the best ever episodes of this series!
Otangaku D Yokeman
Otangaku D Yokeman:
The best episode of this season by far ! All episodes were "muh" to this point but this one felt like a usual "The champions" episode !
U N K N O W N F U C K E R:
I love the content bro, keep is with the good stuff
Darwin Giovanni
Darwin Giovanni:
I love Lewy finally getting all this air time and getting everything he deserves :))
03:42 I‘ll just mark this scene so when I‘m sad I can come back to kevin😂
Adegbite Hammed
Adegbite Hammed:
Costa's look still remains scary even when he is supposedly happy while hugging 😂
Nate Kang
Nate Kang:
0:40 lmaoo PSG and OM with all their red and yellow cards from the "Battle of Paris" 😂
0:53 🤣🤣 man i laughed out so loud
Dino Fin
Dino Fin:
One thing for sure: Robert Lewandowski was robbed this year of a Ballon d’Or trophy
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy:
When you finally let Kevin de Bruyne talk: Kevin De Bruyne: Kevin
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
When Gnabry says 'Bayern won the treble' Sane is casually nodding his head as if he played a part in it 😂😂
Piet Jansen
Piet Jansen:
Ramos and Salah sitting next to each other at the Christmas table is so wholesome.

Every detail is so well thought out.
Beyond Added Time
Beyond Added Time:
Dybala: Who are you to give it to him?
Also Dybala: Guys what are we doing? We shouldn't be fighting.
Piqué :" Messi gets the ballon d'or for putting up with bartomeu"

Gustavo 7
Gustavo 7:
bota a legenda em português de novo🇧🇷🤙🏻
Robinson Bunay
Robinson Bunay:
Thank you for bringing this back, never stop.
Frank Huang
Frank Huang:
This video got me the Christmas spirit especially the end!
Fabrice Salomon
Fabrice Salomon:
You guys are great 👏🏽🙌🏽
The wholesomeness of the Ballon’dor awards 😂
Edenilson Vargas
Edenilson Vargas:
Hahahaha I laughed a lot. This is great 👍
Fabio Rugolotto
Fabio Rugolotto:
How much I wanted to sit at that table with so many talented players of the game. It means a lot
Karl Byrne
Karl Byrne:
This is so good.. Like a child waiting on a new one each week..
Arshad Sameemdeen
Arshad Sameemdeen:
I’m surprised the episode finished peacefully 😂
arfeen shafaq
arfeen shafaq:
Who thinks that Robert Lewandowski deserves the BALLON D'OR this year
Captain KGeezy
Captain KGeezy:
Love how Rashford is the one giving food to the Tottenham players outside 😹😭🙌🏾 nice reference again✨
All footballers should watch this video. Lewandowski would be touched if he watched this...Round of applause Robert🙌❤🇵🇱
Johnnie Katshunga
Johnnie Katshunga:
Lewandowski : How about we all come together
Everyone : Coming to hug Lewandowski
Everyone : (Forms a Christmas Tree)
The only time Ron and messi fans will see them having fun😁
David Machete
David Machete:
Memphis Depay: "I want a Grammy"

I've never laughed so hard in my life 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
frank unodostres
frank unodostres:
"I want the nobel peace prize!"
*throws a punch*

sometimes simple comedy is best comedy
ahmed abdelsalam
ahmed abdelsalam:
i really love this show i also big fan of it i cant wait until the new ebisode next week
the cartoon are ebic and the sound of character's are very good
i could love this show more if they make an ebisode for the Football legends only
i think this show is one of 2020 good thing's
Loved this episode ...coz everyone needs to know he had to win it
Alexander Dumas
Alexander Dumas:
"2020 has been hard on everybody"
*camera immediately zooms in on Pogba*
Psg and Marsaille decorating the tree with bookings is amazing😂
Ataur Rahman
Ataur Rahman:
It was an honor being part of this journey
22 Rupkatha
22 Rupkatha:
Memphis: I want a grammy!
Neymar: I want a Nobel peace prize man! **starts punching Memphis**
Wandi Banda
Wandi Banda:
Neymar.: I want a Nobel peace prize.
Thank you bleacher report for making my month
Hafsa Z
Hafsa Z:
The PSG and Marseille players decorating the tree with red and yellow cards, presumably the ones they collected during their match at the start of the season 😂
Kevin Quinn
Kevin Quinn:
Messi as Master-Blaster! I can't even!!
De Bruyne: "Kevin!"
Neymar: "Kevin is right!"
I'm dead! 🤣
But Memphis demanding a Grammy was hilarious too! And I finally spotted a player of Olympique de Marseille!
E W:
Uhh... Humility?
Ramesh Songthat
Ramesh Songthat:
I got emotional feel touch by Lewandowski speech 👍❤️
“I want a Nobel Peace Prize man”

*Proceeds to punch the Lyon player*
Dominic Wong
Dominic Wong:
4:37 Rashford should be pulled out of the house by them after United got knocked out of the Champions League 😂
Dutch Desire
Dutch Desire:
Im just watching this for a 3th time and I just realized that Memphis Depay is here. Thought there was a boycot on lyon xD Now this is just missed from my end, but there is so much detail in these episodes that you can easily watch this 3 times and still experience new things.
Jonathan Rebollar
Jonathan Rebollar:
Bro I’m laughing by seeing dybala and piqué fighting over the ball’n’dor for Messi and Ronaldo
Ntaimo Chikwaba
Ntaimo Chikwaba:
Diego Costa's face though 😂😂
Help Wanted
Help Wanted:
Dybala: we should be coming together
also Dybala: *started this whole brawl*
Drinor Dinaj
Drinor Dinaj:
It will be funny when Ronaldo arrives in the Europa house😂😂
Horsehorseman 2
Horsehorseman 2:
2:06 Messi is just watching everyone fight
“Some men just wanna watch the world burn”