The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson | Clip: My Gay Rights | Netflix

Who killed Marsha P. Johnson?

She was one of the icons of the gay rights movement in the 1960s, the self-described "street queen" of NY's gay ghetto, and founded the Transvestites Action Revolutionaries with fellow luminary Sylvia Rivera. When Johnson's body was found in the Hudson River in 1992, police called it a suicide and didn't investigate. In David France's new documentary, trans activist Victoria Cruz seeks to uncover the truth of her death while celebrating her legacy.

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The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson | Clip: My Gay Rights | Netflix

30 comentarios:

So much criticism in the comments. "I'm not homophobic but I don't wanna hear about lgbt people" LMAO. listen to yourselves.
Thanks for making this documentary about someone who deserves to be more well known for her work.
People need to show just a little respect for those who struggled to bring us the freedom we can enjoy today.
Love to see that this is triggering the alt-right snowflakes. More like this please, Netflix.
Lol yall really just don’t want anyone other than cis straight white men to feel respected and empowered, just admit it 😂😂
B W:
Darling I want my gay rights *nowmm*
B W:
I wish she could see us now we live and we are here
I can't wait to watch this!
Vito Stjohn
Vito Stjohn:
Darling I don't have a job im on welfare; I have no intention of getting a job for a government who doesnt support me and my gay rights
eddie jonz
eddie jonz:
it"s interesting to me how it's always a blak (the c is absent on purpose) man or woman to be propped-up to "support" a "group" that would drop him or her like a bad habit when their "services" are no longer needed...kinda like they can be used for the piggyback ride, but immediately excluded once the destination is reached...if it's all about "celebrate diversity", why does there have to be a "blak gay pride", when that exclusion doesn't apply to other ethnic groups? lastly, trust and believe that whoever said " right on" after that asinine remark wouldn't have offered to help him once his welfare checks stopped and probably would have told him to get a job.
Just watched this on Netflix. She seemed like such a sweet and generous person. I cried so many times while watching this and it feels like I knew her. I hope there will be a break in the case and justice will be served...
Twinkle Debbarma
Twinkle Debbarma:
My gay right.
eddie jonz
eddie jonz:
watch yet another blak man go through a ritual that many actors go through to get major roles and play him in a movie next and people herald it as "an important film".
She sounds like Jimmy Stewart.
salma Tv
salma Tv:
Letícia Soares
Letícia Soares:
What did he say at 0:43?
I agree with the sentiment that the NYPD did not handle this investigation well. But given the physical evidence, there is no evidence that her death was a homicide
لايك دقوشه
لايك دقوشه:
The Truth
The Truth:
Concerned Gamer
Concerned Gamer:
Very glad I cancelled my subscription
Dan L
Dan L:
So another excuse for the Lgbt people and lgbtSupporters to be the center of attention , not an Homophobic person but let's be honest here , Sjwarriors , feminist , lgbt ppl , are getting me tired , just.. chill..
hmmm. no.
Anonymous Grizzly
Anonymous Grizzly:
Oh dear liberals come together and Skin me alive. Tell me how I'm wrong and why you're all just so right. That Being what you want to be is okay and it should have no affect on me. That you are the true representation of love.
You leftist and the violence you bring into the streets says otherwise.
Peter Drilen
Peter Drilen:
the whole lgbt communuty is just a bunch of people that have been brainwashed from the social network since they were a kid
Peter Drilen
Peter Drilen:
or they just want attention
The pushing of the LGBT agenda is tightly connected to the transhumanist agenda. Once you have everybody confused about gender the step to merge with the machine gets smaller. In that sense, the controllers are exploiting the LGBT community for a far more sinister cause. Shame on you.
eddie jonz
eddie jonz:
the propaganda continues, but people will cosign it, instead of see it for what it really is.
LadyMsThing Green
LadyMsThing Green:
Wow, those weren’t good clips. He looked like a clown. Larry Kramer and Harvey Milk docs weren’t depicted this way.
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson:
This just makes gays look bad...
Servant #of the most HiGH
Servant #of the most HiGH: this the IT 3 sequel horror movie? nice.