The Death of Lil Loaded

Only 20 years old man.. Rest In Peace to Lil Loaded. 🕊️🖤

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Rest in peace lil loaded. You didn't deserve this pain.
Jacob Chard
Jacob Chard:
this one really hit different, sad to see more wasted potential. TY tommy for introducing him to us.
Anurag Shinde
Anurag Shinde:
This literally breaks my heart. Can't imagine how Tommy Feels about this.
Free G Fredo n 7981 kal
Free G Fredo n 7981 kal:
The fact that you paid so much respect to him: didn’t monetize the video, nice message for Tommy, didn’t say anything negative about loaded. Keep up the work bro.
When an artist gets heartbroken or experiences a close death, everyone’s always like “damn their next album is gonna HIT”🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m a victim of this too but damn we need to check on these artists
Jessica Gillespie
Jessica Gillespie:
"I think something goes on in there brain, where they think they don't deserve all these good things they have going for themselves, because for the entirety of lives, they've been stuck in a constant cycle of things going wrong. You've got to be mentally strong to be able to handle it."

Even though it wasn't directed towards me at all. It was like those words spoke to me on a spiritual level. As someone in one of their darkest times, thank you for your words.
“You are happier than your favorite rapper” - lil tecca
"If your going through hell, keep going. Why would you stop in hell." Steve Harvey
Brennen Callis
Brennen Callis:
He didn’t even make money off this.. this guys a genuinely good person an we need more people like you who aren’t so blinded my money and simple internet views an such.
Astronaut The Ocean God
Astronaut The Ocean God:
You could see the pain in homies eyes, the eyes never lie.
Jack Barrett
Jack Barrett:
this must be hard for tommy craze imagine boosting someone's career and seeing them progress through fame and be happy and for it to all go away
D Rack
D Rack:
"Through the storm baby, we can make it through" - Pop Smoke
“All the legends fall in the making “ juice wrld
Rest In Peace
Quentin Baldiviez
Quentin Baldiviez:
“Damn lil loaded done did it again”.. though now he’ll never be able to do it again.. RIP lil loaded, ima miss waitin all day for new releases when he announced them.😿
it seriously crossed my mind the other day when i was listening to Polo G that "damn, i really enjoy his music, i really dont want him to die"

sad how normalized the deaths of rappers is.
R.I.P Dashawn... I really thought we was done with losing young talent but this hits differently 💔
We don’t know what will Tommy Craze feel right now. All Prayers up for Lil Loaded 🙌❤️.
Wyatt Lewis
Wyatt Lewis:
Everyone talks about how Tommys hearts going to be broken
But no ones talking about his loved ones..
That Fish
That Fish:
"They gon love you when you're dead I don't think that's overstated"
Lil Loaded RIP 🕊️
" if you don't feel it, you're never gonna heal it. " wise words bro
This death caught me so off guard, didn’t even want to believe it at first
Olamide AOK
Olamide AOK:
Blacky got a lot of respect from me for this video. For someone who wasn't the biggest fan of his music, you represented the emotion and sentiment so perfectly. We don't deserve you.
loaded was so talented man, he was on going to blow up, another young legend lost just so sad
Marvin Davis
Marvin Davis:
Such a shame I only learned about this guy after he died.. Rest up. 🥀🪦
Kaylen 23
Kaylen 23:
“Falling in love is like giving someone a loaded gun pointed at your heart and trust them not to pull the trigger.” Rest In Peace Dashawn Robertson💙💫
this is like very sad i loved this mans music 💔🙏🏽🕊
Atticus Richard
Atticus Richard:
Is messed up how two rappers from my hometown have died this past year things turn so fast these days man
I didn't really connect to Lil Loaded but still found the guy go hard, he was so young and had so much potential and could've been so much more but yeah, Rest in Peace, Loaded.
Casper. S. J
Casper. S. J:
I swear, its like these young artist's selling their souls to the devil for a few years of fame. R.I.P Loaded. Forever a "Emotional Killer"
Remembering that Tommy was good friends with Loaded, I didn’t even think about that yet.....
Rest Easy
YSM Dylan
YSM Dylan:
Rip Lil Loaded I've listened to him since 2019 when Tommy reacted to 6locc 6a6y
Free G Fredo n 7981 kal
Free G Fredo n 7981 kal:
Nice message for tommy, he needs it Rn. I hope he gets through it, and gets help if he needs it. I was also introduced to him by Tommy, and they seemed like great friends (see the T’d up video for proof) and it’s gotta be so hard on him. I was excited to see where his career would go cus I really liked his music. R.I.P Dashawn Robertson. 🕊🙏
Gol D.
Gol D.:
Rip lil loaded man only if someone could of reached out to him 🙏
and he was my favorite rapper too, and when I first heard he died I felt like I was dreaming because it was that so unbelievable, rip lil loaded you’ll never be forgotten and to all the other legends, legend never die 🕊🤍💙
Ms Gonsalves
Ms Gonsalves:
Thank you for encouraging young men to live their lives in a healthy state and to find & keep a healthy mentality no matter how successful they become.🙏🏽💕
This is so sad, especially with his career just kicking off
One of my favorites this is so sad and its so unfortunate that so many young rappers die so young rip bro 💙💙💙
Rip lil loaded he loved his fans he was a young loving man Rip lil loaded we will let you Rest In Peace 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊
Oscar nr1
Oscar nr1:
"So love while I'm here, don't wait until I'm dead"
This was so beautifully spoken , I appreciate and respect the way you addressed this story . Such a powerful message to today’s youth in America . Never heard of him before his death.. but may his soul rest in paradise 💙🕊
cooldude bruh
cooldude bruh:
when I saw this I was in shock, thank you Tommy for showing us this blessed man rip
Tyler Bauer
Tyler Bauer:
Dude wtf!! i didn’t even know that loaded died till just now… Loaded was one of my top 5 fav rappers. R.I.P loaded…
I'm not gunna say I was a heavy fan before his passing but I just listened to some songs of his and it hurts to see that we losing young talented artists. May this young mans soul rest in peace
That tweet was so deep. I’ve been binging on vlad , no jumper , etc . This kid would of ruled the world , he had it all. RIP man
D a n . . .
D a n . . .:
_The fact that I watched him grow up in the rap industry since his beginnings. Wow_
YT_ YoungBoy_Jay
YT_ YoungBoy_Jay:
Bro as Juice Wrld said “we ain’t makin it past 21” R.I.P Lil Loaded 🕊😔
You're a good youtuber and person too. I didn't find you on my for you page ( I searched up what happened to Lil Pump) otherwise you wouldn't've been recommended to me. It's nice to see such a considerable person not only did you show sympathy for Lil Loaded and his family you did it for Tommy too. Keep your videos going :D
Adrian Kristiansen
Adrian Kristiansen:
This one definetly hurt more for me than any rappers death due to the circumstances
Quaid Q
Quaid Q:
Suicide doesn't solve your problems, it just pushes your problems onto your loved ones. Stay safe everyone
Sonny Walsh
Sonny Walsh:
bruh, I was watching his music vid Gang Unit, and I was just vibing and that. I decided to look in the comments and all I see is “RIP LIL LOADED” I was like wait, wtf no this can’t be true. I search it up on the internet and by this video that I’m watching rn I literally wanna cry, one of my favourite rappers for sure. RIP LIL LOADED, FLY HIGH KING😭💪🏻
Bix Sesi
Bix Sesi:
I can't believe his gone R.I.P 🥺😭
byUZZY Clips
byUZZY Clips:
When you were talking about pills and mental health it reminded me of Juice he had everything beat the odds came from nowhere and was successful but on thing he didn’t beat was addiction RIP to both Lil Loaded and Juice Wrld 🕊
donkey donkey
donkey donkey:
rip loaded, another one gone too young, we need to help these rappers any way we can
Lil Ring
Lil Ring:
I can’t even remember the last time we lasted more than 3 months without another rapper dying 😭🖤
Underground D I S C I P L E
Underground D I S C I P L E:
lol been watching you for years but never subbed for some reason But I just subbed because imma inspiring artist/Rapper so felt the shit you said in this vid blacky, thanks bro! really means alot u have no idea. I have to tackle my problems in my lfe head on fr
noah williams
noah williams:
I remember I watched Tommys video when it was like two hours old. Lil loaded had like 15,000 views and like a couple thousand subs. I thought he could maybe hit a million but I ngl doubted it. Even though it’s tragic we gotta be there for tommy now. Protect tommy at all costs
Thomas Time
Thomas Time:
Rip man. He didn’t deserve it
Pray for him 💔🕊
fg and nrg
fg and nrg:
I feel so bad for loaded, his family, his fans, and Tommy (Tommy craze).
Talented, bright young dude. RIP 🙏🏼
IIV Clan
IIV Clan:
RIP to man, prayers to his family 🙏🙏
Another random guy
Another random guy:
Ik nearly everyone has the same option on this but something that always hits me the most is the young age these artist die at. It’s always at their 20s. I’m only a few years behind them in terms of age, and it’s always so chilling to see them die, knowing that you’ll outlive them after the young age of 20.
Superb Squid
Superb Squid:
rest in peace my #2 of all time on spotify, would easily be 1 if he had made more songs 💔
An Apple
An Apple:
R.I.P man, it was so random and unexpected. I never listened to his music or liked it, but still. Rip
Although I do not who Lil Loaded is, I can tell that he was an inspiring person. Don't cry because he is gone, be happy that he gave great memories
I just saw this and I used to listening most of his music R I P Rest in Paradise
Respect for the vid man. Truly words have never been spoken
Everytime a rapper dies I always run through the rappers who have also passed away and it makes me feel like shit lol :( X, juice, Mac, Pop And now loaded.. rest in paradise to them all ❤️
Ramen Emperor
Ramen Emperor:
"Show love while I'm here, don't wait until I'm dead" - Lil Loaded
R.I.P Lil Loaded you will never be forgotten we love you ❤️🕊
really bro?
really bro?:
I've got addicted to his music a week ago, now he gone 🕊️💔
Skot Henderson
Skot Henderson:
Sooo sad!!! Much respect on how you handled this video!!! 💯
Chank Mank
Chank Mank:
I didn’t really listen to his music but it’s still sad asf seeing a young dude die for no reason. So RIP Lil Loaded 🙏🏼
Normal People Podcast
Normal People Podcast:
The song "emotional killer" hits different now.. so sad
Lil Ivv
Lil Ivv:
As a Peep fan.I think I know the feeling that all of his fans are having rn.Never listen to him but it's sad that such a another young soul is gone.Rest in Peace
Tall Stax
Tall Stax:
A day passed, I watched this video and still can’t believe it. How can he just be gone man😔
S W A L O W:
When you start to see the end every body wants to go to heavens.😢RIP
Sebastian B.
Sebastian B.:
I saw the news and was devastated man... He truly was talented. "Link up" with Pooh Shiesty was my fav song. RIP young legend
He was just blowing up, mans barely got to enjoy all of his success. Prayers to his family/loved ones. Can’t believe we lost another young rapper
kai izumi
kai izumi:
This hit me so hard..because he was my favorite and will always be loved 😔💖
Rip lil loaded you're music will be always remembered...
Marksman StarFall
Marksman StarFall:
I didn’t know this until I saw this video in my recommended. Rest In Peace sad 😔my condolences to his family and loved ones.
Safwan Al Islam
Safwan Al Islam:
Its so sad that these young rappers are dying almost every month but i wanna remind everyone that we could die anytime as well. Death has no age, no race, it can happen to anyone at anytime. We should all think about whats gonna happen after death. Are we just gonna turn to dust and thats it? Or is there a heaven or hell? We should find the truth with the help of research and an open heart. I invite anyone thats reading this to become a muslim. Someone who submits to God Allah. Learn about islam and what it is. To give yall a brief intro: Muslims believe that there is one God who created the universe and everything in it. He has sent guidance to humanity through prophets. The final guidance is through the Quran which is a book that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). And this book can be proven to be from god scientifically. The book has many miracles and information that no one at the time of its revelation can have which was 1400 years ago. There are many proofs that god exists so whats the actual way to obey him and follow his commands? It is very important for us humans to think about these questions because what is the money the women the degrees the status the clout gonna do for us when we die?? If yall have any questions just reply.
DᴇMɪᴄᴋᴇʏ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
DᴇMɪᴄᴋᴇʏ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐:
It’s so sad these artist are dying at a young age
Prayers to his Family🙏🏾
RIP Lil loaded
Xavier Flores Sanchez
Xavier Flores Sanchez:
i've been listening to lil loaded for a long time this is quite the tragedy R.I.P Lil Loaded i didnt expect to loose you too brother it was way too soon.Sad seeing so many great rappers die so soon
The Main Protagonist
The Main Protagonist:
He was really gonna elevate! R.I.P ! 💔💔💔
I remember seeing him on Tommy Craze’s channel. It’s crazy how long it can be until they’re gone.
Yung KhanTe
Yung KhanTe:
This shit heartbreaking 💔😔🙏🏽Rip Lil Loaded
“If you don’t feel it, you’re never gonna heal it”

Truer words have never been spoken
JPS Productions
JPS Productions:
Mental Health awareness is extremely important. If you or someone you know is going through depression, get help immediately. Long live lil loaded 💙💙💙
Lucid Reese
Lucid Reese:
“Love while I’m here, don’t wait until I’m dead” RIP bro 😢
Rip Lil loaded and rip Tommy’s heart ❤️
R.I.P. Lil Loaded, Didn't Listen To His Music, But I Respect The Family, Friends and Loaded Himself
Devastating.. last 3 years in rap been different man.. shit dont feel right
Ibo1 151
Ibo1 151:
Respect too you man, u are such a nice and respectful guy. RIP Lil loaded...
Dylan La'Villain
Dylan La'Villain:
That prayer is just bone chilling, RIP to lil loaded, didn't hear of bro until he passed, I pray he wasn't suffering.
Lil Melkey
Lil Melkey:
Beautiful to see he confessed before it was too late🙏, may God accept your soul in his kingdom🥺 RIP
This makes me sad
Cameron May
Cameron May:
rip lil loaded, he was so young with so much potential. its sad to see another one die.
Alex Dabnis
Alex Dabnis:
“Show love while I’m here. Don’t wait until I’m dead”- Lil loaded RIP
Catherine Harstad
Catherine Harstad:
Respect on lil load and Ty tommy for introducing me to the great potential of a rapper