The Elegance & Skill of Wayne Rooney ᴴᴰ

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They didn't nickname him the "White Pele" for no reason.
Song 1: Avicii - All You Need Is Love (BUNT. Remix)
Song 2: The Spacies - Say (Valoriz Remix)
Song 3: ROY KNOX - Over My Head (Feat. Mike Robert)
Allen Belva Wijaya
Allen Belva Wijaya:
He is my childhood hero, really miss him at united:(
Varun S Y
Varun S Y:
in simple terms " GENIUS " Wazza One of the best to have ever played.
figgly wiggly
figgly wiggly:
Wazza was one of the most complete attackers to play the game he was so versatile. He’s an absolute genius
m oh
m oh:
What an absolute beast player, will never be forgotten
Miguel DeCory
Miguel DeCory:
Why people commenting what he should do next and is no one really commenting how freaking good THIS video is?!
Joshua Bongiorno
Joshua Bongiorno:
Simply marvelous! Wayne Rooney was without a doubt one of the greatest footballers to ever grace the Premier League.

Perfect video once again, Dan! 😍
BeamTheRed #MUFC
BeamTheRed #MUFC:
My childhood hero...I miss him so much. :''(
Red Devil
Red Devil:
Been requesting this video for a long time and I'm so glad that you made it Colo. Such a dream come true. Love your channel. You're the best. ❤
Im glad you keep doing your editing despite not getting as many views as other channel who put less effort editing their videos. Thanks for not giving up and forza Juve
Colo making a positive video related to manchester United? The world is ending
All One
All One:
The reason why i started watching football and be the fans of manchester united. Legend👊
marco giuliani
marco giuliani:
Unterrated player. What a player
chiu siuming
chiu siuming:
Miss him so much
My Favourite Player
It's an honour to share the same birthday with WAZZA...
Just watch
Just watch:
Hard to digest .. Teams fear to face ManUnited at one point of time.
Xxshadyxx 1
Xxshadyxx 1:
My childhood & forever idol ❤️❤️❤️
Ander Herrera
Ander Herrera:
Sourish Bose
Sourish Bose:
I started watching Football because of him and now I miss him so much.
I wish I was born a bit before so I could have enjoyed his era more 😔
Abdirizak Ali
Abdirizak Ali:
You should do Jack Grealish next....He is in top form
Debdeep Paul
Debdeep Paul:
Ronaldo Rooney Tevez 🔥🔥🔥 What a fkin trio🔥🔥🔥
Joshua Bongiorno
Joshua Bongiorno:
4:17 Wow, this beat drop, Wazza’s equalizing goal in the Champions League final, and Clive Tyldesley’s voice hits different...

You’ve outdone yourself here Colo! 🔥
Yves Manao
Yves Manao:
L'enfant terrible de la mersey le génie british Miiiisteerrr WAYNE ROONEY !!!!
Nasrullah Sylani
Nasrullah Sylani:
Haven't seen it yet but I know it'll be amazing
molik gaming
molik gaming:
Manchester's street will never forget the name of 'rooney the legend'
Joshua Bongiorno
Joshua Bongiorno:
Colo, you should make a blast from the past and make a video about Lothar Matthäus. 😉
Abdalla Ismail
Abdalla Ismail:
A wayne Rooney comp video by Colo. I have nothing else to ask for.
Kerry Callahan
Kerry Callahan:
First DC United game I ever saw was with his assist against Orlando City. Never missed another home game after. He’s a legend💯
zainulabideenahmedmir mir
zainulabideenahmedmir mir:
Ahmed Howsawi
Ahmed Howsawi:
a United video by colo.
I’m in tears😭😭
Niklas Moe
Niklas Moe:
My favourite player❤️
Jean Mikail
Jean Mikail:
one of my favs manchester united players sensational
Anurag Jabegu
Anurag Jabegu:
Bruh u only show us his goals 😪anyway I love your videos❤
Baimol Ipe
Baimol Ipe:
Suggestion: Luiz Suarez in Liverpool.
Benz 47
Benz 47:
Happy retirement Wazza❤️❤️
Willian Mun Aung 21
Willian Mun Aung 21:
My idol Wayne 😔
loved the effects in this one
Hyojoo Song
Hyojoo Song:
Love this video. But I was expecting to see a few more clips of his elegance and skill in open play, ball touches, etc.
Good work though!
Andrea Vivace
Andrea Vivace:
Che giocatore..
Crescent Izzy
Crescent Izzy:
The beast of man united❤
Matteo Corti
Matteo Corti:
Best YouTube channel ever! Congrats
Ray Mullababii
Ray Mullababii:
Can you please do a suarez in liverpool and a lampard vs Gerrard would be epic
Olivér Olla
Olivér Olla:
Here after Rooney ends his illustrious playing career! Thank you for the Great memories Wazza! <3
Jale Loiti
Jale Loiti:
when prime Rooney strikes that football, it was mesmerizing
Happy Retirement Legend ❤️
Alexandru Musat
Alexandru Musat:
Thank God you didn't stop making these masterpieces
David Pěchota
David Pěchota:
Happy retirement Wayne! Best forward in MUFC history
Lorenzo Giannotta
Lorenzo Giannotta:
Love your Videos colo. Please, keep going and never stop! This quality deserves a lot more and will be !
Ismael Camilleri
Ismael Camilleri:
Is there going to be another one since he retired? Love your videos!
Akram Siahmed
Akram Siahmed:
That finish against Ac milan ❤️❤️
Manuel Cherian
Manuel Cherian:
Thank you so much for this
Mohit Tubid
Mohit Tubid:
Colo reviving my childhood colours Thank you sooooo much Colo
Dara Anwar
Dara Anwar:
Love you colo, never stop brotha 🤝
Renzo DM
Renzo DM:
Best football videos of youtube, keep the great work Colo!
Yunus Shaikh
Yunus Shaikh:
God bless you for making this video. There is no quality content on youtube of this great player
Dead Gamer_10
Dead Gamer_10:
Amazing work
Александр Сметанников
Александр Сметанников:
We want video about Fernando Torres ;-)
Juan Pablo Sabogal
Juan Pablo Sabogal:
The perfect way to describe Rooney's trajectory at United. WHAT A GOOD VIDEO
jamal bella
jamal bella:
He must play with a great club (premiere league) or return to man united ... he's genius ...
Extraño a mi wayne
alan adkins
alan adkins:
No.8→No.10 starboy→legend❤️
My Hero❤️
Colo, sei sempre il numero uno. Sei l'orgoglio di Youtube Italia.
Just come to here to remember one of the best player in the world and the best time of football for my life. Great video, as always!!
أبو مسلَّم Abomusallm
أبو مسلَّم Abomusallm:
The legend Rooney makes football easy maaaaan he is THE GOAT Wallahi 🐐 🔥
เจษฎาภรณ์ พิมพ์น้อม
เจษฎาภรณ์ พิมพ์น้อม:
Video on van persie???
fire work bro
rudraksh tiwari
rudraksh tiwari:
I loved Wayne all time favorite
M Osman
M Osman:
Best Manchester United player of all time. Simple
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen:
😢 legend
Racing Retro เก๋าเก่าซิ่ง
Racing Retro เก๋าเก่าซิ่ง:
Ananth wallace wallace
Ananth wallace wallace:
The reason why I started supporting United!
Good job and graphics is great
And people talk about Harry Kane... Harry wouldn't even deserve to clear Rooney's shoes
B345T YT
B345T YT:
Most goated football channel on YouTube 🐐👑
I wouldn't exactly call him elegant, but he was amazing
FaizHa Aziz
FaizHa Aziz:
Manchester United iconic.
Big D
Big D:
I have no doubt in my mind Rooney would've been the best English player...if only.....mahn he's younger than Ronaldo
Ciaran McG
Ciaran McG:
For me will go down as underrated
I feel like people forget that he’s WAS the premier league between 2009-15.
Even before that he was excellent.
Yves Manao
Yves Manao:
Next Zlattan ! stronger than time
Antonio Sfara
Antonio Sfara:
Can you do Jonas from Benfica ❤️🙏🏽
Kaio Neiva
Kaio Neiva:
Next Jack grealish please !
Dre Dullo
Dre Dullo:
He was just different class
He was a beast from 2004-2009, and then literally unplayable in that 2009-2010 season, and still remaining extremely good until Ferguson retired. And remember that for most of his career he was played out of position to accommodate Ronaldo.
ardyy -
ardyy -:
my childhood end when rooney move back to everton
Xeth Nics
Xeth Nics:
The moment you realize its video of 10 minutes and he is scoring bangers again and again and again absolutely top class player and LEGEND
Gabriel Alexander
Gabriel Alexander:
Prince Æthelwulf is an extraordinary player !!
Colo, Please do vardy or jack grealish
An Junseo
An Junseo:
I miss him... Mu needs him...
Paul Scholes next ?
David Vasquez
David Vasquez:
Superb video!!😊😊
Hari Sankar
Hari Sankar:
Hey video makers Rooney was more than a goalscorer.He played half of his career as a midfielder.
Abbas Raza
Abbas Raza:
As a liverpool fan, half of our fanbase will belittle him as an overrated striker since he played for everton and man u, but the other half and me will say that he was one of if not the best english player in the premier league era.
5:24 what an edit
Jamie Conn
Jamie Conn:
Just me that thinks Man U could really use him? Just keep him as a sitting midfielder distributing the ball, perfect pass, precision, free kicks and clean strikes- also still has pace was clocking 29-31kph at DC United- but a sitting midfielder role would be perfect for him
Chang Mo Kang
Chang Mo Kang:
Pure, purely the world class player
PEA 2:
Pokoke Indonesia batam hadir
kedar nath
kedar nath:
Who's here after he just retired. 😭
Nice video Thanks 🙏