The Ending Of Umbrella Academy Season 2 Explained

The second season of The Umbrella Academy follows the Hargreeves siblings as they navigate an unfamiliar decade fraught with challenges. It's a lot to keep track of, and if you reached the end of season two a little fuzzy on some of the details, we're here to help.

Lila is introduced as a fellow patient at the mental hospital where Diego is sent after he attempts to kill Lee Harvey Oswald and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. After helping Diego escape and earning his trust, we learn that she is actually a time traveler herself. We also learn that her mother is the Handler, who adopted her after the Commission killed her parents in 1993.

Her backstory gets even more complicated than that, though. It turns out that the Handler ordered the murders of Lila's parents because she knew about Lila's special abilities. Lila was born on October 1, 1989, just like all of the Hargreeves siblings, as the result of one of the 43 mysterious pregnancies and births that we learned about at the beginning of the series. Hargreeves adopted seven of the babies, but the other 36 remained a mystery... until Lila. Like the Hargreeves siblings, Lila has her own unique powers; she can mimic anyone else's power, turning their own abilities back on them like a weaponized mirror -- which explains why the Handler wanted to claim her as her own.

When the Hargreeves clan arrive in the 1960s, they all assume the world was safe until 2019, when Vanya would blow up the moon and annihilate all life on Earth. However, when Five arrives in Dallas in 1963, he witnesses the last moments of his siblings' final stand against a Soviet invasion before an arsenal of nuclear missiles wipes them all out. Obviously, this was a different version of 1963 than the one in our history books, which leads Five to conclude that his siblings had somehow caused the apocalypse.

Over the ten days leading up to November 25, 1963, Five and the other Hargreeves siblings desperately attempt to piece together the events leading to doomsday. Eventually, it's Diego who uncovers the event that leads to nuclear war -- an explosion at the FBI building in Dallas, which is blamed on the USSR. The U.S. then attacks Soviet-backed Cuba, leading the USSR to bomb Anchorage, Alaska, which leads to all-out war. Keep watching the video to see the ending of Umbrella Academy season 2 explained.

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Who is Lila? | 0:00
The 1963 apocalypse | 1:16
Harlan's powers | 2:41
The Commission | 3:49
The Majestic 12 | 4:53
The Sparrow Academy | 6:04

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What shocked you most about the finale of The Umbrella Academy, Season 2?
Watching it all in 1 day was a big mistake, it just makes the wait for the next season even longer.
Ashwit Shetty
Ashwit Shetty:
The only terrible thing about this season is that we'd all have to wait for 1 or more years for the third season to come out
Kranti Gagdekar Chhara
Kranti Gagdekar Chhara:
This was such a good season
Adventures of TinTin
Adventures of TinTin:
I've got a feeling Harlan will play a major role in Season 3. Seeing that they've all time traveled into the future, Harlan will probably be the same/similar age as the group and he would have the added advantage of training/waiting for them to "meet him in the future"

Pretty shocked with #5's inability to see how the group's actions would affect the timeline; given his age and all. I mean, affecting the civil rights movement, killing Harlan's father, starting a cult and talking to a past version of yourself....? the future they remember is LONGGG gone, lol.

They also exposed the space-time headquarters to at least 2 people ...DUDE...but I am glad to see Ben back :)
Emma Krause
Emma Krause:
Okay but did anyone else notice that the toy bird Harlan has is a sparrow (I think) I think it may have something to do with the whole Sparrow Academy thing.
No one gonna talk about Sir Reginald Hargreeves taking off his literal face, and eating the Majestic 12.
Gavin Allen
Gavin Allen:
Everyone who is wondering on the characters’ powers, don’t speculate and google it on wikia. I also think Hargreeves is immortal/long lived with his non-human physiology. Because, his old aged look and the extra 59 years from 1960-2019 would make a normal man of his age in a wheelchair. Being over 100+ years old. I also definitely think the Sparrow Academy is related to Harlan and his floating sparrow toy towards the end. Hargreeves has more knowledge and next season is gonna have some cool super powered fights!
luc honey
luc honey:
I heard a rumour that season 3 was made right now and was released immediately.
No. Didn't work.
Guess I'll have to time travel.

Edit: Holy crap. I've never had this many likes before. Thank you all 😊
Miss Carmex
Miss Carmex:
I was crying because of what happened to Ben and then at the end you see him again, I was so relieved. Can't wait for the next season!!
Malik Clary
Malik Clary:
I really wish they’d bring Ben back to life. They always do him dirty even when he saved the world
Grace Avveduto
Grace Avveduto:
My theory on the sparrow academy: when the siblings met Reginald in 1963, he realized that they didn’t stop the apocalypse, and everything he had trained them to do had failed. So in 1989 he adopted different children, hoping they were worthy enough to stop it. He still adopted Ben because he didn’t realize he was one of the originals from the Umbrella Academy. I also think this has something to do with Harlan. Maybe Harlan became famous for his powers and inspired Reginald to start the academy, naming it sparrow after the toy bird Harlan levitated at the end.
Logan Moon
Logan Moon:
All I wanted out of this season was for Klaus to somehow bring Ben back, but what we got was the exact opposite 😭
This was a good season, better than the first.
Kiera Fritsch
Kiera Fritsch:
THEY DID HAZEL SO DIRTY! I really thought he’d be in more episodes!!!
Christian Chambers-gray
Christian Chambers-gray:
I loved the season as a whole but I hate the fact Harlan has powers and I hate lylas powers I love the twist she has them but it’s just what they are that bothers me being able to mimic powers is such a cop out
Honestly im just an Emmanoodle Fan
Honestly im just an Emmanoodle Fan:
POV: You binged watched the whole season on the first day and now want to know who the kids at the end were
Thea Inc
Thea Inc:
Im a bit lost with how diego shielded those bullets and slowed time ? How did he do that?? I thought he was just a knife man
c f1234
c f1234:
I really liked Lila but i didn’t like her powers, i feel like i would’ve liked it more if they just hadn’t given her powers but she was just a good fighter idk
Question: they came back to 2019 and learned that Hargreaves adopted different kids. Doe's that mean that there's now two versions of them in 2019? For example, if Reginald didn't adopt them does that mean another Luther is somewhere in the world with normal body (if Hargreaves didn't adopt him,the accident never happened so Luther should have his normal body).
Vanya is always the bomb, it’s so annoying! She’s such an epic character
What’s The Deal?
What’s The Deal?:
But like what about Reginald Hargreeves being a literal Alien💀
the fact that the commission couldn’t even landed one shot on the siblings was sad for them
Eddie A Caban Ferrer
Eddie A Caban Ferrer:
Of course everything was going to change the future since they arrived in the 1960's at different times and impacting their surroundings (activists, cult, mafia money, new superpowered kid...)
riley fernando
riley fernando:
when i saw the first “fight” with five and lila, i just KNEW she had powers. i became spectical when i saw the handler was her adoptive mother and was so happy to be right.
•lps Studios•
•lps Studios•:
I just finished season 2 in less than a day. Now I have to wait another two years for season 3-
I swear every show, has a really good first season. Then the show just gets boring the next few seasons. But this was the only show that has a really good 2nd season. It had so many twists and turns. And it was just amazing.
Olivia Brodarick
Olivia Brodarick:
This season was filled with plot twists, my jaw was open like 95% of the time so good
G3 vibes
G3 vibes:
Am I the only who liked diego and lila?
They are both crazy enough for each other and they both balance out each other
Luther being a comic relief was an improvement of his character in season 1 lol.
I honestly wanted Hazel to live longer than he did
faris Ferdi
faris Ferdi:
My man Elliot deserves better he shouldn’t have to died like that
Noah Lovett
Noah Lovett:
"She has her own unique powers, she can mimic anyone else's power". I dont think that's what unique means.
Madison Nicholls
Madison Nicholls:
Watched it all in one day lol. It was amazing and I was literally googling what had happened to all the other kids from the births before the season came out so glad to see them! I hope the Hargreaves stick together tho and don’t split up again. They had such good development. Also question shouldn’t they not exist if he didn’t adopt the originals
The only reason why they’re still alive is because of Hazel.
Jennifer Rose Genzola
Jennifer Rose Genzola:
Just finished it today! Definitely a step up from season one, loved that plot twist at the end, with Ben and the Sparrow Academy. Season three soon please 😩
Prince T
Prince T:
I think I was most surprised to see that he was an alien and also that he changed the academy so that the original 7 excluding Ben never meant.
Mir Muhammad Ali
Mir Muhammad Ali:
It was awesome to see Ben again I thought he would never come back.
MusicallyPiano_&Awesome oof
MusicallyPiano_&Awesome oof:
The ending of the past episode had me shook I cant wait for a season 3
Tucker Blanchard
Tucker Blanchard:
Who else binged this in one day because you have no life?
Tay Tay
Tay Tay:
This season was SO good! Graphics, writers, actresses and actors. All of it. So many situations well told. Cant wait for more.
41 disciples
41 disciples:
When I found out the dad was a alien It literally gave me goosebumps
Sam Chernoff
Sam Chernoff:
Amazing season! So many awesome twists. Only hard part is waiting another year for the next one
this season was really good, literally one of the only netflix originals that I really enjoy
Zain Jessani
Zain Jessani:
What if the members of the Sparrow academy are alternate versions of the current Umbrella academy? Since good old Reggie's alive and Grace and Pogo aren't there, he could have adopted the same kids in this timeline. Maybe Luther without the ape serum, Diego without a tendency for homicide, Allison who doesn't worry about the effects of her rumor, Klaus who wouldn't be high as hell and better control over the ghosts (Not like how he was last season), A younger (who wouldn't be 58 mentally) Five with an actual name, Emo Ben and Vanya who didn't have her powers supressed by Reginald.
До МинЁль
До МинЁль:
Why did anyone notice that there 6 siblings (with Ben). Where's the last one?
And Five must be adult because little Five told to old Five about mistake.
Lorraine Rivera
Lorraine Rivera:
I literally just finished watching season 2 and holy crap, it was good! The last episode was just a whirlpool of emotions. Also, who else REALLY REALLY REALLY likes Lila? I'm so excited for season 3
Donov Zeek
Donov Zeek:
What if Reginald was training them all for an alien invasion? He's an alien, interested in the moon, etc.
Tristan Steinbomer
Tristan Steinbomer:
What I want in season 3:
I hope the first 3 episodes focus on the sparrow academy and fixing the timeline back to normal.

After that I really want them to focus on the other 35 people with super powers.

What if the organization kidnapped more super humans and experiment on them, making them freaks of nature, mutants to kill the Umbrella academy. Then the Umbrella academy would be forced to ask help from the other supers.
Lance Ethan Fuentes
Lance Ethan Fuentes:
I can't wait to see the next season i just finished watching it and it makes me wonder what the sparrow academy people are and it keeps me wondering if there are other kids out there that has powers like the umbrella academy
Claudia Filippini
Claudia Filippini:
This season killed all my emotions, i really hope there Will be a future for vanya and sissy
Khervi Montanez
Khervi Montanez:
And so basically lila is just like human wobbuffet.
Mark Mata
Mark Mata:
I’m going to rewatch season 2 again. I tried to watch 2 episodes a week, but it was just too good!
Zoe ._.
Zoe ._.:
I was really disappointed in how Klaus treat Ben this season tbh. And I really wish that everyone had known that he was there. And his death too. I wish there had been more of an impact with that... idk like some grief or an acknowledgement of his moving on.
Retro 8821
Retro 8821:
Hargreaves, in late season 1, released golden wisps into the air, and they looked so similar to what Vanya breathes into Harlan. I wonder what that means.
I am a Filmi Geek
I am a Filmi Geek:
This was such a great season. Way better than the 1st season. I hope we gonna see more of Lila and her cool powers.
The last couples of episodes were so sad, suspensive, amazing and confusing and im happy that the end teased i season 3 probably the best netflix original i have watched
sam torpey
sam torpey:
I think the reason Reginald got Sparrow Academy together is because he met umbrella Academy and was disappointed in them but never met Ben ( because he was a ghost ) that’s why he is in
am i the only one who laughed when Luther was saying to Lila on last episode "love shouldn't have to hurt this much" then the Lila's reaction? was the funniest for me this season 😂
Binge watched the entire thing in one sitting. Incredible series.
Wasif Omer
Wasif Omer:
• Who Else Regret’s Watching Season 2 In 1Day •

“Now it’s going to make it feel it’s taking so long for season 3”

Like • B r u h •
If the handler is really dead, I will miss her outfits.
Jacobo Berrio
Jacobo Berrio:
You missed the most important detail, Diego messed up his father's relationship with his mother (or at least the biological inspiration for his adoptive robot mother).
Chey Vick
Chey Vick:
It had a lot more humor than the first season, kinda made it more light hearted but they did a really good job
Francis Rodel Degala
Francis Rodel Degala:
Me earlier with few remaining episodes left:
"What? Vanya again????"

Me at the last episode:
"oh sorry, my bad 😅"
Ben Woods
Ben Woods:
Who else on the 31st of july binge watched this in the morning
Love it. Can't wait for more! !
Marriam Rao
Marriam Rao:
Just finished it in one day.... Enjoyed alot.... This was alot more good than season 1... Last episode more than awesome.... 😍😍😍
wilbur gray
wilbur gray:
i was worried this season wasn’t going to be as good but it was AMAZING
Best Username Ever
Best Username Ever:
Love her character, hate her powers. Couldn't the directors have thought of something more original than "imitation of abilities"? That's so overused, lazy and frustrating.
am i the only one shocked that Five massacred the board members? 😂
Amazing season can't wait for season 3
Danny _
Danny _:
When Diego said “ HELL YEAH! I MADE THAT MACHINE MA BITCH” I was dead😂😂😂
The only time I’ve cried as hard as I cried for Ben was in Infinity War and Endgame.... and that’s saying a lot
Aso Ka
Aso Ka:
I always knew Ben would come back to life lol can't wait for the third season...
Mohd Hendi
Mohd Hendi:
Maybe something happened in the timelines caused everything in the original to change like how Ben is alive or how it’s sparrow academy, I think marlin was behind it because has powers beforethe og members were even born so he was like the brains behind the new academy idk something like but this is my 3rd theory
prithvi raj
prithvi raj:
Season 2 made it one of the best shows in the world right now.♥️♥️
Leanne Rose
Leanne Rose:
watched the whole season 10 hours was too good
On it's way to become one of the most watched tv series on netflix this year....
This season was bang on funny....
Evo Ak
Evo Ak:
BINGED IN 2 days could of been one but I savoured it one more day This season was so amazing so much better than series 1 and that’s so hard to do the in depth of the story the character development the humour the whole storyline was nothing more than amazing and incredible like 10/10 season they did everything perfectly tbh the whole Reginald not even being a human was such a crazy twist and the fact vanya gave Harlan powers was like a crazy twist to this season was not predictable one bit it was full of surprises and I will be watching it again looking forward to season 3 best series on Netflix for sure
Johnny Quito
Johnny Quito:
I was just hoping the whole season that they would bring Ben back to life somehow, he was such a good guy and I still don’t know how he died, does anyone know?
I’m here because I just binged watched season 2 and I can’t get over it.
Olleh Yolo
Olleh Yolo:
Me when I watched Umbrella Academy:
Ep 1: okay gettin warmer cool
Ep 2-9: looking lika confused potato
Ep10: Watdafuq
Also I loved the character of Lila - perfectly broken like the rest of them lmao
Such an amazing season I can't wait till season 3 hopefully mid 2021
Suri Santaella
Suri Santaella:
I literally end the season, try to put my feelings and my thinking’s in order, I stay seeing at the nothing, and then... I come here after seeing this series in 2 days(I could have see it on 1 but I want to taste the serie) my mind blewwwww up
I Like Noodles
I Like Noodles:
I watched all of it in one day lmaoo
Hi Bird
Hi Bird:
What a great season! Just sad we have to wait a very long time for season 3. Also this is it just me or is this new guys voice kinda cute??
John R
John R:
Season 1 was a 8/10
Season 2 was a 5/10
This is of course my own opinion I was hoping Patch would be saved through time travel and I really missed Hazel I also wanted a better backstory for Ben and a possible way to bring him back to life as well and we sort of got him back but in the wrong plot twist kinda of way.
Captain Clutch
Captain Clutch:
how come when 5 kicks his younger(older looking) version back he doesnt change back into an old person? since he would now be looking like the old person going back to the first season wouldnt it also be that version of him jumping them back in time to 1963 at the end of season 1 still looking old since he got the calculations for the jump correctly this time?
i want season 3 to have the Umbrella Academy team up with the Sparrow Academy to fight someone even more powerful
The ending ending reminded me of X-men Days Of Future when Logan went back to his present time but he realized he woke up in a different timeline where everyone is ok and well at the school and he sees Jean and Scott is alive
Michelle Roman
Michelle Roman:
I think the change to the sparrow academy was the result of Diego scaring away real mom and turning her against their dad.
Love the ending. Thats the reason why Ben is no longer a ghost.
Season 2 is fantastic but they've now created so many paradoxes. I really hope they address it in season 3 or I'll be really disappointed.
Currently, I have no issues with the events that took place, I think it was really well done. However, where the season 1 finale made me excited for the next season, this one made me anxious because I see a lot of potential for failure.
So far, I'm satisfied but I'm really worried that I won't like the next season because of how easily they could ruin it.
I need the next season I have too many questions 😔✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿
I think that a lot of this would be solved if they watched back to the future and learned not to mess with time
Xavier Robbins
Xavier Robbins:
I wish the writers knew more about how time travel works. They make it seem like people who time travel would be immune to the effects that it would have on there future selves, and the fact that that would happen immediately. The people in the umbrella academy for no reason keep all there memories about the umbrella academy even though the concept never existed in the first place, and the fact that by going back in time and changing all these things it would erase them from existence. They would exist theoretically in the past only the create the present future of the sparrow academy, but they shouldn't exist in the present because they killed their present selves. Actually now that i think about it. It would just cause a time paradox, and probably cause a tear in space time because their past selves only exist to create the sparrow academies timeline, but because the timeline where they grew up in the umbrella academy to eventually go into the past to create the timeline of the sparrow academy doesn't exist both timelines would have no way of existing, destroying reality. Also they underestimate the power of an organization that can move freely through time any catalogue all time lines. This power would make anyone in the commission effectively immortal. These people live in a place outside of time so they wouldn't age, but there is also the fact that assassinating the head commissioners(forgot their name) would be impossible. Five would never have been able to do it because the commission would have already found out about it before he even walked in the room every time he tried. Think about it, the commissioners don't exist only in the present that they were killed. Because all the agents and personal can freely move to any point in time whenever, all anyone has to do is see that they were killed, go back in time speak with the commissioner head before they went to the place they would die and tell them that it is dangerous and they won't go effectively erasing that timeline, and any timeline where they are killed. This should also be the case for any person in the organization because they would just need to do the same for them, and the fact that they let skilled agents be killed is weird to me; I mean it would only take a like an hour out their endless lives to do it so I don't know why they don't. This is why they would be so terrifying, because as long as one agent remains the entire organization can never be destroyed.
just finished watching this season, it was worth it !!!!
Christian Chambers-gray
Christian Chambers-gray:
I would love some sort of explaination to Allison’s powers as well because in the opening she blows peoples heads of and it’s never really touched on again